Last weekend OC Democratic Party official Jeff LeTourneau approached a Newman recall table at the Fullerton Walmart and began shouting profanities. “Which one of you assholes is the gay?” he screams, along with “You are a fucking disgrace to any gay person I know, you piece of shit.”

Video was captured by one of the recall signature gatherers and has just been posted to Fox News.

State Senator Josh Newman and the rest of the CA Democratic party are apparently not returning any calls regarding the incident.

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  1. What a nasty bully a-hole this Jeff guy is. He thinks he can stop the democratic prices cause he’s a Democrat in high standings? WTF!!!

    1. I sincerely hope that was meant as a joke. Liberals are some of the most prejudiced and patronizing people I know.

    2. It wasn’t bigotry toward gays if that’s what you’re trying to say. His anger wasn’t against gays generally it was against gays being idiotic enough to empower Republicans.

      1. No Justification Ever For Bullying, Verbal Abuse or Threats Because Of Different Viewpoints says:

        Mr. Hogerhuis, sir when does it become justifiable for you or anyone “regardless” of political party affiliation to nonchalantly explain away the outrageous and out of control temper outburst we all viewed in that video that now has gone nationwide according to what we have all read, This is a form of blocking the voice of the voters and ALL parties who do NOT support this GAS TAX and polls show that most people in California are not only against it but are mad as heck because they see the roads and the money is going to things that are NOT important to them. This OC Liberal leader is against ALL political parties that OPPOSE the GAS TAX bill and gay or straight they are NOT “idiotic” as you have down because they OPPOSE the bill, and they are NOT being empowered by Republicans. What you fail to mention or realize is that this is NOT about “1”party it is the viewpoint of ALL political parties who have members who OPPOSE the GAS TAX. The voting public read that this man in the video is the leader of the OC Liberal party and is also a gay man according to the news so it was an attack against not only ALL political parties who make up of gay people, straight people, people of all colors, beliefs! Mr. Hogerhuis you say: “His anger wasn’t against gays generally it was against gays being idiotic to empower Republicans” so that sounds like an excuse and justification. So if a person happens to be gay, Republican, Democrat, Independent or any political party and they are STRONGLY against the GAS TAX and against elected officials who do NOT give their constituents the opportunity to voice their beliefs then they are being “idiotic” and empowering the Republicans. Come on we are all logically smarter then that. Let’s look at the video it speaks for itself and no amount of trying to calm him down, reason with him or asserting oneself without being passive aggressive was NOT going to get this over the top angry man to settle down and the video shows that. I am personally offended since people have loved ones who are gay, who are Republican, who strongly oppose the gas tax that the majority of Liberals passed and “wrongly assumed” that it would be OK with ALL of the political parties in this district and statewide! Now they realize it and instead of reversing it, they are now scheming to get a bill through so that it is either hard, impossible or very costly to take someone out of office because they messed up and people are wise to that. It is an insult to the intelligent people of this district and state when you say: “His anger was against gays being idiotic enough to empower Republicans” and it is ignorant and blind to call someone a demeaning name no matter what their background is as pointed out above and it is even more ignorant to believe that it is a “Republican” issue only! Wake up it is a GAS TAX that those who we voted for OR represent us of ALL POLITICAL PARTIES never asked for and who is paying for the cars and gas for those we voted for? Voters want to know! Who paid for the trip to china in a gas guzzling plane for Gov. Brown? Voters want to know! Sure we will all be on board when Gov. Brown and the others will explain why OTHER things are more important then our roads and infrastructure that the money did NOT go there first. We do NOT care what political party he is a part of, we care that we have a say where the money goes and what it does NOT go! Based on what you have down and about this man’s reasoning for that insane and nasty outburst if he saw someone collecting petitions who just so happen to go to the same church as he did OR any other identifying factor and NOT just gay, would that also cause him to be against them and insinuate they are “idiotic” enough (wow that is telling about how he thinks) to empower Republicans! Bravo for ALL the political parties and all people of diverse backgrounds in our district and statewide for holding the elected officials accountable because the decisions being made will hurt those who are less fortunate like the poor, seniors either on fixed or low incomes, struggling families in ALL socioeconomic levels and NOT to forget the majority that makes up this district the middle class who are trying to keep their head above water while our elected officials keep passing bills as quickly as they can regardless of what is going on. Mr. Hogerhuis you will find that more and more people are becoming Independent voters regardless if they are signed up as Conservatives or Liberals and one reason why is because it is people like that man yourdefending who was bullying and verbally abusing all who could hear his rant! In case Mr. Newman has not realized it yet, let him know that we all come from diverse political parties and backgrounds and that to try to ignore that fact and to not think that all political parties are upset is turning a blind eye. Mr. Hogerhaus what is clear using what you have posted in defense of the abuse and temper fit: “His anger wasn’t against (you can put any diversity down to make the point) generally it was against (put any diversity) being idiotic enough to empower Republicans” that is why it was a putdown since it is really saying this: If you do not see things my way, then you are being idiotic and empowering a political party OR political parties I am against. What really got most people is when this OC Liberal leader went so far as to take out his cell phone and threaten to have the gay gentleman ostracized from his own community, with the “if you do not go along with what is expected of you, then you will be rejected by your own community! That could be applied to anyone of any background and it goes against what I believe in peace and respecting other people’s difference if I agree with them or not! Not resorting to VERBAL ABUSE, attacking ones character or intelligence and people are almost getting killed now because of people who get worked up, lose control and escalate things like we saw in that video. The ONLY one who was getting worked up was that man and his behavior is disturbing just because he disagrees. Will he pay for all of our taxes and give us a valid reason why they have been doing all these other things with our hard earned money while our roads should never have gotten bad and they should HAVE been top priority all along!

