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  1. Clearly the fact that its not a 2013 Ford/Chevy with a POA/FFA sticker on the back window should symbolize something….

  2. Alverez is really the union puppet if there is one. When posed with the question at the women league of voters forum about how he feels about reform in fullerton, he said he would pass on that question. ?? really, I wonder why. Mabey its because the Police Union who is supporting his campain are not interested in reform. They are comfortable with their sizable incomes and only wish to protect them whatever it takes.

    1. I’m surprised it hasn’t been impounded, and the driver beaten up, tased and arrested by Barry Coffman for resisting arrest.

      “Stop resisting, stop resisting!”

  3. At least the truck pictured above has tags on it. Not like the trailer the FPOA is driving around.


    1. You realize that California trailer license plates don’t require stickers, right?

      Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  4. Looks like Gred Diamond put signs up around town…last night, on election eve! I was getting worried there. Good job Greg. No stopping you now!

    1. More proof that Greg Diamond is a world-class buffoon who shouldn’t be prognosticating on the outcomes of any election. He obviously doesn’t know the first thing about what constitutes a successful campaign.

    2. A large number of mine in Fullerton were torn down by late Tuesday, perhaps even by people whom I know here by non-name. That was pretty much as expected. I had signs up in other parts of the district earlier, but with the thuggery factor in Fullerton I had to wait a while here.

      Thanks for the fake good wishes! I feel quite happy about the election results overall — just need to finish the Council race….

  5. I think bitchala should drive that around and pickup all the homeless and take them back to his office and feed and cloth them. I mean since bitchala is such a homeless advocate! Isn’t that why he wanted the recall? What have you done for this community bitchala besides bring in fireworks and marijuana!!!

    1. That’s what Ron is going to do with his $10mill. Buy a building and make it a funded homeless shelter. He is right?

  6. Whoever owns that thing is smarter than you think. There is something to be said for conviction and for guts. There is also something to be said for an ignition system that is not solid state. Don’t laugh at the points and condensors folks, after an EMP this truck just may be one of the few vehicles that still run and you may not be invited into the VIP section in the back. Gotta love election day. It brings out the best in some and the worst in others. It is never too late to do the right thing Fullerton. The polls close at 8pm.

  7. If you are undocumented, use all your phony ID cards and vote often.
    BTW, the truck looks a lot better than most of the work vehicles used by the gardeners.
    Of course, it doesn’t measure up to the standards of those $50,000 pick-ups driven around by those ripoff small contractors, that are used to haul their toys on weekends.

  8. At 8:00 AM this morning this enterance to wildcat way in Brea had not a single Greg Diamond sign, rather a local canidate stood on the corner with a flag waving to the thousand(s) of cars moving by.

    At 3:00 PM today there were six Dimaond for senate signs.

    Did he think he was going to build name recognition in the six hours between when he put the signs up and the polls closing?

    Then again, maybe he was trying to avoid a FRAUD lawsuit.

    1. His strategy is obvious: the shorter the voters know him, the more likely they are to actually vote for him.

    2. There were three signs up there at 8:00 a.m. yesterday. I didn’t add any more signs between 8 and 3. Maybe someone else did; enough certainly were stolen to supply them.

  9. How many times has the truck been ticketed? You care about Fullerton? You care about Bushala and his concerns. Your reign of terror is almost over!!

  10. Can we call Xzibit to pimp that ride? Classic grass roots baby! Hit the streets. Just need a megaphone and it’s ol’ style political gold.

  11. I just glad the truck made through the race of that ass-clown Harry Sidhu! Hoping it will get Travis elected! It’s a close one!

  12. I thought it was outrageous, tacky, ballsy and genius. I loved that you parked it in front of the yoga studio where I go.
    Thanks for making my day!

  13. Cue up the theme song from “Sanford and son”. Everytime I see this photo makes me smile, old school, grass roots, politikin’ Can’t decide which was the more clever, the Penny Saver cover or this. Bravo!

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