New Supervisor Candidate

Rosie addresses the Boys (and girls) in the Back (of the) Room; Will they hear her?

The 2018 4th District County Supervisor race just got a little more interesting with her announcement that La Habra City Councilwoman Rosie Espinoza is joining the fray.

Espinoza ran against Chris Norby in June, 2006 and did poorly. She ran again in June, 2010 and failed badly once again.

She loves him, alright. But not enough to live in icky Brea…

What gives this story a dash of interest is that Rosie is a Democrat and it is well-known that the public employee unions have made a concerted effort to limit the Dem candidates to one, namely Joe Kerr. The shameless union campaign hustle of Kerr, who actually lives with his family in ritzy Coto de Caza, now has a bit of a problem, to wit: a Democrat candidate who actually lives in the 4th district.

The Village People just called…

The other interesting angle is that Ms. Espinoza will be running against another La Habra councilcreature, Republican Tim Shaw, know best for his underling relationship with Redevelopment prostitute and general scum-sucker Bob Huff (R – Ed Roski). Shaw has probably been counting on being able to carry the northernmost precincts in the district on name recognition – thus making a November runoff and hoping for the best. Oops!

Yes, I am more qualified…

If she’s even paying attention, the news of the Espinoza campaign should be somewhat warmly received by the other repuglican in the race,  Young Kim, the utterly unqualified political job-hopper who is looking for another taxpayer-funded gig after having been dethroned by Sharon Quirk-Silva in the 2016 State Assembly election.

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  1. Jennifer Muir has been shamelessly hustling the creep, Kerr. one thing Dem and Reep power brokers have in common: carpetbagging is not seen as any sort of ethical obstacle.

  2. Is it asking to much to have at least ONE decent option?

    Shaw is a lightweight, government lifer.

    Kim is just a tool for her husband’s ambition.

    Espinoza is dumber than a sack of doorknobs.

    Kerr is a union hack, liar, and resident of the 5th District.

  3. What a bumper crop. Wait until Art Brown inevitably jumps in.

    Of course after the useless slug Nelson anybody might start looking good.

    1. Just went to Kerr’s completely hollow website. Santa Claus has endorsed this carpetbagger – the only current elected in the district to do so.

      I did learn that Joker will “run toward” problems, presumably like the public pension crisis he worked so hard to create in the first place.

      Kerr is going to be the hapless Sukhee Kang of 2018. All the institutional Democrat support but no real campaign. Just a lot of (union) wasted money.

      1. It’s as flat as everything becomes after Bruce Whitaker sits on it. Yes Joe is running for 4th District supervisor and it’s going to be great

        1. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, nothing quite like watching a guy who came in eighth in the Fullerton City Council election try a run for county supervisor. Can’t wait to see more of those ingenious signs Little Joe came up with. I mean, I think they might have been ingenious because after all, Little Joe is a freakin’ genius ‘n all. At least he says he is and BigMouth Blowhard seems to agree. Anyway, folks, I couldn’t figure out what those signs meant but I am only a normal bonehead who has been fooled into thinking the Earth is round and that NASA is not run by Lucifer.

        2. If by “great” you mean an entertainment morphing into a sad indictment of our public mental heath system, then yes. I agree.

          1. Yeah It will be real interesting. The Democratic vote will be split by the illegal aliens and the Republican vote will be split by all the establishment hacks

            1. Little Joe, you need professional psychiatric help before you hurt yourself. Seriously dude, get yourself checked in. The County is going open a new clinic in Orange. Please make use of it – pronto.

        3. I really feel sorry for that oddball’s kids. Seriously. Can you imagine going to school and trying to explain to the class how the Earth is flat and Disney movies are full of homoerotic phallic symbols?

    1. Can’t wait for the legendary cheapness of this guy to grace the OC Supervisor’s race.

      Guy probably recycles used balloons for birthday parties.

  4. What happened to the spot on comments that I posted and were censored on this website. I guess you guys are really afraid of the truth. Maybe he can do a story about what a joke you guys are wait a minute he already did

    1. You didn’t make any comments.

      Was just a bad dream.

      Go back to sleep. Just click your heels three times and you’ll be off to see the wizard again…

  5. Here, all reproduce your comments for you:

    The Earth is really flat, and NASA is lying about it and the Moon landing because they are a satanic conspiracy in league with Apple, who are trying to sterilize the world, which is the real holocaust denial.

    Keep it up Flat Stanley, you’re campIgn is going to be epic.

    1. Is it true NASA, Isaac Newton, Roemer, Galileo, Kepler and Copernicus are and were agents of Satan sent to deceive humans into believing all sorts of nonsense like gravity, how fast light travels, planetary motion, galactic architecture?

      If so, that is one cunning bastard to get billions of people to think all that claptrap is not only science, but commonsense. What a guy that Lucifer is.

      Anyhow, Embryo for Supervisor. Here’s the slogan: “Taking My Craziness to the Next level.”

      1. Ha. Here’s an even better campaign slogan for Little Joe: “Taking Us Back to the Middle Ages, One Conspiracy at a Time”

      2. He believes the Doppler shift is something that happens when Barry Lavinson drinks too much Schnapps.

    1. He’s probably sick and tired of the nastiness sent in his directions.

      Also he lives in the 3rd District.

      Of course that didn’t stop Harry “Hide-and-Seek” Sidhu or Lorri “My best friend is a stuffed toy” Galloway. But Tait is honest.

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