      2. Exactly. But they’re honing in on the fact that he asked who was gay. He’s obviously not homophobic as he has gay friends, which he said when he told the guy he’s “an embarrassment to his gay friends”.

        It’s a shame there’s no video here of the big guy at Ralphs calling women the c word and other names when he tangles with them.

        1. You think a mean word by a $10/hr signature gather is somehow equivalent to a bigoted tirade by a Democratic party official? Good luck.

          1. Oh, there’s video, it’s just not on this blog. It’s of one of the repeal the gas tax (wink wink/recall Newman) signature gatherers and it’s not me he said anything to. It’s to other women informing others that what he has is for a recall and nothing on there puts gas tax repeal on the ballot.

            I called Sacramento back when I said the signature gatherers had to live in the district and was called on it. I stand corrected because I was informed it used to be but had changed. However, when I asked about the deception and misleading people, I was put on hold while an attorney was spoken to. I was then told to let people know to note the time, location, what was said and where to find the complaint forms online. The video of this guy repeatedly doing it and harassing people is great as it helps support the written complaints. He hasn’t done this only at Ralphs nor is he the only doing.

            Was there a point to referencing a $10/hour signature gatherer? I have no doubt it was at me…but…what’s your point?


            Thank you FULLERTON LOVER and other posters who were NOT afraid to speak up that the ONLY thing that was “embarrassing” or “shameful” was that it took being “caught on tape” to protect those signature collectors that especially that calm, polite and NOT aggressive, NOT passive BUT assertive to ask him to please stop the hostile aggression. We have people posting ALL sorts of weak excuses to damage control and even doing the change topics when all else fails and say the there are videos out there (so post them on here) that signature gathers are attacking, verbal abusing or intentional lying to get signatures. For SHERRY who has been posting on this page could you please EXPLAIN what anyone would gain by doing those sorts of things? Let’s see if I can figure that out for myself and others who would love to be abused by signatures collectors. They would get ALL of our signature quicker then if they were nice and polite, right Sherry? They would make a good and lasting impression but being pushy, intentional lying (which someone could make a honest mistake, if that really happened and was NOT cooked up to sabotage someone). If the signature collectors were to behave badly they have EVERYTHING to lose and NOTHING to gain and that is why ALL these ridiculous stories going around people just roll their eyes! HOWEVER, let’s look who really has something to GAIN if this effort is stopped or slowed down, and this VIDEO CALLED UNHINGED was an “instructional” step by step guide compliment of the Leader of the OC Liberal party which guides the viewer on how it is done to UNDERMINE the signature collectors. First, step is to come in their right from the start ALL hyper and aggressive driven by hate and that “I will show you attitude” that is what people can see. Next you completely ignore any common sense comments and polite requests to stop acting that way, only to be met with more hostility, disgusting vulgar language and being talked down to and dismissed and eventually threaten as the gay gentleman was. Next if you watch the video closely a couple time and look in the background who is walking in the area you yell obscenities at the top of your lungs so that you can see young children looking at this grown gay man bullying another gay “gentleman” standing up for himself and people in both the gay and all other communities are proud of you, so do NOT let that nasty bully get you down! Now if you follow the OC Liberal party leaders lead in the video next you make sure if you do what he has done you completely ignore and refuse to be respectful and that point is that if you allow the opposing viewpoint signature collectors to reason with you to stop acting up and out, then how can you attempt to CREATE tension, escalate it in the hopes you get them to leave or worse shut them down all together. Last but not least follow this “instructional guide” called HOW TO UNDERMINE AND INTIMIDATE SIGNATURE GATHERS BY ANY MEANS so you can squash any objections from all political parties and silence anybody even WITHIN your own Liberal party! That is “embarrassing” and “shameful” and we are seeing in college campuses BECAUSE adult leaders who behave like this man did on the video! Rise and Bully, Resist and Intimate is the battle cry of that video and is hard to watch because it went far beyond jus the gas tax and political parties. One last tip on how to follow the leader so that we train our Liberal youth (since leaders are “suppose” to be role models) you pull out all stops by threatening an innocent and peaceful gay gentleman if your gay, or whatever you background is collecting signatures if all else fails. So what we all take away from this video and taxpayer heard about and suspected is that it uncovered what has been going on to ALL political parties who OPPOSE the gas tax, that OPPOSE leaders who already have a short but eye opening record of voting to increase all of our taxes without a say in it and knowing that is has many different parties and not just one. What we are seeing in the video is what some are calling “SELECTIVE” TARGETING and within one’s own community. Factor this in. If you are a gay individual and you are directly being “singled” out and “targeted” like some hunter would “stalk” his prey (as we can see in the UNHINGED video ) that is wrong, especially if you are gay also! This OC Liberal party leader named Jeff knows that it is NOT easy being gay just in itself, and for that alone he should be “embarrassed” and “ashamed” of himself for treating a fellow gay man in such a degrading and demeaning why! It really bothers me when anyone treats someone why so little regard and I hope this gay gentleman reads this because people of all walks of life applaud you for how you were so brave and strong! Let’s be clear, this particular incident should never be tolerated and now we ALL can see one of the ways that those who are FOR the GAS TAX are undermining the cause of ALL those that opposed it within ALL parties. What if there is NO tension you go in and CREATE it like you see in the instructional video on how it is done, you next ESCALATE it by all the things that were done in that video towards that gay gentleman and finally it that fails to get him so frustrated by all the verbal attacks and belittling, you arrogantly (watch the video) go ahead and “whip out” your cell phone and threaten to ruin this gentlemen’s reputation as if everyone who is gay is ONLY Liberal? No we ALL have at least one or more family or friends who we love and care about that are gay and represent ALL political parties and to think differently Mr. OC Liberal Political party leader is out of touch with reality. What really got to me and people all over the state and beyond after watching that video that the “shaming” and “degrading” of him ONLY because he is gay first (watch the video it speaks for itself). Some posts try to “justify” or “explain” away degrading abuse of another human being, but what you are saying and what is heard and seen speaks volumes. The body language alone and the hateful look in his eyes watch closely and it is more powerful then the words. That is “SINGLING” out as mention before for being gay first, then “TARGETING” this same gay gentleman for choosing to be a part of ANY other political party than Liberal (which it is ALL of our rights to choose either Independent, Conservative, Liberal or any other party. Finally, he was “SHAMED” and the aggression was like being “STALKED” with one goal in mind get them out, shut them down and silence them. Mr. OC Liberal political party leader if you would do this to someone who is a part of the gay community, then you will do that to someone of any community IF they do NOT think like you or believe in what you do! It does not take a ROCKET SCIENTIST to figure out that the signature collectors are NOT going to do anything intentionally wrong to UNDERMINE collecting signatures and we ALL know that regardless of political party so people can see through that. What is clear is what you did on that video and that the ONLY gain in causing any disruptions and then blaming it on the peaceful signature gathers is by acting like you did because it could cause them to get kicked out making false claims. So what if you had succeeded and got under someone skin since these sort of things are NOT isolated incidents we have all read prior. You proved that by how open and bold you were and did not care who heard you even kids going in the background look over at you. So now you will be remembered for being the poster man on for “how to” tactics on scaring or attempting to permanent silence those that can not take any more taxes and who want to live in California and are NOT going to be able afford if this keeps up! So we know by what we are hearing if what you and others that think like you and attack with hateful words and that does NOT work, then it appears Gov. Brown along with Senator Newman will make sure it happens. Remember it is BOTH of them and others in our state that decided without consulting us that it was BEST for struggling families and singles to tax us more and like the gay gentleman who was attack said he is doing it for himself and others who are struggling too. Support and prayers for all you out there giving a voice that our elected officials up and down the state are not paying attention to, and ignoring that more people then are counted are struggling to get by and even stay in California due to the taxes The good that came out of the incident is not only did you expose a leader who was doing this undermining, but kept your head on straight and remained cool and calm and showed us all once again, that love (by being calm and patient) is stronger then hate (by verbal abuse, demeaning and shaming tactics). !

