Trust the System that Can’t be Trusted

Remember when Our Mayor, Jennifer Fitzgerald, had the City Attorney, “The Other Dick Jones“, repeat the city’s position on the Joe Felz alleged D.U.I. incident?

That they’re looking into it, via an outside investigative group without subpoena power that is answerable only to the City Brass, and that any potential criminal charges would be forwarded to the District Attorney?

It’s a good thing that we can trust the District Attorney, Tony Rackauckas, to be interested in the law and to not be too cozy with Law Enforcement.

Oh wait. Nevermind.

In the latest episode of “You’ve Got to be F*^%ing Kidding Me” the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has kept the entire D.A.’s office off of the most high-profile shooting case in county history for misconduct. All because the D.A. is too cozy with Law Enforcement and doesn’t follow the law.

Let us just quote from the article:

“Not only did the OCDA intentionally or negligently ignore the (Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s) violations of targeted defendants’ constitutional rights, but the OCDA on its own violated targeted defendants’ constitutional rights through its participation in the (confidential informant) program,” the court decision says.

Elsewhere, the court wrote that “the magnitude of the systemic problems cannot be overlooked” and that prosecutors had a desire to protect the Sheriff’s Department at the expense of “Dekraai’s constitutional and statutory rights.”

My favorite part of the story is when the D.A.’s Chief of Staff, Susan Kang Schroeder, says that “We welcome any outside inquiry in this matter and look forward to seeing the results,” and yet later in the same article it talks of local prosecutors (who work for the D.A.) hazing the Judge that threw them off of the Dekaari case for their corruption. These are the very people we’re supposed to trust.

This was a case with a defendant who admitted guilt and the D.A. still couldn’t manage to not screw it up with their blatant unconstitutional corruption. This is the very outfit that our Mayor and City Attorney want us to believe is going to get to the bottom of the issue of our City Manager’s alleged D.U.I. and the potential cover-up by F.P.D..

Brilliant. Maybe we can once again get Jan Flory to lecture us on how there’s a process in place and it works. You know, except when it doesn’t.

4 Replies to “Trust the System that Can’t be Trusted”

    1. The good news is that the California AG has selected two high profile special investigators to determine just how messed up the O.C. D.A’s office is.

      The bad news is that the taxpayers will once again foot the bill.

  1. How many dangerous criminals have walked due to the DA’s corruption and incompetence? The impact on the rest of us is profound, but difficult to measure.

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