The Sound of Silence

I would have done it even cheaper...

I would have done it even cheaper…

Not much has come out of Fullerton Junior College lately on the case of cop-turned-security guard Dino Skokos who handed out an unwarranted beat down on an undernourished FJC student in October.

A writer for The Hornet named Madalyn Amato,  reports that although an “independent investigator” has been engaged, nothing else has been forthcoming. The fact that the investigator, a law firm called Currier & Hudson, solely specializes in acting as defense counsel for government agencies, should send out appropriate warning bells. See where this is going?

In the aftermath of outrage, the bureaucratic playbook is being executed as expected.

First, ignore any criminality on the part of the district employee and announce an independent investigation, with the goal of diverting responsibility, or even better, procrastinating ’til everybody’s forgotten about the incident.

Naturally, the independent investigator is really just a carefully selected government defense pettifogger, hired to relieve the agency of as much liability as possible and absorb any leftover PR issues. Of course, hiring a law firm comes with desirable effects, such as the benefit of attorney client privilege. See, it’s easier to control an investigation if the investigator can’t actually reveal any findings detrimental to the institution.

The cleanup is underway

The cleanup is underway

And now we wait. The employee takes a paid vacation, the real police fail to deliver a criminal investigation, and NOCCCD eventually pays out a quiet settlement to the victim who will make a deal in a civil courtroom. Nothing to see here.

Close enough...

Close enough…

And now let’s let Fullerton Junior College President Greg Schulz take us home via The Hornet article:

President Greg Schulz promised the college’s full dedication in reaching a conclusion regarding the incident.

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  1. #1 by just a guy on November 23, 2016

    That’s a pretty clear case of criminal battery. I’m sure the Fullerton police are giving it all the attention it deserves.

    • #2 by Johnny Donut on November 23, 2016

      The Fullerton PD did show up later…and gave the victim a ticket for smoking.

  2. #3 by James Cameron on November 23, 2016

    Apart from the vicious assault what strikes me is the complete pig-ignorant dumbfuckery of that “student” narrating this video. Good to see our tax dollars are keeping Joe College in school.

    • #4 by Joe Sipowicz on November 23, 2016

      Well, c’mon now. You weren’t expecting a young Noel Coward, were you?

    • #5 by Aristotle on November 23, 2016

      “pig-ignorant dumbfuckery”

      For the win! I’d love to see this guy’s class schedule. It would make Molly proud.

    • #6 by Fullerton Lover on November 23, 2016

      Nice to see you morons making fun of a kid’s dialogue that filmed and narrated this assault, given that you know all too well that the Fullerton Police Department feels extremely vindictive about anybody that is conscientious and wise enough to film the assault, rather than become part of it.

      • #7 by Fullerton Lover on November 23, 2016

        Anybody here remember the name Veth Nam?

      • #8 by James Cameron on November 23, 2016

        Dialogue? Yeah, that guy’s got a playwright in him. Buried real, real deep!

        I don’t feel like paying for thuggish rent-a-cops, or for illiterate children entering the 13th grade.

        • #9 by Fullerton Lover on November 24, 2016

          Personally, I think the focus should be on the Fullerton College rent-a-cop, who seemed physically able to go W.W.F on a beanpole of a student who looked like he would be the first to RUN from a fight, who appears to be fleecing the taxpayers, who not only pay him his disability pension, because he claimed to be too physically unable to work anymore, fair enough; however now we’re also paying him now to wrestle college kids to the ground as a campus police officer?
          Is that not almost the very definition of insanity?
          Concerned citizens need to quickly realize that the public employee unions are controlling the masses through the politicians they groom, like Jennifer Fitzgerald and Larry Bennett, and they’re doing it with YOUR money!

          Anybody out there who wonders why your cities have no money to fix the streets, sidewalks, keep libraries open,needs to read this article from the LA Times on how the debts incurred by political prostitutes from the past are suffocating YOUR future!

          • #10 by Fullerton Lover on November 24, 2016

            This truly shocks the conscience that this is occurring.

            While the public employees unions are siphoning off 20-25% of the current budget to pay off public employee pensions, meanwhile they’re are 63,000 CHILDREN in Los Angeles who are homeless?

            Something tells me that we need to re-arrange our priorities before it’s too late..


            • #11 by Johnny Donut on November 24, 2016

              Homeless children don’t have a union, so they go to the bottom of the list. Sorry, bub.

  3. #12 by Presidente Schultz on November 23, 2016

    Recent incidents on campus have brought into question the use of handcuffs by campus safety officers. We are evaluating our college’s handcuffing practice to ensure that it is based on clear, industry-standard procedures.

    • #13 by James Cameron on November 23, 2016

      Ha! What “industry” would that be? The industrial education state?

      Billions and billions served!!

