Ron Paul is Coming to Fullerton TONIGHT!

Well, how about that? The only presidential candidate who opposes imperialist wars, big bank bailouts, the failed drug war, unaccountable federal bureaucracies and the constant creep of government into our personal lives will be addressing a large crowd at Cal State Fullerton tonight (Wednesday) at 7:00 pm.

The event has been moved to CSUF’s Titan Stadium to accommodate the large crowd that is expected. Go here to get a voucher that is supposed to get you in as early as 6:00 pm.

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  1. As a big Ron Paul supporter, I will be there! You summed him up quite nicely. While he gained more traction with this election, unfortunately, it’s just not enough to overcome the blithering poor excuses of candidates (Dems & Repugs), people are voting into office. I just don’t understand the stupidity practiced by the majority of voters….bunch of sheep! Go Ron Paul!!! Continue speaking the truth. He’s the only one that ever made sense to me. Sorry I got on a rant there, but our political system is sooo ridiculously aggravating!

  2. Review of OC officers done in homeless man’s death

    FULLERTON, Calif. (AP) — Fullerton officials say an independent consultant has given the city’s police department his internal affairs review of how officers responded in an incident that left a homeless man dead last July, but the contents will be kept under wraps.

    Fullerton City Attorney Richard Jones says the review was presented to Acting Police Chief Dan Hughes on Tuesday, and its contents are not being made public because it deals with personnel matters.

    Kelly Thomas, an unarmed homeless man, died five days after a July 5 confrontation with six Fullerton police officers.

    Charges have been filed against two of the officers involved in the incident. A preliminary hearing for both is scheduled for May 7.

    Jones says Hughes will be preparing appropriate notices to affected members of the department.

    1. “Fullerton City Attorney Richard Jones says the review was presented to Acting Police Chief Dan Hughes on Tuesday, and its contents are not being made public because it deals with personnel matters.”
      … So much for the new policy of transparency.We wouldn’t want to intrude on the personal matters of misconduct of those we pay to police the community.

      1. Come on! So we toss out all the personnel rules because ‘the people need to know’. Violating these ‘dumb’ rules protect the City from being sued for slandering an employee; and, yes it protects employees, God forbid! A little patience.

  3. I’ll be out there registering Republicans so they can vote for Ron Paul and our great slate of liberty Republicans running for Central Committee.

    I’m sure the three Republicans targeted for recall in Fullerton won’t be there and I hope I see the pro recall GOP candidates there meeting all their new first time young voters.

    1. As a former Democratic Party supporter I will be there to support the best candidate in this election BY FAR and will be proudly voting for Dr. Paul in the Repuglican primary and presidential election, even as a write-in if necessary.

      1. I don’t need his permission for anything political unlike a lot of other Central Committee members. He is firmly in the Romney camp where he has no chance of appealing to young voters and others that have left the party because the brand has been so trashed by own elected Republicans. If people thought Schwarzenegger was bad, wait until they get the national version of him in Romney.

  4. Ron Paul is a great American. His son will hopefully be president someday. If only we had more people in America that respected our freedoms and libertys.

    1. I hope he has another son because the only one I know of is Rand, and he’s a first class douchebag. How many milliseconds after he won the Senate Primary was he at Mitch McConnell’s feet begging to get hooked up with big money? Rand Paul the small government crusader my ass.

      1. Nipsey – I have some suspicions of Rand too and prefer Ron by far, but let’s give Rand a little credit. He’s held up a major new stupid drug banning bill that would have been passed by the Senate, and he’s voted the right way on NDAA and all the rest of the civil liberties-destroying bills that the Dems have basically rubber-stamped.

    1. because if ron paul was presdient, the slidebar putting a hit on a harmless homeless man would have just been perfectly legal in the first place, because free market

      1. Not sure you understand his platform. Ron Paul stands for individual freedom for everyone, including the most vulnerable among us (that includes homeless people).

        Gov’t only does 1 thing right, and that is guarantee our fundamental freedoms, including the freedom not to be murdered by the police.

        If Dr. Paul were president, he would protect us FROM the abusive state.

        1. Exactly right. No more militarization of police, racial profiling and legalized torture with a RP presidency. Unlike Obama, under whom all these problems are just getting worse.

        2. no he wants freedom for anyone to do whatever they want as long as they are rich and powerful enough, including putting hits out on vulnerable people

          ron paul believes poor people should just lift themselves up by their bootstraps and deserve no protections or help whatsoever, and that kelly thomas should have tried just not having mental issues instead of being a burden on society

          1. When the intellectual debate is lost, just start among things up.

            You represent everything wrong with contemporary liberalism. Thank you for reminding me of why I have left the mainstream Democratic party forever.

            1. the democratic party isnt leftist, it’s center-right, i hope this helps

              im sorry its difficult for you to talk with people outside of your echo chamber

              1. I never said it was leftist, obviously. I can talk and listen to anybody but they need facts, not propogandistic rhetoric to convince me.

  5. Anonymous, the reason why I ask is the topic/post is Ron Paul. Why did Kelly Thomas come into it? Just asking why the wandering thoughts….there are other posts that address Kelly Thomas. Kind of refreshing to see something about Ron Paul on this blog.

  6. As the chairman of the House Financial Sub-Committee would someone please ask Ron Paul to do his damn job and start calling out the Wall Street criminals in a public forum???

    Has Paul tried to subpeona the WS bad boys so he can grill them during the course of their open testimonies? Of course not.

    Ron puts on a good show. But when it comes right down to the nitty gritty he a huge fail just like all the rest of his brothers and sisters on Capital Hill.

