Rusty Needs You!

In the past FFFF has been critical of Rusty Kennedy and his ridiculous “OC Human Relations” operations that for decades has sucked off of taxpayer revenue to fund it’s feel-good enterprises. Back in 2011 we noted Kennedy’s moral absenteeism here and here when the Fullerton cops killed a helpless homeless man. See, Rusty has always needed the cops to pop up at County budget time and extol his dubious virtues. He and his Old Guard liberal pals were more than happy to paint the Kelly Thomas killing as an issue in which the poor cops just lacked proper training dealing with those troublesome homeless people.

In 2012 Kennedy showed his true colors by canvasing Anaheim’s Ana Drive barrio in the aftermath of the widespread unrest and duplicitously turning over information he collected to the Chief of Police; not long afterwards he was lobbying the City of Anaheim to run a proposed police oversight committee.

In 2011 the County decided to end its “in-house” effort and contract the function of supporting the completely unnecessary Human relations Commission. So what happened? Rusty retired to a six-fugure pension and then got paid allover again as a contractor. That’s how our government works.

Anyway, it appears that now Kennedy’s OC Human Relations is actually going to have to submit a bid to continue its heretofore monopoly on official County good deed doing, and Rusty is soliciting your help.

From: Rusty Kennedy <>
Date: January 13, 2017 at 10:46:32 AM PST
To: Rusty Kennedy <>
Subject: Urgent Request for BRIEF Letter of Support

Dear Friends

OC Human Relations was created 25 years ago to support programs of the Orange County Human Relations Commission.  As a non-profit organization OC Human Relations has grown into a highly professional organization providing model programs in Police Community Relations, Community Building, Dispute Resolution, Reconciliation, and Diverse Community relations.

Almost 6 years ago the Board of Supervisors eliminated the public staff of the Commission and contracted with our non-profit, OC Human Relations, to provide staff support for the Commission.  We are not applying through the County BidSync system to continue this contract.

We have to submit letters of support with our bid before the end of the month, so time is of the essence.

A simple letter such as below is all that is needed.

Possible Model for Letters of Support for OC Human Relations, feel free to add or modify in any manner you wish, on your letterhead, and e-mail a copy to me:

Thank you in advance.

Rusty Kennedy, CEO

OC Human Relations


To Whom It May Concern:

I write on behalf of ­(your organization) to express my support for the good work of OC Human Relations.

We have worked with OC Human Relations for ( # years) on (type of cases, projects we collaborate on).

OC Human Relations is a highly professional organization that we look to for helping on (type of case or project) and plan to continue to do so.


(your name and title)

(your organization’s name)

Rusty Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer

OC Human Relations | 1300 S. Grand, Bldg B, Santa Ana, CA 92705 | 714.480.6585 | Join Our Email List

Having fun at Rusty Kennedy’s expense may be entertaining, but really there is a bigger question: why do the taxpayers have to pay for a function that routinely grandstands over a mere handful of “hate crimes” and that includes in its repertoire mediation between cops and abused citizens – especially when that “service” means turning a blind eye to police brutality, excessive force, and even homicide.

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  1. I hate to be a spoiler but the cops are better than before here on the streets of Fullerton … and I am NOT a supporter of any cause related to the Kelly Thomas incident … only people who will disagree with me are paid employees of good ‘ol Ron Thomas …

    1. If that’s true, it’s no thanks to Rusty. He actively undermines real reform efforts to keep his personal gig going. It’s despicable.

      1. Acting as a mole for the cops when you’re supposed to be some sort of champion for the unterklasse? Yeah, that’s a real upstanding guy there.

  2. In 2009, Fullerton Police Officer Rincon sexually assaulted female detainees in his squad car. This was the same year Fullerton Police Chief Pat McKinley served on Rusty Kennedy’s Orange County Human Relations Commission and the same year Rusty Kennedy awarded Fullerton Police Department its “exemplary community-police relations” recognition along with a one thousand dollar check to Fullerton Police Chief McKinley. Based on prior fact, I would not be surprised to learn the FBI, while investigating the Fullerton PD’s “culture of corruption” spurred by Fullerton PD beating to death Kelly Thomas, asked warm-fuzzy Rusty Kennedy some hard questions. If this blog wants insight into Rusty “boytie” Kennedy’s mind, it should peruse Rusty’s sister’s very local newspaper Fullerton Observer( the last 12 months) for Rusty’s open letter. In this letter, Rusty demands the public respect him and other OC public servants. And if we, the tax payers who support these same public servants, don’t respect him and his fellow public servants, then we, meaning us taxpayers, better “watch out”. I guess if we don’t give Rusty “boytie” Kennedy money, he and his gang of sanitation engineers will beat the money out of us. Ifmthe Orange County Board of Supervisors wants to outsource their morals to Rusty, then they can pay for him and his warm fuzzy commission using their own money.

      1. He started to lose me at Breton Woods and sacks of rice. He lost me for good on vaccines.

        He does sound very confident about what he’s saying. I’ll give you that.

      2. Find Rusty’s actual letter in the Fullerton Observer, it’s not tangential like the man on YouTube . Instead, Rusty demands we, the taxpayers, better respect him or else.

      3. Read Rusty’s letter printed in the Fullerton Observer , I can’t remember which month, may have to peruse a few months editions, anyway Rusty demands taxpayers better respect him or else

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