The New Guy

The highly-desired position of Fullerton City Manager has been awarded to one “Kenneth Domer,” currently assistant city manager down in Huntington Beach. Domer has also served in management roles in Placentia and Villa Park.


Mr. Domer’s total compensation will be on par with that of the former disgraced city manager, Joe Felz.

Managing the peaceful and serene hamlet of Fullerton is not for the weak-minded, as previous occupants of this lofty position ended up seeking answers in the bottom of a bottle. If former Council member Pat “I hired them all” McKinley labeled Joe Felz the “Albert Pujols of City Managers,” how can this new Flounder hope to succeed? Hopefully this flat fish of a City Manager will take full advantage of the soothing presence of Nicole “can do” Bernard.

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  1. The Animal House of Fullerton is ready to welcome this new City Manager, dubbed as “the Flounder” as this flat fish migrated up stream from Huntington Beach. Laguna Lake is a good habitat for the Flounder to seek refuge from the daily grind of managing the fair City. Alas, the pot holes in the streets can likely support enough water for a Flounder. Should his wise move to this town “far, far away that time has forgot” not work out, Fullerton can always use a bait and tackle shop or a seafood restaurant (nightly music and dancing of course). Viva The Flounder!

    1. Was he still there when that guy ripped off Placentia for several million bucks? Just curious.

  2. I wonder how many applicants turned the city down before they made the offer to Domer. It sure took a while.

    1. Yes, I’m sure this guy was the last man standing. I wonder if the offer was unanimous.

    1. Ken, Kent. Close enough. He was Buttslap’s flunky at Placentia. Failing to the top. Only in government.

  3. Wow.
    Can’t believe the pay scale !
    We pay 258,000.00 to our city manager ?
    I see an opportunity for “cost reduction “

  4. We will miss you Kenny. My only advice (which you’ve hopefully been given) is keep a safe distance from the slimy councilwoman Fitzgerald. Don’t wind up in handcuffs like her someday. I’ll try to convey details face to face before you make the transition, but I’m on vacation now and may not have the chance.

    Your friend,

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