Fullerton’s Leadership Void

Fullerton has a serious leadership void. No, I am not talking about our electeds telling us our budgets are balanced when they clearly aren’t and I don’t mean that we have a culture of corruption/cover-up with different rules for different people.

Those are well documented issues which will continue to be explored. No, today I’m talking about our actual leadership void.

Since last year Fullerton has lost City Manager Joe Felz, Police Chief Danny Hughes, Library Director Maureen Gebelein and now according to public 700 disclosure forms our Deputy Fire Chief Julie Kunze as well as Museum Director Dannielle Mauk.

That leaves a yearly compensation package of $1,245,302.21 on the table for those 5 positions so get your resumes ready.

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  1. Either a coincidence or something is coming that they want NO part of.
    Not a fan of coincidences…

  2. Lets make sure the person that occupies those positions in Fullerton meets the qualifications they claim unlike Felz who got bummped up the latter as the Fullerton Hornet so nicely details. http://hornet.fullcoll.edu/how-does-joe-felz-manage-the-great-city-of-fullerton/
    In this next article even High schooler’s are saying enouph is enouph of these incompetant leaders occupying high positions they care nothing about except the paycheck that goes with it.

    “She was going to be the head of our school, and we wanted be assured that she was qualified and had the proper credentials,”

  3. Mabey she’ll have to apply as a new hire. Mabey they’ve changed the whole “grandfathered” in thing? Oops no. I see the gift shop mgr is becoming museum director. Her father was fire chief after all.

  4. Let’s talk about some positions in the city that were completely made up. “Assistant Curator”? This was to appease Richard Smiths ego for not getting the position when he applied for it. Mr Felz had promised it to him so put him on the payroll anyway. As it is all public record, look up those time sheets!

  5. When Redevelopment was killed in 2011 Felz kept all the useless employees on the payroll – a sure sign that he didn’t give a damn about fiscal responsibility. And the entire City Council let him do it – without a whimper.

    1. Oh yes. Mr Felz has been quite generous with COF funds. He knows how to share the wealth to the benefit of his cause and friends. Thank for reminding me old timer.

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