Out of Control Government. No Sex in the Cornfields


I just couldn’t resist posting about this. It’s about some Kansan dude who coughed up his jism to a lesbian couple so they could give birth to a daughter.

Everything was going pretty okay, from conception (let’s be courtly and not inquire about the details)  through birth, and early First Five nurturing. But, alas, the lesbians fell upon hard financial times and apparently have put in for taxpayer subsidy for their toddler.

And now Kansas wants DNA Dad to cough up even more – child support!!

Apparently those damn patriarchal Kansas laws require that in the case of welfare there be a daddy. Even the lesbian lobby is mad.

Honestly you couldn’t make this stuff up.

I Aint a Swallerin That Strange But True Watch Your Wallet

30 thoughts on “Out of Control Government. No Sex in the Cornfields

    1. were these people asked permission from the OC register to have their pictures posted in the newspaper?


      Homeless people have a need for privacy just like homed people do if not even more as they are more vulnerable. Kelly Thomas was asked where he slept by the police officers that fatefull night. As a result of his” evasive answer”which reflected his need for privacy the officers deemed him “uncooperative” which then led to his demise. John Berry, a homeless man just east of fullerton was approached by the Anaheim police at his sleeping spot.Not only did they invade his privicy, they photographed him without his permission right at the spot he slept. This action ultimatley led to his vicious death days later as a serial killer sought out that very homeless man who’s picture was placed in the newspaper.http://urbanchristiannews.com/ucn/john-berry-CA-HOMELESS.jpg officer DiCaprio appears to have good intentions on his database catorgorizing and filing the homeless people, but I wonder if he has swithched the tables and put himself in the shoe’s of the street person. What if the homeless went up to his front door and photographed him for a datatbase file so they could feel more comfortable about the officers who are watching them on the streets.Why should the FPD take pictures of fullerton residents when it doesn’t make photographs of its own officers public. Please give the homeless the privacy they and all of us deserve.

  1. I heard that the ladies divorced so they wanted to attach that to his wallet. This should be titled, don’t do anyone any favors.

  2. Dear Harpoon – This is a case of contract law-not local govt. My understanding is that the lesbian couple are bring suit against the sperm donor for child support, esentially under a technicality. Even though the donor contract between the 3 of them specified that the ‘father’ had no responsibility for the child born from his sperm; because the birth mother lied on the birth certificate, stating the father was ‘unknown sperm donor’, the contract between the 3 of them is therefore void.
    Also heard on radio news that the lesbian couple have had 8 children with various sperm donors.

      1. Harpoon – I stand corrected. But, bottom line is it’s a legal matter. Valuable lesson to those wanting to ‘ help’ a needy lesbian or gay couple wanting children. You need to do a search, probably, under ‘reproductive law’. The sperm donor may get screwed on this one. Pun intended.

  3. It looks like they have Golem like lawyer to represent them.

    The issue here is same sex marriage and not farther which forms family.

    Therefore, child support runs with family not with the sex of family members.

    They need smart smart gentile lawyer.

      1. “without a crazy Stanley contibution (sic)”………. Hmmmmm

        Well, it appears that you are intellectually growing not to use the “anti-Semitism” the Zionist’s talking point crapola.

  4. It takes a village these days doesn’t it? Maybe that is why Halliburton and KBR have built villages for FEMA so the villagers can enjoy the permafrost in their underwear. May God help us.

  5. n December 23rd at 10:12 AM a comment was made on The Fullertonian page through Facebook from a profile claiming to be Craig Bradley. The profile seemed to be pretty sparse, as if just created. We recently validated the post on January 3rd through Fullerton Police Public Information Officer Jeff Stuart, and this letter did indeed come from the retired officer himself regarding the claims Officer Ben Lira made in The Nordell’s and the Captain’s Son’s Narcotics Unit. We have re-posted the comment on our site, because The Fullertonian can and will become a forum where people will not be limited by the 3 minutes provided to speakers at council meetings.

    Dear Mr. Alex Stouffer,

    I would like to share some thoughts I had after reading your story “ The Nordell’s & the Captain’s Son’s Narcotic Unit”.

    My name is C.J. Bradley on October 20th 2010 I was the Sergeant in charge of the Fullerton Police Department Narcotic Unit and present at the “Nordell Incident”.

    I retired from the Fullerton Police Department in July 2012 after a 27 year career. I am proud and honored to have served the Citizens of Fullerton during that time.

    In October 2010 I had 4 detectives assigned to my unit. The youngest was 28 at the time, he had been a police officer for 7 years. Another one of my detectives had 19 years experience. The other two were over 30 years of age and each had 7 years experience. The unit had 65 years of combined police experience.

    I ran the unit for 5 years, I was given the privilege by management to hand pick the officers in my unit. I selected persons who were the hardest working, most levelheaded, even-tempered officers who had a history of showing great restraint. These officers needed to work undercover, think on their feet and deal well with stress.

