2016 Fringie© Nominations Are In!

The backswing is a bitch…

Dear Friends. You probably believe you don’t deserve to have the Fringies© inflicted upon you. You are wrong. In a democracy you humans get the sort of government you deserve – every time.   Now, whether you believe you have a democracy in Fullerton is a discussion for another day.

Anyway, quit yer bitching. You never heard me complaining when my mistress was in a mood and the broom was out.

In the next few days I will present to you a hoary, old FFFF Holiday Season tradition – the Fringie Awards©, starting with the all important nominations. Obviously the brief period of our re-animation means that the award categories this year will be somewhat abbreviated.   But don’t blame me. I’ve been biding my time in Doggie Heaven for almost four human years waiting for you to call upon my services.


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  1. en.wikipedia.org The Fringie Awards are a mechanism by which the outstanding behavior of public officials and their followers in various civic organizations and the press can be recognized for what it is.

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