    Of course, none of the bait swallowing students at CSF will call him out. They will be too much in awe of his celebrity status.

    And the status quo marches on!!!

    1. He started with Bernanke I believe, and that was fun to watch. then on to Tim Gauthier… another then the Unocal CEO and his team… I could go on… but I won’t waste my time on you.

      1. Stay on point, info. Wall Street crooks. When did Ron Paul dress down the Wall Street crooks since occupying the chair seat on the House financial sub-committee?

        The fact is ….. he hasn’t. Now ask yourself “why?”

        Play detective. 😉

        1. Huh? When did the legislative branch become responsible for criminal enforcement? Would you like Ron Paul to dress down Barry Bonds too?

          1. Ron Paul is an elected representative. He participates in enacting laws and can insist that they be enforced too. But he’s silent. And silence = complicity.

    1. You unfortunately typify liberal critics of RP. Nothing to say about his policies and their clear moral superiority to those of the Democratic party. Great to see thinking and dialogue replaced by illiteracy and obscenity.

        1. quite powerful accusations Anna, I’m sure you can back that up with a fact based argument right? racist? Economical illiterate? we’re all waiting for you insightful teachings.

            1. Well, that certainly must mean RP has a freshly laundered white hooded sheet in his closet- There’s the proof, he is posing for a picture with some people at a gathering.

            2. One cannot ascend the ladder of the power structure unless one has been photographed in the company of those which can destroy reputations and videoed doing and saying heinous things. This is how the power brokers keep the puppets in line. Its called the “ace in the hole” or as more commonly referred to as “blackmail”. Any one who is someone has got their dirt cataloged and guaranteed it is there for the taking if the political minion’s lockstep walk goes a little awry.

            3. Anna, the declaration of independence and the Constitition that gives you and the rest of us equality and free speech was written by slaveholders. should we negate these documents and live under a politically correct dictatorship?

        2. Paul’s proposal to legalize drugs and declare amnesty for anyone convicted of a non-violent drug crime would do more for racial minorities in the US than any law since the Civil Rights Act. If you don’t believe me read The New Jim Crow by African-American lawyer Michelle Alexander. The charges of racism against Paul have been orchestrated by Republican strategist Frank Luntz. The fact that you and so many liberals have fallen for this cheap tactic are symptomatic of the decline of critical thinking in the age of mass media propoganda. As far economic illiteracy, why I don’t agree with every tenet of the Austrian school some of their proposals such as lack of liability limits against corporations are truly revolutionary in their emancipatory potential. And the willingness to let big banks fail and stop corporate subsidies would be huge steps forward. You need to look a little deeper than the mainstream media and Dem/Rep consensus. Paul is not perfect, nobody is, but on most issues he is far ahead of Obama. People concerned with social justice and ending imperialist wars and the racist drug war should be flocking to support him. Their failure to so so just proves that their real concerns are not justice or the sanctity of human life but instead narrow partisan concerns, party politics and ideological rigidity.

          1. “People concerned with social justice and ending imperialist wars and the racist drug war should be flocking to support him.” we do and in return we are given perjurative labels by the socialist left and RINOs

    2. I love Ron Paul-Go Dr Paul and his quote that he will “never vote for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution”.[

  7. Hey Admin,
    just a tip – the voucher may be designed only for students. I saw a poster on campus saying students could get those and show up at 6, general public at 6:30. Not sure if anyone will be checking though.

    And by the way great description of RP’s policies above. You highlighted every reason I’ll be voting for him.

  8. Agreed, Jt! And the vouchers are not limited to students only. Also, I’m 54, so it’s not just the young that are on board with an honest politician. Yes, I said, “honest”. Say what you want about him, but Ron Paul is the only one who stays consistent with his message.

  9. The bait swallowers are out in mass! Hey, when you see Ron would you ask him if he payed back the government for getting double reimbursements on at least 30 of his business airline tickets – as reported by Roll Call??? He was getting reimbursed once by his crony political organization and once by Uncle Sugar. No doubt it was an accounting mixup and old Ron was just shocked to hear about it 😉

    Maybe one of the kids in the audience will ask him about it. The reporters certainly won’t since all of them belong to the same club as Ron. Hear no evil, see no evil, say no evil!!! 😀

    1. I also like the part where he published racist shit under his name for decades and made millions off of it then claimed he never read it, then goes on to spout the same racist shit

      And I gotta hand it to him that the gold standard thing is a great idea… for him since he owns a bunch of interest in gold and gold mining. It’d be a disaster for the rest of us though!

      The part where his district gets more federal funds per dollars paid in taxes (#3 in the nation iirc) is pretty fucking adorable, too. Lolbertarianism.

      1. I enjoy talking to Paul supporters about what they think would actually happen if we returned to the gold standard. It’s one of the most extreme policy changes imaginable, yet few have much sense of what it would do. (Go ahead, anyone, take a whack at it!)

        To be fair, Anna, I don’t think that he favors the gold standard so that he can personally profit. I think that he invests in gold-related enterprises because he favors the gold standard.

        1. I thought you said municipal bankruptcy was too radical. Now the gold standard? What’s next? Is the Constitution to radical for you?

          1. No, the Constitution is not too radical for me. I’m devoted to protecting it, in fact.

            I’m happy to talk to you about the gold standard. What do you think that moving to the gold standard would do for our economy, positive and negative, and why?

            I’m also happy to talk about municipal bankruptcy, but that seems off-topic for this post.

            Is there a reason that you need to hide these questions behind a pseudonym, by the way? There’s nothing wrong with your asking them.

