Another One Bites The Dust

Detective Barry Coffman, former president of the Fullerton police union, is the latest victim of housecleaning at the Fullerton Police Department.

The Original Tommy Burger

Two weeks ago management kicked Coffman out of his comfy detective chair and forced him onto patrol duty with the working stiffs. Coffman must have been unhappy because he started calling in with tummy aches. When Coffman saw that his pitiful work stoppage had no effect on management, he gave his two week notice. If I were a betting man, I’d say he stopped coming into work altogether.

For those who don’t remember, Coffman was responsible for defending the indefensible behavior of his union and its members after they murdered Kelly Thomas, repeatedly denying the existence of any corruption inside the FPD despite all of the evidence to the contrary. In addition to handing out ridiculous “excessive horning” tickets during a public protest, Coffman was also responsible for this sad tale where his lazy police work helped land an innocent couple in county jail.

Coffman’s early retirement means he left a few years of weighty pension gains on the table.  Farewell and good riddance.

14 Replies to “Another One Bites The Dust”

  1. Blue Flu, it’s a legit diagnosis for someone who has to work all of a sudden!

  2. I miss the times we shared dispatchers., I mean shifts, damn auto correct… come to wine country?

  3. “calling in with tummy aches.”

    The excessive consumption of Tommy Burgers does have consequences.

  4. Thanks God.

    This walrus was a worker’s comp case waiting to relieve itself any second outside its desk job.

    Fullerton dodged a bullet.

  5. The new police chief is right on target.

    It’s a good trait he has to see who’s doing nothing and call em out on the matt.

    High 5 to the new chief!

    1. Well funny you should ask. In 2015 he had a base salary of $90,995.47 , 2016 was $95,155.68 and 2017 was $96,672.17…….. The last 3 years (Highest pay) is how it’s calculated.. so you take the average of the 3, which is $94,274……. since these bums get 3% at 50, and since he “worked” 27.5 years (not max) it’s 27.5 X 3=82.5% of his average pay that he’ll get for the rest of his life…….. so that’s $77,304 a year.

      1. And that doesn’t include heavily subsidized medical care for that bloated torso and neck fat ring.

  6. Yea he went off on medical too. He will be getting close to 100%, with 50% tax free and his medical covered for life. Not too shabby. I thought his pension was just based on his final year though. Which makes it even higher. Now he can go work at Disney and make the same money again on top of his pension. Score.

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