Re-elected And Alone

Yesterday, one of our Friends shared a rather entertaining video clip of our lobbyist-councilwoman Jennifer “SparkFitz” Fitzgerald unburdening herself of thoughts at Grace Winter Fest. Her interlocutor is Sam Han, her former Planning Commission appointee, and the guy who stood up and said his church, Grace Ministry International, supported the bar owner’s council districting map.

Yea, verily, the Lord sure moves in mysterious ways, doesn’t he, Sam.

Here’s a snippet:

Poor Jen, has lost her pals in City Hall – her bureaucratic enabler, Wild Ride Joe Felz, and her political enabler, the obnoxious Jan Flory – both of whom “had her back;” or to be more accurate, both let her get away with her cultivation of out-of-town developers and her protection of the moral and economic sinkhole that Downtown Fullerton has become. Well, God is good, says the lobbyist, and her recent depression over the rather cavalier way The Almighty has diverted her control of City Hall must be for some greater purpose. Her depression has turned to excitement. Hallelujah! Almost a miracle!

Did you enjoy the end where the unctuous Han asks the audience (most of whom probably didn’t have a clue what SparkFitz was talking about) to “get excited with her?”

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  1. Vomit. What, exactly is God’s plan for Fullerton @SparkyFitz? Is it different from Fullerton’s general plan? Care to elaborate Ms. Fitzgerald? Maybe the downtown bar map 8A supporting Sam Han would care to jump in here? He does have God on speed dial, amirite?

    1. “He does have God on speed dial, amirite” . Prince Albert in a Can, you spelled that wrong on purpose. That is pure anti-Semitic hatred. I’m not coming back to this blog until Armageddon.

      1. Cain- yes I did, on purpose- for a little comedy/humor, which is sorely needed around these parts. I’m actually qwite a gud spellr in reel lyfe.

        Also, I dreamed last night Sebourn, ‘Bud’ Chaffee and ‘The Jesus’ Silva all grew a pair, joined Whitaker and started voting across-the-board opposite @SparkyFitz and all important matters were now voted 4-1. Then the construction crews started this morning and I woke from this most pleasant dream…

        But it could happen and it would be glorious, because what’s Fitz gonna do when she knows she’ll never carry a motion and effectively has all power stripped right from under her…? Bueller? Anyone…? Bueller? What would Curt Pringle & Ass do then?

  2. “Who is going to watch my back”, when dishonest deeds are done under the table you have to always be watching public opinion and it’s normal to start feeling paranoia especialy when your crony friends drop away and there is no longer anyone to cover for you. That’s how it is also on the streets.How you bring God into this and make our fine elected officials now the bad guys is beyond my understanding.

  3. “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.”

    1. Jesus is our guy. We endorsed him. He will vote for meaningless shit to make you haters happy but when it comes to us and our bros, he kicks down. yull see

      1. The only thing you want is bigger paychecks. I’m sure Jesus would be happy to vote for that. Too bad there’s no more money.

  4. Personal comfort and finding allies at City Hall is more important to her than serving constituents and making good decisions. If that doesn’t disturb you on some level, I don’t know what will.

    Equally troubling is the way she mischaracterizes Joe Felz’ wild ride home — purposely leaving out crucial details — as if to elicit sympathy for him. Whether or not he gets charged is irrelevant, he didn’t just have a “car accident”, he very likely is guilty of one or more misdemeanors.

  5. Last night’s city council meeting shed light on how toxic an element Fitzgerald is. The Director of Finance confirmed what we have known for long time. The trend form prior years is unsustainable even for the city just to keep reserves above the minimum 10% required. I remember citizens bringing this up at prior meetings and they were made fun of by Fitzgerald and former member Flory. Yesterday Fitzgerald’s response was to have the city sell real estate assets asap. Two wise cautionary thoughts on this: 1-selling property under quick desperation mode could translate into bad sales’ realization 2-These are one time asset sales.

  6. We are starting to see the new city manager true colors. Finance Director made clear that on the expenses or cost side the only department that could absorb cuts is safety. Over 70% of the general fund is allocated to said department. When a very smart and concerned citizen spoke up and suggested to look at things such as FPD overtime expenses the city manager replied with an off-color remark: “this is not a competition between safety and non-safety”. It seems the new city manager is going to keep treating FPD as the “sacred department’, the department closed to the scrutiny and remedies from the outside and from the citizens who are seeking FPD’s economic efficiency.
    I thought Chaffey’s suggestion to pursue revenue from the solar energy (panels on city property roofs) was good

  7. “this is not a competition between safety and non-safety”.

    He’s right. This is a competition between solvency and insolvency. That over-pensioned dolt will be gone in 4 months and couldn’t care less about doing a decent job. Look a how much we pay the police department. Look at how much we pay people like Haluza to do the bidding of Fitzgerald. Look at the state of the infrastructure.

    Joe Felz ran this place into the ground and spent a fortune doing it.

      1. God won’t mind because @SparkyFitz has a front row seat with Sam Han and God for the next 4-years to implement His plan for the city thanks to $200K+ in campaign contributions.

        Recall Jennifer Fitzgerald now…

        1. This is Fitzgerald’s plan. Short-term liquidation of assets. This provides a window dressing, an ephemeral patching the financial downward trend up. Then, a long-term (but effective immediately) steady overdevelopment bombardment on Fullerton neighborhoods. Since new possibilities for future constant revenue flows are being quashed by her, the case against overdevelopment has to bow down to an economic reality which she, in to create. Gloomy like a stormy black sky for all Fullertonions; bright like a sunshine for her lobbyist buddies.

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