            1. Problem is Greg “Golem” Diamond that you have no clue about what you are talking about.

              Furthermore, my experience with you is teaching me that it would be a waste of the time to teach you about currency value and in the and, I would be accuse by idiot you of the anti-antisemitism anyway.

              For these of you who believe in the Gold standard this is the only way to go so the left-liberal-progressive-socialist, like Golem, cant print the money.

              You can’t print the Gold.

              1. “You can’t print the Gold” and that can be disastrous. The Wizard of Oz is a wonderful allegorical legacy of that point. Very eye opening. Those Presidents brave enough who chose the 3rd rail option as I call it-greenback currency-ALL got a bullet in the head. “United States Notes” were what did Kennedy in. The schools intentionally dumb our kids down and the media has turned the average person into a “consumer” instead of a “citizen”. The churches spray the sleeping gas of Romans 13 and dispensationalism. I would urge all of you to familiarize yourselves with what is truly leading to our Nation’s demise. It is vital that we get off the couch and unplug from the matrix before it is too late.Look your kids in the eyes real deep tonight if you have any and ponder anew your role in society. It is vital.

      2. poor in education, Anna, gold is nothing more than a symbol of wealth. Ron Paul favors the gold standard because it only allows a government to spend its weight in gold. Realistically, the gold standard is a noble belief that all nations will subscribe to this economic strategy. Honestly, our global competitors won’t play by the gold standard rules because it would make them less competitive in trade.

  10. Oh, btw, old Ron is real tough on illegal immigration. He wants to shut down the borders but if illegals happen to sneak through and infiltrate your neighborhoods he want to let them stay!!! 😀

    I can’t make this stuff up, folks!!! I am describing your soldier for freedom and liberty! The problem is he is for the freedom and liberty of Wall Street criminals and illegal foreigners. He’s not interested in YOUR freedom and liberty!!! 😀

      1. You can’t attack truthful comments so you attack the messenger?

        Thanks for validating my posts!

          1. Stop it.

            Anyone who follows Ron Paul KNOWS that he is the sitting chairman on the House financial sub-committee. When is the last time he issued a subpeona to a Wall Street thug and grilled him in open testimony??? You tell me.

            Google Roll Call and do a data search on Ron Paul and airline tickets. Google is you friend.

            And Ron Paul has PUBLICLY stated that he is not in favor of deporting illegal foreigners. So once they swarm across the border and invade your neighborhood as far as Ron Paul is concerned it’s HANDS OFF. No enforcement. Alle alle auch sind frei!!!!

            The truth is often a painful thing. Let it break through your denial.

              1. Facts are facts. Easy to research. Google is your buddy.

                But if it makes you feel good to drop to your hand and knees before Ron Paul without thinking critically – do what makes you feel good. That’s what it’s all about in 2012.

            1. Ron Paul is a true Statesman. However with much regret I sadly as of late I must concur Just Us. Ron Paul has not tenaciously battled like he has in the past. Some conjecture that this phenomenon is due to his age however I disagree. Ironically his support base has the zeal and dedication the likes of which I have never seen in all of my years. I believe he has obviously been shown what waters he can and cannot tread into. I also believe that for him there have been some carefully chosen associations made in order to discredit him as well. He clearly has gotten the “talk” so to speak. With that being said, no one can dispute that he has an absolutely sterling Constitutional voting record. While I may disagree with him on his gold standard currency platform ( the wizard of oz is a great allegorical legacy left to us to outline the gold standard’s pitfalls) I find that I am rarely at odds with any of his positions. Unfortunately for many years he has been mocked, ridiculed, marginalized and demonized and his supporters deemed as tin foil hat wearers. I can tell you that the truth is stranger than fiction and those that are turning our Constitutional Republic into a bankrupt Neo-fascist feudalistic police state have another thing coming. All the IQ reducing eugenicist programs directed at our young people and their minds are no match for the principles Ron Paul espouses such as sound foreign policy, calling out the Federal Reserve, sound money and the Rule of Constitutional Law. You cannot kill an idea and the truth will ALWAYS stand on its own. For those of you who are still in denial, I suggest you educate yourselves on the issues that are leading to this nations demise. Some may not agree but I feel, although not political mirror images,not since Barry Goldwater have we come this close to putting some real solutions on the table. We are at a crossroads as a nation as the old guard is losing control as the dinosaur mainstream media fades in terms of its relevance and control. The information war being waged by those hell bent on destroying this great nation is being lost to the technology that they intend to enslave us with. Ron Paul at this point has been curtailed by the power brokers and Just Us, I agree that he has to a major extent been neutered and censored by the media. Lets face it, the libertarian ideology is a genuine threat to the power structure and they know that. The hourglass is really running out of sand as the technocracy knows that the genie is out of the bottle. We must begin to clean up at the local level as this is where the rubber truly will meet the road. It is up to us to pick up where he has been forced to leave off. The ideas that Ron Paul has injected into the last 2 presidential campaigns will forever burn in the minds of men long after he is off the stage. The question is whether WE will have the guts to stand for them at all costs and as Americans we are dutifully bound.

