Our Jacked Up Roads

More negativity. Just think positive!

Remember when FFFF noted the deplorable conditions of Fullerton’s paving – the worst in Orange County? Well that status has snagged the attention of the Big Boss Man at OCTA, Darrel Johnson, as documented in the very diplomatic communication to our $100 per hour Interim City Manager, below. For those savvy in the foamy soft-soap of bureaucrat-speak, the letter is a ringing condemnation of our City’s infrastructure management.


10 thoughts on “Our Jacked Up Roads

  1. Magic

    Coming in last place has advantages. We’ll get a shot at the lottery pick. Oh, wait. That’s pro basketball.

  2. Just say'n

    Was it just me, or did anyone else think that perhaps Alan Roeder was half drunk most if the time? He sure spoke like an alki.

  3. just a guy

    The plan is to let the roads continue to deteriorate until they have to declare a state of emergency. Then they can raise taxes again. They’ll need Newman at the state level, though.

  4. Linda

    Just one of the reasons I support the “gas tax”. For about the cost of a latte per fill-up, all of our horrible roads in the state will be fixed.

    1. Jack Daniels

      California’s working poor don’t get lattes with thier fill ups, you selfish piece of garbage.

    2. Just Off Euclid

      “…our horrible roads in the state will be fixed.”

      1) Who let them get horrible?
      2) What happened to our other Gas tax revenue?
      3) Who guarantees anything will get fixed?

      A latte? Now we have the consumer demographic of the Newman recall opponent.

  5. Bax Baxter

    I ride a 1972 Vespa 180cc. I’ve ridden Vespa’s all my life, but this one with 8 inch wheels, and a top speed of 70 mph is especially affected by our road conditions. If I were blind folded riding as a passenger I could tell you at several spots right when we left a neighboing city and entered Fullerton. When my front wheel hits a pot hole did not spot, it’s all I can do not to bounce and keep it upright. If anyone has a GoPro I can borrow I’d love to show folks just how bad it is by minting it to the bike and hitting the streets. Also I’ve lost all the logos and some if the trim, thanks to our roads.


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