      • #14 by Presidente Schultz on November 23, 2016

        I want to emphasize that Fullerton College has been and will continue to be a safe place for all who seek to learn here and for all who work here. At Fullerton College, we take pride in serving our community as a welcoming, inclusive learning institution. The diversity of our college is one of our greatest assets.

      • #15 by Johnny Donut on November 24, 2016

        When are private security guards allowed to cuff people by force? Is that even a thing? Seems like a huge liability with little real value, regardless of “industry.”

  4. #16 by Nothing to See Here on November 23, 2016

    I feel a whole lot better that the college is dedicated to reaching a conclusion regarding this whole mess, it’s clear everything’s under control. Whew!!

  5. #17 by Crips Florby on November 23, 2016

    Anybody check on this Schulz’s education? Diploma mills for each “degree.”

    “Doctor” of education. Woohoo! Laughing all the way to the bank.

  6. #18 by Sean Paden on November 23, 2016

    I’d also like to know why Fullerton College even HAS in house campus security, given that there are plenty of private security firms the College could contract with. Not only would the cost be significantly less, whenever a security “officer” went out of line like this one did itwouldn’t be a years long process to remove them from the campus.

    • #19 by Marty on November 23, 2016

      Gramps always said if you want to keep kids in line you have to beat one of them up every once in a while. Find me a security firm that will sign that contract and we’ll talk.

      • #20 by What's Wrong With This Picture? on November 24, 2016

        My grandfather smoked unfiltered Lucky Strikes.

  7. #21 by Old Doc Jones On The Hill on November 24, 2016

    Looky at thet set a keys! That boy doublin’ as a janitor? Thass a-fishin.’

  8. #22 by Dave on November 24, 2016

    Wouldn’t the Student Onlookers have had the Legal Right and Maybe Obligation to Stop the “So Called Officers” “Assailants” from Assaulting this Student? The Students had the Assailants Outnumbered – Handsomely.

    • #23 by The Fullerton Harpoon on November 24, 2016

      I was wondering about that, too. I mean, hey, Skokos was committing at least two felonies, right? If that was just some dude on the street beating up some harmless kid we would be expected to intervene, no?

  9. #24 by That's why we need guns. on November 27, 2016

    Have you ever been a victim of a crime and caught the perpetrator red handed, had clear cut audio/video evidence, and then called the cops? I have several times. I no longer bother with wasting my time because the heroes won’t do anything except look at you like you’re the criminal ready to pull a gun out and shoot them. It’s like pulling teeth just to get them to take a report or even follow up with a phone call. It’s time to abolish the Police… for real;

    • #25 by nipsey on November 27, 2016

      “Have you ever been a victim of a crime and caught the perpetrator red handed, had clear cut audio/video evidence, and then called the cops? I have several times.”

      Jesus, remind me not to move into your neighborhood.

      • #26 by Not a Hero on November 27, 2016

        Yes. And let’s face it. Some neighborhoods on the hill get the “Dick” Jones treatment. Others, not do much.

      • #27 by Joe Sipowicz on November 27, 2016

        I hope you’re not referring to our new councilmember.

        Actually, I hope you are.

      • #28 by Death Wish on November 27, 2016

        Nipsey, that happens in many other shitty cities where the police unions have strangleholds on their elected bosses. Dealing with low level punks just isn’t glamorous. Hero life should be like TV. They are hero and deserve.

    • #29 by Not a Hero on November 27, 2016

      That happened to me once too, with the FPD. Some crazy nut came into IN MY OWN GARAGE and threatened to shoot me and the FPD treated me like it was a “he said she said” thing. I think they were just too lazy to do anything.

    • #30 by Sean Paden on December 3, 2016

      As a matter of fact yes. One of my neighbors watched someone pull an “Our Town Not College Town” from his lawn. He pulled out his cell phone and snapped a picture of the truck as it drove away and got the license plate number. Both he and I filed police reports. Nothing was done, despite the existence of the cell phone picture showing the license place (for the record, the vehicle in question was a white Ford pickup or SUV, license place number 13519L1).

      Then there was the time a group of college kids went to the back field of Troy High school every weekend for nine months, stripped naked (except for a pair of crocs) and lit fireworks till 2 am, which was particularly annoying because my daughter was a newborn at the time and I was barely getting any sleep as it was. I caught them red handed several times and turned their license over to the police, with no response (this was before Measure X was passed, by the way). Then there was the time my daughters elementary school was vandalized. A neighbor saw the whole thing, and called the police, but they never bothered to look into it under the vandals had left.

      • #31 by Not A Hero on December 3, 2016

        My house was burglarized. I made the mistake of calling the cops. They got black fingerprint dust all over everything and went away. They never talked to the prime suspect.

        Six months later I got a post card from the Chief saying the case was closed for lack of evidence. The black powder still stained my window sill. It was indelible.

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