Who Is Paulette Marshall?

Good question. She is the spouse of Fullerton Councilman Doug “Bud” Chaffee, and has often been considered the brains of the operation.

She is also rumored to be a future council candidate from the 2nd District once that district comes up for election – now slated for 2020. Here is Ms. Marshall attending an underpass opening ceremony. She’s the one over on the left wearing the purple jacket.

Here’s a close up.

But wait. Why is she even there? She doesn’t hold any official position in the city. And even more importantly, why is she wearing a City of Fullerton badge bearing the official city seal?  How did she get that badge and why is she wearing it?

A cynical person might suspect that Ms. Marshall is posing in a photo op like this for future campaign material, projecting the subliminal message of “incumbent.” But that would be extremely unethical and really hard to credit.

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  1. Some poor suckers paid to have that fancy “project completed” banner printed up just so these gasheads could cut it in half for a photo.

  2. Does she get his parking spot, too?

    FMC 2.01.020 Use of seal.

    It is unlawful for any person to make or use the seal of the City, or reproduction there of, for any purpose other than for the official business of the City, its Council, officers or departments.

    Ruh roe. Someone broke the law!

    1. That’s true. All confidential email communications from the city staff actually go to Paulette. She might as well be wearing the badge.

  3. “But that would be extremely unethical and really hard to credit.”

    I guess that’s tongue in cheek. We all know what an unethical piece of slime Chaffee is.

  4. Photo op for Tim Shaw who’s running for Supervisor. He’s on the OCTA board, and like a lot of members, his city (La Habra) is no where near the train tracks that were underpassed.

  5. Aw, just what we need. Another septuagenarian boohoo on the council. Why not bring back Molly McClanacan’t?

    1. I don’t think this is the real baxter. he used to rail against Fullerton’s phony old-guard liberals who did nothing after Kelly Thomas was murdered by the cops.

  6. List of District 2 candidates for 2020 so far

    Grace Kim
    Mayra Benavente
    Larry Bennett
    Barry Levinson
    Paulette Marshall
    Joe Imbriano
    Don Bankhead
    Robert Shapiro

    and the Iranian guy that made the movie about the lesbians-whats his name?

    1. I’d love to see Leviathan run against Embryo…to see who is the biggest effing idiot in Fullerton.

      1. “I’ll see your Bruce Whitaker fetish and raise you one MMR Vaccine Rant.”

        “I’ll see your rant and raise you three false flags!”

        “I’ll see your flags and raise you five YouTube selfies made from a sidewalk!”

        “I CALL!”

        1. You mean the city commissioner and the only city representative that actually raised the issue of the Brea dam? No council member or commissioner ever investigated the issue. I find it distasteful that David Curlee continues to embrace and be embraced by those who write for this site. David’s work continues to be in vain and marred by association with TB. You five are bound together by a need to belong to a group that falls short time after time of seeking solutions. You never follow through with anything. It is like a game of kick the can. Barry has publicly stated that he is blocked from this site. Why is that? Not saying it really matters but it does reveal quite a bit about Travis and the other four of you.

          1. Big Mouth Barry represented Bruce Whitaker, not the City. And Big Mouth Barry didn’t even uncover the Brea Dam issue – somebody else did. Big Mouth Barry couldn’t even explain the problem. No one would listen to his temper-tantrums.

            Big Mouth Barry suffers from an extreme personality disorder – megalomania. And Big Mouth Barry embraces and is embraced by Crazy Little Joe Embryo who believes the Earth is flat, NASA is run by Satan, and Disney is the Anti-Christ. How’s that for distasteful?

            1. “…is embraced by Crazy Little Joe Embryo who believes the Earth is flat, NASA is run by Satan, and Disney is the Anti-Christ. How’s that for distasteful?”

              LOL, yes. That would torpedo anybody’s credibility, especially if they are yelling at everybody.

              1. “…is embraced by Crazy Little Joe Embryo who believes the Earth is flat, NASA is run by Satan, and Disney is the Anti-Christ. How’s that for distasteful?”

                What do these allegations have to do with municipal malfeasance?

                1. They deal with sanity you ninny. That’s what’s being discussed.

                  A sane person would recognize that and not try to change the subject.

                  Somewhere in Fullerton there’s a corner without someone video taping themselves holding a hand made sign. Maybe you should go fix that problem.

                2. Ahaha. Allegations? These idiotic claims are posted on Embryo’s website where your hero, Big Mouth Barry is permitted to publish his relentless, semi-literate nonsense. I guess Little Joe needs at least one other person in his loony toons clown car.

                  The issue is credibility. And Big Mouth ain’t got any.

            2. Are semantics are important to your limited audience?Perhaps it will grow with some honest fact checking. Barry was the only sitting city commissioner and the only city representative that actually raised the issue of the Brea dam. Where did I state Barry discovered the issue? Barry, in his capacity of a commissioner, attempted to open an investigation after repeatedly publicly giving credit to Mr. Curlee for his fine work. Your group attacked the messenger. That is unwise and your response is completely intellectually dishonest.

              Barry writes for Jack Dean and other sites as well. Your motives here on this platform are dubious at best Mr. Snow globe. The same goes for Mr. Kiger and for Mr. Curlee.

              1. Wow. A city commissioner couldn’t convince anyone to do anything about it.

                Must have been a really shitty commissioner. Maybe the worst ever.

