Good Samaritans Needed To Help A Good Man

Save Mike Atta Flyer
From Steve Baxter:

Our dear friend Mike Atta, is a founding member of the iconic OC punk band  The Middle Class and the owner of downtown Fullerton’s coolest store, Out of Vogue and he needs our help. Hibbleton Gallery at the Magoski Arts Colony will be hosting a benefit art and music exhibit to raise money for Mike’s treatment and for his family. Mike has been an integral part of Fullerton’s art and music scene for many years and Mike and Pam are generous and kind to everyone that walks into their store. All proceeds will go directly to the Atta Family.

We are accepting art and music memorabilia donations up until 7pm tonight, but most of all we want you to be part of something positive and come to the Arts Colony at 223 W. Santa Fe anytime between 6 and 10 pm. You will have fun, see wonderful artist space and you will know that you started 2013 out by helping a wonderful family.

More info can be found at

Art for this exhibit has been being donated by:
John M. Sollom
Valerie Lewis
William Zdan
Mike Myers
Roxanna Mostatabi
Ryan Ward
Katherine England
Michael Magoski
Hagop Najarian
Christie Yuri Noh
Jonathan St. Amant
Shannon Le Clair
Rene Cardona
Jeñifer Míller Hernández
Alan De Herrera
Katie Perdue
Dave Castr
and more!

Music & More (autographed LPs, t-shirts, posters, etc) by
Signed skateboard by Christian Hosoi
The Adolescents
45 Grave
The Middle Class
Sons of Anarchy
Agent Orange
Social Distortion
Jon Doe
Love & Rockets
Manic Hispanic
Rikk Agnew
LIT (J-100 Gibson Guitar)
Stuffed Animal Baby

Stephan Baxter | Organizer/Co-Currator
Art With An Agenda
Mail:    917 N. Ford Ave
Fullerton, CA 92832
Cell:      714/342-3052

33 Replies to “Good Samaritans Needed To Help A Good Man”

  1. man detained on Harbour blvd. at about 10:30pm fri. matching description of knife wielding subject seen running from hibberton gallery.

  2. I’m proud of Bax for reaching out to help. He doesn’t wait to be asked if he sees a need and has an opportunity to help. He steps up. Thank you for putting this up, Admin. You both have this in common.

  3. Thanks for posting this. We are still collecting the money from the winning bidders but it looks like we will have raised close to $9,000 for the Atta family. We did this thanks to everyone that showed up on such short notice and by the wonderful donation from local businesses, artist, bands and music collectors.
    Anyone who missed it, here is video recap thank to InLeague Press. Big Thanks to Bruce and Linda, Barry Levinson, Sharon Quirk, John Mirisch and so many others for showing their support.

  4. I have seen that video before I have made my comment above. There is nothing in there about why he does not have private health insurance.

    The only thing I hear is that he wants socialized medicine and anger in his voice that society owns him something.

    Obviously, he is real punk without any experience of socialized medicine.

    I was 22 years under such care in CSSR.

    Even now in Czech Republic, under the European Socialized medicine, my cousin, age 66, one year younger then I, was let die last week because he was allegedly too old for heart bypass surgery.

    Under the Obama care, if Atta is terminal he would be denied any care and let die.

    Obviously he made some big box in the past and did not save any, and now he blames other for his irresponsible behavior – a typical-left-liberal-socialist.

    So I will play his left-liberal game, and will be Obama, and let him die.

    1. We can put probes on Pluto and 50 years ago we bounced lasers off of the moon. The only reason for anyone to go without care is because of the eugenics programs being implemented by bioethicists, their twisted version of medical economics and the poisoning of our food and water. Stanley I think there was quite a bit of arsenic in your water growing up. I say to all who are reading these keystrokes take charge of your health now before those in authority charge you to charge you off. Diet, injections, and injunctions……..tricks of the trade for the nefarious social engineers.

      1. “Stanley I think there was quite a bit of arsenic in your water growing up”………. Hmmmmm

        Probably so!

        Lot of unexploded bombs on my playground dropped by the USA on Prague in 1945 to destroy industry before communist take over per Yalta agreement by the brain dead FDR.

        Arsenic and led too because we were playing with cast toys from the led – I was casting my own at age 6+ and was licking them.

        However, in contrast to the left-liberal-moron-mongoloids, I still have my shit where it belongs.

        Next year you will get your Obama care then let my know about the arsenic.

        Good part is that you will not need to do this donation crapola for $9,000 because the IRS will come get it or else Pelican Bay gated community.

  5. Gotta love the Internet. It allows people to say what they wouldn’t typically say to someone’s face or without the bravado provided by alcohol.

