Can We Get A Refund For The Stairs?

It happened pretty quickly, just like a UFO sighting, and just as rare: a Fullerton councilperson suggesting accountability. But here you see Greg Sebourn raising the embarrassing subject of the lamentable Hillcrest Park “stairs to nowhere.”

If you’ve been paying attention, you know very well by now that these rickety looking wooden “exercise” stairs are a $1.6 million waste, a genuine Fullerton-type boondoggle that nobody outside City Hall wanted; a mess compounded by what can only be called substandard materials, workmanship and incompetent oversight – and that’s being charitable.

No, Greg, we cannot get a refund and good luck finding anybody to second a motion to do a full and complete audit of this project to find out how and why the whole thing went sideways so badly.

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  1. Isn’t one of you FFFFers a construction litigation attorney? Maybe you can represent the people of Fullerton against our own government.

  2. Check out the hate filled stare Fitzy gave Sebourn when he asked a legit question. I checked out the stairs, construction materials, concrete piers, and wood post on Friday. Good thing at least one city councilperson raised the flag.

    A good percentage of the piers above the caissons have substantial cracks on at least one side and many on two sides. Embedding wood posts in concrete caissons on a steep unstable hillside was a boneheaded idea and a major f*ckup.

    Sebourn’s comment showed accountability to the citizens, and not to Fitzy’s contractor/buddy, who by the way contributed heavily to her scampain. Whats next a bridge to nowhere? Don’t tell me – it already happened on a 3-2 vote.

    1. “Sebourn’s comment showed accountability to the citizens”
      When are you people going to open your eyes?

      Sebourn’s comment was grandstanding and nothing more. If Greg were actually being accountable to us then he would have agendized an action item. The council should have discussed forcing the contractor into a court of law to be ultimately answerable for the fraudulent work we paid for, to correct it at his expense, and, of course, make sure that a thorough completion of the work is to the satisfaction of the residents.

      What did Greg do? Nothing? What did Bruce do? Nothing? What did Jesus do? Nothing. What did Jennifer do? She bragged about how wonderful the stairs were. Now. why was Greg and Bruce silent about that when Jennifer was grandstanding? There were two distinct opportunities for those on the dais to do something. They did nothing.

  3. as a devotee of FFFF, I remember the inception of this blog arose from Tony Bushala’s shock and anger at Fullerton’s city council awarding construction contracts to contractors who schmoozed them with gifts. Not reputation based in quality construction, but discreetness in buying Fullerton’s city council renovated/ remodeled downtown Fullerton. Evidenced in the Hillcrest Park stairs, this tradition continues to put the good people of Fullerton in harm’s way.

  4. Bruce should be doing something. Too busy not working. He and his wife are too busy as mayor and mrs mayor cutting ribbons and looking official. What a complete waste that guy has turned out to be. If only he’d wake up.

    1. Bruce has not had a full time job in the private sector for over a decade. He has been sucking on the government teat for far too long. Now he wants to be your County Supervisor. Gag. They all need to be recalled. Until then Joshua needs to ask for the resignation of Bruce and Greg for blatantly ignoring his entire well researched presentation.

  5. His wish for a refund on the steps was nothing more than mind fart.
    The problem is that he’s going for the easiest fix, when in fact, the harder part is doing an investigation to see why the progress was approved by the inspectors along the way. Was there a council member that brought pressure onto the city to approve things, and if so, why?
    These are the ugly truths that need to be brought to light.

    1. Not Greg, nor Bruce or the rest of the council for that matter is interested in doing anything about the fraud committed by the contractor and city inspectors. The city Inspectors should be fired and the contractor should be sued.

  6. Yes it it so very clear that all five city council members have been shown to be total frauds as it relates to the above post. This unfortunately is nothing new. They all have their phony, corrupt roles to play but none of them, let me repeat, none of them are any good. If Fullertonians want true reform, it must start with getting rid of all five of them.

    Simply put the hidden crooked agendas of all five council members are no longer hidden from the public. This site likes to support their crooks, first and foremost Mayor Bruce Whitaker. Whitaker is the worst kind of phony politician for he had a large number of residents believing he actually cared about this community. However, unfortunately for Bruce Whitaker actions speak way louder than political posturing and that is all Bruce Whitaker has ever been good at. His record of accomplishments would not fill up a 10 second commercial.

  7. I am still waiting for a response. Not Greg, nor Bruce or the rest of the council for that matter is interested in doing anything about the fraud committed by the contractor and city inspectors. The city Inspectors should be fired and the contractor should be sued. Do any of you care about solutions on this web site?

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