From mid-February 2012. Always good for a repeat.

– Joe Sipowicz

Yesterday FFFF shared some Fullerton crime statistics that were really pretty damn shocking. Contrary to what council candidate and now beleaguered councilman Pat McKinley claimed and claims, crime not only did not decrease every year in Fullerton, but in the years 2005-2009, it skyrocketed spectacularly.

He's smiling, but why?

Here’s the ugly truth, derived from FBI crime statistics, probably a more reliable source than Mr. McKinley’s fantasy world of self-serving make-believe.

The statistics don't lie, but Pat McKinley does.

Uh, oh. Now, that’s not very good is it? Ol’ Doc Jones’ Galveston was better run by the Italian Mob and it had open gambling and a red light district!

Actually, it was very well-run...

Of course everyone knows the reason for the spike in crime is the crazy shooting gallery Jones and his colleagues created with all the bars masquerading as restaurants they approved in downtown Fullerton; and don’t forget all the illegal bootleg night clubs they ignored, then actually subsidized.

Chillingly, the trajectory of crime in Fullerton coincides perfectly with the spike in the FPD Culture of Corruption that led to beatings, wrongful arrests, and perjury by our own cops. And nobody in City Hall seems capable of grasping the perverted correlation. The cops were given a free hand to fix the mess the politicians made downtown. Soon the entire department was infected.

Speaking of Doc HeeHaw, here he is taking credit for creating his monster. Pay particular attention as Jones documents the crimes committed and the need to to get hard, and tough, and mean.

Jones got one thing right. He just doesn’t recognize human behavior.

P.S. Will some public-minded citizen please take this crime chart to the Council meeting next week and read it out loud for the benefit of Jones, Bankhead and McKinley?


  1. The tie-in between the lack of law and order in Doc Donkey’s downtown and the lack of law and order in McKinley’s police force is undeniable.

    Good post.

  2. ORDO AB CHAO-Its a pretty old trick-That’s how it’s done-problem- reaction- solution. Wild west =jack boots as the solution. We get to pick up the tab. Well, maybe not for much longer. It will be a new version of “pay to play” with a new city council and maybe with a touch of “spin the bottle” to boot-no pun intended.

  3. Speaking of next Tuesday’s meeting(s), the agenda for the 4:30 and 6:30 meetings is now posted online. Public comments *are* included in the 4:30 meeting.

    Not sure if there will be TV coverage for the 4:30 meeting other than in Fullerton on Time Warner (I’m just outside Fullerton and watch it on U-Verse), but it may also stream online.

    Oh, and John and Ken have been suspended until February 27 for “insensitive” comments related to Whitney Houston’s death.

  4. It really is not that hard to correct this problem. Our new council should emphasize regaining credibility. If the police continue like they have been operating, fire the ones who break the law and public confidence. I don’t think that the public would mind law suits between the police union and the city. Boot the bimbos! There is a slogan whose time has come.

    Who does the police chief work for? Who is his boss? Anybody know? Yank him out of there at the first signs of entrenched resistance at cleaning up the department.

    No more cops on the city council! Make everyone aware of the fallacy of trusting former police officials…etc.

    I wouldn’t want a FPD cop anywhere near my house or family!

  5. This is my absolute favorite Doc Jones compilation ever. From time to time I even search for it in the archives. I just can’t turn away…

  6. Very telling. Sounds like he was encouraging the FPD alien minions and their leader, the Prince of Darkness, to murder people at will, especially those who might not “look” like him with his gray hair.
    Notice how violent crime went up during 2006-2009 especially? I wonder if this was due to the FPD crackin heads with his baa-lessings.

    And whats with the multiple baby in the bath water metaphors, year after year?

    1. That’s how he seems to talk: in cliches, metaphors and analogies. I think that’s because he seems unsure about what he’s saying, so he just makes stuff up. What a ding-a-ling.

  7. The ladies and gents wandering around my area looking for a house to break into sure seem healthy. Guess the City Council doesn’t consider that a crime, compared with busting drunken heads downtown?

  8. The police where actually inciting crime in the city. When you really needed help they weren’t there and when they didn’t need to be there many would show up over somepthing really small. Many cops would show up for the fun when the low riders would have thier car show every sunday down by in n’out. They would sit and watch for a while and film on the back of thier tailgate truck. then they would rush in and create a saftey hazzard as everyone ran to thier cars and tried to rush out of the parking lot. Ironicaly the cars would go down the street to Food for less parking lot and do the same thing. Anaheim pd would never send more that one car to announce to vacate the lot and thats all it took. By inciting anger among residence they were actually encouraging bad feelings and retalitary behavior toward the city. Most of crime is not just for the pleasure of it like Tony Raucacus said of the Homeless murders recently. Crime is caused by festering feelings of anger and toward an overulling establishment who provokes leaving one feeling angry and powerless.

