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    1. my immediate question, too. where is rusty “mind-mixer” Kennedy and his Orange County Human Relations Commission colleague?

      1. Pat McKinley, 1993 to 2009 served as fullerton’s police chief and personally hired the fullerton PD officers who beat kelly thomas to death?

    2. This looks more like the Culture of Corruptly associating the political candidates who aren’t members of the Bushalification Church (but who stand the best chance of being those who are) with the Kelly Thomas killing. After all, what’s a tragedy like that FOR if not politicizing it to aid in busting public employee unions?

      The funny thing here is watching everyone convince each other that associating Quirk-Silva (who was recognized here for standing up to the old Council majority in the wake of the killing and bungled response) and Flory (who was opposed by the FPOA for having been willing to stand up to their excesses in her prior terms) with Ramos and Papa Ciccinelli is somehow admirable and legitimate.

      I wish that every voter in Fullerton would get a look at this! Tony, make this into your glossy mailer!

      1. Actually what Quirk did was say Sellers should quit and offered up socks to the homeless. Sorry, Dime Bag, your girlfriends are waist deep in the muck.

        1. She did say the thing about socks — after talking to the local homeless and ask them what things would significantly improve their lives. One practically has to be a sociopath to make fun of that.

          Are you saying that that’s all that SQS did at the time? Go back and read your own then-complimentary archives. Her actual sin (by FFFF standards) is running for office against your favorite misogynist.

          1. you know who killed kelly thomas? the community of fullerton’s indifference to the fact that the homeless want more socks

        1. Yeah — a non-decisive vote that followed pretty much the whole rest of the county. So is it your assertion, “James,” that that was the only significant vote or other action taken regarding the FPD during the years that she was on Council?

          Tell ya what, sport: you’re online right now, so take 10 minutes (enough to think, but not enough to research) and write down all of the things you remember that Flory did with respect to the FPOA — positive, negative, or neutral — during her tenure on Council. We know that you know one thing that she did, so that’s your “running start.”

          (Seriously, I asked Fred so I’ll ask you too — why is FFFF publishing at a rate less frequent than the Pennysaver these days? Where did the writers go?)

    3. Speaking of “where’s,” what has happened to this electronic rag’s publication schedule? Where’s the new material that isn’t just a string of photos? FFFF used to have more than a story per day. Did most of the writers move to Idaho to join a survivalist cult or something?

        1. I’m serious. What sort of political website ramps down just before an election? And, um, “their campaigns”? Are you saying that Travis, Bruce, and Norby are the main writers?

          Thank you for the sincere concern about my campaign.

          1. Like all the effort you poiur into your crappy website and its 10 readers?

            The Fullerton election isn’t going to be won on this website. It’s going to won in the maibox – and on the cover of the Pennysaver.

            You don’t have a campaign. You have nothing but excess pus that is trying to seek a way out.

            1. Hmmm — the top story on OJB right now (http://www.orangejuiceblog.com/2012/09/shes-not-there-steve-young-files-suit-slamming-schemin-mimi-walters-on-sham-residence/) has had 190 views in the past 150 minutes. So … a little bit more than “10 readers.” (About 3000 views overall yesterday; on schedule for the same or more today.)

              You’re right the Fullerton Council election won’t be won on this website. It may, however, be lost here!

              “Excess pus”? Don’t make me lymph!

  1. Perfect Joe!!!
    Especially with Gennaco as the last pic…
    Did you omit McKInley because he’s been recalled?

  2. Where is the picture of Kiger,Whittaker, seaborn, Tbushala……..Chris THOMPSON????????? Oh that’s right you ffff is hypocritical and only point out others but never your selfs!! That is why ffff has lost its readers and supporters! Just like Kelly’s army!

        1. They do have the highest IQs there at about 85 and did learn to stop drooling when they were 12 instead of around 20 like the regular cops. But ugliness runs unchecked throughout the ranks at that corrupt institution, no doubt about that. The gay hats don’t help in any way either.

    1. AHA!! I see another cop union troll has changed his name. Its easy to tell. The messages are always the same. I look forward to the trial and the large settlements paid by taxpayers (no insurance company). Maybe you want the water tax back to fund cop indiscretions?

    2. I love how you idiots focus in spelling and grammar! This isn’t a English class you morons! It’s a f’n blog. You attack when the writer makes a good point! Talk about GED!

    1. I’ve heard that their disclosure forms aren’t due until the first week of October, however a Quirk/quick check of the Fullerton City Clerk’s website shows that in the past that their support comes from Real Estate Developers/Brokers/Agents, Teachers unions, Municpal Employees Unions, Firefighters, Police Officers,Towing Services,Ambulance Companies, and Jan Flory and Doug Chaffee themselves.