          2. Ron Paul wants to:

            * define life as starting at conception:

            * build a fence along the US-Mexico border:

            * prevent the Supreme Court from hearing Establishment Clause cases or the right to privacy (a bill which he has repeatedly re-introduced:

            * pull out of the UN:

            * disband NATO:

            * end birthright citizenship:

            * deny federal funding to any organisation “which presents male or female homosexuality as an acceptable alternative life style or which suggest that it can be an acceptable life style”:

            * and abolish the Federal Reserve:

            * in order to put America back on the gold standard:

            * He was also the sole vote against divesting US federal government investments in corporations doing business with the genocidal government of the Sudan:

            Oh, and he

            * believes that the Left is waging a war on religion and Christmas:

            * is against gay marriage:

            * is against the popular vote:

            * wants the estate tax repealed:

            * is STILL making racist remarks:

            * believes that the Panama Canal should be the property of the United States:

            * and believes in New World Order conspiracy theories:

            * not to mention his belief that the International Baccalaureate program is UN mind control:

            1. You just sold me on Paul. I was going to vote for Romney (lesser of evils and all) but your points high-light great reasons to vote PAUL! Thanks.

              Ron Paul wants to:

              * define life as starting at conception:

              * build a fence along the US-Mexico border:

              * prevent the Supreme Court from hearing Establishment Clause cases or the right to privacy (a bill which he has repeatedly re-introduced:

              * pull out of the UN:

              * disband NATO:

              * end birthright citizenship:

              * deny federal funding to any organisation “which presents male or female homosexuality as an acceptable alternative life style or which suggest that it can be an acceptable life style”:

              * and abolish the Federal Reserve:

              * in order to put America back on the gold standard:

              * He was also the sole vote against divesting US federal government investments in corporations doing business with the genocidal government of the Sudan:

              Oh, and he

              * believes that the Left is waging a war on religion and Christmas:

              * is against gay marriage:

              * is against the popular vote:

              * wants the estate tax repealed:

              * is STILL making racist remarks:

              * believes that the Panama Canal should be the property of the United States:

              * and believes in New World Order conspiracy theories:

              * not to mention his belief that the International Baccalaureate program is UN mind control:

              1. You’ve now gotten to the point where I can’t tell what you really believe. Except for the “racist remarks” part, lots of people here would go along with that whole list. Do you think that they’re all equally screwy? Or, for that matter, all equally good?

            2. Great summary, Anna. Ron Paul is a turd in the punch bowl. He’s an extremist tin foil hat wearing kook which is why so many on this blog support him. He is indeed a well- known racist and homophobe. His extremist views will forever relegate him to fringe candidate status, much like Libertarians in general. Fringe elements are never to be taken seriously.

              1. Ridiculous. As I explained above, his policies on the drug war alone would do more for African Americans than anything Obama has ever done or will do.

                He is not against gay marriage by the way. He thinks the Federal government has no business passing laws about marriage, period. That would make it a states right issue.

                1. As a lesbian, let me tell you something. This might shock people, but the ONLY person I will vote for in 2012 is…Ron Paul!!!!

                  Why? Well, let me think. He said it best during several of his debates and speeches. To paraphrase: “We don’t need affirmative action or special rights for African-Americans or Latinos or women or anything. No one is any more special than anyone else, we are all humans and should have HUMAN rights.”

                  That is why I support him. I’m not looking for special rights, I’m looking for EQUAL rights.

            3. Hey Anna,
              Why don’t you do your own research? you just cribbed this stuff from here: Plus the links are old and most of them don’t work.

              Read here for Ron Paul’s statements on what he would do if elected president. The bottom line – he’d fund entitlement programs with with cuts to defense and war, grandfather in those who have been paying into them, and give the option of private investement choices to younger people.

              Paul is the logical choice for true progressives. Cutting the military budget in half in year one, making the CIA an intelligent gathering only entity (no more coups overthrowing democratically elected governments that we don’t like because they want to kick our oil companies out), ending our foreign wars, ending the drug war, restoring civil liberties, getting rid of the Patriot Act and NDAA, freeing non-violent drug offenders, not bailing out Wall St, exposing corporations to full liability in lawsuits so for example major polluters could be litigated into bankruptcy – these are practically “new left” 60s-era positions.

              That’s why the cream of the crop of progressives in the US support Paul. Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, Glen Greenwald, Alexander Cockburn for starters.

              Here’s the best thing I’ve read on why Ron Paul is far more progressive than Obama:

              And from the other side, here’s a money quote:
              ““I think that he is absolutely the most liberal, radical left-wing person to run for president in the United States in the last 50 years.” Dick Morris on Fox News.

    1. I applaud that humanitarian stance on illegal immigration. Who are you supporting by the way? Genghis Khan isn’t running.

    2. You sir are an idiot, Ron Paul believes that fences are a good way to keep people in against their will – So no Ron Paul would say no such thing.

  11. I wish Ron Paul the best in the Republican California primary contest. I overestimated his appeal going into the GOP primaries overall, probably due to being surrounded by Paul supporters here, and if the 2012 campaign has done nothing else it’s given us a decent sounding of what proportion of political support he does have.

    For Paul — especially because he won’t have won the five states he needs to get his name placed into nomination at the convention — winning California would be the capstone of his years of running for the Presidency. (Even winning Orange County against “Rmoney” would be a coup for him.)

    I look forward to a fight that will tell us what the Republican Party in California and in Orange County is really about. I just wish that Paul had been willing to take Romney on as strongly as I had thought he would during the debates. He pulled his punches there (I guess for fear of helping Gingrich and Santorum, and maybe out of concern for his son’s career); if he had gone after him hammer and tongs, who knows whether Romney would now be the nominee.

    1. Greg,
      Romney is not the nominee yet… it’s about delegates not what the MSM says it is… It appears we may just have a Brokered Convention after all… If he pulls 50% of the CA delegates ,(that’s about 85) he’ll get what he planed and that’s a boat load of delegates at the convention…

      1. I understand the argument, but my reading of the people who seem to be most aware of the procedures say otherwise. They would still be committed to Romney on the first ballot and there won’t be a separate ballot. If they try to violate their pledges on the first ballot, the Rules Committee (or whatever they call it) will disallow it.