            1. First of all, paragraphs go a long way in helping what you obviously put a lot of time into to to be read. I began skimming soon into it.

              It’s nice that the recall side can show a video that paints a rosy picture of signature gatherers vs a big, bad liberal. Did I understand correctly that the recall founder from San Diego was also at the table? Yet there was no mention about his political career as a city councilman and how that went.

              As for the video I spoke of, I’ve only seen it. I didn’t record it nor did I save it. However, it is all over facebook. Which video do you all suppose is more damaging to your recall efforts? Same question for complaints.

              When these solicitors tell people that signing the petition will repeal or help repeal the gas tax and nothing else, the first is a lie and the second is misleading, this is where the recall risks being nullified.

              The petition that’s going around will determine if there should or shouldn’t be a recall. That’s it. It’s obvious why they would lie or mislead. Recalls are ugly and expensive for us. Just about everyone wants to repeal the gas tax and would be eager to sign such a bill. I’m not a fan of it either, to be honest but some cities have already received funding. There also hasn’t been an increase since the 90’s.

              But let’s be honest, the bigger picture here is nothing more than a big eff you to the election process, to “get that damn Democrat out” by any means available and break up the Democratic super majority. He was elected to a seat long held for decades by Republicans and he’s the new guy. It’s really nothing personal, he’s an easy target. If not him, some other poor schmuck would be on the receiving end of this bs.

              btw those who think baiting me to respond or to “prove it”, it doesn’t work so save it. I’m sure you all either know how to research or you know someone who does.

              1. Sherri I have been reading your posts along with the others on here. Honestly, speaking for myself I have not found any videos even on FB and I did look prior since your post made me want to see them. I am not baiting you, just letting you know.

                Noticed others on FFFF post where you can find articles or videos, so that was probably why that person asked you so they could see it. I agree that there should be paragraphs on that long post you had mentioned but it had valid points if being honest.

