Fullerton’s Leaderless Ghost Ship

It’s been six months since Police Chief Danny Hughes left Fullerton to go work for the mouse. Six months since the alleged cover-up that didn’t save Joe Felz from early retirement.

In that six months we had an interim Police Chief in David Hinig and an interim City Manager in Allen Roeder. Well, Hinig has maxed out how much he can be paid by CalPERS so he’s jumped ship and based on timing alone we can calculate that Mr. Roeder will be on his way out sometime in mid-July.

That will once again leave Fullerton without an official City Manager & without a Police Chief to add to our lacking Community Development Director, Museum Director and on and on and on.

It’s almost as if we can’t get great candidates in spite of having no money, a divided city council, a police department knee-deep in a cover-up scandal and on and on and on.

Why wouldn’t new people want to come on board to answer to a council that would rather build bridges to nowhere instead of maintaining what we already have in place? Why wouldn’t somebody new want to grab the tiller of the S.S. Fullerton while it’s sinking? They’ll have the full support of the council majority providing polishing the brass is the only priority on this particular Titanic.

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  1. I heard through the grape vine that people are afraid to work in Fullerton cause this blog keeps city staff in check and holds them accountable for their actions. I guess that is a novel idea to people who have no idea what they are really doing.

    Thank you 4F!

  2. Fullerton lifers are grateful for this blog because it is the new wave of accountability; exposing the corrupt acts of its civic leaders to anyone with an ipad, laptop, phone, computer. the misdeeds of this city spread across our country and other continents (Kelly Thomas beating death made front page news in Europe).And it is this fact that eats away at Fullerton’s city hall. For too long, propaganda has been the norm until this blog site rose its head a decade ago.
    On the bright side, maybe those with ethics, not moral relativism, will step into Fullerton’s government and flush out miscreants.

  3. This is the legacy of FItzgerald, Flory and Felz. A rudderless husk filed with government waste, sailing aimlessly towards insolvency.

  4. Oh ya it’s this blog that keeps people away?? Really? What are people smoking! Nobody gives a flying fuck about all the crazy ffers and what they have to say! You can tell no one gives a fuck because you average about 5 comments per article and they are usually the same droolers going back and forth! If most of you remember when ffff was at its peak there were hundreds of comments per article now what? Nothing! It is amusing to read and realize how idiotic you 2 or 3 ffers really are! Keep up the good toilet reading.

    1. Felz is gone because of this blog. Hughes might get charged with obstruction of justice because of this blog. Haluza took a job in another state because of this blog. You don’t understand FFFF’s definition of success.

    2. I am very grateful for the exposure of the Felz/Hughes collusion, and hope additional charges are coming down the pike for everyone involved. However, this blog does hurt recruitment. Who wants to work for a city where every little thing that happens is twisted around in the most negative portrayal possible? That bike story was a whole lot of nothing twisted around to portray the police in the most negative way possible. Story after story based mostly upon speculation. This blog ONLY reports things in the most negative light possible. Who wants to have to devote a ton of time to dispelling speculative opinions and rumors reported as fact? Why even bother submitting an app at Fullerton when they can apply at Santa Ana and not have to deal with all this bullshit, especially when two of the Fullerton council members are regularly and openly hostile towards the police department?

      While it was great that attention was brought to Kelly Thomas, the constant drumbeat of allegations of murder were ridiculous, and were it not for this blog, it would have solely been handled in the civil arena where it belonged. And, no, he shouldn’t have died, but a series of escalating mistakes don’t constitute murder or any other criminal act. The politically motivated filing of charges against anybody should be of grave concern to everybody. Not to mention that it was this blog that prompted the city to WAY overpay Ron Thomas. It also caused the firing of at least one officer who shouldn’t have been (Wolfe), who the city will now have to also pay off for wrongful termination.

      So Fullerton is going to get someone for chief who probably isn’t the best choice for a department of its size. They need someone on the ball, well qualified and strong to bring some much needed change and strong leadership to ensure that there aren’t any future Kelly Thomas, Silecio, etc., incidents. The best qualified candidates will go elsewhere where there aren’t so many headaches, and Fullerton will only have the “sloppy seconds” apply….and a less qualified candidate will have to eventually be hired.

      1. Wolfe was fired for gross insubordination. I don’t know why you think he didn’t deserve to be fired, but he did. Refusing to testify in an internal investgation is absolutely grounds for termination. Those asshats at OCSD who took the 5th in open court should lose their jobs, too.

        Also, come work for Fullerton. At least we don’t have Pulido. That’s something.

      2. That’s a pretty laughable concept. Fullerton was paying for a PR Outfit in “Behind the Badge” to pour love all over FPD while the council majority never finds any fault with anything their “friends” manage to muck up.

        Kelly Thomas should have been a civil case? No. If you believe that Manny Ramos escalating that into a homicide isn’t criminal you are a part of the problem.

        We’ve now got longtime FPD and former chief Danny Hughes named in a complaint by an OCDA Investigator for a cover-up we all knew was a cover-up. And we’re to blame? Please.

        To blame FFFF for FPD not being able to get good people, which they clearly were incapable of doing for the decades the culture of corruption was being built, because we highlight the corruption and malfeasance in opposition to the Observer, Council Majority and formerly taxpayer funded BtB is nothing short of blaming David for Goliath tripping on his own sandals.