        I could be snotty and offer to put money on it, but I realize that you’re commenting in good faith. I just think that it’s wishful thinking on your part. Remember also that delegates in CA are mostly winner-take-all by congressional district; I suspect that Paul’s support is more concentrated than Romney’s. We’ll see.

        1. I think Matt Cunningham has a double, albeit on the oppisite side of the aisle in Greg Diamond, but the same loudmouth, pontificating drivel………….

          There is a Dylan song somewhere about Matt and Greg, it escapes me in the haze.

          1. Oh, look, two people skeered to write under their own names think I talk too much. That’ll shore learn me not to explain delegate selection procedures in the Republican primary!

            1. I don’t understand why you have a stick up your butt about people who don’t use real names when they post on a community blog-why is that so damned important to you to the point that you feel sure those who use monikers are cowards and call them that?

              What do you plan on doing with that info anyway?

              There are various situations in which a person might choose to withhold their identity-they may risk being ostracized in their community or even fired from their job if they say something controversial or accusatory or they may just not want to reveal who they are, real journalists understand this and don’t act like they are superior to those who don’t want to reveal their identity.

              That doesn’t make a person a coward because you just gotta know.

              In the US, one doesn’t have to self identify when requested by Greg Diamond or Larry Bennett.

              Oh, and BTW there is a difference between pseudonymity and anonymity,
              if you just “gotta” know who a person is that posts, then go read Wall Street Jounal.

              No one here cares what you harp on or what your opinion is on things, evidently, even with the use of your real name-you are still considered a person with no credibility.

              1. As noted above he will keep at it until all the oxygen is sucked out of the room. The need to be important is really sort of sad.

                He thinks using his own name makes him important and influential. He is wrong.

                1. No, I think that using my own name forces me to be responsible for what I say when I might attack other people personally.

                  The notion that as one writer against dozens (or apparently dozens) I could “suck all of the oxygen out of the room” is odd. Flattering in a way you don’t intend, I guess, but odd.

              2. Anonymous or pseudonymous posts are fine. Anonymous or pseudonymous personal attacks — with the usual exception of actual whistle-blowing against powerful people (public officials, wealthy bosses and their agents) in a position to harm one — are cowardly. Maybe we can agree on that. Maybe not.

                Yoshii wants me not to have the last word, so you can have it. Use that power responsibly.

                1. Doesn’t matter what the issue is….

                  I believe YOU have an inner need to control everything, that’s why you would think that’s considered “cowardly”

                2. See, I think a coward is a fat American guy who rally’s on about equal rights for women and then imports one one from Asia.

                  I am discusted by those that claim to be “Liberal” and then buy a wife using their citizenship as a lure, because they are too fat and ugly to get a woman.

                  This is a problem in North Orange County. I hope as an elected official, if sucessful you will address this. In the meantime, this would be a great subject for you to bring up at your Democratic Party meetings.

                  We all care about poor, helpless women being tricked and taken advantage of, especially by white men who see themselves as saviors.

                3. Wow — lying that shameless about such personal matters is certainly impressive in its way.

                  I’ll address this here exactly once: I met my wife here in California. She had planned on going back to Asia to be with her children — and she almost did, which would have put off our being married for over a year. I had to court her like mad to get her to spend an additional six months here without them before we could even visit them — which was one of the hardest things that she’s ever done. Then it was about another year before three of them could come here. This was a heart-wrenching struggle, but was worth it. You apparently have no idea of what life is like for even legal immigrants.

                  You are a rotten person and a bigot and you always will be. While I am fat, at least I might someday lose weight.

                  Anyone else here who wants to comment on this guy’s post, in support or in condemnation, please do.

      1. No he can’t. It’s not in him. He thinks everybody else finds him as interesting as he does.

        1. Whoops, the comment above should be here:

          “No — I just don’t think that you have to be protected from opposing views.”

          (Admins, feel welcome to delete the first one.)

          1. Your views are not opposing!

            They are dangerous!

            As to the Admin deleting your crapola Golem?…… Fortunately this blog is not ran bay fucking assholes like you and Gröfaz, owners of the OC Communist Mosh Pit.

  12. “Having federal officials, whether judges, bureaucrats, or congressmen, impose a new definition of marriage on the people is an act of social engineering profoundly hostile to liberty.”
    Ron Paul

  13. cool, if ron paul becomes president putting hits on harmless homeless men will be completely legal and we won’t need all this unnecessary drama! this is great news for the slidebar!

    1. Your understanding of libertarianism is running at about a 1st grade level. Come to think of it, so is your writing. When does the bell ring?

      1. I agree. Actually read about and understand libertarianism before you critique it. There are a few legitimate criticisms to make but you’re not making them.

    2. I think Rons against that. “Legitimate use of violence can only be that which is required in self-defense.”
      Ron Paul

  14. You wanna get rid of drug crime in this country? Fine, let’s just get rid of all the drug laws.
    Ron Paul

  15. I like some of the things he claims to stand for but I can’t support someone who is not pro-choice.

    1. There are bigger issues than abortion. How can you support a president who rains down drone-fired bombs on innocent men, women and children in desperately poor countries just because he is pro-choice?

    2. Does the unborn child get a choice in wether he gets to be a productive member of society or not. the mother may have the right to choose this… but is it moraly right to stand by and not say anything about this quiet genocide thats happening. The mother may choose but I’ll proudly speak up for the voiceless.