    I selected officers who were not only college educated but also bi-lingual. I had 3 officers who could speak Spanish and one who could speak Farsi. The officers were physically fit and full of energy.

    Along with working Narcotics cases, my unit conducted search warrant services, probation and parole searches and located and arrested wanted persons from cases worked by the other investigative units within the department. For cops who enjoy putting really bad people in jail it’s the best job to have.

    On October 20th 2010 we had been contacted by an Orange County Probation Officer who carried a Fullerton caseload. She asked us to do her a favor and conduct home visits on about eight of her probationers. By law, as terms of their probation, probationers are subject to search at any time without a warrant by law enforcement officers.

    We conducted routine work ups on the various locations we planned to visit, the work ups consisted of criminal backgrounds, calls for service, reviewing past contact information, obtaining photos of the probationers and printing aerial maps of locations from google maps.

    We learned that the probationer living next to the Nordell’s had a history of running from the police, in fact during his last police uniform patrol contact he had fled out the back of his house and into an alley located to the rear.

    I was short one detective that day and the patrol officers working the area were too busy to assist us. I made the decision to keep the unit together for this low-key probation check and ordered the 4 of us to contact the probationer at the back of the house through the back alley.

    My unit was standing to the rear of the location, It was a cul-de-sac so the lots are pie shaped in the back, I used my personal i phone and the printed google map we had brought with up. I used those tools and my best guess to determine which house was the probationers. I made a mistake, I was wrong.

    We entered the property through an unlocked rear gate and walked up to the glass rear door of the Nordell’s home. One of my detectives knocked on the door. The detective said a woman was inside the home walking towards the door. The detective was wearing a vest with a badge and the word “POLICE” across his chest. The detective yelled, “Police probation search open the door”. The detective said that the woman looked at him, said something, turned around and walked back towards the kitchen. I told the detective to open the unlocked door and call to her. He opened the door and at my direction the 4 of us entered. Mr. and Mrs. Nordell were now walking towards us, we were announcing we were the police and we were there for a probation search. None of my detectives pointed their guns at anyone, no one was handcuffed, searched, or ordered to the floor. Mrs. Nordell quickly convinced us we were at the wrong location.

    18 seconds to be exact, 18 seconds from the time my unit entered to the time I was apologizing for making a big mistake and entering the Nordell’s home in error. I gave my business card to the Nordell’s explained what we were doing and I how I had screwed up. The Nordell’s thanked us for trying to clean up the neighborhood. Although rightfully upset, as I would have been myself. The Nordell’s were laughing and seemed to accept my apology and explanation.

    The incident was recorded on our department issued recorders.

    We went next door, arrested the person we were looking for and apologized to the Nordell’s once again before we left.

    I told my Captain what had happened, I was chastised by him, investigated and later received departmental discipline for my error.

    This was the only disciple I received in my 27-year career.

    To my knowledge mistaken entries such as this had happen on 2 other occasions in the past 30 years in the City of Fullerton but I was not part of the other incidents and no one was hurt as a result of those mistakes either.

    During my 5 years supervising the Narcotics unit we went through more that a 1000 doors never being wrong. I regret I chose the wrong door on this day. I was responsible for this mistake, Officers sometimes make mistakes. This was the worst mistake I made in my 27-year career. I praise the lord no one was injured by my carelessness.

    I should have known the Nordell’s neighborhood better. In 1993 while serving a narcotics search warrant, just two doors from the Nordell’s home I entered a house and armed suspect fired a handgun at me, the round went between my legs and hit the wall behind me. The suspect was convicted of attempted murder on a police officer and served 12 years in prison.

    Mr. Lira indicates that he feels that one of my detectives, Tim Petropulos was not qualified to be a police officer or had not earned the right to work in a specialty assignment.

    I know that Tim Petropulos is one of the smartest, kindest, hardworking persons I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I selected Tim Petropulos for my unit because he possessed the qualities I mention earlier. His father had no influence on my decision to select Tim.

    I know that before becoming a police officer Tim Petropulos earned bachelors degree in business. Petropulos scored and ranked number one in both the Corporal and Sergeants promotional exams.

    I know that Tim Petropulos has earned the rank of Sergeant not because his father had been a Captain at Fullerton PD but despite of that fact. Tim Petropulos’ father, John Petropulos had long retired before Tim had earned his last promotion.

    I once again apologize to the Nordell’s, the Citizens of Fullerton and to my fellow officers for my mistake. I pray that the Nordell’s forgive me for my mistake.

    I worked with and supervised Mr. Lira for many years, there were many reasons why I did not select Mr. Lira to work in my unit.

    I do not know what motivates Mr. Lira but I do wish him peace in the future.

