Coto Joe On The Move Again

Remember last year when County Supervisor candidate Joe Kerr kicked off his 4th District campaign by claiming he had moved from his Coto de Caza palace to someone else’s house on Stony Lane in Brea?

Perhaps the rent was too high, or maybe the neighborhood just didn’t feel right. A few days ago Coto Joe registered to vote at the fine Merrick Apartments over in Placentia. Here’s a closer look at his new digs.

Free furniture.

Joe’s wife is still registered to vote 35 miles away behind the gate at Joe’s million dollar south county home.

Who knew “firefighting” paid so well? Well, almost everybody…
Left behind for apartment 49D.

The clumsy execution of this carpetbagging scam reminds one of another failed Supervisor candidate from a few years ago.

Welcome to the traveling circus.

13 Replies to “Coto Joe On The Move Again”

  1. He is money hungry, plus look at his partner slathering for more! He want to be elected to be a do nothing parasite of taxpayers.

  2. When I read the headline, I crossed my fingers hoping it would mean he moved out of my District.

    Oh well, there are still 2 other reputable, established elected officials running in my District that I can vote for; La Habra School Board member Aguirre or La Habra City Council Person Espinoza.

  3. Good God, what a cheapjack scammer. So Coto Joe figures he better get himself an address all his own so as not to look bad? Guess what, Coto Joe, too late.

    Now you’ve just basically admitted to having lied about an address for a year AND you’ve committed perjury not once, but TWICE.

      1. A few strategically placed wireless security cameras (for security) would tell the story. Every moment of it.

        1. Except for one minor detail. The Merrick Apartments are gated, which is likely one of the reasons that he “moved” there. Then the average person who lives in this district can’t just drive by and verify that his car is in the driveway.

    1. Why would you need to research an empty room? All that matters to Joe is that it’s cheap and within the district boundaries. The scam is pretty simple. I doubt he’s even seen it.

    2. Hey, reviews aren’t everything. The Merrick Apartments are located only a few hundred yards north of the BNSF main line railroad tracks. Depending on exactly where he plans on going, the nearest Metrolink stations are conveniently located a short 1.25 to 2.25 mile walk from the Merrick Apartments. Just think how far he would need to walk to catch a train if he still lived in Coto de Caza. Remember what your Realtor said: “Location, Location, Location.” Besides, Coto is so sterile, so perfect, so removed from the real world. I’m sure that Mr Kerr wants to give up his Coto de Caza digs and live like the rest of us.

  4. Hey, that’s my old chair. Joe asked if I would leave it so the pace would look, ya know, lived in. I guess he changed his mind.

    1. Come on now, you boys best be on your best behavior. I do know how to put out a good fire. 😉

      As the old saying goes, you can’t spell money without Kerr or was that fraud or corrupt? Oh, never mind. You get the point. I’m here to stay gentleman. Looking forward to meeting my new neighbors.

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