      1. Out of curiosity, what does “genocide” mean to you? Is someone trying to weed out all of the genes carried by fetuses?

    1. Got it. RP wouldn’t make abortion illegal federally by the way, he’d let states decide. Cal would keep abortion legal. But anyway, if you’re against war and RP who is left to support in this election?

  16. The only candidate? Maybe you mean only Republican candidate. Heard of Gary Johnson, who will actually be on the ballot in November? Who also will have Judge Jim Gray as his VP.

      1. I wonder how many people touting Paul now will actually have the guts to vote for Johnson in November. It will be interesting to compare what people are saying now and what they say in October. Who will support Romney after all?

        1. The Ron Paul movement is all over the place.

          Some believe in libertarianism more than anything and will support Johnson.

          Some will be done with the political process until 2016.

          Some will seek to protect the GOP as an entity and begrudgingly vote for Romney.

          The Paulites/Paulbots/Paul Personality Cultists who believe in Lord Paul or nothing will fire up their pissy write in campaign. I’m sure Ron Paul never intended for the movement he started to totally centered around him. After all whats more ironic then an individualist movement centered around one person. These are the douchebags who make us (Pro-Liberty GOP and Libertarian Party) all look like tools.

        2. I wonder how many Fullerton candidates will respond to your idiotic survey on bankruptcy.

          1. Six so far. Eventually it will be almost all of them — and those that don’t will be noted.

            What do you care about Fullerton, Fred? Don’t you live in Santa Ana? Wait, are you a consultant or something?

            1. Greg, what do you care about Fullerton? dont you live in Brea?

              Wait, are you an advisor to Bennett or something?

              1. As I’ve said a few times already, merijoe, most of my political life and my commercial life involves Fullerton rather than Brea, largely because I live less than 1/2 mile over the border. Brea politics are pretty dull — very Republican, but also pretty well run. Fullerton, on the other hand, is interesting politically. I’m also running to represent it in the State Senate, of course, against the guy you call a RINO.

                Larry Bennett? No — I don’t even think I’ve had contact with him. Tony Bennett? By contract, I can’t discuss that.

              2. Seems to me if you are an American and pay taxes in America, any city in America is your business and should be-not just residents of that city and, really, no agenda or rationale is needed or should there be, to do what’s right.

                1. I completely agree — but also, some cities are “closer to home” than others. For me, Fullerton is as close to home as I get without being north of Juniper Street..

                  If you feel this way, though, why did you ask the question? (Or did someone else post in your name? Tacky, if they did.)

        3. Former Dems like me and Republicans with a brain and a heart will vote Paul or Johnson, depending on who’s on the ballot. The military industrial oil complex, Wall St., big pharma, and the unthinking brainwashed masses will support Rombama.

    1. Cal State Fullerton, like many CSU campuses, really doesn’t have a dominant political ideology. The dominant feeling is that of apathy. The average CSU student will just walk to class with the blinders on. Yeah they kind of know whats going on, but they have reserved themselves to their fate and hope someone else will go to the trouble of cleaning up the mess.

      1. This all goes back to our useless public high schools.

        Kids these days don’t learn a damn thing about politics, or much of anything else, for that matter.

        1. -and that is all disgustingly by design. It takes a few talented brave people to plow through the drifts. The neat thing about sheep is they can change masters if it is done with precision.

  17. Choosing between Obama, Romney and Ron Paul is like choosing between Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mad Hatter. Good luck.

    Gary Johnson is a fraud too. I saw him in one debate say that even though what Wall Street did was ‘unethical’ no criminality took place. Bwahahaha! Looks like Gary has his WS kneepads on too!!! 😀

    1. Wall Street actually most of the time plays by the rules. If you don’t like that you should change the rules, shouldn’t you? Johnson is just being honest. Paul has made this point many times as well. The laws a written to the benefits of the lawmakers cronies in big business.

      1. Johnson is not being honest. Wall Street has done everything from robosigning mortgages to laundering billions in international drug cartel money to violating underwriting laws when securitizing toxic investments and selling them to unwary investors around the world. Johnson knows all these things. But he keeps carrying the water for the Too Big To Fail financial terrorists. All of them are owned.

        You have no idea of what you speak on this topic.

        1. I agree and what about the quadrillion in derivatives infesting every financial market and system on the planet

    1. The rich white men and women have met with President Obama in Newport Beach and Los Angeles. This event is free to all of us and everyone is welcome.

      1. The George Clooney Obama fundraiser which was held at his home in LA on 5/10/12, was $40,000 a plate

      2. I wouldn’t walk across the street to meet Obama if I were dying of thirst and he had a monopoly on the water supply.

    2. Just saw Ron Paul – the most racially diverse, subculturally diverse crowd I’ve ever seen. Obama’s plurality is going to RP.

  18. The United States needs a good healthy dose of Socialism, not some disgusting Libertarian who would turn back the clock to the 1880’s. The Gilded Age is already returning, it’s time the working people decided to recognise they are in a class system and defend the interests of the working class.

    1. At the present rate the clock will be turned back to the dark ages very soon if course does not drastically change. The fiat currency system was designed to fail and hyperinflation will put us back to hunters and gatherers. There will be no working class as there will be no industry. Agenda 21 is the blue print. The Hunger Games is a telling glimpse.

      1. Very dangerous time to live in a large urban area. People have short memories. In 1992 the cops were unable to control a contained riot in south central. In fact, they retreated. Forget about dialing 911 for help. The financial system teeters on the edge of the cliff. Preplan your exit.

