It’s All Just a Case of Miscommunication

How funny. When you hire a lawyer the City’s legal minions suddenly realize that peddling bullshit may just have ramifications. They become slightly less obnoxious to the citizens they are supposed to be working for.

I’m not telling the truth and you can’t make me…

In the case of Jennifer Fitzgerald’s phone records from the early morning of November 9th, 2016, the public was first told that there were no responsive records. FFFF¬†knew that was a lie because Fitzgerald herself admitted she was in communication with the police chief, Danny “Galahad” Hughes that night; and Hughes memorialized his conversations with councilmembers the very next day in a written memo.

That was when FFFF decided to lawyer up.

Well, here’s the response FFFF attorney, Kelly Aviles, received to her first demand letter. Mostly it’s a clarification about what FFFF wants. But the final page of the response contains this priceless gem:



Seems it was all just a “miscommunication,” donchaknow, in which the poor, befuddled lobbyist-councilwoman Fitzgerald thought members of the public were seeking information about some whole other day, you know, just for the heck of it. But boy was she hustling to cooperate when she found out what FFFF really wanted!

Yeah, sure, whatever you say, “Jen.”

9 Replies to “It’s All Just a Case of Miscommunication”

  1. So it says that “Her phone log for Nov 9, 2016 is being provided” . Since its not in this blog post, are we to assume her call to Galahad was personal?

  2. “the system can only hold so much data” you should have seen that one coming. I bet the system was full that night.

  3. Another round of boldfaced lies from our lobbyist-councilwoman. I hope this coverup doesn’t get any worse.

  4. I wonder how many early morning personal phones calls are going to be redacted from Nov 9th??? Didn’t she say she was asleep when she received the call from our former police chief? If she was then she couldn’t have made a personal calls. Ugh! So many lies!!! Are her text messages going to be looked at too???

    1. Check the newest post. They are all out of chronological order so we can’t see if those redacted calls were made in the middle of the night.

  5. Whittiker mentioned that he was the only one not notified about the incident after it happened. Probably they realize he would not help with the cover-up.

  6. Doesn’t she call herself a professional communications consultant? Why is it so hard for her to communicate?

    1. Her sort of “communication” is all about selling half-truths an PR spin for politicians. It’s as far away from honest communication as you can get.

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