Joe Kerr Lives Where?

Always look for the union label…

We have recently been introduced to Mr. Joe Kerr, former fireman union honcho who claims to be running for 4th District Supervisor.  That’s a problem.

Joe and China Kerr have lived at 29 Palma Valley since 1999. The address is in Coto de Caza, a very wealthy enclave in South County – being a “public safety” union boss must pay real well. Unfortunately, Coto de Caza is in the 5th Supervisorial District.  Mr. Kerr chooses not to run against the incumbent 5th District Supervisor, Lisa Bartlett. Instead he wants to run for the 4th District seat, obviously because there is no incumbent.

Here’s Joe’s house.

Over the past eight years many people living in comparatively rich places have tried to carpetbag their way into the hearts and minds of North Orange County. All failed dismally when a concerted effort was undertaken to share their shameless carpetbag hustle with the public, no matter how they tried to fluff up their resumés. Here is a list at the bottom of which Mr. Joe Kerr, of Coto deCaza, will soon find himself:

2009 Linda Ackerwoman – State Assembly (Irvine)

2010 Harry Sidhu, 4th District Supervisor (Anaheim Hills)

2010 Lorraine Galloway, 4th District Supervisor (Anaheim Hills)

2016 Sukhee Kang, State Senate (Irvine)

While it’s true that each of these losers carried quite a bit of baggage, the fatal flaw right out of the gate was their carpetbaggage.  Because who, really, wants to vote for someone whose first communication with would be constituents is a fraud, a lie, a perjury, or a deliberate omission of fact?

Kerr’s press release announcing his candidacy omits any reference to where he has lived for the better part of 20 years, instead mentioning that he grew up in La Habra and Cypress(!) the slenderest filament of a link to the 4th District and a completely irrelevant one at that. I can’t find a record of Joseph V. Kerr anywhere near the 4th district.

I have no idea how much money Kerr’s “public safety” union pals will be willing to unleash on his behalf – probably a boatload. But member what all that union money got “Hide-and-Seek” Sidhu? Two humiliating losses in just one year.

So come on in, Joe.

The FFFF Welcoming Committee is firing up the barbecue.

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    1. It’s the same old story: ego over judgment. And no nobody told him. Ironically his campaign consultant is the same guy who worked for Newman last fall, the guy who beat a shameless carpetbagger in the primary. You’d thing they would see a sinking ship real fast. But I guess if the checks clear, who cares, right?

      I sure hope Newman has the sense to stay away from Kerr.

  1. How funny. His statement is he will “run to” big problems. it’s the old fireman hustle “we run toward danger” when actually the drive to paramedic calls and then drive home.

  2. He’s moving to Brea. He will have two years to get to know the fine people of North Orange County. I think two years is enough.

    1. Just keep your eyes on the property ownership records and see if the Coto house is sold and if Kerr buys a new house in Brea.

    2. Why Brea?

      Just move into Sukhee’s McMansion. He’s done with it anyway.

      There’s already a beautiful closet that’s been remodeled for Dan Chemicalawinsky to administer tongue baths and ball washes to DPOC carpetbaggers. He’ll feel right at home

    3. Documentation as to the move to Brea? I bet he moves to the elite area where Frank Benest lived. Better he should move to the Carbon Canyon/Olinda Village area so he can help out during fire season.

  3. Just another sense of entitlement hose jockey trying to use his firefighter savior image to do what for the public? His house in Coto de Spaza should be called the house that needless overtime bought.

    1. “His house in Coto de Spaza should be called the house that needless overtime bought.”

      For the win.

      Although I bet he made a killing as union president. Look how much Berardino raked in being a belligerent bully. Several $100K per year.

  4. I find it interesting that the oc register ran an article today about this district and the three people who have declared themselves as candidates. But no where in the article did it mention Joe Kerr doesn’t even live in the district. Typical mainstream media. I know FFFF has its haters but this is why we need you! Keep up the good work.

    1. I noticed that, too. The reporters/political fixers are uniform in their disinterest in the carpetbagging issue. That’s why they are always surprised.

      Sukhee kang spent $600,000 in the primary last years and was tanked by a measly $5000 sign campaign. He had every Dem endorsement in the State of California.

      How did that happen? He was a blatant carpetbagger.

    1. Scared?
      Someone who retired at age 52 with $130.000.00 per year retirement of your tax money, and wants to help himself to even more with the funding of other public safety employees looking to break the bank also, should make people realize that these problems aren’t going away on their own.

      1. Then why would care? Why is his salary as a retiree an issue? If he were a retired general from the Army would you dislike that as well?

        How do you know he lives in Coto? Have you seen him there? Or are you just spouting what you have heard from someone else?

        1. Owns house in Coto, registered to vote in Coto.

          If it walks and quacks like a duck…

          It’s not a salary. it’s a pension. And if you don’t think public emplyee pension abuse is an issue you are either an idiot or a public employee. Most likely both.

          1. How do you know he owns a house in Coto? Please post your proof.

            I don’t disagree there is pension abuse. My experience has been that it has been at the senior level. Chiefs retiring at pension levels higher than their salary. Or retiring and going to work at another department and double dipping. Like the current chief in Fullerton.

            Ranks that are far above Kerr’s.

            If you researched the issue you would know that.

            I don’t think you’re stupid. I just think you have bad luck when it comes to thinking.

            1. Click on the link dumbass “Bill Colver.”

              Title report. Your boy doesn’t live in our district.

                1. So we’re gonna go ad hominem now?

                  How does Bushala, or anyone else, have anything to do with Kerr being a carpetbagger?

                  For the record, I don’t think you’re stupid.

                  I think you’re really stupid.

                  Only a cretin backed into an indefensible logical position resorts to personal attacks like that.

