Where’s Dino?


Three long months ago FFFF updated the story of FJCs rogue “Campus Safety Officer”, Dino Skokos. You remember Dino, right? He’s the former LA Deputy Sheriff, who, while enjoying a $48K annual disability pension courtesy of LA County taxpayers, and while costing us $75,000 per year us as a guard at FJC, was caught on video assaulting some skinny kid for refusing to identify himself. Be sure to watch the video if you need to remind yourself.

That was over a year ago. Yes, the Earth has made an entire revolution of the Sun, and then some.

Skokos was placed on administrative leave way back on October 14, 2016. And what has been going on in the twelve month interim?

There was confusion on campus…

FFFF has serially reported that the North Orange County Community College District orchestrated some sort of “investigation,” conducted by their own special government defense lawyer. But FJC President, Greg Schulz ain’t saying anything after all this time except for spouting some embarrassingly contradictory double talk.

So what’s the status of Dino Skokos? And has there been any legal action by the kid who he choke slammed up against a wall and then threw to the ground? Who knows? Not the public, that’s for sure.

Remember when Schulz promised the college’s full dedication in reaching a conclusion regarding the incident? I guess that never included letting the public know what was going on.

13 Replies to “Where’s Dino?”

    1. This is a photo of Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, which is an annual event at the college when men help raise awareness about sexualized violence against women. The spectacle of the shoes helps bring attention to the cause. The event is held nationwide. I’m not sure why making fun of President Schulz standing up to violence against women is worth making fun of. http://www.walkamileinhershoes.org/

      1. I know. Instead let’s rag on the dipshit for being an ineffectual, incompetent massively overpaid educrat.

      2. Instead of dealing with the actual violence committed by one of his own employees on campus, Schulz puts on red shoes and parades around emitting a useless virtue signal.

        What a joke.

      3. Looks like Schulz is treating it like a joke, isn’t he? So why can’t we laugh right along with him?

      4. I’m nor sure why wearing women’s show could be mistaken for standing up to violence against women. But hey let’s all feel special and empower-y or something for making some trite, inane gesture.

  1. ” I’m not sure why making fun of President Schulz standing up to violence against women is worth making fun of.”

    Probably because it’s funny.

  2. “making fun of President Schulz”

    Who’s making fun of your president? I think he looks just fine in shiny red pumps. And they fit!

    Hey, where’d mine go?

  3. WTF! Another parasite “Disabled” police/sheriff sucking on the taxpayers tit!
    Why do they declare they are disabled when they work and continue to bully students.
    If the Freak Dino is disabled then he should not even work as a fake overpaid officer, he needs to go down to the school district and apply to work as a crossing guard. He is DISABLED not abled!

  4. Here’s an idea for Quirk or Newman: legislation that would make it illegal for a retired cop on disability to work in any further law enforcement capacity for a public agency.

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