      Other notables are…

      12/212006: $1000 contribution from Slidebar Cafe
      3/16/06 MWD trustee and subject of CBS News expose on MWD mis-management, James” Jim” Alexander

      2008: $1000 from Fullerton Firefighters/FFA
      $1000 from Fullerton Police Officers/FPOA
      $1000 from Neighbors United For Fullerton/ NUFF
      $1000 from Fullerton Educators Teachers Association/FETA

      1. She and others will be taking money from FPOA, Fullerton Fire, and all the other unions. Why wouldn’t she? Jesus. She supports all of those people. Who wouldn’t in 2012 as we move forward? Get a clue.

        1. As we move forward-yes as the Fed is buying up all the hard assets in the form of real estate all the while the taxpayers all move forward into the abyss of unfunded liabilities with slight of hand accounting tricks. If that is moving forward call me backwards anytime.

        2. I completely understand why every one of these public employees unions would want to spend their union dues buying these candidates loyalty.

          I’m sure that if I offered my own children a chance to spend a portion of their allowances to pay for someone that would give them anything that they want financially, and would look the other way when they got in trouble that they would find that a wise way to spend their allowance…kind of like a Grandparent.

          The problem for me as a Father is how do I get their attention when they need to be disciplined for mis-behavior?

          How do I get their attention when their amped up on all the sweets that their Grandparents gave them for bad behavior in the past?

          Like I said, it’s much easier to appease the 1% that control the strings to their labor contract negotiations, and then ignore the 99% that have to actually pay for what they so freely give them.

          It’s easy when it’s not your own money.

  3. It fits PERFECTLY, Culture of Evil.

    “Psychology of Evil”
    “Evil is an actuality, whether or not we choose to deny it. In their 1971 anthology, Sanctions for Evil, social psychologists Nevitt Sanford and Craig Comstock cogently justify resurrecting the religiously tainted term “evil”: “In using the word evil, we mean not that an act or pattern of fife is nccesarily a sin or a crime according to some law, but rather that it leads to damage or pain suffered by people, to social destructiveness of a degree so serious as to call for use of an ancient, heavily freighted term.”[5] When employed in this sense, evil is synonymous with “senseless violence.” But, on a still subtler level, evil can be considered that tendency which — whether in oneself or others — would inhibit personal growth and expansion, destroy or limit innate potentialities, curtail freedom, fragment or disintegrate the personality, and diminish the quality of interpersonal relationships.”

    1. evil is lies, evil is twisting the truth to hide the legal consequences for murder. evil is our city council for years buying hush for a police force that inflicted pain and suffering on our community, evil is the retired police chief pat mckinley addressing the nation on CNN and telling them that what the video of confrontation between kelly thomas and the FPD showed was a lie, when in fact it recorded the truth, evil is rusty Kennedy pointing the finger at the community and blaming the death of Kelly thomas on public indifference in an attempt to deflect blame from his colleague’s,Pat McKinley, hand picked officers.
      If I recall correctly, Dante Aligheri’s(?) “Purgatorio” placed those who committed treason against their city state at the bottom of mountain of sin and vice. Avarice, lust, pride damages the individual who practices these vices the most, treason tears apart the fabric of society and betrays the innocent populace. Flory, Mckinley, Jones, Bankhead, Sellers, Hughes, Gennaco and Rusty kennedy, their lies to protect evil have torn apart our community.
      and thuis is just my opinion

      1. In my opinion whether directly or indirectly they and others that have not only protected but worshiped evil are what have torn this community apart. The festering pustule of greed, arrogance, envy, malice and just flat out disregard for the average persons rights, wallet and well being was burst with the murder of Kelly Thomas. The thin veil has been removed that once prevented the differing socioeconomic strata and ideologies from squaring off. Now the gloves are off. The smoke has lifted, the lights are on and sides have been taken. This can’t go on yet no one is backing down. The simple minded can clearly see that an innocent man was tried convicted and executed in the streets by Agents of the State and the silence from the so called “pillars” of the community is ominously and eerily deafening.

    1. Or even have the kids wear it as masks. No other costuming is needed. Just regular clothes and that thing covering their faces. Of course they’d get less candy since the people at each house they go to would gag and slam the door shut in true horror. There would be none of that usual fake “Ohhhh how scary” that kids always hear that day.

  4. UPDATE, Sept, 22: The Weekly just received a call from Baxter, organizer of the Art With an Agenda. He said Garo Mardirossian, the attorney for Ron Thomas, just handed him a $3,120 check for Pathways of Hope. Baxter said the money will benefit homeless individuals in Fullerton.

    “It means (Ron has) met his obligations,” said Baxter, added that Mardirossian told him additional funds will be donated by his client.