                1. Barry was an outstanding commissioner and carried himself well. Here is one example of him attempting, in his capacity as a commissioner, to do something about just one element of the Brea Dam finding, namely the American Golf Contract. Tell me where he is yelling or appears to be a “shitty” commissioner.

                2. And accomplished nothing.

                  Round here, we measure results. If you’re suggesting we ought to use words instead, well, maybe you really are insane.

                  All that righteousness. So much show, so little go.

              2. Fact check: Big Mouth Barry was not a city representative. He was Whitaker’s representative on a commission. “My group” consists of ME shedding light on a big mouth, self-important blowhard with a Messiah complex.

                Shedding light in false prophets like Big Mouth Barry and his little cretin friend is always wise.

                BTW, the Earth is NOT flat. That is a lie. NASA is NOT run by Satan. That’s another lie. Shall I go on?

                1. Mr. Cantor, I believe you have made your points evidently clear here and outside of the confines of this site. I find it rather amusing to read your odious rantings on social media platforms against Barry and others who are attempting to move the needle in the right direction in Fullerton. Your motives are extremely suspect. It appears as if you feel you are in some way threatened by their message. Perhaps you are in some way involved with those who are covering up the real, much larger municipal issues Barry has alluded to.

                2. “Barry and others who are attempting to move the needle in the right direction in Fullerton.”

                  Big Mouth Barry and Little Joe Embryo aren’t happy unless the needle is pointing at themselves.

                  And now repeat: the earth is NOT flat…the Earth is not flat.

                  P.S. I am not Mr. Cantor although I think I met him once. Nice guy. Believes the Earth is round, as I recall.

                1. “Maybe Bushala could bankroll him”

                  All the money in the world couldn’t get that crazy little bastard elected to anything.

                2. There’s no shortage of nitwits, conspiracy kooks and flat earthers. Still, there aren’t enough anywhere to get one of their kooky pals elected. That would be delusional. Oh wat…

      1. Different “bridges.” Unless maybe the County is planning on opening another shelter under the bridge.

      1. “However, the renovations were ultimately significantly more costly than originally planned, according to Mumford. He said the university did support the decision to pay more to get the design they envisioned.”

        Perfect symbolism.

  7. At the very least she thinks she is a stand in for her husband. Problem is this is not a ribbon cutting for a local business. She should nit be wearing a city council member badge either. I would say pushy broad for sure. Council contender?

    1. She can be a stand-in for her husband at the family reunion. She doesn’t represent Fullerton in any way. This is just a way to get her mug on a police union campaign flyer suggesting that she actually is an incumbent. Cheap and shoddy. Chaffee, in fact.

      Somebody needs to confront “Bud” about this at the next meeting.

  8. https://fullertonrag.com/2016/06/06/a-district-of-ones-own-bar-owners-map-8-carves-out-a-space-for-greg-sebourn/

    Twice, during deliberations about which districts would be up for election next year, I publicly asked the Fullerton City Council members if any of them were aware of family members in their households who were planning to run for council. On both occasions Doug Chaffee got up from his seat and walked into the rear council chamber as I approached the podium (on the first occasion he returned in time for me to ask the question). No council member answered my question.

    1. Old, Dried Up Fullerton is dead as Julius Caesar. Chaffee could only get elected in a recall. His wife has no chance. Fullerton Boohoo is done.

    1. Well, you know, either way it’s a problem. She has no business having her own badge and she has no business wearing her husband’s either.

      1. Totally agree. She has a way of showing up to everything and pushing her way through. But that’s ALL she does….pokes her nose everywhere. There’s nothing that warrants her presence.

  9. Area 51 this bud’s for you pal. I just love followers of a doped-up pothead slumlord divorcee political failure that blew his wad on a half a million dollar failed political campaign and got nothing accomplished calling Grassroots activists insane that is hilarious

    1. Those “Grassroots activists” ARE insane and since someone as ignorant as them might be fooled into thinking they are, you know, normal, identifying them as nutsy-cuckoo is an important public service.

      Now repeat after me: “even doped-up slumlords know the Earth is not flat…”

      1. While admitting that you have and continue engaging in your actions that you deem to bea “public service” you have also laid the groundwork and cinched the noose for a solid defamation and libel suit against you and the administrators of this online forum. It is an extremely solid case bolstered by the documented instances of comment moderation and censorship. Barry and Joe are not public officials nor have either of them ever been diagnosed with any mental illness. I have screen shots of the entire dialogue and will be forwarding this information to both of them. One would hope that you paid your insurance premiums.

        1. Haha! Can’t wait for the depositions.

          My lawyer: so, Joe, you believe the Earth is flat?

        2. Defamation? Libel? Jesus H., you must be kidding.

          BTW, those two idiots are indeed public figures having undertaken campaign for public office, perpetual public comments grandstanding, and most importantly their public blogging efforts, in which they routinely make up stories about people to fit their own self-aggrandizing conspiracy theories.

          So please take your screenshots and shove them up your ass.

        3. My comments are blocked on Embriano’s twisted website. Does please take a screenshot of this comment and forward to your buddies.

        4. Well, I’m a doctor and I’m officially diagnosing them with nutsy-cuckooness.

          So there.

  10. Thank you for being more specific regarding who you just defamed. There can be no doubt as to who you are referring to since you have just now qualified your remarks. =The preponderance of evidence.

  11. And BTW, reading through this post, the comments on Big Mouth Barry and Little Joe, are hilarious. It’s been a very amusing post with back and forth banter. Thanks for the smile today.

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