                What I took away from reading that post is that this person felt bad for the behavior and they mentioned kids heard the verbal abuse. They might have been at that parking lot for all we know with their children shopping.

                I read it and did not skim over like you indicated you did and did not see it the way you did and I am a liberal. It is actions like this that are dividing our party this behavior and as a result I have been considering becoming an independent. Some views I agree with and other I do not and that does not make me disloyal it makes me true to myself first. Just saying.

                1. I skimmed enough to see valid points. I’m in agreement re language around kids. I responded to it (and yours) because of the intelligence and tact used to get your points across.

                  While searching around this evening, I found an article (see below) from Carl DeMaio that I found disgusting and something I would denounce regardless of which party it came from. For that find nothing wrong with blackmail on demands, check your moral compass.

                  This is what went out on my timeline:

                  A couple of snippets from this petition, written by defeated and ousted San Diego councilman, Carl DeMaio and the recall is supported by the Orange County GOP. Save this for every time they play stupid about why they’re really doing this recall. There definitely needs to be boundaries and policy in place before attempting a recall. Threatening to hold future recalls over a party’s head unless they agree to threats and demands is a pathetic move should be illegal.

                  The Gazelle Strategy to Repeal the Car Tax: Recalls!

                  “California Democrats were able to pass the Car Tax and Gax Tax Hike because they hold a 2/3rds Super-Majority in both houses of the state legislature. We have two choices: run an initiative to roll back the Car Tax – which must be done statewide. OR we can fix the real problem which is removing the Democrats from their Super-Majority status by targeting their weakest members for Recall campaigns in 2017 or defeat in 2018.

                  Think of this strategy as the “Gazelle Strategy.” If you have seen Animal Planet, you know that lions hunt for food not by attacking an entire pack of Gazelles at once, but targeting the weakest gazelle and taking that one gazelle out. Far more efficient and an almost guaranteed success rate.

                  Our campaign to repeal the Car Tax utilizes the Gazelle Strategy. That’s why we propose to launch a Recall Campaign against State Senator Josh Newman (D-Orange County).”

                  “After we succeed in recalling Josh Newman, Democrats will lose their Super Majority and will not be able to arbitrarily raise our taxes.

                  Then we will demand that California Democrats repeal the Car and Gas Tax Hikes – or we will file additional Recall Elections against more of their members.”

                  Read more: http://kogo.iheart.com/onair/the-demaio-report-56776/join-the-campaign-to-repeal-the-15726882/#ixzz4kbIQ2FMf

        2. TAXPAYERS UNITE OR LOSE YOUR VOICE: This Video shows the OC Liberal Leader attempting to undermine and threaten people who are AGAINST the Gas Tax says:

