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          1. Can we trade Goodrich to somebody? I’d take a load of rotting mackerel if somebody would take that sack ‘o crap.

  1. He was rumored to have other domestic violence troubles in San Bernardino County

    First time I’ve heard his name mentioned in years

  2. I while back we had a issue with a perp and Hagopian was the cop on the scene, he seemed to handle the situation very well and appeared to be an honest and decent guy.

  3. Jim Bolden was fired in 2013 as well. Had some kind of side job using city resources. I think Hagopian was caught in some sort of fraud involving a car

    Both were liars

    1. Bolden was an excellent cop and person. He had a “side business” doing construction. You need permission to have a “side business” , which he did not, so Danny Boy fired him… Fun fact, He built Hughes’ patio. I guess Danny Boy didn’t have a problem with it then.

      1. Thank you for the kind words. Obviously it is easy to talk trash about somebody when you don’t know what happened and you go by Daffy Duck.

          1. Several items that were kept as evidence were signed for and returned to HomeDepot manager. Manager said I could have 2 of the items. Property clerks said once property was signed for he could do as he wished. Hughes concluded since manager did not take items off of property they returned to being police property. Determined that I stole department property that had been released to its owner.

                1. They were used by other Officer’s. I used them at the department assisting in little projects . As far as the work permit , when I found out they were using that as a charge I completed the request for one and it was granted. They still used it as a charge against me.

  4. I wonder if Danny boy had a work permit for his so called Integrity Investigations PI firm. The name of his company is hilarious. Grade A loser

    1. Mr Bolden is leaving out that the property employee, April Baughman, the one caught stealing money,was the one who tried to dish dirt in return for a lenient sentence. She made up some crazy allegations to save herself , including the one against Bolden. Baughmans “snitching” is what started the Bolden IA. Bolden is a good dude!

      1. April! The woman who stole 50 grand. Whatever happened to her? And how come the fact that she MUST have had an accomplice never came out?

        1. No accomplice. FPD management was dumb enough to leave ONE person in a secure room with no supervision. Plus since it was a secure room card key access was limited to mgmt. So basically she was in an evidence room alone with a lot of property (cash envelopes) and no checks and balance. I think Hughes called this, … um, transparency ? Lol

          1. I wrote about that, here: https://www.fullertonsfuture.org/2012/whatever-happened-to-april-leanne-baughman/

            Note my observation: “According to police spokesholes, Baughman had been at it for quite some time. Which begs the inevitable question, who the Hell was in charge? Either nobody was doing inventories and audits, or the egregious Baughman had one or more accomplices helping her out. Will there be any accountability? Want odds?”

            The Baughman mess was very telling about the way McKinley, Sellers and Hughes managed their department; or, to be more precise, how they mismanaged it. There was either an unnamed accomplice or a complete lack of oversight. There has got to be a standard protocol for inventory and audit within an evidence room that would preclude the Baughman rip-off.

          2. April made 5 allegations, 3 had to do with how money was handled during vague time frames , the allegations against myself and another against a named officer who was never interviewed. She said she would assist in the investigation for a plea bargain. The bargain was granted prior to confirming any allegations. When contacted afterwards April made no statements other than telling investigators to talk to her attorney.

  5. I’ve been looking in the mirror a lot recently. The shape of my head is a mix between Humpty Dumpty and a sack of potatoes

    BTW, does anyone know how to find a new job?

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