Reform? Who Jan Flory Really Wants to Work For

It sure as hell isn’t you. Or any other taxpayer or citizen. Nope. Here she is holding forth on who really matters to her. Her idea of ‘reform” is to place the interests of the City’s workers ahead of yours.

In an era of bloated salaries and, crippling pension burdens on the taxpayer and their great-great grandkids Jan Flory cares first and foremost about the plight of unionized government workers!

Did we put words in this dinosaur’s mouth? Nope. She did it all by herself.

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  1. Yep-she sure did. I was there. The guy next me had a “yes” vote next to her name in his notes….along with Kitty. I wanted to ask him if he was a retired city staffer. I fear we may go backwards to progress made in June if some of these individuals get in. I also might add that there was one, no two candidates portraying the equivalent of a SNL skit.

    1. Roberta Reid and Matthew “Right?” Hakim were definitely primo material for a political parody of “Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum in Fullerton”

        1. I watched it on channel 3. I was amused that Roberta Reid stated that she had a degree in communications. i couldn’t get the Gilda Radner character from the SNL show that would go on a tangent and then say…”never mind” when she discovered that she was off topic.

          Matthew Hakim’s desire for affirmation (“right?”)after stating in the same breath that the native americans were buried underneath the FPD and so that they must also be out in Coyote Hills, and so we shouldn’t allow Chevron to develop there, was testament that they’ll let any one with enough money for the filing fees in the race for city council.

  2. Oh those poor workers. You all just see them as numbers. They are real people and they will be forced to retire at 50 even if they want to keep working. They are retiring in droves!

  3. Sorry, I couldn’t hear a word Jan said while the scrolling salaries were rolling by, and I was thinking of my last few calls for service being answered by individuals that had no business delivering pizza, much less working as police officers in Fullerton making $130,000.00 a year.

    Simply mind numbing in a bedroom community like Fullerton..

    Someone may want to suggest the scrolli

  4. Let me guess: those aren’t actual salaries, but figures for “total compensation” — am I right? If so, very clever of you not to so label them.

    1. And an excellent post. Those taxpayers who have to pay for their own health care costs and their own 401(K) or IRA will no doubt find the total compensation picture illuminating – which is exactly why you boohoo boobs try hard as hell to keep it from being discussed.

      Too late.

      1. Stop preening. Who said that you can’t talk about it? I simply think that it’s misleading to imply that a figure is salary (which is what an unlabeled list positions and figures such as what it was presented in the video would generally represent) when it’s actually salary plus benefits.

        I’ll bet that people are comparing this to their own salaries and presuming that, with benefits, it’s even higher. I’ll bet that the maker of the video agrees that it’s misleading, which is why it is presented that way.

        1. And I’ll bet that if you ever get a real job and start paying taxes you will agree that the total compensation for these people is ludicrous.

          1. Stop displaying your ignorance with the “real job” thing. I spent three years of the past decade paying AMT.

            To determine whether it’s “ludicrous,” I’d first want to compare the salary and other compensation to other cities. Surely you’ve done so, since you’ve already reached a conclusion, right? What did you find?

            (Comparing U.S. CEOs’ salaries to those of other countries is how we know that those salaries truly are ludicrous, by the way. Research!)

      1. Exactly. The unions have managed to bamboozle the public for years by separating the discussion of salary, health benefits, and pension costs.

        It’s ruined the state.

      2. There is salary or wages. You know, the stuff that you can use to pay rent and buy food. Have you ever tried to pay rent with your health insurance benefit? It’s very hard to get someone to make change for a root canal.

        1. Are you really that fucking stupid? You deny that taxpayer subsidized health care premiums and pension contributions are items of monetary value?

          1. Calm down and read it again. They are not fungible — look it up if you have to — and you need a certain amount of fungible income to get by. Again — can you use life insurance or health care coverage to pay your rent?

  5. Yes total compensation Golem! And you know what? For a regular beat cop to be costing a city $135,000 a year is ridiculous. You barely need to graduate from high school or get a GED. But it costs us that much for a regular beat policeman who then quits us at age 50 with a disability pension? Jan Flory and Greg Diamond are for the public employee unions. Period. They do not care about budgets, payroll, nothing but the pockets of public employees.
    Since I bought a whole bunch of muni bond ETF’s and get seeking alpha, I now understand the concerns of muni bond rating agencies about California cities screwing the bondholders to pay the bloated pensions and fat health benefits. Sure has been an eye opening year for Tuco!

    1. Your assertion a load of dung, by the way. If I did not care about budgets, etc., I’d be acting like a Congressional Republican. Maybe we can spend billions and go to war with Riverside County (so long as we can get San Bernardino to remain neutral.)