          All one has to do is WATCH carefully the video and see kids listening to this cursing and bullying while walking in the background of this OC Liberal Leader and Sherri that is “an embarrassment to both the gay community and Liberals locally, statewide, nationally and internationally since the video went viral”. Let’s not be closed minded and SKIP over the fact that gay taxpayer are NOT all Liberal they are Conservative, Independent and other political parties. READ carefully the comments made by NO JUSTIFICIATION EVER FOR BULLYING,, VERBAL ABUSE OR THREATS BECAUSE OF DIFFERENT VIEWPOINTS. To Sherri post I say: If you read all the posts carefully no one is saying the man doing the bullying is homophobic since he is gay and also as it was mentioned in one of the posts he is the OC Liberal Leader who is has his viewpoints just like all political parties do, so gay or straight or any other background who was this man to stand in judgment and play God to say: “your an embarrassment to his gay friends” when the video shows clearly this man came in there already worked up and ready to start something BECAUSE he shared a different viewpoint? That is ASSUMING that ALL gay people are SUPPOSE to Liberal and if they choose not to be then they are an embarrassment? The gay man who was verbally attacked, threaten and bullied (could have been anyone: gay, straight, any race, religion you name it) but what jumped up is he stood his ground with calm, class and dignity and that is NOT an embarrassment it is “commendable” and did not play into the REAL goal of the aggression and hostility that was displayed by that one man. Politics aside let’s made things clear, taxpayers who viewed that video from a human being standpoint alone and who could care less what political party he belonged, or if he was for or against the gas tax would see that he did NOTHING to provoke this man and even children could see he was out of control if you look closely in the background video. One would be blind to not see the goal and agenda and he would go so far to “threaten” to get them to go away or get into a confrontation and that is going on to stop this recall. The video speaks volumes and so people post comments “skirting” around it or do NOT read closely all the posts. The video also shows this calm and level headed gay man did NOT allow himself to get played into a confrontation with this man who from the start was out to start something and even when calmly asked ‘to stop” he escalated which showed motive. What we have heard as outsiders and witnessed while going to some of the stores is in an attempt to shut down their efforts on the part of ALL political parties that are AGAINST this GAS TAX is start to harass until you either get into a rise out of someone, or make up a story and get them kicked off! That is what everyone could see and we all are NOT blind or stupid we can ALL figure out that if a OC Liberal party leader is going to act up like this to try to insight a fight, then you know others are following the lead and that supports what ALL political parties are reading about and actually seeing happening after they sign the petition and still go to the same stores. The OC Liberal party does NOT represent OR share ALL Liberals viewpoints on the GAS TAX in this district, statewide and the polls show that and it varies from person to person. That has our elected officials worried that even the Liberal voters are upset about this pushed through vote without their input and is a big part of why they are trying to stop and silence ALL political parties by making it hard of impossible to recall, we ALL LOSE if that happens regardless of political party. QUESTION TO PONDER: So if Jeff the leader of the OC Liberal political party is cursing at this other gay man and telling him “he is an embarrassment to his gay friends” does that mean that ALL the rest of us who come from all different walks of life, that could be Liberal or not and not gay are an “embarrassment” to him also because they disagree? The gas tax is not a gay, straight, race, religion issue it is a matter of opinion and Liberal, Conservatives, Independents that disagree with this bill and how it was handle are NOT an “embarrassment” and neither is this polite and calm gay man who took the abuse and bullying from another gay man with composure and dignity! COMMONSENSE ABOUT THE VIDEO: If your goal is to collect signatures you will NOT attempt to get kicked out of any parking lot for logical reasons and that does NOT need to be spelled out it is commonsense. You are NOT going to act like that man who was attempting to start a fight with the people collecting signatures and they protected themselves by taking a video you can see they had no choice and that was wise and a necessity since we have all read the attempts to undermine and silence the taxpayers who oppose this. You are NOT going to bully, be pushy, name call, harass, threaten of do any of those things if you want people to sign and everyone of ALL parties can figure that out! You are NOT going to make up a story to get someone to sign because you are going to be able to figure out that either they will find out the facts and MOST taxpayers are smart and are going to do their homework first like we did and countless others. Most voters who have NOT done their homework will come back later and sign up and that is the majority of taxpayers since they find things out for themselves. MYTH: Those people who are collecting signatures are doing exactly what was in the video and they are at the stores that we all shop at enough to see that pattern and IF they get someone hostile, aggressive and looking to pick a fight just because they disagree that is what is going on. The LEADER of the OC Liberal party was the role model example of what is going on in that video and he just so happened to be a gay man targeting another gay gentleman who was polite and calm ONLY because he shared a different viewpoint! The man asked him politely several time to stop and step back and the man in the party leader got even more hostile and aggressive the video speaks for itself. So what is being done is things like we saw on the video and if you do that enough to people who are not looking to start someone and just help all political party taxpayers from representatives who will not listen it is hard to put up with that. The posters who say that it is a shame there is NO video of the petitioners doing the things they are claiming is because it is NOT being done and they are conducting themselves as the video shows and using the commonsense that we all can figure out on how best to collect signature be polite, honest, try to stay calm if attacked and take video to protect yourself from the leader of the OC Liberal Party to prevent and “he said, she said” situation. The other reason why you are NOT seeing videos of the signature collectors doing the things some posters claim they are doing is because the person taking the video would have to show what the person talking to the petitioner was doing also and if they acted like the OC Liberal Party Leader did then it would show that. He was an “embarrassment” to the party, to all the Liberals who HAVE signed the petition because they are against it and the way it was done. He was an “embarrassment” to the gay community attempting to blackmail another gay gentleman that did not share his view, and it was to silence him by shame, guilt and manipulation. That is what the video showed. So what it showed us is that what we have heard, read and witness going to the stores (look at the background of families walking into out they can see and hear) this sort of harassment to silence the voices, the fact that Gov. Brown is trying to push through a bill to delay or stop any recall so that our representative can continue to vote to raise our taxes and NOT do their homework first to be in touch with ALL political parties who are against the gas tax including Liberals who are upset also! Voters all over the state LOSE if tactics like this are happen to start fights OR resort to “anything” to stop anyone who has a different position. If in doubt it was removed for us and countless other and the man was cocky, emboldened so he felt he could get away with it and we would all have to be fools to think this was the first time, or others were being coached to follow suit. This is happening and notice the elected officials remain silent when they view this, and read all the things we as taxpayers are reading. They also remain silent when it is pointed out in polls as well that it is ALL political parties who have taxpayers in then that includes LIBERALS up and down the state that are AGAINST the GAS TAX and other bills, so why are you so silent about that Mr. Newman our elected official?

            1. It might be possible that the “jerks” family member in New York was too ill to go get a phony recommendation letter from a so called Dr. so the family looked elsewhere. Many here may have done the same if asked. But there’s no excuse for the arrogance displayed by the “jerk” to a signature gatherer. The”jerk” should be tarred and feathered by his friends (if he still has any) or family members.

              1. I’m left to wonder when Rusty “I don’t trust me” Kennedy is going to show up in response to an obvious hate crime, literally in his own back yard!

                Oh that’s right, Jeff the jerk is a Democratic party official, and we all know that that wouldn’tplay out too well with the Democrats who run his parent’s Democratic manifesto, the Fullerton Observer.

  2. Newman and company are stooping to new lows in this recall. I heard the Dems were abusing their power to alter the recall laws — in the middle of the election! They are corrupt as hell and Newman is right there with them.

  3. This jackass is not helping his cause. He should be thrown out of whatever puny Dem party seat he holds right now, and be replaced by someone who isn’t insane.

  4. Is he a relative of that lady who raped the young boy and have 2 children. ( John G. Schmitz’s daughter)

    1. And whatever happened to baby John G. Schmitz had with his college student. He is not listed on his “children” in Wikipedia.