  9. A corrpurt city council and police force plus alcohol fueled downtown equals higher levels of crime? Who could’ve figured!?

  10. Some thoughts for Fullertons, future.
    1.Reorganization of the city management structure with a strong Comptroller position.
    2.Establish a city Auditor position.
    3.Establish an Airport commission.
    4.Establish a Police commission.
    5.Realign the Planning commission.

    Open the books,the taxpayers and citizens of this city have a right to know why and where ALL city revenues are being spent.

    Revamp and update city contracting procedures and limit ALL contracts to no longer than a three year period.

    Reduce the number of police personnel to seventy five(75) sworn officers.

    Consolidate all accounting to a central and seperate accounting dept. This would include ALL accounts, including petty cash.

    This is just some starting points that will be required to establish an organization to put this city on the road to recovery.

    I would like to see some CC candidates ideas, not hair-brained crap but reasonable, viable, and workable proposals.

    1. Great idea. All the money saving items will be needed badly in order to raise funding for the huge Kelly Thomas payoff to settle the city’s exposure. Yup. A similar occurrence in LA County settled for $24,500,000. So Fullerton taxpayers, voters and ratepayers, be prepared!

  11. hmm… interesting comment from a member of the public on KTLA about the Riverside quarry vote – “I know you can hire a consultant to tell you what you want to know.”

    Will that fit Gennaco’s first report?

    1. I read he was a whitewasher, but this is very very dark, its a very interesting situation. But I dont think (hope) the delay is gonna be an advantage to them, self centered people are in total denial and in self conflict. Wow they are in an EPIC level of Stupidity, post Rodney King, and Mike Carona, wise.

    2. Gennaco will probably scapegoat one person involved in the Kelly thomas murder. He will be the weakest one of the nefarious bunch that set into motion the fullerton police mentality that said it is ok to play lethal war games on our streets. Gennaco will do this in order to exculpate the real culprits in this mess, primarily mcKinley and his police legacy and the fullerton city council that tacitly condoned Mckinley’s bedroom city commando tactics and the DA and OCHRC that chose to ignore the brutality committed upon the good people of Fullerton by their police force
      but then this is just my opinion

  12. ADMIN,

    I apologize and did not intend to infringe on terminology that my be considered proprietary to this blog.

    I strongly feel that these wanna be candidates need to be formulating and finessing their thoughts into a plan of action and management.

    This is the meat of their marketing/campaign plan.

  13. All we wanted ta’ do was make downtown an excitin’ place ta’ be. Why, ten years ago it was used clothing stores an’ antique shops. That’s not gonna’ get anyone up heah’ ta’ spend theya’ dollahs! Now we got bars an’ a sex shop an’ mo’ tattoo parlahs that ya’ll kin’ shake yer’ weenie at! Ain’t that nice? Jes’ dodge the drunks an’ watch out fer’ the barf (we call it “Texas goulash”) an’ yah’ll be fine. Ah’ course, ya won’t find me down there, or Pat, or Don, or anyone else we know up here in the hills unless it’s fer’ a fundraiser ta’ keep us in office forevah’. So don’t ya’ll get so excited. We thought we wuz doin’ right by ya’ll, or at least by the folks who give us campaign dollahs. Oh, who wants ta’ go down there anyway? It’s only those Navy swabs who get tattoos anyway, not us Air Force boys. Don’t get syphilis from a dirty needle!

  14. those epileptic, gangbanging, infants sure seem to shake out alot of taxable coins when in spasms all over Fullerton’s downtown bars and clubs and that is why greedy Jones and his fellow council members for at least the last fifteen years kept Fullerton’s version of the wild west saloons afloat on our tax dollars

  15. They still don’t get it, and don’t look to the traditional loyal opposition to do anything about it.

    1. It will if people vote the right ones in. I am continually told that politicians are all alike, and not to be trusted. But many people decide to run for local office because they simply want to see more efficiency and democracy at city hall. If nobody running for office is trustworthy, then the whole democratic experience of the United States is based on a fallacy. If you don’t like it, go live somewhere where they’v already given up, or never had the chance at all.

      1. You answered the question. The system is a failure nationwide. Starting at the top. I’ve seen plenty of new leaders preach the right thing, then within a year they realize they can’t change things on their own and they give up, start to change their beliefs to continue in politics, groom their successor, and move up to the next level. Quirk?

        1. That is taking some facts that can be seen and painting ones whole opinion.

          RI havent you learned how Sadistics and Narscissists are in their OWN REALITY, on

          YOU F’N PICKED THE PERFECT F’N NAME!! I really try how beautiful the world is, and not just for me.