  6. Under FCC regulations, It is illegal to use portions of League of Women’s Voters campaign forums for campaigning purposes. As Travis Kiger, Bruce Whitaker, and Barry Levinson are contributors to this blog, you are on shaky ground, legally speaking, with the above post. FYI

    1. I like Jesse La Tour, but an amateur attorney he is not. Fortunately (or not) you probably won’t have to wait long for the amateur attorney to chime in.

      1. His statement was absurd. First Whitaker and Levinson are not contributors to this blog, which is an error of fact. Second, I am not Travis Kiger. Third, how can it be illegal for anybody to post video from a public forum held in a public building?

        Jesse needs to go back to his street corner.

      1. While I doubt that clipping and editing the League’s Forum is illegal; it’s certainly unethical.

        The League made a request, and a simple one at that: If you’re going to post the video, then post the whole video. You absolutely have the right to disregard their request, but I hope that by doing so, the contributors to this blog understand the consequences of their poor decision.
        Here we have an organization that’s working very hard to attract each and every candidate to an event where the public can glean insight to the opinions and plans for our potential leaders. They’re as transparent and fair as they can be, and while not everyone is happy with how aggressively the League challenges each candidate, there aren’t a whole lot of voices out there saying the League is pushing an agenda.

        I would hazard to guess that the league isn’t going to look too kindly on how their work is being used to turn a neutral forum into a politically charged one. It’d be really sad to see the positive steps towards transparency obliterated in the very near future because the operators of this blog refused to do the right thing: Post the video and direct viewers to the appropriate time stamp that facilitates their point. <– really easy to do. I’m sorry to see that FFFF is taking the low road and I hope the League doesn’t ban video from future candidate forums because of the unethical behavior of a few bloggers. The citizens of Fullerton would really lose out on a good thing.

        So FFFF, are your critics right? Do you stop at nothing to further your own agenda? Do you want to dance around and play the fiddle while Fullerton burns?

        I don’t think you do. I think you’re willing to do the right thing for the right reasons, which includes following basic and reasonable instructions from non-partisan community groups that provide the public with a service.

        I also think you owe Mr. LaTour an apology. You don’t need a legal citation to be shown how to be a good person. Your vitriol serves no one, makes you look small, and makes you look petty. Do the right thing.

  7. The campaign disclosure forms for this election are due to be posted on the city of Fullerton web site by the first week of October.

    The campaigns of Jan Flory and Kitty Jaramillo were at Steamers Cafe with Andrew Goodrich of the Fullerton Police department

    Kitty Jaramillo received funding from her last campaign for city council from the Fullerton public employee unions (see link).

    I’ll try to feign shock when the campaign disclosure statements are posted next week, and the source of their funding for their campaigns come from the public employees unions.

  8. Yes she did: “our City staff is the heart of our city to my lights”

    She also admit that all of those boondoggles she swallowed whole were staff-driven nonsense for which there was ZERO accountability for the pepetrators.

    Reform the FPD? Naw.

    Reform salaries and pension structures? Naw.

    Reform a government that systematically stole $27,000,000 to pay for pensions? Naw.

    Reform a City manager’s office that kept a bunch of useless redevelopment zombies employed? Hell, no!

    She admits it! Her idea of “reform” is to retreat behind her drawn curtains with Blankhead,

  9. I think it should also be noted that City Council candidate, Rick Alvarez, stated that he has received the coveted endorsement of the Fullerton Police Officers Association during the candidates forum.

  10. Now now, she did drive around that FLORY MOBILE,shameless self promoting with her corpse, I mean her husband at shot gun. She was out last night speaking with several of the oldest people in fullerton.We heard her pack of lies, it was hysterical. Standin on the roof listening to her spew her bullshit, imagine her son, the ethical one. What a bafoon.So how was the cheap wine? She is a complete joke.

  11. I’m glad she just showed her cards. Public employees uber alles.

    And that’s how Kalifornia got into its mess in the first place. Any video on Dimbulb Bankhead?

  12. Hakim asked me what should be done with the Fullerton 6. I said An eye for an eye; I want Cisinelli’s other eye!. Also said to Bandhead: Where’s your clown suit? You’ve been recalled twice. 🙂

    1. i just saw a picture of Don Bankhead asleep during the league of womens voter’s candidates forum.

      Old habits die hard.

  13. How about you get Cicinelli’s brain. That would help you out immensely. That way you don’t sound stupid on this blog and at the city clowncil meetings. Actually you and Hawkim sound a lot alike.

    1. I honestly can’t even see Jay’s own son ever wanting to be like him once he see’s the tape and realizes what his father did at work all day when he wasn’t at home.

  14. Matthew Hakim was all over the map the other night, and could not be taken seriously by anyone.

    Ditto for Roberta Reid who reminded me of an old Gilda Radner skit on Saturday Night Live.

