Okay, So Maybe I was Wrong!

By Tony Bushala, Guest Contributor

Hell, yes!
Hell, yes!

Way back in 2010 I offered a post attacking Norberto Santana and his relatively new blog Voice of OC. The title was “The Sad Degenerate World of Norberto Santana.” It was a pretty tough post attacking Santana’s objectivity given the fact of his financial backing by the OCEA union and what some of us perceived as slanted reporting. I won’t go into any more detail. You can check out the original post, here.

Well, over six years have passed and I, like many others have come to appreciate the good things Norberto and the Voice of OC have done uncovering the bad behavior of many of our so-called “conservative” leaders in Orange County. The Voice has been particularly effective uncovering the influence peddling going on in Anaheim, but also covering the County level, where the Board of Supervisors have been working us over like we were peons¬†on their plantation. Their Board’s latest little tactic is to limit public comment to just 3 minutes per person, per meeting. Pretty shameful, right?

With an almost complete lack of competent news coverage on local stuff from the mainstream media, it is more important than ever that we recognize and financially support the the Voice of OC.

13 Replies to “Okay, So Maybe I was Wrong!”

    1. When did that happen. Oh, right never.

      Liar. You could even be a Fullerton cop on the witness stand! LOL!

  1. You mean the Register and its regurgitated articles from the New York Times don’t tell us the truth? I’m shocked!

  2. I don’t think you were wrong at the time. Rather, Norberto figured out that it’s never too late to be smart.

    1. Yeah, he is being gracious.

      As the original post pointed out Voice of OC never touched Tom Daly back then because he was running for Supervisor and was the highest ranking elected Democrat in the County.

      Daly got away with alot of bad shit. You called him on it, Norberto never did.

      I think he has gotten better, maybe because of the old FFFF posts.

  3. One of the problems with Voice of OC is they hardly ever address a story once somebody else has got there firs, especially a lowly blog. That’s too bad because a lot of good stuff leaks out informally from people who don’t know Norberto.

    1. Yes, Norberto can be a lot of things, as long as its not an objective moderator. He should stick to real journalism.

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