    1. Textbook case presentation, Fullerton Leadership, 2011.

      “Sadism is a behavioral disorder characterized by a callous, vicious, manipulative, and degrading behavior expressed towards other people.” -Wikipedia

      “Sadistic personality disorder is:

      A) A pervasive pattern of cruel, demeaning, and aggressive behavior, beginning by early adulthood, as indicated by the repeated occurrence of at least four of the following:
      Has used physical cruelty or violence for the purpose of establishing dominance in a relationship (not merely to achieve some non-interpersonal goal, such as striking someone in order to rob him/her).
      Humiliates or demeans people in the presence of others.
      Has treated or disciplined someone under his/her control unusually harshly.
      Is amused by, or takes pleasure in, the psychological or physical suffering of others (including animals).
      Has lied for the purpose of harming or inflicting pain on others (not merely to achieve some other goal).
      Gets other people to do what he/she wants by frightening them (through intimidation or even terror).
      Restricts the autonomy of people with whom he or she has a close relationship, e.g., will not let spouse leave the house unaccompanied.
      Is fascinated by violence, weapons, injury, or torture.”

  5. Some of the support is casual and some is active, but all the people pictured stand behind the Culture of Corruption as a going concern.

    1. DTF…

      You reminded me of a conversation that I had with a couple of PD from another Orange County city which has it’s own police department.

      They said that Fullerton is unique amongst other cities in Orange County, in that do not accept new hires, other than their own cadets that they bring in themselves.

      They said it’s sort of known amongst other police agencies that Fullerton PD’s hiring process is not a very open one.

      Nepotism anyone?

      1. Fullerton only hires the Capt kid, promotes him to narcs(to raid the wrong hm), Corporal then Sgt all within 6 years. Then they hire their neighbors, family and friends… OCSD! Period! Ur only answer

          1. “Leak proof” ensures anaerobic fermentation, pressure buildup, waste accumulation and inevitable rupture. Not good.

      2. F-lover you have no idea what you are talking about! Fullerton hires mostly laterals from other departments. More than Half the department probably started somewhere else! You should research your stupid posts before you hit publish! You are just embarrassing yourself.

        1. might be interesting to find out where these alleged “lateral” hires come from – first thought:

          Long Beach

          All cities with a history of strong arm behaviour on the part of their police staff…

          Care to elucidate, F-lover? Hmm… an FOIA/Public Records Act request possibility? Naw, won’t work – the excuse would be the POBOR, even if no names were used 🙁

        2. Prove what I said isn’t true.

          The Sheriff’s deputies and police officers that I’ve spoken with, sounded like they wouldn’t want to transfer to Fullerton if you paid them, so the point is probably moot.

          Besides, Fullerton Police Department isn’t hiring right now, only firing.

          1. It’s true they took laterals from LASD and all were kids of current or former FPD members. They took one lateral from APD(after only lasting 3 months) a capt son, then the capt son got his High school buddies and fraternity brothers from csuf hired, oh and don’t forget Kevin Hamilton was married to a capt daughter, so to answer ur question they take laterals.. And Wren is Tango toms neighbor!!! Lol

  6. Double amputee in wheelchair shot dead by Houston police
    Reuters – Sun, Sep 23, 2012


    (Reuters) – A double amputee in a wheelchair was shot and killed by Houston police after threatening an officer with what turned out to be a pen, local media reported on Sunday.

    The shooting took place early Saturday morning at a home for the mentally ill. An employee called police to report that resident Brian Claunch was acting aggressively against a caretaker who refused to give him a cigarette and a soda, the Houston Chronicle reported.

    Claunch, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, had lost an arm and a leg in a train accident and was sitting in a wheelchair. He trapped a policeman in a corner with his wheelchair and tried to stab him with an object later identified as a silver pen, the Chronicle said.

    When Claunch refused police orders to drop the object, the trapped officer’s partner shot and killed him, the newspaper said.

    (Reporting by Jane Sutton; editing by Philip Barbara)

  7. Real…ity Is :
    I would say cops are sadistic while they are on duty at least 80% of the time. Crime equals sadistic reactions. Otherwise the cops would all die. Academies teach sadism. Go to an academy. Check it out.

    If it looks like a Psychopath,
    Sounds like a Psychopath,
    Justifies like a Psychopath,
    Its a delusional, lying asshole who calls himself Real…ity Is. 🙂

  8. The League of Womens Voters is hosting a candidates forum at City Council chambers beginning at 6:30pm.

    And yes it’s televised on Channel 3 of Time Warner cable.

  9. The most gross, rotted anti-totem pole ever.

    Fullerton has been through a lot in the past couple years. You would all agree, yes?


