The Odd Case of the Client Newsletter


Okay, you may have painfully listened to the five-minute drone of Fullerton City Attorney Richard Jones on a previous post, explaining why no information was forthcoming in the Case of the City Manager and the Dead Parkway Tree. Sorry to inflict that on you, but no pain, no gain, as they say.

If your cerebral synapses are sufficiently recovered, reflect back on what Mr. Jones, Esq. said, and what he was asked to repeat twice by our Mayor, about electronic records generated at the scene and how they could not be released via PRA request because they were part of an “ongoing investigation;” but moreover, because they were somehow part of some sort of double-top secret “personnel” proceedings.

But wait! A quick trip to Jones and Meyer’s website newsletter to clients (we are clients, aren’t we?) reveals some interesting case law that seems to show exactly the opposite of the malarkey Jones was pitching to a remarkably incurious Council the other night. Here’s the synopsis:


See? The video was created before any administrative investigation, or internal affairs investigation even started.

So let’s get this straight. A “client alert” sent out less than four months ago seems to contradict what Jones said, and reiterated twice on Tuesday night. Hmm. Hopefully someone can drop by to explain why the case of City Manager Joe Felz isn’t covered by the Greenson case finding by the Court of Appeal.

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  1. To understand this situation, you really have to distinguish case law from the ongoing cover-up at Fullerton city hall. The two items are completely divergent, and that’s fine with our city council.

  2. I love lawyers like Jonesey who lie so much for a living that they end up standing knee deep in the dung they’ve been flinging for years and wonder why people think they stink?

    True poetic justice ; – )

  3. This was the same guy who IGNORED the illegal water tax in Fullerton for 15 years – until the City was finally busted, then treated it like it was no big deal. This man will NEVER work for the welfare of Fullerton – just the welfare of the city staff and whatever majority keeps him employed.

  4. “I am so proud to of the work we do every summer that helps ensure that local students have school supplies. Starting the school year equipped to learn gives them a better chance for educational success.” said Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald.
    .. and then Jonesy said to Fitzgerald, “I thought you said every one would love us and forgive us for our transgressions if my law firm sponsored you giving out back packs to children to earn political points with the dems?”

    Sponsors in the 2016 campaign included Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang, Assemblywoman Young Kim, Coast to Coast Foundation, Councilman Doug Chaffee, Councilwoman Jan Flory, Ebell Club of Fullerton, EV Free Fullerton, Fullerton Firefighters Association, Fullerton Police Officers Association, Fullerton Printing, Graves Communications, Jones & Mayer, Hermosa Drive Elementary PTA, Beechwood PTA, Sunset Lane Elementary PTA, McCoy Mills Ford, North Orange County Chamber of Commerce, OC United, Renick Subaru, Slidebar Rock-n-Roll Kitchen, So Cal Gas Company, and TNT Fireworks.

    1. Last time I checked,most of these businesses and individuals listed above, were also listed on Fitzgerald’s 460 forms as political donors to her campaigns for Fullerton city council.

  5. Good investigative reporting FFFF! But what now? It isn’t enough to have this information here. Shouldn’t at least one city council person who reads this (of course, they do) call the city attorney out and demand the tape be released? Let’s not lose focus. The big story here is not the City Manager driving drunk. The big story is a culture of coverup and corruption at FPD that continues. And it is from top to bottom. If it hasn’t filtered all the way to the bottom, why wouldnt the first officer on scene just treat Felz like any other potential DUI instead of calling a superior? Sadly, nothing will change since the majority on the city council (voted in by the clueless residents) will hire another Hughes. The days when the department could have been cleaned up by a chief of good character have long passed.

  6. I had a meeting with the city attorney in the converance room on the top floor of city hall several years ago It was regatding a sleep-in I was organizing to bring attention to the camping tickets local homeless were receiving. (the law the homeless are supposedly violating is a municipal code, deemed to be a misdemeanor, not a county I state law, so dick acts as the prosecuter) He was kind enough to meet with me but he showed zero sympathy when I asked for a moratorium on tickets until the shelter was opened. Realizing this I only refered to him only as “the other Dick Jones” from then on out. I did so at at the end of this meeting and everytime I have had occasion to run across his path since. When I called his office, once transfered it was: “hello, is this the “other dick Jones?”. I can tell you that he absolutely hates to be referred to as “the other Dick Jones”. Please take this information into consideration.

    Also, you may want to look into which neighboring cities the other dick Jones represents. He told me the camping tickets were used to keep our homeless numbers down. Presumably driving them to neighboring cities. Assuming he prosecutes similar tickets in neighboring cities driving their homeless back to us, he just gets to bill everyone for this clusterfuck and nothing is accomplished. Nothing with the exception of his own enrichment, tax payer liability, and more misery to the homeless.

    1. Ah “Dick” Jones, who claimed to be a full time employee of Westminster with a CalPERS pension while concurrently acting as city attorney for three or four other cities…

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