When It’s Better Not to Know

In management circles, claiming to be unaware and uninformed is one favored tactic to avoid responsibility for the bad behavior of subordinates. Sometimes unawareness is attributable to simple incompetence. Other times, it is intentional.

Our mayor is caught here taking the latter approach when the woman who witnessed Joe Felz’ drunken crash came forth to recount the details of the event:

The clip ends when the mayor cuts off this concerned citizen.

Now you all know that the city manager reports directly to the council. He is, in fact, the only employee for whom they are directly responsible. You might think the council would be interested in hearing a first hand report of their employee’s bad behavior. Perhaps recklessness, destruction of government property and abuse of authority are not qualities you seek when employing a municipal executive.

Nope. Not our mayor. Not in our town.

13 Replies to “When It’s Better Not to Know”

  1. I think we should lay off this whole thing. These seem like good people trying to protect our city from bad PR.

    1. We already heard the city attorney deliver Felz’ apology for the bad PR. No apology for his crimes, though.

  2. I’m sure they do want to hear it all. This isn’t the right place. The investigation is the right place. Time limits here. Always. No exceptions. Sorry Tony.

    1. Jennifer Fitzgerald’s behavior is more like the Anti-Christ than that of a Christian?

      Blame the congregants at EV Free that work so hard to get Jennifer re-elected.

      I personally thought a Christian was a person who has received Christian baptism, and is also a believer in Jesus Christ and his teachings, and NOT a stone-faced political strumpet?

    1. …and in her face too!

      showing contempt; scornful.
      “she was intolerant and contemptuous of the majority of the human race”
      synonyms: scornful, disdainful, disrespectful, insulting, insolent, derisive, mocking, sneering, scoffing, withering, scathing, snide; condescending, supercilious, haughty, proud, superior, arrogant, dismissive, aloof; informalhigh and mighty, snotty, sniffy
      “the contemptuous look on your face says it all”

  3. Yeah, she missed the gate alright. But in her defense, that gate isn’t very big. And the next one is even smaller.

  4. I get it. What this lady is trying to say is that she thinks it’s pretty fucked up when the chief of police tells a sergeant on the department to take over the investigation of a drunk city manager and make sure that the incident gets swept under the rug. she thinks that she deserves better, that the people who live in the city deserve better and that other police officers that work for the city should not be held responsible for the actions of the lying piece of shit chief of police danny hughes. She thinks the city should own it, take responsibility for it and hold the officers that participated in the deceit responsible for it so that when something happens in the future that requires some strength of character officers will do the right thing. Why do the mayor not get it?

    1. No. That’s accountability. Can’t have that. So we stall while trying to cook up a plan.

      We’ll see, however, if Fitzy has the stomach to keep Felzy around her neck.

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