Behind the Bullshit Goes Bye-Bye

We’re great guys. Or else…

Of all the money that former City Manager Wild Ride Joe Felz wasted during his shaky tenure, nothing was quite as egregious as the annual fifty grand Stumblejoe blew on Behind the Badge, a silly, pointless PR outlet that passed along empty feel-good tales involving Fullerton cops. No one knows if anyone even bothered reading this pabulum. The idea of us taxpayers actually forking over this dough in order to be administered unhealthy doses of saccharine PR back at us was bad enough. The fact that this policy decision was made, maintained and mismanaged by a bureaucrat made it worse.

Fortunately, last Tuesday, the City pulled the plug. City staff teed up the item as a cut – unless three councilmembers voted to save it. They didn’t. Here’s the video.

Of course cop supported candidates Bud Chaffee and Jesus Silva thought the whole idea was just peachy. Predictably, Jennifer Fitzgerald seemed to be going along. Bruce Whitaker and Greg Sebourn opposed wasting any more on this crap. Sebourn correctly pointed out that the cop union, having plenty of money to stick its snout in Fullerton politics, can easily afford to promote the good deeds of its membership.

Whatever changed Jennifer Fitzgerald’s mind to drop support for this ridiculous concept that has cost us $200,000 in the past four years remains a mystery, but she suddenly did a 180. Hopefully FFFF had something to do with the sudden shift to fiscal responsibility.

In the end the self-serving BS rhetoric of Chaffee and the feeble gibberish of Silva amounted to nothing and the council unanimously went along with the proposed package of cuts that included Behind the Badge.

Rest assured, Friends, FFFF will be following up with a Public Records Act request to get a copy of the termination notice.


16 Replies to “Behind the Bullshit Goes Bye-Bye”

  1. Good riddance. But the horse is down the road and so now the barn door gets shut.

    This should never have happened in the first place. In a City with an honorable police culture this would never have happened in the first place. it was all part of Danny “Galahad” Hughes’ empty “the only problem is we need better communications” smoke and mirrors program.

    1. Yep. Crime fighters don’t need a PR operation, but it comes in handy when there are too many criminals in the ranks.

      1. Exactly. If there weren’t a Culture of Corruption there would be no need for Cop Pravda.

  2. $200,000 spent on “feel good” stories went into the crapper when Chief Danny Hughes had Sergeant Corbett “fix” Felz drunk driving arrest. Hard to put a happy spin on that one.

    1. Thats what happens when your heart isnt in your words after Jesus took financial support from the devils over at the Fullerton police officers association

        1. Theres that too of course ; – )

          I know that he’s been a junior high school teacher for quite awhile at the same school that all those boys were molested which makes me wonder how or why he never had a clue that this conduct was ongoing for years.

          You don’t think his financial and political support from the Teachers unions had anything to do with it?

    1. Our only real expense was hiring the boys in the white van. Now it’s nothing!

      But we’re not really fiends are we? Well, I guess to SparkyFitz and the FPD we are.

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