  5. Verbal and physical assault against those who believe differently than you is the new “tolerance.” Enjoy.

  6. It is bad enough that many LGBTQ citizens face ostracism from their own families because they simply want to be themselves.

    Now, Jeff LeTourneau threatens to kick them out of their own community because they disagree with the idea of raising gasoline taxes and vehicle license fees?

    The Democratic Party of California put itself before the working class people by pushing this additional gas tax and vehicle license fee. This highly regressive tax will cost most families between $200 and $400 a year.

    One of my family members happens to be gay. He works hard, makes what should normally be considered a decent wage and is still struggling to make ends meet. He can’t afford this additional financial hit.

    Does Jeff Letourneau think my relative should be kicked out of the LGBTQ community, too?

    1. No Justification Ever For Bullying, Verbal Abuse or Threats Because of Different Viewpoints says:

      Thank you NEW SOUTH WALES my heart goes out to you and your gay family member because we have a gay family member also who was offended by what they saw and heard on that video especially someone in that position, He was willing to damage one’s reputation for having different views on the gas tax. Most taxpayers try hard to stay informed with busy lives and schedules in most cases, had NO idea all the things going on in Sacramento and that by one seat that the house majority went mostly blue now as we ALL have learned, and that Gov. Brown gave “incentives” or what others call “perks” to get some red and blue seats to vote yes. For most taxpayers who had NO idea this was going on until AFTER the fact when some of these representative almost bragged about it on television it was a slap in the face and a reality check and that is a fact. Our elected officials would sell those wno voted for them out to receive perks for their area in some cases, and yet who will be paying for them, and why not a fair chance to at have a chance before they voted on that gas tax to say NO we do not want it and why, and ask where is all our money been going and why not towards roads? Voters feel betrayed in this area by our representative and ALL political parties who are in his district. So once people found out what was done that is what REALLY prompted this recall it is about taxing the heck our of us. If you read my other post earlier today you will learn what we read in the news that Jeff is a gay man himself and to bully someone else in your very own community that has a different view point or different political background really upset us since this is NOT isolated to just gay people but to ANYONE who makes a stand against the gas tax if they can afford it or NOT as your gay family member and all family members realize! Voters are fed up that our hard earned money is used as a personal PIGGY BANK by Gov. Brown and politicians like him, and want accountability to why is our tax money going elsewhere and road and infrastructure safety not been a priority? All political party taxpayers can see for themselves or try to find out where the money has gone or has not gone and the conditions of our roads and infrastructure statewide and countrywide speaks volumes. So as either Liberals, Conservatives or Independent voters suppose to turn a blind eye indefinitely and roll over and say sure here is some money and keep taxing us dry, OR speak up and take action and possibly find ourselves bullied &verbal abused like this gay gentlemen. It was an innocent gay man who believed in something strongly which is his right who was targeted this time, but the message is clear ANYONE who opposes this GAS TAX bill publicly by becoming sitting or standing targets for bullies like this, and do it on behalf of ALL of us in this district to give us a voice should be commended. Even on behalf of ALL California voters regardless of their party who also oppose this bill should thank these people on how they conducted themselves under pressure and not know what this very mean and hostile man would do to that gay man he was so over the top angry it is scary! To get that worked up is disturbing in itself! That video you could see showed this OC Liberal leader attacking this man’s character and he realized that people all over that parking lot including kids could hear his nasty word, his very hostile and aggressive and bullying demeanor from the very start, The taxpayers finally got to see including us and very shocked how bold and mean spirited he was. Disagree if you will, but to most it would be frightening the temper level, yet they handled it the best they could trying to deescalate this man while he was trying hard to escalate and create a disturbance to get them to leave and all could see. It now shows us ALL what we have heard that parties against this gas tax have been bullied,, and never once encounter anyone who acted pushy or aggressive on the contrary, we had to approach them and so have others in some instances and we are not alone. Our kids will be handed this gas tax and when families are struggling to put kids through college to make a better life for themselves, and smaller business owners with young families have to move out of state because if the property values don’t nail them then these crazy taxes will! So to add to your last sentence on your blog NEW SOUTH WALES that asked a very important and honest question you said: “Does Jeff think my relative should be kicked out of the LGBTQ community, too?” I would like to ask that for our own beloved gay family member who suffers just like your family members does, and also add this comment from our family and countless other families who have loved gay family members who represent NOT only the Liberal party, Conservative party, Independent party and other political parties: “Does Jeff Letourneau think ALL people who CHOOSE to think differently about the gas tax should they all be kicked out not only from the LGBTQ community, from their own Liberal party or any other party that disagrees with your behavior and viewpoints? How about people of all races, religions, sex’s and that think that their elected official waste a good deal of their hard earned money and have roads and in such disrepair in many circumstances that it is a disgrace and something that has NO valid answer for! We pay large sums of taxes already and if you can not be responsible enough to know that road safety for our kids and other people sake should come first, and repaired these roads when and infrastructure when it was obvious they started need it you have NO business being in office and the taxpayer in the end really does NOT care about political aspirations or party affiliation in the end they just want their families to be comfortable and NOT forced to flee California because it is homeowner unfriendly high prices and OVER taxed, not business friendly and not young adult friendly who will be graduating from college eventually and not be able to afford the high taxes their parents and some cases grand parents are paying. Our kids Mr. Jeff Letourneua and the LBGTQ that you are a member of and all the rest of the political parties who oppose this gas tax and how you treated that respectable and gentle gay young man, DESERVE BETTER then this and deserve better then your mean spirited, hurtful and degrading behavior. We all got a glimpse into the working of NOT Rise and Resist, BUT Resent and Revenge on anyone who is against the gas tax or does not go along just to get along. We all respect ourselves to much to be mindless puppets and you should be ashamed of yourself for setting a poor example for the kids in college that are blocking voices of ALL other parties that are NOT liberal and people who are from ALL diverse backgrounds. True love treats ALL people regardless of party with respect and it is tempers fits like yours working yourself up to that degree as all could see is why people almost got killed a few days ago while playing baseball! What if that had happened the night that both parties played and he just started shooting at everyone! Think about that next time you bully, harass, act hostile and threaten to ostracize a gay gentlemen for choosing to want to help ALL taxpayers and political parties who are against what Gov. Brown did, what Senator Newman did and other elected representatives which can afford this increases and could care less!

