12 Replies to “Stack n Pack Haluza’s Had Enough”

  1. Pension spiked and off to Washington where there is no state income tax. Her reward for carrying water for Fitzgerald and Felz.

    A tenure of two years worth of disasters.

  2. Ding dong the witch is dead, the witch is dead! Another know-it-all planner gets a taste of FFFF poison and bites the dust. When will they learn?

    1. Be nice. There was no poison. Just honesty. My own feeling is that Haluza was well-intentioned, but naive thinking she could do a professional job here.

      All Felz cared about was jacking up developer fees for massive projects to cover his losses – like a gambler playing with borrowed money. But Haluza did go along and for that she deserved all the criticism she got.

  3. Plenty of downtown dwellers were harmed by her refusal to enforce the outdoor amplified music laws for one particular bar. They will sleep all soundly tonight. And tomorrow night. And the night after that.

    1. Well, they might sleep better knowing Haloopa is leaving but the noise won’t stop.

  4. I don’t think it matters who the Planning Director is, or even if there is one. The results will be the same.

  5. Maybe the replacement will have enough guts to force the Code Enforcement personnel to do their job and not fear creating any commotion that could lead to citizens questioning the ridiculous pensions that staff is constantly consumed with.

    1. No, Germ wouldn’t like that, and nether would his City Hall patron, SparkyFitz Fitzgerald. Even the Interim guy won’t challenge the City’s refusal to enforce their own code.

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