    Oh look, there’s no Jew or other recipients of his hate to go after on this thread so he redirects his hate and stupidity on a cancer victim. Karma, buddy, karma…

    Speaking of paranoid idiots who’ve filtered into our country…

    1. AS you can see, I am public person and tell it in people’s faces.

      Unfortunately you are hiding yours.

      If Atta or you or any other anonymous coward here wants to publicly debate me, I am available.

      Here you can see me defending second amendment directly into face of Mayor Pulido who I have tried to unseat in 2004, 2006 and 2008 and who recently stated that the 2nd is essentially a hunting permit.

      January 7, 20013 council meeting.

      Just fast forward to public comments – you fucking yellow anonymous coward!

  6. By the way, asshole, learn to read. This also provides help for Mr. Atta’s family. Also, many suffering from cancer and other terminal conditions go through their life savings, lose their home, etc. to cover their share of medical costs that their insurance does not cover. Such ignorance and hate you, from someone with nothing better in his life than blogs to troll and hate to spread. What a wasted life.

    1. Yes I hate left-liberal-progressive-socialists-parasites.

      His family is his problem not society or my problem.

      I am sure that Gov. Brown will take care of his family, welfare, food stems etc. etc. etc.

      I wonder if you idiot will collect for Fullerton’s homeless.

    2. Thank you Eagle. Anybody that has had a family member with medical issues, knows that ins. does not cover it all…..Stanley you have no knowlege in this. So I guess you need to shutup. Damn, foreign nationals. I guess Stanley needs to move back where he came from. OH WAIT, he’s here, why? Could it be freedom of speech, we have to wonder….

    1. Whose the real idiot here? Your grasping at straws, Stanley. You need to shutup, before you look more stupid. OH WAIT, you already write stupid things…..hmmmmmmm Can you say “I love America”? Can you say “I would do anything for the USA”? Can you say “I am a idiot”? I think so.

        1. You are now one…..Stanley and Greg, together you stand as one. The same. Buddies forever. As they say always keep your enemies close. Both of you will be associated forever.
          Greg and Stanley are the same peep……
          Do what?
          your still an idiot…..

  7. “His family is his problem not society or my problem.”

    Fiala, you really need to learn to read as well as become familiar with what a fundraiser is. Unless you choose to help, it costs you nothing, Asswipe. Zero, zilch, nada. I don’t recall anyone asking you for a fucking thing. So why all the whining? Is it because you left your cousin to die, not lifting a finger to help but expecting your country of origin to do it? You let him die and did nothing but blame the country. Shame on you.

    By the way, you’ve been here long enough, learn how to speak full, unbroken sentences.

    1. It shows that it is you who does not understand how to read your own language.

      In his video Atta is driveling about the social medicine which will cost me $10,000 per year or Jail to pay for a “punk rock n’ roller” who spent all his money and was stupid not to put any into 401K or IRA or Life insurance or Health insurance because he considered it capitalistic evil to invest.

      He is classical proof of Darwin theory of an evolution.

      You all are just feeling, feeling, feeling stupid emotional suckers.

      My cousin was in the hands of European Socialized Medicine and nothing can be done you idiot.

      Million Dollars wouldn’t help.

      There is nothing in your leftist brain to understand an evil of the socialism.

      You and Atta are evil, he can’t even pray to the God, leftist!

      Next he will ask everyone to pray for him like this Venezuela’s communist Hugo Chavez.


    1. “not the man fighting for his life”……….. Hmmmmm

      We all are fighting for our life. I may be gone tomorrow but I will leave with a dignity of a sovereign individual as provided by the constitution – not as communist!

  8. Suck it up you heartless bastard.

    I’ve got you so wound up, you’re falling all over yourself. You’re so consumed with hate and self-loathing. You let your cousin suffer and die. Now you must live with that. But rather than take any responsibility, you blame a country and then you turn your hate on anyone here who would help a stranger. Your hate consumes you and you can’t stand the company you keep in your own skin. You need to validate yourself on a blog but you can’t even do that. Be gone you little rodent.

    1. “The Eagle Has Landed”……… Hmmmmmm

      Perhaps in the pile of the shit!

      Please notice, you moron mongoloid, that you will not accomplish anything with your leftist accusations and talking points like “hate” and communist propaganda.

      You are just a nameless troll living in some strange phantasy world of the Shangri-La and a denial caused probably by some horrible childhood abuse experience in union run public school.

  9. ” Please notice, you moron mongoloid, that you will not accomplish anything with your leftist accusations and talking points like “hate” and communist propaganda.”

    Looks like I already did. This was too easy.

    Learn how to spell, too.

    PS I didn’t go to public school. Looks like you’re about as stupid as they come and not just academically.

  10. “I didn’t go to public school”……….. Hmmmmm

    ……. caused probably by some horrible childhood abuse experience during your home schooling.

    Yes you are good speller but your composition sucks! Just left-liberal talking points.

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