  15. She is the McKinley candidate, “If they were smart they wouldnt commit heinous crimes!

    They have a lot to hide. The many major crimes documented and how they were mishandled are a indication that there is many many more not reported. The close tie to Rusty Kennedy, evidence of FPD + The OCDA Offices partnerships’, and ties to “The Counties Jobs Program!”

    The Feds are leaning on Rackaukas, he has done things that are not his nature, he has a lot to lose. Blame does go where it belongs!

    Documented intimidation is all telling!

    Overt and complete INJUSTICE with a chuckle, from PSYCHOPAT MCSATAN’S REGIME!!!

  16. “The Manchurian Candidate (1959), by Richard Condon, is a political thriller novel about the son of a prominent US political family who is brainwashed into being an unwitting assassin for a Communist conspiracy. -Wikipedia (a 1959 book)

  17. 50 Reasons Why Orange County is The Worst Effing Place in America
    By Gustavo Arellano Wed., Sep. 26 2012 at 8:06 AM

    “Nobody likes garbage ’cause it smells,” Milk told reporters. “Yet eight million tourists visited San Francisco last year. I wonder how many visited Fullerton.”

    Actually, Harvey, hundreds of thousands of people visit that nice town. And then they promptly vomit on Harbor Boulevard.

    Fact is, we suck–big time. Oh, you won’t find a better acolyte for all that is amazing about OC than this infernal rag–in a couple of weeks, we’re going to publish our annual Best Of issue, our wonderful celebration of all that is great and wonderful and right here. We do love OC and all of its glory, but let’s admit it: Orange County is the worst place in America.” -OCWeekly

  18. Fullerton Lover :
    I honestly can’t even see Jay’s own son ever wanting to be like him once he see’s the tape and realizes what his father did at work all day when he wasn’t at home.

    I DISAGREE COMPLETELY, a Sadist enjoys suffering, its pure joy to them, the world is theirs to destroy slowly, Rules do not apply to them, they are supreme, they are sickening.

  19. 9/16 Transient Problem – A man is sleeping by a caller’s house on the 400 block of Estralita Place at 9:09 p.m.

    9/17 Transient Problem – A caller on 120 E. Santa Fe Avenue says a white transient man keeps blocking the bathroom and disturbing the customers at 1:33 p.m. The caller describes his activities as a continual problem.

    9/17 Transient Problem – A man is sleeping on the hood of the caller’s silver Infinity parked in the alley on the 100 block of E. Ash Avenue at 2:04 a.m. Police arrived and talked with the man.

    9/18 Transient Problem – Subjects are still camped up out on the grass in front of the Hunt Branch Library at 9:06 a.m.

    9/20 Transient Problem – A caller says a white man in a wheelchair is harassing customers and asking them for money at 2401 E. Orangethorpe Avenue at 10:44 a.m.

    9/21 Transient Problem – A man is sleeping against the wall of a residence on the 1700 block of W. Oak Avenue at 6:36 a.m.

    9/22 Transient Problem – A white man is sleeping in front of the Sandwich Hut at 2461 E. Orangethorpe Avenue at 7:51 p.m.

    9/22 Transient Problem – A caller is concerned about a woman with an infant asking customers for money at the entrance to Target on 1893 W. Malvern Avenue at 4:10 p.m. The caller is concerned for the child’s welfare.

    9/22 Transient Problem – A manager at a business on 2238 W. Orangethorpe Avenue told police four or five transients panhandling outside refuse to leave at 3:36 p.m. Police arrived and talked to the subjects.

    9/22 Man Down – A homeless man is face down on 2425 E. Orangethorpe Avenue at 1:18 p.m. Officers arrived, and the man was given medical aid.

    1. If this is all that is going on in my home town then we just need to build a huge homeless shelter at the police station.

      1. They have these transient problems because when they called the police they forgot to say that the transient was breaking into cars, stealing items, and putting them into their backpack.
        See, now there is no Cicinelli, Wolfe, and Ramos to protect and serve you.

      2. These people make up all these lies about the peace loving homeless. We should find where they live and post there addresses and boycott their businesses.

    2. You should probably be aware that the drunks that close down downtown Fullerton on a nightly basis need some where to sleep it off until morning, and are referred to as “transients” when they’re listed in the newspaper.

      I have drunk drivers all the time that pull up in front of my house, and then continue drinking, and even having sex by the looks of the rubbers and bottles and cans that i have to pick up before the kids in the neighborhood find them.

      I’ve given up on even calling the police, because their only response is that “they are in a parked car and there is nothing that they can do”.

  20. we should just have the cops put all the homeless on a one way train ride to san diego. It would save the city big bucks and solve the homeless problem. Just relocate the assholes.