                  Makes your boy look real attractive, too. Enjoy the whirlwind.

          2. Joe and China both own the house in Coto and they both still live there. I can tell you this first-hand, you can drive to the house and ask the neighbors. Joe and China will not take their son Joey out of the schools because they think the schools in their District are better.Neither Joe or China have any intention of selling their house in Coto De Caza. Joe rents a residence from a friend for the sole purpose of running for office in the 4th District.

  5. He makes an interesting point.

    Joe scares the crap out of people writing this board.

    If he weren’t a threat they wouldn’t be wasting their time unless they were losers with nothing else to do.

    1. Yeah, I’m absolutely petrified of a goon who doesn’t even live in the district. I was petrified of Harry Sidhu too when he faked an address to run here. And that Sukhee Kang. Another scare-the-crap-out-of-me dude.

      Oooooo! So scary!

  6. Oops! Big Mistake.

    Next time, Joe: move first, then put out press release. That way you can tell people you live in the district, even if it’s only been for a few hours.

  7. Why all the haters? Criticizing someone that you do not know? The world is full of hate and it’s sad that “most” of these post are negative! Put the hater-aide down and let’s give him a chance!

    1. “Why all the haters?”

      I know, right? Who doesn’t love double dipping carpetbagging union weasels.

      1. Yeah, there is so much to love. How can you hate someone who starts out his campaign with a lie.

    2. Maybe he should give the fourth district a chance.

      Shit, maybe if he moved here he might even like it!

  8. No real names?
    A biz man and past Orange County fire captain is not a good person to be supervisor?
    Mr. Joe Kerr serves as Chairman of The Board and President at Superior Traffic Controls LLC. Mr. Kerr is a second generation professional Firefighter with 29 years of varied and technical work experience in a municipal fire department, including 23 years serving as Fire Captain with the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA). He is well-rounded career includes expertise in structural, wild land and commercial/industrial firefighting, incident command and control, training and fire prevention, as well as labor management relations and knowledge of applicable state & federal government and labor codes. Since 1999, Mr. Kerr was Vice President of California Professional Firefighters. He was Vice President to the Orange County Central Labor Council (AFL-CIO) since 1997. Since 1995, he has been the Charter President of the Orange County Professional Firefighters Association (OCPFA). The OCPFA deals in all facets of collective bargaining, including negotiations, employee representation, political action, and firefighter health & safety issues. He was also appointed by the International Association of Fire Fighters General President as the first District Field Service Representative (DFSR), for the IAFF s 10th District servicing firefighters in California, Arizona, Hawaii and New Mexico. His professional awards include Fireman of the Year, Fire Captain of the Year and the Courage Under Fire Award, received for rescuing and reviving a non-breathing occupant trapped in a residential structure fire. He is a 2005 graduate of the Harvard Trade Union Program sponsored by Harvard Law School. (Bloomberg L.P.)

    1. Wow! What a Hero.

      Too bad he is faking a residence in Brea and doesn’t actually live in our district and instead is a millionaire union executive from Coto de Caza. That makes him fundamentally dishonest and condescending to his would-be constituents. Parachute candidates have not done well in north Orange County.

      No, Darlene, he is not a good person to be “supervisor.” And that bar is set very, very, low by our incumbent.

        1. His pension is worth five or six million. He lives in a million dollar house in Coto de Caza. Ergo he is a millionaire. QED.

    2. In other words: dyed-in-the-wool union goon. Thanks for the clarification, Darlene. And he doesn’t even live here. What a champ.

    3. Hmmmm . . . Superior Traffic Controls. Nice “Desist and Refrain” order issued to them.

      Guess their Chairman and President really sucks at his job. Yet another reason not to vote for this carpetbagging wannabe.

        1. Joker’s my name. Don’t care how many fires JoKer was paid handsomely to put out, or how many metals of heroines he has around his neck, no more lying carpetbaggers. Period.

    4. “According to information in BBB files, it appears that this business is no longer in business.”

      Darlene C. Matthews, Veteran, please explain the status of this “biz” you refer to.

  9. Joe Kerr is a nice man that loves family and can see the best in everything. The definition of being jealous is making fun of what you want/who you want to be. So be nice and nice things will come your way.

    1. If he’s so nice why is he trying to carpetbag north Orange County? That isn’t nice. That’s sneaky and dishonest. Actually, it’s also perjury, too, unless he starts living at that fake address.

      1. The irony is that no one ever did know where the supervillian “The Joker” came from in the Batman cartoon either.

        I can hear it now…

        Same bat time.

        Same bat channel.

  10. Not only does Mr Kerr, his wife China, son Joey and dog Lilo love in Coto de Caza, they are not honorable people. They switch their allegiance to whomever they think will further their agenda whatever it may be, this includes friends and family members. Joe has taken on and failed at a number of business ventures, swindling investors out of a fortune. Investors in Joe’s business schemes have sued him over malfeasance, misrepresenting himself and products and more. No he is trying to scam the people of the 4th district.
    Joe rented tjeu home of an accomplice so je child say he lived on the district. Joe is a democrat and new je wouldn’t win an office in the Republican 5th district and wasn’t even honest and forthright enough to even run and try in his own district. This isnt who you want representing you. You need someone honest, ethical and honorable. Mr. Kerr is none of these. All of these statements come from my personal experience with Mr. Kerr. They are not sour grapes. I have never been an investor in any of his schemes, I just knew Mr. Kerr and his family well for a while and realize now that I am better off for knowing the person who he is.

    1. I did not see his wife’s, son’s, or dog’s name on the ballot when I voted for him.

      Why is that relevant?

        1. Given how this area has been governed by the same GOP since its inception, I’ll take my chances.

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