Getting Juked

We’re constantly told that policing in Fullerton is physically demanding work that necessitates extreme financial compensation. Without multi-million dollar pensions, we’re warned, our city may not be able to afford the best of the best. And so for decades we’ve been paying, and we’ve been paying quite a bit.

At least it’s good to know we’re getting the best.

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  1. honestly, this post is unfair to FPD. Watching too many cop shows where they always get the bad guy is just part of the script should not be applied to real life police work.

  2. That’s a 57-year-old cop…..It’s Fullerton’s future.
    Most Police Departments in Orange County are still on the 3% at 50 formula. You think Fullerton is able to recruit the best and the brightest?
    (2) For such employees who are “new members” as defined in Gov-ernment Code section 7522.04(f) – 2.7% @ 57, as mandated by PEPRA

    1. What are you talking about? That guy is fitter and trimmer than Manny Ramos, Barry Coffman or Andrew Goodrich.

  3. On a more serious note I hate to see what happens next where the video ends. Probably their retraining kicked in at this point. No tasing after the subject is on the ground. No hitting subject in the face. Do not yell stop resisting when subject in pinned on the ground being tased, give him a chance to tap-out if he is repeatedly appologizing. I believe every officer should use the command “Freeze” or “Halt” before force is used to bring someone down.

  4. Totally unfair/biased comments (no surprise). The officer in this case is about 57 years of age, you readers probably can’t even get out of bed without falling down at your young age (?), lol. He is an excellent cop, very well respected, and in great shape for a 57 year old man chasing a young’in. Most, if not all, of your readership couldn’t get their ass outta a paper bag if they had to.

    1. 57 years? Imagine how many FPD crimes he’s looked the other way for. Poor guy.

      I see that the original video now has over 3 million views. He’s an internet superstar!

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