Jesus May Have a Plan for SparkyFitz. And the Rest of Us, Too

You know, it’s easy to be skeptical of organized religion, particularly when it insinuates itself into the secular realms of science or public governance.

God told me he loves speed metal and a good bar fight…

We saw that when a fellow named Sam Han popped up at a public hearing to proclaim his church’s bizarre allegiance to the downtown booze-and-fight-fest districting map. His church is the Grace Ministry. Mr. Han is a also former Fullerton Planning Commissioner, appointed by none other than our lobbyist-councilwoman Jennifer Fitzgerald.

Which leads us to a nice tie-in.

Recently the church held something called  Grace Winter Conference. Apparently, Ms. Fitzgerald put in an appearance and shared a revelation.

Hmm. Good things a-comin’

Now, what specifically Fitzgerald is excited about remains a mystery to us uninitiated. Is it some sort of municipal Christolic manifestation, or is there something more secular, as in campaign cash and political advancement?

Lookin’ good, girl!

We’ve seen so many evangelists confuse their own self-promotion with the Big Plan of the Almighty. Politicians, too – especially in what H.L. Menken called the Coca Cola Belt – but not always confined to that swampy environment.

I’ve decided to be suspicious for what Fitzgerald is going to do in the City of Fullerton.

28 Replies to “Jesus May Have a Plan for SparkyFitz. And the Rest of Us, Too”

    1. Yes, Roland Chi was some sort of pastor at Grace Ministries, although his duties seem to have diminished along with the prospects of his political career.

  1. I’m not the least bit suspicious of what SparkyFitz has in store for us. I already know: more massive developments, more pay for cops, less transparency for the public and more self-promotion for herself.

  2. Most of these churchy folks are both naive and skeptical about the machinations of local politics, but they are quick to support any believer willing to invoke God’s name and a vague moral cause. Fitzgerald has mastered this game at EvFree Fullerton and beyond. I don’t think they understand how badly Fitzgerald has betrayed them.

    1. The Koreans especially haven’t figured out the separation of religion and government, seemingly. Of course they need the City to go along with whatever big plans they need pushed through, so there’s that.

      My guess is SparkyFitz is grooming some Korean to replace her in her in 2018 or 2020. Maybe its supposed to be this Han guy who seems endlessly self-propmotional. Of course the Korean Strategy failed badly for Roland Chi and Sukhee Kang.

      1. I hope these plans do not amount to a handout of the Hunt Branch facility which if sold should go through a fair bid process

                1. Exactly what I expected. A short-term divine determinism, very in sync with someone who mainly serves big money and powerful interests: “The plans God had for Fullerton a few months back are still the plans he has now” And of course, she thanks God for letting her be part of his plan “…the opportunity if I will humbly ask for it from God to be part of what he is doing” As I said before Fitzgerald is a disgrace to religious and agnostic Fullertonions alike.

                2. Yes. She lost her enabling playmates Flory and Felz who made her life soooooooo much easier.

                  But God is consistent. Still the same plan.

                  It’s very ironic. Maybe God’s plan is not to make her richer or more powerful.

                  “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

  3. Fitzgerald…. The one who makes Popoff’s farting and puking stage possible. Fitzgerald…. The developer’s facilitator, in other words, the overdevelopment promoter for the community without the community. Fitzgerald…Pro-law enforcement, but only when is lacking true outside accountability and reform. Tell me Fitzgerald, how do you dare now to insult religious and agnostic people alike by making your presence known in the the temple of God?

  4. Joe Felz was drunk in the Spirit when he crashed into a tree. God wept when his creation, brought forth from seed and soil, was crushed by the arrogance of man and his Subaru.

    And so God dispatched a patrol car. When Joe saw the light, he begged for forgiveness. Then God spoke to Fitzgerald, and said that Joe’s sins should be forgiven. And so she called upon the police chief, who was retiring and did not give a damn.

  5. Jennifer is a great leader for Fullerton. She has connections everywhere, not just Koreans. She is involved is so many good organizations. What are you involved in beiseds internet stalking? Public safety is A#1 with her and with all of us. Why dint you clucks speak a peep about her before if you haters cant stand her. You had a chance to speak from your soap box. She just got 4 more years and that is good news. Raises for all. Jesus works for us too if you didnt know that.

  6. Personally, I had given up on God saving Fullerton until that December miracle where both Felz and Flory left forever.

      1. Yes the whole dramatic failure of Joe Felz was planned from the beginning by Joe himself. There are no FFFFers in city hall.

      2. That’s why Joe told the Hornet reporter he was looking forward to enacting all his “good ideas.”

        Good Idea number one was removing parkway trees at no cost to the homeowner.

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