Ready to Recall New Senator Newman?

Carl DeMaio out of San Diego has been pitching the idea of a recall for our new CA State Senator Josh Newman. Why Newman? Because Newman voted to increase our gas taxes for the dubious claim of fixing our roads. He barely won his seat and without him the State wouldn’t have a (D) Super-Majority with which to tax us into oblivion.

While it’s true that Mah Roads need fixing it is not true that the government needs to steal more money in order to accomplish this task. Sadly Newman, like nearly every (D) in Sacramento (I’m looking at your Quirk-Silva) thinks theft is the only way to combat incompetence and prior graft. The cycle will continue unabated until we get mad as hell and don’t take it anymore.

Will the recall succeed? Considering Newman barely won by a razor thin margin this last November it’s definitely possible that he could get the boot. While Newman’s district covers quite a bit of real estate it’s not as if this would be Fullerton’s first recall rodeo.

SD29. Hooked on spending.

For those that support the recall I’d recommend checking our DeMaio’s page HERE. While I’m inclined to give the boot to anybody who saddles the working class with such ridiculous taxes – I remember who our last recall gifted us in this fair town and substituting Newman for a Fitzgerald type would be no win for taxpayers. I’m also of the opinion that if we’re going to boot Newman for being a party stooge reaching for our wallets we should probably aim for a twofer and do the same to his colleague in the Assembly at the same time.

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    1. Do people see that senator Newman signed the gas tax with a constitutional amendment to use funds ONLY for the roads? No, they only see the tax. Look closer at the man before signing the re-call. The guy is willing to make hard decisions rather than chase what’s popular…that shows character the kind we need in office.

      1. Money is fungible. All of a sudden we need more money for roads, but what happened to the old allocations? Conveniently swept away to cover Brown’s massive pension deficit. Newman and his stupid tax is just part of the pension financing shell game. Adios, Newman.

    1. Ooh good idea. Let’s let Newman get away with screwing over every person who voted for him. Hell, we can let him do it next year too! Bend over, jackasses.

        1. Ling Ling would have won. Sukhee still had the carpetbagger issue to deal with and (at that time) $250,000,000 spent on the Great Park that, after all this time, is still not a park. Newman didn’t have any baggage making it difficult for opponents so they had to kinda make stuff up. Also, Sukhee cannot claim to be a fiscal conservative due to his record with the Great Park. Can’t understand why the party endorsed him. Also, people know what a Josh is but they dont know what a Ling Ling is. They think a Ling Ling is a panda. So, basically a old white male (and female) will cross party lines to vote against a panda. Sorry folks, voters a stupid like that. So, between a Sukhee and Ling Ling? No difference so Ling Ling would have won easily.

    2. It is premature to recall a senator that (on paper) is overall very moderate, a veteran (former US Army Captain), Yale Graduate, a family man with a new born and a businessman that championed getting veterans jobs. Not a career politician he’s an easy target. I’m for recalling the recall…give the guy at least a full term if he doesn’t perform then vote him out…

      1. Why is having a “new born” relevant to anything? Being a Yale graduate suggests limousine liberal to me.

  1. our roads need fixing,our roads need fixing,our roads need fixing…can you understand that? Our industry needs roads,our cars need good roads and many out there need to think a little moreand not say no to everything that needs a tax increase. The gas taxes in place do not generate enough monies to fix the roads as each car uses less gas with increased efficiency, as more electric cars use less gas,or none at all.
    OUR ROADS NEED TO BE REPAIRED OUR BRIDGES ARE DANGEROOUS….OUR ROADS NEED FIXING,OUR BRIDGES NEED FIXING and our citizens need to understand the basics…our roads need fixing and Donald Trump will not realy help, but he will let big construction firms make a lot of money as they build new toll roads.

    1. Yes, our roads have needed fixing for a long time but the Democrats did not need a super majority to allocate money for roads. They chose to steal the road tax money from Gov Arnold to present just to shore up all their overspending. Oh, not a penny of this tax will go to roads either. Cities around the county are already diverting the money they allocate for repairs so this new tax will just fill that hole. Kinda like how the lottery has not saved the schools as promised. Same as what happened with Measure M and M2 our county half cent sales tax. Weren’t those measures supposed to be used for roads? Anaheim used it for that stupid Artic. Prime example of diverting money that could have been used for road repair.

    2. This new gas tax will pay for the Not Really High Speed Rail and a bunch of shovel ready crap that was already planned.

      They don’t fix the roads on purpose so they can always tax you more. Our roads needed fixing long before the hybrids and electrics came around to skew fuel efficiency ratings and yet all that tax money never went where it needed to go. Remember Prop 42 in 2002. Yeah, that money we voters demanded via Constitutional Amendment be used for Mah Roads was… oh yeah diverted.

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