    1. When the 17 trillion becomes 100 trillion and the bankers want their collateral, you too will become homeless as well and yes there will be a free train ride-to the permafrost on one of the Alaskan Spurs to your new moss and lichen garden.

  21. Oh yeah. That’s the ticket. Her #1 loyalty is to the spoiled princes and princesses of city government.

    Flory would be an absolute disaster if elected to the Council.

    Now I understand why the FFFF blog is on her like white on rice.

    Keep up the good work.

  22. “If this is all that is going on in my home town then we just need to build a huge homeless shelter at the police station.” – Truthseeker

    Why don’t you open up your house to a few transients?

    Sounds like you’re full of great ideas like many on this blog think. That’s not all you’re full of. The truth is you’re all just full of shit, all 10 of you.

    1. Hypocrite if the crime in this town is all homeless issues according to the post by “Police Log: Sept. 16 – Sept. 22, 2012” then what I suggested would be a logical solution. Whether or not you understand the thin line between satire and truth is your unfortunate problem. My wallet has been opening wide for a wide variety of worthy causes for as long as I have been old enough to carry one. I don’t have a $250 million dollar annual expense account but the city does. With that being said it would be wise for the city to consider some solutions for these people. They are only going to increase in numbers in Fullerton as a result of the imploding economy and the magnet of downtown as more and more fall off of the ladder rungs in society. If there are 10 of us left here all the better. Now we have an even larger audience.

      1. one of the addresses on that log page is “The Grill” (Orangethorpe and State College), where FPD sometimes seem to hold their staff meetings; another is a liquor store/check cashing location.

  23. Jan flory is not one of my “liberal pals.” I met her once, at a KCET taping about the Kelly Thomas art show, and I didn’t like what she had to say about Kelly at all. I am not an attorney, I just happened to attend the League of Women’s Voters candidate forum, and the moderator began by saying that, if people want to video the forum, they must tape the whole thing, and post the whole, thing, so that comments might not be taken out of context and used for political purposes. That’s all. Marty Huggins ’12!

    1. I love it that Flory is extolling “all the projects” during her wretched tenure.

      Most of those were dopey givaways, make work disasters and phony crony capitalism; Redevelopment, in fact.

      Perhaps Flory would like to explain why she gave away millions in valuable air rights and public property (including a whole block of Whiting Avenue) to Louis Kuntz and “The Morgan group.”

    2. Jesse, isn’t the tape from the City’s own video camera?

      How do you suppose the League of Women’s Voters makes the rules about what happens on (and with) City property?

    3. I heard the same thing that Jesse La tour claimed that he heard spoken by the moderator for the League of Women’s Voters.

      Something about FCC regulations?

      I saw “The Candidate” too, and was taken aback by how much Jesse La Tour reminded me of the Marty Huggins character in the movie.

      For those that haven’t seen the movie, I mean that as a compliment.

      The Marty Huggins character personified all that is good in our elected officials, while the incumbent, played by Will Ferrell, was a composition of all that’s wrong with our elected officials, as well as the election process.

      Marty Huggins 2012

  24. Perhaps overlooked:


    Jan Flory:

    “…..We’ve got over 15,000 kids every single month……”


    Thats 500 per day. The library is open from 10-9 each day, most kids are in school until Three.

    Two branches.

    I visited Both libaries ecently and NOT A SINGLE kid under Sixty Four Years old was there. Which explain Jan’s interest in Libraries.

    This is a blatant LIE, call it an exageration, or over eager to make her point but, it is a LIE.

    This kind of sophmoric political posturing is so 1990. This is 2012. So she should shut the fuck up and come to terms with todays economy and realities.

    This is abosolute bullshit, I defy anyone to support this kind of nonesense.

    1. I’m sure that the staff counts “visitors” as residents that show up for meetings that are regulary scheduled in the “community rooms”.

      That number will more than likely drop drastically whenever the community center across the street opens up next month.

  25. Leaving in droves? If only that were true then Fullerton might again one day be able to fund its liabilities, but who exactly is walking away from these lavish compensation packages?

    **cricket noises**

    1. Well alot of FPD employees have left in a drove:


      And I have a feeling several of their accomplices won’t be far behind!

  26. I about fell out of my chair when I heard her say the city staff have been disrespected. This woman either doesnt have a clue or is a getting a huge check from the public employees union. I dealt with Kirk Warren, Linda Morad, Kim Placke, on substandard housing issues they all lied to me and were all jerks. Kirk Warren cant carry on a civil convesation with out blowing up…and he is a department head. He shouldnt be marginalized he should be fired!!

    The property I was complaining about, was fine until the city got involved…guess who supported the city getting involved…Jan Flory!! thanks Jan!!!

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