20 Replies to “Motivational Speakers”

  1. The mob gets it done. Doug Chaffee is senile and no longer self-aware. The contrast between these speakers is stark.

  2. It looks like Chaffee is bringing in the heavy hitters to get the Coyote Hills development across the finish line. Smart.

    1. Doesn’t say he ever paid for all that “illegitimate” business behind bars.

      Murder, extortion, racketeering, kidnapping. But he’s reeeeeeaaal sorry.

      Chaffee is just a garden variety liar and pimp.

  3. Mikey “Deep Freeze” should move to Fullerton and run for city council. The city would actually be very well run, ’cause it couldn’t get any worse, right?

    1. It looks like Mikey Deepfreezer is monetizing his criminal life. Where’s the “redemption” and what sort of knuckleheads booked this act?

  4. Redemption and forgiveness start in the penitentiary, Mike.

    There is no redemption for Chaffee, who would sell out his own mother to get into office.

  5. I would like to know how a Martian came to be Mayor of Fullerton. Must be Mexican Mafia connections too.

  6. Hello Everyone, it’s me B.C. I thought I’d use this forum to announce my forced retirement. After many, many years behind a desk, I’ve been forced back to patrol. I’ve worked long hours as a Detective, with fake “call outs” so I can go out drinking with the boys. I’ve had several years of “homocide training” in Las Vegas. Heck I’ve even used union money to finance Las Vegas trips with the treasurer (your my boy ski!). But like a book, there’s always a final chapter-simply put “I can’t handle patrol.” And at $55.62 an hour that speaks volumes as to how lazy I am, that I can’t even muster up the trip from Oceanside to Fullerton 3 days a week. The commute and the “excessive honking” has become intolerable. To my co workers; Good luck and carry on. I’ll no longer be around to “look the other way” as FPOA President-that ship has sailed and the torch has been passed. On a side note, have no fear bcuz I’ll be trying to get a job at OCSD as a jailer like Capt Petrop and my fellow Sr Detective did. If not, I’ll be a regular at heroes with my boy Malone. So in the meantime, all my female cadets, all my female officers, all my female dispatchers, all my fellow female city employees, all my female heroes waitress’, I LOVE YOU……. signing off, B.C is 10-7

    1. Enjoys 3% at 50 (you fat fuck) plus you’re only 52 with 22 years under your belt (amongst other things)

  7. Barry is going to miss the Vegas (official police business) trips. And he lives on Coronado Island according to the dry cleaners he uses.

  8. i heard this speaker at the La Habra Mayors prayer breakfast. I believe the tickets for the breakfast were 15- 20 dollars which covered a very breakfast. I noticed the price is about twice that at the Fullerton Mayor prayer breakfast with a higher cost for preferred seating with the Mayor’s circle. To me the pricing and favored seating discourages the overall purpose which is prayer and felloship with others of the faith based community. I think it best to accept monetary contributions instead of raising money through inflated ticket prices. A prayer breakfast, in my opinion, should not discourage people from lower income levels from attending.

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