The Bitterness of Negative Banter

What is “negative banter?”

I got a letter from Fullerton’s Lobbyist-Mayor, Jennifer Fitzgerald congratulating “us” for rising above it by re-electing her. I love it when personal-agenda laden politicians complain about “negativity.” Generally they are just reacting to embarrassing scrutiny they’d rather not have to endure.

Here’s the missive:

Cut through the baloney to find the bullshit...
Cut through the baloney to find the bullshit…

Ms. Fitzgerald is happy to share the issues she “campaigned on.” Road repair, more, and higher paid cops, and get this… a balanced budget! Now we all know that Fullerton’s budget has not been balanced since she got on the City Council four years ago. We’ve been leaking red ink worse than Laguna Lake has been leaking Grade A MWD water. The amount during Fitzgerald’s tenure runs in the millions. So not only is she still lying about having a balanced budget, but any other pipe dreams like cops and parks are going to have to come at the cost of draining our reserve funds even more.

Of course this means nothing to Ms. Fitzgerald. After all she is all about politics, not governance. She is a Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates, an operation that has tried its level best to rip off Anaheim taxpayers to benefit Pringle’s clients. She will be long gone by the time Fullerton goes into receivership.

I really like the part about ensuring “that every Fullerton neighborhood is served well by its city government.” I guess that excludes the people who live in and around downtown Fullerton: it was only recently carved up into five separate council districts by Ms. Fitzgerald and her downtown bar pals like a Christmas ham, precisely for the purpose of disenfranchising the residents while the drunken party rolls merrily along.

And then there’s the part about having a “community-wide discussion” about providing library services for Southwest Fullerton. Quite delicious irony coming from the head of a city government that can’t afford to keep the Hunt Branch Library open; or does she really believe nobody is paying attention?

Finally, I note that “working positively together” is code: what it really means is not criticizing the massive budget deficits; not complaining because there is no adult supervision over the cops; looking the other way as the Lobbyist-Mayor herself helps cover up the madcap motoring adventures of her City Manager returning home from her own election night party.

Well, you know, I just don’t feel like it.

And now, Friends, please share any negative banter in the comments section we thoughtfully provide, below.


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  1. These people have never really try to understand WHY people are angry at their representatives. They just don’t care, but they’re upset that we do care. For Fitzgerald and friends, government involvement is a way to enhance and enrich their own lives.

  2. Her list of friends and operatives include the same repuglicans who spent millions of dollars saying mean things about Sharon Quirk-Silva and Josh Newman last month. I guess that kind of negative banter is OK.

  3. The City Hall war against “negativity” has been going on in Fullerton for at least 25 years. The philosophy dictates that the bureaucrats are “experts,” and that the councilmembers serve as the rubber stamp. Outsiders are seen as barbarians at the gate.

    That’s why when the Great Recall of 1994 occurred the Ackermans and the Florys climbed into bed together to fight the REAL enemy – the citizenry who never got the Chamber of Commerce/City Hall/FJC/Rotary/CSUF Foundation memo.

    And that’s the reason the same crew -17 years later rallied to the 3 Dead Tree Stumps and the defended the FPD Culture of Corruption.

    Fortunately they are dying off/going senile faster than they are being replaced.

      1. First, Molly is a dope. Second, “she does her homework” was the compliment her own supporters always said about her, even though she NEVER exhibited a scintilla of courage. Third, Molly is a dope.

        That is all.

  4. “The real work starts now and I’m eager to get us started!”

    Get started? What has she been doing for the last four years?

    1. Planning, of course, on her own economic future.

      In his last two years as mayor of Anaheim Pringle was busy planting the seeds for the various crops he planned to harvest as a lobbyist – after he left office.

  5. Negative banter is what happens when politicians don’t have the knowledge to talk about issues, but instead do two things:
    -Offer Platitudes (to make everyone feel good)
    -Attack other candidates or groups (to make whomever they’re talking about feel good)
    It offers up a nice, cozy image to talk about parks, libraries, and new roads, however, we have a serious issue with this city’s taking from the reserves to cover expenditures, pensions, and over development. This doesn’t include what can be described as a lack of vision, or to be generous: a failure to communicate this vision (if it exists). Fitzgerald is a career politician. Nothing wrong with that, but if you’re going to make it your life’s work, we should expect far more results.

    1. Stay out of accounting. it’s over your head. But then so is checkers LOL.

      Get a girlfriend. Or a dog. Get something.

      1. As a rule women don’t like getting beat up. The dog won’t like it either, but won’t make a fuss that has to be hushed up at the station.

  6. McFitzflory’s sudden interest in the area east of the 57 is no accident, I assure you you. Maybe they’ll be getting a Slidebar franchise next to that “Pearl Park.”

    1. Wait and see: “Pearl Park” is nothing other than a way for The Fitzy/Felz Show to prove how huge apartment block development helps Fullerton – by using the park dwelling fees to build a pocket park for those Kidz O’ Color in some thing called the “Gem District” – another made up name.

      1. “Gem District.” Yeah, where did that come from? We’ve heard about “the Gem neighborhood” for years. Now it’s a district. Watch out Gemsters somebody has BIG plans for you!

  7. Hmm. No mention of the spectacular failure of her hand-picked running mate – Larry Bennett. No coat tails for Jen.’

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