Independent Person Wanted, Inquire Within

I'm bringing in my brother-in-law, Bob.
I’m bringing in my brother-in-law, Bob.

According to the City of Fullerton’s website the City Attorney is looking for an “independent person” to investigate the activities of our City Manager, Joe Felz. Here’s the PSA:

Can anyone apply?
Can anyone apply?

Now in the first place, the idea of of our mush-mouth City Attorney employing anybody not willing and able to deliver the right verdict on the events of Wednesday morning, November 9th, is ridiculous; but really, an independent “person?” Attorney Jones’s gardener? His CPA? His car detailer?

Seriously, though, the hiring of an investigator by the City and calling him (or her) independent is a complete farce. For there is a fundamental conflict of interest here, just as there is for the Fullerton Police Department to investigate their own boss. I can see it, you can see it. Probably even comically ardent FPD supporters like Chaffee, Flory and Fitzgerald can see it. But unlike us, they don’t care.

The truth of what I’m saying is pretty evidently contained within the facts of this situation: it is not a personnel matter. Joe Felz was driving home from a series of private parties in Downtown Fullerton’s Liquor Row. He was not on duty, he was not engaged in any official capacity. He was just a guy fidgeting with wires under his dashboard who ran off the road, knocked over a tree, churned up some dirt with spinning tires, moved on down the road a bit, was interviewed by the cops, was given an okie-dokie by them, was driven home by them, and was tucked into bed.

What does any of this have to do with Mr. Felz’s job as City Manager?

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  1. How about a post on the odds of an objective “investigation” by the FPD investigators. Remember that incompetent slug Ron Bair?

    How can the FPD investigate their own boss fairly? How can the public trust whatever nonsense they plop out?

    1. Word is out that the cops were seen interviewing that neighbor lady after the meeting – A WEEK AFTER THE ACCIDENT. What a sad joke. And it’s on us.

  2. So the FPD will be forwarding its information to the District Attorney’s office. What information is that? Hopefully it includes recordings from officers and not just a whitewashed summary like the council got from Chief Hughes.

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