Stumblejoe’s Day in Court

Your honor, I’d like to make a toast. I mean enter a plea…

Today, Joe Felz’ attorney, Bob Hickey, attended a pre-trial hearing at North Court.  FFFF’s trusted courtroom observer was there to hear a plea of “not guilty” entered on Felz’ behalf.

Those wishing to follow the docket may do so at  Select “Online Case Access” then “Criminal and Traffic Case Access”. His case number is 17NM03367.

This could get interesting!

33 Replies to “Stumblejoe’s Day in Court”

    1. Yep. Karma baby. He’s done more illegal dirty deals than the public will ever know. Friends of Fullerton I beg you to look into his past as Museum Director. You’ll find some juicy tidbits there. And let’s not forget he’s the one who fixed so the head of police could go out on disability to save his pension $$.

  1. Not guilty?

    He can dance around the DUI because Hughes gave him a free ride home, but not the hit-and-run.

  2. I hope I get exonerated soon.

    Jennifer Fitzgerald told me I’m on the short list to be appointed President of the City of Fullerton any day now.

  3. I’m surprised the tree wasn’t a co-defendant for causing the accident. Or is the tree a witness?

    1. Sappy the Tree was celebrating Trump’s victory that night by launching RPG’s down Highland Avenue as I drove home.

      In a selfless act of love for all Fullerton residents, I bravely made the split-second decision to run it over.

      That makes me Hero and Deserve.

  4. I’m sure the courtroom was full of other losers: junkies, thieves and lots of DUI offenders – all of whom had their blood/breath tested.

      1. I know he’s a drunk. I’ve driven him home before! He’s probably been drinking more since the Kelly Thomas fiasco.

  5. Smile. I am smile. Use another moniker please. All charges will be reduced and plea will be entered. Body cam footage never to be released. This is an easy case to defend because the three officers that arrived on scene collected no evidence. In the absence of a blood test or breathalyzer conclusive of intoxication, you will never get a conviction, especially when he passed a field sobriety test.

    As for the hit and run, watch for a medical defense. Should be interesting.

    1. “watch for a medical defense”

      Yes, the very first case of Trumpfluenza in the U.S. court system. Liberal Feltz was so distraught over Donald Trump’s election night victory that he couldn’t maintain control of his facilities. It’s a mental health issue.

    2. “watch for a medical defense.”

      Bumped his head, wet his bed, and didn’t get up until morning!

  6. A no-show? Jeez his house is like 500 feet from the North Court.

    1. He will continue his work consulting with developers behind the scenes. He will actually be more effective unimpeded by what would have been constraints due to a clear conflict of interest as the CM. Get ready for big projects real soon. Lots of construction zones and traffic fines.

  7. Do all of you “friends for Fullertons future” live some sort of vicarious existence based on a world that will end if a DUI conviction for this troubled soul is not achieved? Is there not a more pressing set of issues?

    1. How funny. Not even a good try.

      A troubled soul? An incompetent boob who retires with a $200,000 per year pension after eluding justice is not an object of pity. Direct that pity to the taxpayers.

      In any case the real issue is not Stumblejoe’s DUI conviction. It is the conspiracy perpetrated by Chief Danny Hughes and possibly Jennifer Fitzgerald to pervert justice.

    2. We are passionate activists who are tired of the BS wink-wink going on between the bureaucrats and the cops community.

      Did it ever occur to you the story got so twisted from the get-go?
      Then all the sudden Felz retired after the DUI incident.

      Open your eyes dude!

    3. Why should he have been treated differently than all the other defendants in court? I’m sure the rest of them will have blood alcohol results presented during their trials. Not Joe. And what if, instead of a tree, he had run over your child, grandchild or some other loved one? Would you be giving him a pass then? No, I didn’t think so. Bottom line is, FFFF is trying to find out who was involved in the decisions that were made that night that resulted in Felz being treated differently than you are I would. Unless, you are a cop. Then you would have been driven home by the brotherhood too.

      1. His defense is “driven” by the big boy network. Yes, let’s see some pot holes get fixed! Slip an extra dime in joey’s back pocket. Even though he doesn’t need it. His defense is being paid with Fullertons dollar by using the city attorney.

          1. How do you know? If not by COF? He’s got to be some underling being well hidden. You really have no idea of corruption. I’ve been there.

  8. So how’s the marriage going little joe? I’ve been there when you yelled at your wife for a trivial issue. I’ve been there when you yelled at your poor little girl. I’ve been here waiting for your fall. I was there when you had to show the big boys that you could step all over someone to climb the ladder of success. How does it feel now sitting on top of all that money??

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