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Hey, since 2012, we’ve fired 11 cops for cause. That’s about 8% of the average number of uniformed cops in Fullerton in any given year. Who they are and how badly they had to behave to get fired as Fullerton cops is a mystery. But based on past behavior FFFF has documented, it must have been pretty damn bad.

12 were suspended for one reason or another. It is not our privilege to who or why.

166 were “reprimanded,” whatever the hell that means. But it amounts to more than the entire sworn employees in any given year. Obviously many of our fine officers received multiple reprimands. Are they still out there peering through our windows at night? Who knows?

Here’s the site where you can peruse the data, such as it is.

And here’s a snapshot:




While statistics for the other categories actually seemed to get better as Danny “Gallahad” Hughes ended his dubious chiefhood the health of prisoners in the Fullerton jail took a major turn for the worse. This statistic is troubling given reports about behavior in the jail, perhaps the most egregious being that of Vince Mater who was too stupid not to get caught destroying evidence after the “suicide” of Dean Gochenour. It’s charming how jail injuries are written off as possible scraped knees. But of course what really happened to these unfortunates is shrouded in mystery.

Of course these are the published statistic and may bear no relationship whatever with actual events. How many cops were permitted to “retire” rather than face the music is something we shall never know, and will never appear in these tables. How many “Citizen Complaints” disappeared down the proverbial rabbit hole never to be heard of again must remain a mater of speculation; speculation about which is a perfectly justifiable pastime so long as the cops shroud their activities in a veil of secrecy.

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  1. I wonder how many prisoner injuries are even reported at all. We keep hearing stories about suspects being robbed by the coops too. How many of those made the citizens complaint list?


      1. Mamma, if you’re gonna evoke someone’s name into a thread, you should either use your own name, or the 4F moderator should delete who’s ever name is being used. Especially without facts to back it up. Or, delete the comment. Just my opinion.

  2. I want to believe that with a new chief things might be different but I still have not seen any letter from the FPD providing any information on how the complaint against Sgt. Corbet was handled. It would seem that it is in the same round file that the allegations of having sexual relations with an informant in a city police vehicle while he was on duty reside. In light of the current new found awareness of how wrong it is for men using their positions to compel women to engage in sex it would seem to beg some re-examination. Good call Dan.

        1. I was there too. And it must have been you who was the fat fuck. He was was well liked, maybe not as well as the Petropulos clan, who all scattered like roaches and left the department or were fired.

  3. Wasn’t Albert “Alby Al” Rincon, the serial sex offender, “reprimanded” for sexually assaulting women in his patrol car? So a reprimand might actually be a cover up of a real crime or crimes.

  4. Those statistics are meaningless. Unreported activities, hidden activities, mischaracterized activities, lies, obfuscations, misdirection, distraction, etc.

    I know for a fact that “complaints” do just disappear when investigating would open a real can of worms.

  5. There must be thousands of complaints of cops failure to do anything. Just try to get a “report” filed on a crime. A favorite tactic of the pigs is to turn the table on you and you become the suspect. After all you will discover that pigs have no duty to do anything. You can’t complain when the pigs do nothing.

    1. “A favorite tactic of the pigs is to turn the table on you and you become the suspect.”

      This is absolutely true. I was confronted in my garage one night by a crazy neighbor who said he had been in ‘Nam ans was going to shoot me because I had called his landlord about late parties on the property. I called the FPD. When they got back to me (a week later) the female cop tried tried to catch me in a lie and then she turned it into a “he said she said deal.” Why? Because then the whole thing could be ignored.

  6. “But based on past behavior FFFF has documented, it must have been pretty damn bad.”

    Right. Albert Rincon molested women in his patrol car and was he fired? Noooooo. She Bear McKinley put a camera on him.

    Come to think of it, Quirk Silver said she was outraged. But she never did a damn thing about it, did she?

  7. Funny thing is Hughes only fired people who didn’t like him, so FPD is still stuck with the bad apples. I haven’t been on FFFF for a while but just got good news. New chief is cleaning house; two captains gone, a sgt and LT trying to lateral to another Dept to be OFFICERS ( lol), and with the help of the DA, the Hughes cover up investigation was (re) opened!! – what’s a good email address to send you good details?

      1. I’m the one who sent you the Hughes Dland employee ID pic by the way. I have a source at Dland who said Hughes’ days are numbered(especially if the cover up leads to charges). Hughes brought over Mike Chocek to help him at Dland. Chocek is the former IA sgt and LT (so you know what his role is)

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