  19. Greg Diamond :
    I completely agree — but also, some cities are “closer to home” than others. For me, Fullerton is as close to home as I get without being north of Juniper Street..
    If you feel this way, though, why did you ask the question? (Or did someone else post in your name? Tacky, if they did.)

    It’s called Humor-Greg. Rent you some

      1. I didn’t see that! But I did see his immigration ads! So much for seeing people as ‘individuals’ instead of ‘groups.’ haha.

        That and his foreign policy reminds of ol’
        John Caldwell Calhoun’s opposition to the ‘All Mexico Movement’ back in the day. Just cuz you seem to be ‘anti-imperialist’ doesn’t make you anti-racist!

        1. Hey, if someone is going to pretend to be a Libertarian, I’ll hold them to that.

          Excuse me for thinking! Have fun tonight, Paulbots 🙂

    1. How can someone who calls US military intervention abroad “imperialism” and whose main foreign policy influence is Chalmers Johnson be a hypernationalist? More to the point, why don’t critics of Ron Paul ever bother to actually critique what he actually says rather than just making crazy stuff up?

  20. Admin, all this blogging is fine and most of the time pretty entertaining. There are some very articulate people who respond and post and there are those who are just ridiculous with their comments. There is the pool of usual suspects/characters. Do you all know each other….marijo, anna, JustUs, Vernon, Greg D., Truthseeker, Fred, etc.? You don’t all agree, but are very passionate with your msg. It would be a real kick to have some kind of FFFF gathering where we could all meet each other. I understand that one of the pluses to responding to blogs is the anonymity, but guess my curiousity is burning. I’m not nearly as outspoken as most of you, but I’m interested and curious….

    1. Why not just take a post for what it is? An opinion. Why is it so important for you to put an identity on the opinion maker? Are you going to report us to the opinion police? Do you also have a burning desire to know what your neighbor eats for dinner? Just take an opinion for what it is. If you don’t like certain opinion makers – don’t read their stuff. It’s simple. I shouldn’t have to tell you this.

  21. JustUs, guess you’re right. And no, I definitely don’t want a window peek into my neighbors. Aren’t you just a little bit curious on who all these folks are? While I don’t want to know what my neighbors do behind closed doors, I would like to know who they are. This blog gets to be more of a war on who can be the most clever with words and name calling. So I’m just curious, that’s all. When you know who the person is, gives more creditability on their statement. But then again, look at me….calling myself “BeReal” instead of using my name. Guess that says it all. So yeah, I can look in the mirrior. Your point is well taken…accept it for what it is.

    1. I couldn’t care less, BeReal. But then I’m not the nosy type. My 75 year old widow neighbor next door would probably fall into your camp though. I judge an opinion on it’s face merit. I don’t care who wrote it. The author wouldn’t make it any more right or wrong to me.

  22. Hmmm, so your interpretation of wanting to know more about the authors is “nosy”. I call it wanting to put things in context. Do you think if I wore a BeReal name tag to City Council, otherrs would reveal themselves? I doubt it.

  23. the irony for Ron Paul is he abhors big government while serving big government as a member of US Congress. Having said that, Ron Paul is why I hold out hope for restoration of Congress and the presidency to a representative government whose first and foremost role is to protect the individual’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    Europe’s early Renaissance treated its mentally ill, the diseased(lepers) and all those in their society who were not productive members as economic undesirables. This shift in societal attitudes towards our weakest members resulted in state sanctioned via laws and statutes persecution of the homeless, mentally ill, cripples. This historical fact is an early glaring example that when government gets too big and powerful, it violates the human rights of its members in the name of social hygiene, economy and societal harmony.
    American society has more laws, prisons and prisoners than any other other nation. People living in America are incarerated for actions that only the state(big government) has deemed a crime and not truly a crime that damages anyone or any institution.
    United States war on drugs is a good example of big government labeling human behavior as an attack on society. The war on drugs attacks those who use illegal drugs because they are seen as a drag on the economy. The homeless also are seen as economically unproductive members of our society and it is not coincidence that since the war on drugs has gained state momentum, popular belief associates the homeless with drug addiction when in fact it is usually due to schizophrenia.
    Big government’s response to a perceived economic threat is to pass laws that usurp our individual rights in the name of health, safety and welfare(nanny state). This causes a need for more police and this results in a shift towards a police state.
    Big government at all levels legally defined the homeless, schizophrenic Kelly Thomas an economic undesirable that needed to be removed from society so call in the police. And the Fullerton police did remove Kelly Thomas from our society, forever.
    Our police state caused by intrusive , big government may not need Ron Paul’s hypocrisy or far-flung, impractical political platform, but we, the people, need a political party that will endeavor to restore our government that values the individual over the perceived collective good of society by ending big government.

    1. WOW! Thats some exciting truth! Or its 2 pictures w/ a couple paragraphs that say absolutely nothing.

      1. I’m really sorry you could not see the message Richard. You are exactly what is wrong with the majority of american people. Please anyone, learn from this!

        1. Enlighten me. What can someone learn from the link you provided? That specific page. 4000 people. Lightly touches the issues he supports. There isn’t much more. Let me know if I’m missing something. Sorry, but I haven’t drank the Ron Paul kool aid.

  24. Ron Paul is a better candidate than Obamney. Period. I’m willing to bet any amount of money the Anna’s of this world are big government cronies that benefit from corrupt city councils or big government entitlements.

    LOL @ “wall street criminals” Paul has gone after the biggest criminal of them all in the Federal Reserve not to mention voted against all of the anti civil liberties legislation.

    Get real and wake up.

