Who Opposes The Recall and Supports Doug Chaffee?

This guy. That’s who.

That would be former Redevelopment Director and big Fullerton pension recipient Gary Chalupsky.

Some may remember Chalupsky for his long string of embarrassing boondoggles and Redevelopment expenditures of questionable legality – like building the Muckenthaler amphitheater which is not even in a Redevelopment project area.

Just type in “Redevelopment” in our search box and knock yourself out. From the Knowlwood fiasco and North Platform smash up to The City Lights debacle and the humiliating Poisoned Park disaster, Chalupsky was there every inept, unaccountable step of the way. For well over ten years. Plenty of time to get vested in CalPERS.

Gary Chalupsky was the guy who proved beyond all doubt that Fullerton was very much for sale. Ever wonder where the 100 East section of Whiting Avenue went? Ask Chalupsky.

Others may also remember this upstanding individual for his phony “retirement” and immediate double-dip that was countenanced by an incompetent council who seemed to think Chalupsky knew what he was doing.

Redevelopment is now thankfully dead. But it feathered a lot of nests along the way.

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  1. Yes Gary C. was useless, but let’s remember that his disastrous decisions were aided and abetted by the city councils, who with the exception of Norby went along with all the nonsense. Of course that includes Bankhead and Jones

  2. Chalupsky turned out to be a douchebag. Just a puppet of Armstrong and Dudley. Of course he opposes the recall. Those people ran cover for all his f-ups for a decade.

  3. I find it odd that so many Fullerton department heads live in the city. In Anaheim, (exception of Fire and Police Chiefs) the big wigs live in south county, where they do not have to live with the decisions they dump on residents.

  4. You can thank the Chamber of Commerce and a couple of those downtown centered benevolent social organizations for their condoning and promoting of ALL the shenanigans orchestrated by the past RDA.
    The McDonalds fiasco is probably the most open case.

  5. O I have my own signs, to be placed near these…this is my favorite time of the year…you can put up posters all around town and it takes them a day or two to figure if they are real or not…love this.

  6. I never heard of so many “redevelopment” projects as I have heard of in Fullerton -there were not as many here is the LF area.

    Is this a Fullerton thing or are there other cities who had to deal with this too?

    In LF there was a huge redevelopment project that began in 2004 and ended in 2008-turning a few old retail stores into a bunch of restaurants and retail facilities.
    I don’t see much of anything else, a widening of a trail in 2009 that ended in early 2012.

    Since then, nothing that I know of.

    1. That’s why Redevelopment is referred to as “The Unknown Government.” It’s the only way cities are allowed to go into massive debt without taxpayer approval. Redevelopment agencies have every incentive to keep their activities quiet.

  7. The houses that erect the “Stop the Recall” signs are like following a treasure map that tells you where all the redevelopment money that they plundered over the years is buried.

    I hope someone’s keeping track to make it easier for the forensic auditors when they come in to try and trace the missing funds.

    1. That, or the signs are in the lawns of those union goons who have the most to gain from an fiscally inept and helplessly compliant city council.

  8. Chalupsky was the idiot who assigned the development rights for the SRO to the crook Mithaiwala even though he had no authority to do so. That was covered up by Flory Bankhead and HeeHaw.

  9. I sincerely hope that the same people that supported the effort to preserve West Coyote Hills remember that it was Don Bankhead and Dick Jones that voted to let Pacific Coast (Chevron) develop it.

    This is the REAL reason that their allies they worked so hard to get Pat McKinley onto the City Council so that they would have a shill for their development schemes.


    1. Excellent point FL. This needs to be brought up a lot more. From FPD to the water tax to Coyote Hills to redevelopment – Bankhead, Jones and McKinley have been on the wrong side of every major issues in Fullerton.

  10. Reality Is :
    Union goons rule.

    …I believe it’s at 1:45 of the tape that none other than Barry Coffman and Robert Kirk.

    These two officers are also the Fullerton Police Officer Union President and Vice_President sucking up overtime on a Saturday afternoon to issue citations to people for making too much noise in the middle of the day, while every bar in downtown Fullerton is allowed to make all the noise they want until 2 in the morning.


    1. What the union goons Coffman and Kirk didn’t know is that there is a natural precedent for honking that goes back thousands of years…

      Scientists think this honking has two effects on the entire flock. First off, it probably allows the geese to locate each other, in order to avoid hitting one other. Secondly, and possibly more important, it is widely thought that this honking is a way of encouraging one another, in order to keep up flock moral. By honking, geese are able to communicate their mutual success, and really put forth a full effort for the entire flock.

    2. And while you at it, check out (in the video FL has in his post above), Transparency Hughes, on the balcony, next to his friends, knowing full well what those radio calls to that cop were all about- good PR move, such drama…rip those tickets up later.

  11. I had to make my own homespun sign for the front lawn…but I like it. It says:
    RECALL? YES!!!!

  12. “Muckenthaler amphitheater ” So he’s the SOB, that turned the neighborhood into a summer disco….BTW…the Muckethaler’s are the worst slum lords of commerial land…..

    1. No, that honor goes to the Bushala family who were in their heyday the biggest, most obnoxious slumlords in Fullerton. Gary Chalupsky as well as other city staffers battled with the Bushalas for years over their shit hole properties because the Bushalas felt they were entitled to flaunt building and zoning codes whenever they liked. Thus, Tony’s lingering bitterness and the reason he allows the posting of photographs and locations of his enemies’ homes on this website. Maybe he’s hoping one of the many mental defectives that frequent this site will pay these people and their families a vist…..let’s hope not.

      1. Tony’s “lingering bitterness” is simply the foul taste that a Fullerton citizen encounters when that citizen is dealing with our local government or their inept and immoral employees.

        I don’t like the taste of bullshit either.

        How about you?

      2. Mental defectives? You mean like Ramos, Wolfe, Cicinelli, Hampton, Rincon, Goodrich, Major, Mejia, Mater, Siliceo, Tong, McKinley, etc.?

        The quite an honor guard.

  13. The signs basically mean he supports the old boys club unless they are kicked out in which case he supports the guy that most resembles the old boys club members.

  14. Doug is our guy unlike kriger or what ever that carpet bagger name is promising jobs to the Vishal boys is a fraud and does not have a plan of action like Doug does.

  15. Tiny Tiny Tony Bushala & Erick kriger are promising jobs to voters as my friends states he was approached and told a vote for Eric would get him a job after the election.

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