Coverup Deepens As Fitzgerald Tampers With Phone Records

When Councilwoman Jennifer Fitzgerald finally got around to not misunderstanding the public records request for her phone communications on November 9th, 2016, FFFF received a document that purported to be responsive to our request. Here it is:

Have you ever seen a phone bill that wasn’t sorted chronologically? That’s because the document we received is not a phone bill. It’s data that was dumped into an Excel spreadsheet and deliberately sorted to confuse the chronological record and quite possibly to obscure the sequence and time-frame of redacted calls. This is not the public record that was requested and is not responsive to the request that was made by FFFF. In fact, this clumsy effort at obfuscation gives every indication of being an attempt to hide Ms. Fitzgerald’s communications in the early hours of November 9th.

And just for fun we have helped out with the names associated with the numbers:

Names added by FFFF Telephonic Investigation Team.

As usual, when someone looks like they’re trying to hide something folks get a little suspicious that there is something worth hiding. And when it comes to our lobbist-councilwoman, we’re naturally suspicious to start with. So rest assured, Friends, we’ll be demanding that we get the original record, and not some self-serving, massaged data.

23 Replies to “Coverup Deepens As Fitzgerald Tampers With Phone Records”

  1. Look at all of the back and forth between Fitzgerald, Hughes and Felz the morning after. They were scrambling to finish off the cover-up of Felz’ DUI. Disturbing.

    1. And Whitaker wasn’t told at all, obviously, until they had a little plan. A plan that blew up when FFFF published the Hughes memo.

  2. Thanks for the comment about not being in chronological order. Of course, the redactions didn’t indicate AM or PM. What do DT and NW signify? Matters From the Audience/Public Comments should be interesting on May 2, 2017!

    1. The times are in 24 hour format. DT means daytime billing rate and NW means “nights and weekends.”

  3. She has clearly underestimated the brain power and technology expertise behind FFFF! This just shows how lacking in good character she is.

  4. I called that first number and someone told me that Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is closed until further notice.

  5. So Hughes talks to Fitzgerald for 8 minutes at 2:30 am about something that could have waited until morning. And then they have ANOTHER chat for seven minutes 15 minutes later? And several calls the next day? Yeah, I’d say somebody was cooking up a story.

    1. Hughes’s memo said he called to notify the mayor as part of protocol, and that he would “re-contact her when the investigation was complete.” Maybe that happened 15 minutes later.

      By the way, which protocol is that? Apparently there was a protocol to notify all of the councilmembers except Whitaker, since that’s what happened the next day.

  6. That’s a lot of phone calls in one day. Suspicious indeed. Fitzgerald must have been anxious. She had to make sure that Hughes had sufficiently botched the investigation for her pal, Felz.

  7. Shouldn’t there be a third party looking at the complete phone bill? They can black out her personal phone calls. How will anyone know if the numbers she blacked out really are personal?

    1. Exactly. Somehow I have a hard time believing that Ms Fitz is to be trusted to be fully up front on something like this.

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