    My friend and I were seriously shopping to buy a condo together in the neighborhood when Kelly was killed by the police. Kelly died on my birthday, by the way. That’s right.

    Well, we’re not moving into Fullerton anytime soon but I want to tell you that I really wanted to. I did. I do. I still do, yo. I’m a 56 years old homegrown SoCal surfer/diver/skate guy, I understand the recent problems and all of that shit — all of it, and it’s truly serious shit and we’ve changed our minds and chose to NOT yet move into the neighborhood — but I still want to.

    I love Fullerton. I love the vibe, the shopping and the blahblah and all that;

    Fullerton is so much worth saving. So much worth saving.

    So much work to do — and know this, there are plenty of people all over the planet who know you because of Kelly’s murder.

    But here’s the thing: it’s all about Kelly. It will always be about Kelly.

    1. When Fullerton police officers, in full uniform, in full view of the public at a bus station, beat to death a malnourished, homeless, schizophrenic then called the paramedics to treat their minor scratches while KellymThomas lie behind them in a coma from lack of oxygen to his brain because his air passages were filled with his own blood from the beating he received from these “peace” officers, it forced public scrutiny of Fullerton PD that revealed a recent history littered with civil rights abuses committed against the good people of Fullerton.
      It also showed that these civil,rights abuses flourished when Pat McKinley was Fullerton police chief.
      And the response of Fullerton’s city council, where Pat McKinley now sat as a city council member, was conspicuous silence, then lies to the media, then obfuscation of evidence that proved Fullerton police officers murdered Kelly Thomas.
      The murder of Kelly Thomas was the last piece of the puzzle that formed the true picture of Fullerton’s city council and the machinations of its government
      Illegal taxes, numerous settlements to buy hush for Fullerton PD’s crimes against the community, misuse of eminent domain and redevelopment funds showed Fullerton’s municipal,government and its supposed pillars of the community treated the community wirh the same callous indifference to its community that Fullerton PD gave to Kelly Thomas.
      It will always be about Kelly Thomas because his very public murder by Fullerton police officers was the catalyst that sped up the need to restore representative government to the city of Fullerton, to restore decency and compassion to our community instead of buying into the civic pablum that our civic leaders’

    2. Absolute bullshit, SDLocal. It’s about the people of Fullerton. Kelly was a catalyst for change-that’s it.

      1. You sound like such a nice man, Mr. pee. And a very clever writer as well. Very perceptive. I’ll wager you would have made a fabulous neighbor.

        My loss. Oh well.

  10. Continued, pabulum that our civic leaders used to hide their personal profit from our tax dollars.
    Kelly Thomas’ murder was the iconoclastic moment that revealed to the good people of Fullerton their government and police force was corrupt and only preyed upon them.
    It will always be about Kelly Thomas because his dying words spoke of love to six men who perfectly personified the belief that the good people,of Fullerton were nothing more than dumb animals that should be disposed of when they became a nuisance.

    1. His dying words spoke of love to the 6 officers? He did ask Ramos if he liked his big balls. Maybe it was a Maricon kind of love.

      1. his last words were Dad, I love you. Sadly, you will never have to say those words to anyone while you are dying because I doubt anyone will ever love you.

  11. Hmmm… I got curious and looked at the job description for police officer trainee and police officer on the Fullerton website…

    They are literally 10 years old! (October, 2002)

    Paraphrasing – college level studies are helpful but not required; minimum is HS or equivalent

    BUT – proper use of English grammar is a requirement 🙂

    1. From Irvine PDs website employment info :

      Education: Most of the progressive agencies in California place a high value on a college education. An AA is a good start. The choice of a major is not nearly as important as the college experience itself.

  12. Meir Kahane :
    I’m not Greg Diamond, I’m a different sort of Jew. He is right about hubris, though.

    As for Greg Dime Store, it’s easy to write off your own hubris when you’ve never actually on anything, but I expect Dime Bag has some nasty karma in store for him. You can only apologize for the Culture of Corruption so long as a mere political expediency.

    1. Well, it’s like this, “James”. Your alter ego Fred said:

      “Almost nobody supports the public employee unions anymore. Except their own membership, of course! LOL”

      That’s hubris. It may be that Tony can spend enough money to inflame them and win the election — or that may not be this time around — but the notion that almost nobody but members supports the public employee unions is just whistling past the graveyard.

      As for “political expediency” — my opponent is supported by public safety unions. I haven’t even sought their endorsement. Some “expediency.” Where I disagree with you is with the notion that Fullerton is more corrupt than other police agencies. I do know that it’s theoretically subject to more local control than OCSD is, but that doesn’t seem to impress you. (That’s not hubris on your part, by the way, just simple foolishness.)

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