DEA Helicopter Crashes at Fullerton Airport

There was a crash at the Fullerton Airport this morning. By the time the media arrived, the FAA registration numbers on the tail had been carefully covered up with a tarp. Initial media reports indicate that nobody was injured and the media was instructed to start calling it a “hard landing” instead of a crash. The the rotors broke and the back fell off.

Despite the effort to deidentify the plane, an ABC7 reporter posted a photograph that shows the aircraft as a Eurocopter AS 350 with the FAA registration of N515ET. Aircraft registry websites show that the helicopter has a history of operating in Southern California.

What’s special about this bird? It was initially registered to the US Department of Justice in 2006 until its ownership was transferred in 2011, along with 14 other planes owned by the Drug Enforcement Agency, to a suspected DEA front company called Chaparral Air Group.

Well, there it is. The DEA was secretly operating out of the Fullerton Airport, and then they crashed their expensive toy. And now you’ll get to buy them a new one.

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  1. We are in the 46th year of the War on Drugs and we almost lost two more lives today. I hear we are really close to winning.

    1. Yeah but if the military crashed a $50,000,000 jet we’d be hearing all about it. The War on Drugs isn’t a war at all. it’s a bunch of cops on a bad trip. Hmm. Cops fucking up and trying to hide it. I think I’ve seen this movie before.

  2. Personally, I love the attempt to re-brand a crash as a “hard landing.” And then the ever-compliant media swallowed it like a bunch of bitches.

  3. Too bad they survived. Oh well, hopefully the heros die quickly once they retire because they don’t know what to do with all the pension windfall.

  4. I’ve noticed other types of aircraft doing what appears to be surveillance at night driving in large circular pattern over Fullerton for over an hour.I also spotted a larger style plane and with the use of an air tracking app noticed the plane had been flying a pattern from hacinds heights to the Azusa mt. Range back and forth in a pattern about 20 lines parallel that crop duster would use.

    1. The planes sweeping back and forth are usually part of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly Preventive Release Program. They’re spreading sterile flies.

      Law enforcement planes making circular patterns are usually conducting surveillance.

  5. “The DEA has been secretly operating at Fullerton Airport.”
    You’ve been living under a rock? DEA choppers have been based there for years and it is widely known.

  6. If the pope found a cure to cancer you stupid Fffers would stil complain and find fault! What I love is that there is about 3 of you dumb Fuchs who post and actually post to this lame ass blog!

    1. The odds of the Pope finding a cure for cancer are better than an employee of the FPD doing an honest day’s worth of work.

      Now if you want someone to grope a woman in a patrol car, rip off the evidence locker, destroy evidence, steal from Home Depot, fart in a woman’s face, lie under oath, beat up an innocent man, kidnap a kid, or kill a homeless man for no fucking reason at all then call 911 in Fullerton. Those odds go WAY up.

      1. Heh. You forgot: break into the house of a pastor in a botched “drug” raid, extort sex from a domestic violence case, intentionally misidentify a perp, rear end a guy on a bike, throw a guy in a wheelchair to the ground, etc., etc.

        1. And of course – look the other way when the drunk city manager drives over a tree and tries to get away.

  7. With the city council revoking the ordinance which limited occupancy of patrons in the downtown afterhours will overall atmosphere of the downtown improve or is this just another backhanded way to gain invoke more regulation of downtowb Businesses? According to Knabe, restaurants citywide would have to apply for this occupancy change, which could trigger new requirements in the state fire code … such as adding fire sprinklers, emergency exits, restrooms or widen entrances.
    At last nights city council meeting,
    Sebourn mentioned he wants the city to have cut of the cover charge entrance fee even though its not legal at this time. Chaffee seems to see the pot of gold that could be generated from the parking lot fees. Silva sees “stuf” when he goes for a walk the next morning, although there is a crew that cleans up before morning. Fitzgerald remembers when the downtown had no night life except antique stores and has good feelings about the unique eating establishments that Fullerton has to offer.
    Whittiker mentioned that there is already revenew from the sale of alchohol and there’s no need to turn the downtown into a cash cow. The Tuscony owner representing the bar owners association said that it is no sin to serve alchohol and it is they that have taken the initiative and are trying to make improvements to downtown. Imbriano mentioned that this culture does nothing to improve our young people.
    Whittiker mentioned to other council members the need to not get sidetracked and make a onetime package deal but rather to eat an elephant only one bite at a time.
    Fullerton is a unique town. There are not many towns left where you can feel the freedom of parking your car without having to pay for the right to be there. I hope the problems with afterhours downtown will not be an excuse to to damper this unique town by bringing back parking meters, surcharges on cover charges (surcharges on firework sales) which would really punish everybody.) Lets take a more balanced and well thought out approach to improving the downtown and the city as a whole.

  8. “Whittiker mentioned that there is already revenew from the sale of alchohol and there’s no need to turn the downtown into a cash cow.”

    I really hope Whitaker didn’t say anything this fucking stupid, but I’m afraid he probably did. DTF has ALWAYS been a cash LOSER for the citizens of Fullerton. The cash cow is the taxpayers who foot the bill for for the cops and clean up of the mess made by the customers of Joe Florentine and the douchebag Popoff.

    The funniest part of this is that those bar-owner bastards won’t give Whitaker a nickel in the recall election.

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