    Seasons Greetings,


    Retired Fullerton Police Sergeant”

    1. “I was not part of the other incidents and no one was hurt as a result of those mistakes either”………… Hmmmmm

      If you wouldn’t be a moron mongoloid COP you would realize, somewhere in your 27 year career, that the WAR ON DRUGS is unconstitutional.

      I was once a member of Civil Air Patrol as a search and rescue pilot, first lieutenant, Squadron 40 located on Fullerton Airport.

      We were flying drug and illegal crossing related flights to Mexico’s border. However, I have never participated because I consider it in violation of my higher moral principles.

      After 911 they start planing really sick unconstitutional activities with Homeland Security so I have quit.

      By doing so, I have gave up flying as the USA Air Force Auxiliary pilot, which I have loved a lot, simply because there are certain human behaviors in which I would never participate.

      I would never sign a contract with the devil to satisfy my ego as I could as the Air force Officer in my CSSR homeland so I have vent to the exile too.

      In contrast you have hurt lot of people and never realized it.

      The war on drugs is probably the bloodiest war ever conducted by any government against its civilian population and the 2nd amendment was written to fight such government.

  6. Go to The Fullertonian website.

    Perhaps this is the first in the series of articles in The Fullertonian that Ben Lie-ra said were coming. I hope his YouTube video is as good as this! Maybe it’s a video of him being arrested for domestic battery.

  7. All men should boycott marriage.

    My advice to all young men is NEVER enter into the sacrament of matrimony.

    And NEVER plant the seed unless you are prepared to be a debt slave.

    Ignore my advice at your own peril!

    All males: BOYCOTT MARRIAGE.

    (And I am happily married, btw. I just got damned lucky)

  8. Sergeant Bradley, congratulations on your retirement and service to the community.Having worked undercover for another agency gave me the pleasure of working with both yourself and sergeant Petropulos. Everything you stated is spot on As I was acutely aware of your concern and accordance with search and swizure.I saw the time , effort and cordination it took to execute a warrant safely , effectively . I have no axe here as when I worked with officer Lira indirectely he was always professional. No issues and a good cop. The officers I have worked with over the years were exactly as sergeant Bradley described, and we used our personalities and ability to communicate quickly to do our jobs.Mr. Petropulos is a great guy, hard working cop who is always looking to get better.He has a dynamic personality that can even get the most hardened criminal who hates cops to comply. His personality has got him to where he is today. I cannot bring that kind of entertainment value to the table, but i can see when when others do. I am proud to have worked with all those who worked undercover for the various units, who would have given there life for mine without hesitation,as I would have for any or all of them.

    1. Proper Policing would seem to be needed by starting with your own, as they have done the most damage to the city and county.

      The Fullerton Police Department Are the Bullies In Blue
      Long before officers beat Kelly Thomas to death, the city’s cops ran roughshod over anyone and everyone
      Comments (41) By MARISA GERBER

      “Hampton paused for a few seconds and announced in a mocking tone that he’d arrested Quiñonez for being drunk in public. Since he hadn’t had a drink all night, he asked to be given a Breathalyzer test; the officer refused. Hampton then grabbed Quiñonez’s head, slammed it against a wall, applied pressure to his head for several seconds with his elbow, then shoved him into the cruiser and drove to the department’s headquarters.” -OCWeekly

  9. “We spoke to Joe Felz and he told us that the process of administrative action followed the normal course and was not affected by any outside influence.

    We have contacted Dan Hughes but have not heard back from him yet.”

    1. “…a thousand less, calls for service per month (FPD)…”

      When people stop calling and asking for help, criminality and evil become ingrained into the “Fabric of Society”, and become a generational issue, it has happened in many many places, even very nearby.

        1. In a free and open society, the law and their servants should not deter good people and their good works, as criminality did for thousands and thousands of years.

  10. In the normal course of things, a child is created from one man conjoining with one woman and both are assumed to be responsible for raising the child. Government should only enter the situation if one or both parents refuse responsability and leave the child to the responsability of the community.

    With the miracles of modern day science, many states have written laws to exempt “natural” parents from the normal liablilites eminating from the normal course of nature. People should know that these are narrowly enacted laws to exempt a man being reponsible for the product of his own sperm or a woman from the product of her own womb. The laws vary from state to state.

    If these laws ate not followed precisely with the proper guidance of state licensed individuals, then the thousands of years old standards may prevail.

    Progenitor beware!

    1. Its Contractual Law, where the stakes, consequences and emotions are much much higher, always be very sure and careful with any contract and Lawyer.

  11. The state dictated that a “licensed physician” be involved to make sure there is a donation rather than just fun sex insemination that could be denied later.

    Still, the facts should be considered. Mom used a turkey baster instead of a male phallus; DNA dad had no physical or emotional connection to the conception. No one is denying these facts.

  12. “DNA dad had no physical or emotional connection to the conception”……….. Hmmmmm

    Without the “physical or emotional connection” to his penis the DNA dad couldn’t ejaculate as a necessary element to the conception.

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