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FFFF has always been a drop box for mail from sources that prefer not to be identified. Some are obviously credible; others perhaps less so – sort of like like Sgt. Andrew Goodrich the FPD spokeshole who claimed that the cops who killed Kelly Thomas suffered broken bones, etc.

Yesterday, we received an e-mail from one of our readers identifying himself as “DTF” who passed along what was presented as information sent out by a disgusted cop who was hired, and departed the FPD for a different agency during former POChief Danny Hughes reign:



And there’s more, relating to the Joe Felz incident:

I have excellent sources at FPD who hate the Hughes clan because of the lies and double standards. 

Get a hold of those videos before they are  erased, hopefully that hasnt already happen. Admin is trying to make the officers sign a new policy to prevent them from talking about the incident.

When the first two officers arived on scene, Felz was still in his car trying to free it from the sidewalk and tree. The officers pull up behind Felz just as he dislodges his car and drives away. The officers purse him and actually perform a semi pit maneuver to stop his vehicle. (There is minor damage to one of the police cars if not both) 

This next part is sketchy. One version he was pulled out of his car at gunpoint and Felz identifies his self and  immediately says to call Hughes. The other version is he flees his car when it has been immobilized and there is a short foot pursuit.

But one thing I know is that the officers on scene said Felz was HAMMERED there was no doubt he was drunk. 

There is definitely video of the whole incident from the point the officers arrive on scene.

FYI no breathalyzer is necessary on scene. You can’t make a person take one at the scene. But the accident it self, coupled with his obvious impairment is plenty to have arrested him.

Put pressure on the PD to release the video. This is another huge cover-up by Hughes and his boys.


Friends, feel free to lend credence to this information in any degree that makes you feel comfortable.

23 thoughts on “We Get Mail

  1. Anonymous

    It’s a sad day when an anonymous crap dump is more believable then the story Felz is peddling. Something about rewiring his car when he drove off the road?

    1. Joe Sipowicz

      True, that. It’s strange. I’m more inclined to believe an anonymous poison pen than Hughes of Felz or Jones or Fitzgerald. Sad days.

  2. Misdemeanor Joe

    I’d call it a hostile work environment when your boss asks you to cover up a crime in front of four other cops.

  3. Waiting for my $1,200/month SS check if I ever turn 67.5

    “pay levels are poor”? Why don’t you all just retire and become millionaires?

  4. Johnny Donut

    Are the cops, who work for Joe, still working on his criminal case? How is this ethical? How is it legal? What the hell!?!

    1. Joe Sipowicz

      Yeah, good question JD. You would think any sort of legitimate “investigation” would have to be performed by an outside agency.

      I think I’ll write a post on that. It looks like automatic evidence of a cover-up. But I suppose at this point nobody in City hall cares or thinks anybody else does, either.

    1. nipsey

      No you didn’t, post the link. Maybe you’re thinking of the one where the FPD mechanic of 40+ years is retiring. Easy to get those mixed up.

  5. The Real Fullerton

    It’s pretty sad that this blog prints such ridiculous hearsay. No one has the guts to put their name behind it, but you print it anyway. Can you really imagine a 57 year old city manager running away from police officers? He knows every one of them, and they know him. An old Volvo wagon doing pit maneuvers? Preposterous!

    1. Joe Sipowicz

      The funny thing is that I absolutely believe at least 75% of it. And I don’t believe ANYTHING uttered by our illustrious City Attorney.

      Go figure.

    2. Jim Kent

      Ha ha. I believe Joe’s story that he was fidgeting with the wires under his dashboard as he was driving. Now that’s a credible story!

      I believe that Felz smelled of liquor and yet passed a FST after failing a simple left hand turn and jumping the curb. Now that’s a credible story!

      I believe the FPD and the bogus “independent” investigator will do objective investigations of this matter. Now that’s a credible story!

  6. Joe FelzGood

    Disgruntled employees are the best kind. They remind me of Democrats. Can I get anyone a tissue and a safe zone? LOL

    Where’s Lira at?

  7. Cold Chillin' Cops' Balls

    The initial e-mail sounds like probably most police departments as well as many private companies, with the exception of the “lying” is more accurately described as “concealing or omitting the truth” as opposed to outright lies. This is certainly the case with many in my department. Butt lickers get promoted. The conscientious and knowledgeable officers who stand up for what’s right get labeled as malcontents and are passed over for promotion. It’s mind boggling. And wrong. But that’s the way it is.

    I have no personal knowledge of what took place that night, nor am I tight with anyone at FPD. And I’m pretty sure that Dan Hughes wanted to kick my ass one day. Which is a good story, but my privacy is more important than telling it.

    This whole thing stinks of “concealing the truth” by people well practiced in it.

    But, please, don’t paint all of the FPD officers with the same broad brush. There are good guys there. I’ve had conversations with many of them (at OCJ, training, etc.). It’s easy to get trapped at a department you hate. All you can do is stick to your morals and do the right thing on your own cases and calls, be accurate, truthful and thorough in your reports, and try to make sure the new guys are set on the right path.

    1. The Fullerton Harpoon

      It will never matter as long as there is decay at the top, and a political climate that engenders it.

      BTW, a lot of us have appreciated your honesty here over the years. How this problem of redirecting the ship is implemented is a mystery to me. I have no solutions. The entire law enforcement apparatus in OC is stuck in institutionalized corruption. We saw it here at the FPD, but it goes to the top: the Sheriff, the DA and a city council that uses the union to advance its own political interests.

  8. Bax Baxter

    CCCB – do you know of a short list of replacement chiefs they are thinking of? If yes, would you share you thoughts on the subject and candidates with this blog? Is there anyone within the department whom you believe would be a qualified candidate to replace Hughes, and you regard ethical? Someone capable of restoring our faith, while getting or keeping the support of the rank and file? Please share what you can without risking your positions or ruining the chances of a decent replacement chief. I have no idea where that line is, I’m hoping you do. .


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