  25. Greg Diamond :
    No, I think that using my own name forces me to be responsible for what I say when I might attack other people personally.
    The notion that as one writer against dozens (or apparently dozens) I could “suck all of the oxygen out of the room” is odd. Flattering in a way you don’t intend, I guess, but odd.

    Not odd. Accurate. You’re obsessed with your own turgid prose.

  26. My sucking all of the oxygen out of the room is “accurate,” is it? Well, cerebral hypoxia among the other writers here would explain a lot.

    (Sorry — too turgid for ya?)

    1. What kind of a damned fool would spend his entire day arguing with a bunch of “anonymous” bloggers?

      1. It takes surprisingly little time to rebut those with surprisingly little thought, “Mr. Cameron.”

  27. I had to court her like mad to get her to spend an additional six months here without them before we could even visit them

    Translation: I offered more money for her companionship because I fear being known in North OC as a lonely, fat loser whose loudmouth is a mere shield for my low self esteem. Courting like mad screams of desperation. Just like your desperation to make yourself seem important in a blog where your delusional big government views will be shot down in flames.

    While I am fat, at least I might someday lose weight.

    You had your chance with “The Biggest Loser” casting call. I’d DVR the whole season just to watch Bob Harper lay into you and make you cry. And I will laugh as your gasp for breath to justify your grotesque obesity to Bob Harper. So what are you waiting for? Your November State Senate victory against Huff?

    Anyone else here who wants to comment on this guy’s post, in support or in condemnation, please do.

    Translation: Please help me. I’m a fat pathetic, blowhard parasite who is crying about being bullied. Here’s a solution to your problem. Have another drink with the walking poster child of delirium tremens, chronic relapsing and wet brain syndrome, Vern Nelson.

    1. The really cool thing about subscribing to this story is that I get e-mail notifications letting me see when comments are posted. This one came out just after 3 a.m. That is just sad to imagine. You need to find other interests that don’t fry your soul.

      1. You are a real glutton for punishment, then revel in the persecution. Hmm. That suggests a certain psychological condition.

        But really how sad is it to bring your personal enemies to THIS blog and then have the effrontery to get all bent out of shape because FFFF doesn’t scrub the rude comments?

        Pretty damn pathetic.

        1. I didn’t bring him here, he just showed up on his own. That’s a really weird charge to make. I did invite people to give their views on the appropriateness of this sort of attack — and I suppose that, in your way, you just have.

          Thanks for the diagnosis, I’ll take it for what it’s worth.

          1. Just showed up on his own? Oh yeah, sure. My guess is you wear this cretin around your neck like your own personal albatross.

            Well, at least now you have a couple more comments to cut and paste into posts about poor, abused Greg. That’s two more lame, long-winded boohoos.

  28. How very FFFF’d up of you. No, I don’t even know who it is and I wish that they’d go back into their hole.

    I already slapped him on OJB; given how pathetic that was above, there’s no need to repeat it now.

  29. James Cameron :You are a real glutton for punishment, then revel in the persecution. Hmm. That suggests a certain psychological condition.

    Retreating to a little read blog and writing a 10,000 word essay justifying the continuation of his self destructive path while claiming that he is being “bullied” is definitely a psychological disorder. He seems to be attracted to people who revel in holding emotional hostages and making justifications of their own slovenly appearances to cover up their low self esteem and their desperation for love and companionship from other people. Some people consume copious amounts of alcohol to hide their emotional inadequecies and low self esteem, others use food or write long winded essays convincing themselves and those who bother to care that they victims of their own self destructive behavior.

    Now that is pathetic.

    “While I may be fat, at least I might someday lose weight.”

    Chances are, you won’t do anything about it. If you do, it might actually do something for your obvious low self esteem and eliminate your need to take emotional hostages to soothe your fragile ego and poor self image.

  30. Greg, I learned a long time that you can’t expect a meaningful discussion on this blog. Some of the posts start off with some value, but then they quickly decline into the potty mouth, name calling from the usual suspects. It becomes a forum for who can be the most clever, mean and insulting with their remarks. Only occasionally will you find meaningful dialogue. I’m sure there are more productive ways to get your message/platform out there. If you’re looking for ridicule and childish banter, then this is the right blog for you. I’m sure the responses I receive to this, won’t let us down and will prove my statement. Viewing your effort in trying to make sense of it all, thought I’d add my two-cents worth of observation. You’re kind of swimming up stream with these folks, so you just have to put their comments into perspective….they love to attack and they’re meaningless.

    1. Thank you. I gave my one substantive reply to the original slam at me, that will be it. The rest is just bullfighting. Ole!

      The reason that I find this commentary fascinating is that I suspect that people who aren’t part of the OC political blog scene would not believe that this sort of thing takes place. Some of it goes beyond normal political attack — especially the effort put into it! I’m not trying to “make sense of it”; in part, I suppose that I’m just interesting in documenting it — like catching a bizarre insect in a jar. If I port it elsewhere at this point, it’s just because I want people to share in seeing it. Like me, they may ask: “who does this sort of thing? That’s so weird!”

      Anyway, thanks for the simple human decency evident in your comment. As for the others comments; they’re just words. I’ll continue to comment here in other parts of FFFF as the mood strikes, as if these guys don’t exist.

  31. I like the “bullfighting” view. Actually, I agree with the rest of your points (#182), as well. I, too, occasionally decide to chime in. Bringing civility to the discussions seems to irritate some of them; takes the fun out. I mean, less face it, a love fest isn’t as entertaining as playground rivalry. Ole, good luck in the arena!

  32. Hmmm, the number system doesn’t work. But I think you know which post I was referring to….”like catching a bizarre insect in a jar”….

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