  7. Why not post some video of the lying signature gatherers asking people to sign the repeal the gas tax petition ?

    1. Polls Show STATEWIDE All Political Parties Against GAS TAX why No Word From Our Elected Reps Interesting, says:

      I would like to respond to “Anonymous” with a “question” for you concerning your post on June 17 @ 10:43 PM in regards to your saying: “Why not post some video of the lying signature gathers asking people to sign the repeal the gas tax petition”? Assuming the best, and that you are an open minded and independent thinker I ask you this: Could it be a “possibility” that the reason nothing has been posted is because it never happened or someone would have by now, or you would do it? Furthermore could it be a possiblity IF it ever did happen early on could it be that it was NOT intentional and since NONE of us is perfect and I speak for myself, that it was corrected before it could happen again? Based on recent polls and finding out that the majority percent of taxpayers of ALL political parties in California OPPOSE the GAS TAX bill and this NOT just this district but STATEWIDE. There would be NO need for any political party to be so worried that they are trying to shove a bill through to curtail the VOICES of ALL political parties and stop any recall or try to repeal the gas tax bill. If this gas tax bill would have welcomed statewide then it would have been shoved through so quickly and our elected officials would have had town hall meeting knowing this district is diverse enough and at least get input and then vote the WILL of the majority of taxpaying voters> Especially if your newly elected REGARDLESS if you barely win or win by a landslide, if you are Liberal, Conservative or Independent OUR elected representatives in this district and statewide OWE a duty to ALL hardworking taxpayers in your especially those who voted for you to VOTE the taxpayers will NOT what is popular with Gov. Brown since he certainly has continued to let our roads and infrastructure deteriorate and all one has to watch the news or read in the papers where it is all going! Every dollar is a big deal to MOST families in Senator Newman’s district especially if you have growing families and instead of Gov. Brown flying to China in a “gas guzzling” 747 that is NOT “environmentally” friendly we could have fix some of the potholes in Senate Newman’s district that we see and try to avoid. hurting this is such a BIG deal is that if you have done your homework on the history of spending you will see that if you have children or work that what bigger priority is the safety of our roads and infrastructure? Being OPEN minded regardless what political party one is associated is a virtue and if you approve or disapprove of the gas tax do you think that voters of ALL political parties should have had a chance to express their viewpoints. Maybe you could post the recent polls in California that shows that ALL political parties Liberals, Conservatives and Independents are opposed to this gas tax. People want a VOICE and not just have things shoved down their throats. They want FINANCIAL accountability regardless of political party

      1. Well said! Mr. Newman would never have been elected in the first place had it not been for the money the California State Democratic Party put into his race, period. What did Newman prove to me? He’s loyal to his party, not to his constituents. I have decided I’m going to sign the petition and so are most of my neighbors if they already haven’t.

        If I knew, or was related in any way shape or form with this hacksaw jackass Jeff LeTourneau, I would be embarrassed to say so.

        1. Taxpayers are working longer for LESS, working harder for LESS and being taxed MORE! Thank you Senator Newmand and Gov. Brown says:

          Amen NPP your post is how most everyone feels, and rightfully so. Taxpayers from all over California are being taxed out of their homes and state, but let’s just turn a blind eye right? Countless families that no one remembers or mentions who were born and raised here literally are FLEEING California either because it is becoming like a dictatorship where taxpayers voices are being silenced, we are footing the bill for things others then roads and infrastructure and if you have a kids either in college or entering and you want they to make their own choice on what political party they want to join good luck. It is so bad out there that most teachers are liberal and if your child decides he want to be that is their right, but if they don’t then they are scared to death that they will be bullied like that one man in the video OR what does happen and NO one wants to mention their grades suffer if they let on they are not ONE particular party. We know that because some adults have recently gone back to take more college courses and our shocked on how bad it is. That is what NO one wants to talk about. I totally agree NPP that constituents should ALWAYS come first BEFORE political party because they are SUPPOSE to represent ALL our COLLECTIVE voices NOT forget about us when voting. This is for ALL our kids future if they want to live in California, and we need leaders who can NOT be bought and are NOT YES people. Can you imagine what would have happened being new if he had voted NO? They would let him be recalled for the other bills he is supporting to prevent us from replacing him with anyone of any party at this point that would be willing to VOTE to protect ALL families struggling to stay above water and struggling to stay in a state they love that is unrecognizable anymore. Thank you for your post NPP loyalty first to family, friends and “constituents” of ALL political parties, who are working harder for LESS, working longer for LESS and being taxed MORE! Compliments of Gov. Brown, Senator Newman and others district and statewide. Taxpayers are having buyer’s remorse since they did NOT see this coming. If they only knew BEFORE voting on Nov 8, 2016 where the REAL loyalty was and it certainly NOT all of us!