        I’m still waiting for all of those mythical hero “good cops” to step forward and finally out the “bad apples” to make a positive change for all of us in Fullerton. Oh. Wait. That’s right. A hero can’t risk their pension because heroes by definition shrink from doing the right thing unless they can be promised no harm comes to them.

      3. “A series of escalating mistakes doesn’t constitute murder” , who would not agree with your comment. Now, let’s return to the truth; Kelly Thomas did not die to a series of escalating mistakes. Fullerton police officers beat in his face, crushed his chest causing him to drown in his own blood. Do you still want to cling to your “series of escalating mistakes” belief?

    3. Thanks for sharing your epiphany. I did not realize “nobody gives a flying fuck about all the crazy ffers
      and what they have to say!”. This sentence tells me no one will have sexual intercourse with this blog’s comments. So, what are your thoughts on the topics and issues presented on FFFF?

  5. These two were hired as part-time “employees” (subject to PERS limitations) and not independent contractors?

    1. They can’t be ICs. That’d be an incorrect classification and all parties involved would be guilty of tax evasion.

  6. The fact that so many “employees” positions can go empty for so long is proof that they don’t do anything anyway. The less employees the better.

  7. I live in Yorba Linda and enjoy reading this blog. Too bad someone in Yorba Linda doesn’t start a FFYL blog. Thanks for the good work. Cheers.

  8. FFFF blog is not run for the benefit of the good people of Fullerton. It is run by Tony Bushala to increase and grease his influence peddling over the Fullerton City Council. This is done for the purpose of increasing through crony capitalism, the monetary values of his dozens of mainly dilapidated commercial properties he owns in and around downtown Fullerton. That is why Tony Bushala never came out against the DCCSP. If the DCCSP would have passed it would have meant 10’s of millions of additional dollars directly into Tony’s pockets. That is one of the main reasons why they chose not to go back on-line until right after the 2016 election. The phoniness and disingenuousness of the timing of the bringing back of the FFFF should give any thinking Fullertonians great pause. They want you to believe that they care but they only care about their self-serving, personal goals. Like any phony, corrupt enterprise; all you have to do is follow the money.

    A comment on FFFF that it deserves a lot of the credit on the Joe Felz story is such bull crap. The FFFF let Jennifer Fitzgerald, a close political ally of Sean Nelson who is very good friends with Tony Bushala get elected in 2012. They were totally non-existent while she was running for reelection with the other very important title of VP of Curt Pringle and Associates.

    Too many Fullertonians get behind one council member or another and can’t bring themselves to see all their dishonest, disingenuous and self-serving actions.

    The bottom line is when a politician misleads, misinforms and ignores the truth presented by the public, it does not matter what they pretend that their values are and their positions are to the electorate. We the public cannot trust those who boldly do mislead us without any remorse on their parts.

      1. Captain Kangaroo Court such a perfect name for you such a phony and such a dishonest person when confronted with the truth it is indisputable that’s all you got you got nothing

          1. The truth is the truth, even if no one believes it.

            A lie is a lie, even if everyone believes it.

    1. >> This is done for the purpose of increasing through crony capitalism, the monetary values of his dozens of mainly dilapidated commercial properties he owns in and around downtown Fullerton.

      Examples of this crony capitalism?

      >> If the DCCSP would have passed it would have meant 10’s of millions of additional dollars directly into Tony’s pockets.

      Examples? Evidence?

      >> That is one of the main reasons why they chose not to go back on-line until right after the 2016 election.

      Speculative, at best. They offered a very plausible explanation for the hiatus back in 2013.

      >> all you have to do is follow the money.

      What money? Where? I see no specifics.

      >> The FFFF let Jennifer Fitzgerald get elected in 2012.

      Specious reasoning. Fitzgerald was a nobody in 2012. Nobody around here thought she would win. Still, the FFFF blog offered the only open critiques of her leading up to that election. Scroll back to 2012, in case you forgot.

      >> They were totally non-existent while she was running for reelection with the other very important title of VP of Curt Pringle and Associates.

      They were non-existent for everything that happened for four years. Your focus on Pringle is laughable, given how much time FFFF spent criticizing him well before 2012.

      Your claims are highly speculative and you offer no hard evidence of any of your accusations. How do you expect anyone to believe you if you can’t make a decent case? Please come back when you have more.

      1. Nobody elected this blog to a position of power over the public. If you don’t like the blog’s “transparency” or lack of it don’t come around.

        P.S. The Earth is not flat.

        1. Fullerton Historian
          I expect honesty and sincerity in what I read. and find that you can’t expect those characteristics or traits from people whom are hypocritical.

          1. Too bad you are comparing two different things: a government agency that is supposed to serve us and that we pay for and a privately run blog where attendance is elective.

            If you don’t think this blog is honest or sincere then adios, and no harm done.

            1. Who do you think that you are to tell me what I can read and write.

              You sound like a real Flatheaded Friend For Fullerton’s Future.

  9. Here’s a fact if Josh was his own man he would not have been praising Greg for speaking merely about getting a refund on the stairs if Josh was interested in Solutions as he sat in the audience that night after he delivered his presentation he would have demanded that they agendize the lawsuit and the firing of those who approve those stairs the fact that he did nothing of the sort proves that he is not his own man and is an actuality one of Tony’s tools Tony’s tools never present Solutions they just making noise

    1. If Josh were really smart he would break ties with Tony bushala and the FF blog and go out on his own he would be far more effective

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