          1. What’s happening here in California with this 2/3 majority, of any political party – is a kind of gangsterism. This is something that we all need to know and understand its ramifications before it’s too late.

            This recall is a part to a corrective measure that must happen. Carl DeMaio is a hero standing up for our freedom.

            My advise to all those seeking personal freedom jump on board before it’s too late.

  8. Newman gets Brownie Points from Gov Brown for signing YES on the gas Tax. His reward: a quick slipped through bill to derail, delay the recall protecting his crony. says:

    A must see. Just watched a second more detailed video of the same one posted here but this one includes a innocent nice lady shopper who is being intimidated unfortunately by this same very hurtful, uncaring liberal leader, You realize when you see the rest of the video that it is NOT just signature collectors that witnessed his wrath but that NO one on the video could calm him down and some of his behavior extended to a polite lady shopper, She happened to be in the background watching all this from a distance and had several family members with her. She respectfully walked up to the signature collectors and said she wanted to sign and was NOT aggressive, pushy or anything but a nice lady who you could see felt sorry for these two men since they were watching from a short distance this out of control tirade and abuse directed towards the men. This lady politely ask this Liberal leader to please move some since he was in her personal space and boundaries and he snaps very aggressive in loud paraphrasing: “NO, I am not going to move, I do not have to” and then if you watch the longer version of this video, you could see other men with him holding do not recall signs and it appears at one point they were cranking their necks to try to look at her signature, a very uncomfortable to be there for sure. Then two more family members went over to sign and so on, so you could see in the background the people that were trying to stop them were not to happy, If any party will use profanity on anyone and even try to intimidate a nice lady who wanted to sign the petition by snapping rudely at her and trying to make it hard for her to sign or make her feel uncomfortable then that goes along with what we are seeing at Davis and other universities. This shows how fights can start and if someone like this man as a liberal leader comes over to the table and is looking to fight, if these men had not conducted themselves in such a calm and polite manner telling him “where is all the hate coming from” or something like that “or why are you so angry” because it was like a 10 plus and you could see everyone watching could sense this also. That is what countless taxpayers took away is that not always but more times then not at campuses that are mostly liberal students and teachers like Davis where ALL political viewpoints could be express if you are NOT a liberal and belong to any other party (as we all have watched, and especially a conservative) that is not always safe and the kids are scared to speak up or do anything. So many times like what we can all see in the video, had someone NOT wisely took that video and if that man decided to get physically even though these men did NOT provoke then it is obvious that it would be made up that they provoked back and then everyone would get kicked out. Being perfectly honest that is not only undemocratic but it is dangerous and totally inappropriate behavior no matter how much someone may not like what is being done. For the safety of any signature collector so they do not get “set up” like could have happened they need to start to taping immediately from start to finish if ANYONE starts to bully or do any of the things we saw on this video and the longer version I saw that was more appalling then the shorter version. Then you can protect yourself from anyone trying to say you started something. The NO win situation you could have been in is that someone comes up starts to bully and refuses to stop it like you both tried to and we all saw that. Then what happens is someone tries to say you were doing it or you started it and there you have it. Taxpayers are also hearing that there is some tip line that someone calls and them someone comes out and does things like this man did. Would hate to ever see anyone hurt and pray it has not happened. We know what you are doing is meant to help all families struggling right now and including yours, and more people appreciate you and respect you even more for your bravery to stand tall, strong and still nice and polite to that Liberal leader who was so mean and hateful towards you especially under the circumstance. We can see even more then before (and people do notice) what you have to go through daily never knowing if someone might escalate and hurt you. Most people would not do this for free to have to deal with sort of bullying and degrading and demeaning behavior, and I still have that one young boys face in my mind when he looks at that Liberal leader named Jeff and you can tell her heard the vile and disgusting comments flowing freely from his mouth. He had no concern what so ever if little kids could hear that, and he says “your a disgrace to the gay community” knowing he is acting towards you? No one agreed with that after watching the video and if you want to see the longer version that goes beyond the cut off point of this one you can go to HJTA (Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association the authors and defenders of Prop. 13 that keeps are property taxes low and they are fighting to make sure Gov. Brown does not try to overturn that also. Go to their webpage and sign up for weekly newsletter as a taxpayer it is invaluable and HJTA have joined up with Carlos, John and Ken of KFI radio to all help the struggling taxpayers and all oppose the gas tax bill and support the recall for the reasons mentioned prior. You can get good updates from all of their website but google in HJTA and you can search for the article on about the verbal abuse of the signature gathers for the recall and play the long version and it says it all.

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