                1. Im done with you RI, you modern cockroach!


                  Before proceeding with details about how to interact with a narcissist, take a look at what you want out of the engagement. If you are looking for equal treatment, acknowledgement, recognition, or significance in his or her eyes, you might be well advised to simply move on. Chances are very good that you will invest excessive amounts of energy, time, and perhaps money, in striving to get what you want. In reality, the possibility that you will succeed is minimal.

                  However, if you are in a position where you feel you have little choice but to interact with a narcissist, read on.


                2. Look!! these other Cities are Victims of FPD. Brea may come to the rescue of Fullerton and surrounding Cities.

                  Sharing police work, to save bucks, may be studied
                  If approved, study would look at variety of options, including a single police department.


                  Four north Orange County cities are wondering if there might be safety in numbers – financial safety, that is.
                  Brea, Buena Park, Fullerton and La Habra city councils are being asked by their staffs to green light an $114,838 study by Citygate Associates to see if there could be savings by sharing some police services or even creating a joint police department.

                  Brea council members gave their approval last month – the city is taking the lead on the project – and other councils are expected to be presented with the proposal tonight or later this month. Because Yorba Linda contracts with Brea for its police services, Yorba Linda will also be included in the analysis.

                1. The Mayo,r Sharon Quirks call audit of the water fees collected all these years seemed to make a few council members look a bit nervous especialy Mr. jones. She expressed an intrest in knowing where the money is and how it was used.

                2. A couple of city councilmembers meeting last night displayed an apparent lack of awarness of the current issues in this city. In responce to RThomas playing of the recording of the bus stop audio, Bankhead interupted to state that he dosen’t know the source of the video and had not heard it. Interesting that he had not reviewed the video or audio coverage of what much of the public knows and has been troubled with.
                  Council member Jones at one point expressed a wish to not install the lights at Santa Fe. When it was stated that the lights had already been installed and only needed to be activated he expressed intrest in the approval of the motion.

                3. In regards to the new stop light Whittiker and Quirk where right on top of this although quirk had differing views with Whittiker who thought the new light should not have a cross walk to added to the area stating it would encourage pedestrian traffic to an already congested area. The city attourney wondered about the liability of having a light here which could be a valid point as the light may not be widely visible to speeding oncoming traffic ascending from the underpass.

          1. Scumbag liar is a better description of RI… he cannot tell the truth even when the police reports and the feds prove cops wrong. He is just here to stir up crap and try to make this blog look cheap. Waste away in your taxpayer funded retirement, may you die and stink up the nieghborhood before someone finds your secluded bound for hell ass. If I live longer than you and your name is really found, I will piss on your grave. Your grave will need a “tune up” with my urine. …..

        2. Just like when you took the oath and then decided the retirement meant more that actually doing the job….. ala Hampton, Rincon. the little latina thief…. etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc ad infinitum.

      2. You really think that there are “right ones”? Please share, what you have been smokin…..and pass the beer goggles over too.

  16. LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The Los Angeles City Council received a restitution check worth just over $300,000 Tuesday from the friends and family of Jeffrey Stenroos, the former L.A. school police officer convicted of faking his own shooting at a high school last year.

    Stenroos was ordered to pay $309,043.46 to recoup costs spent in the search for a false shooting suspect and for endangering the El Camino Real High School and Woodland Hills community.

    On January 19, 2011, Stenroos said he was shot by a burglary suspect near the El Camino campus, prompting a school lockdown and a response from more than 550 law enforcement officers throughout Southern California. He later admitted the shooting was a hoax and he was charged with perjury, filing a false insurance claim, preparing a false police report and preparing false evidence.

    Last week, a judge agreed to allow Stenroos to post bail in exchange for the restitution money.

    (Copyright ©2012 KABC-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)

  17. Kelly x2

    family photo
    Alcohol, drugs and mental illness can be deadly
    Merlyn “Mike” King was born Feb. 8, 1979, in Orange County and died May 29, 2011, in Yucca Valley.
    Posted: Saturday, March 31, 2012 5:00 am | Updated: 12:21 am, Sat Mar 31, 2012.
    By Courtney Vaughn Hi-Desert Star | 6 comments
    MORONGO BASIN — The May shooting of Merlyn “Mike” King marks the third officer-involved shooting in a one-year period in the Morongo Basin.
    In two prior cases, both in Joshua Tree, the subjects were drunk and aimed guns at deputies. King was unarmed, but did not respond to non-deadly force and reportedly reached for a deputy’s weapon.
    “Most of the time when we have a situation like this where the person doesn’t comply with an officer, most of the time a substance is involved,” Simon Umscheid, the deputy district attorney who supervises the Joshua Tree courthouse office, said.
    Untreated mental illness can be just as problematic, he said.
    “I deal with the mental health court calendar here. A lot of times when people are off their medication, they don’t act the way they normally would,” Umscheid said.
    It’s unclear whether King’s mental illness or his drug use caused him to react the way he did. Advocates of a controversial mental health law say incidents like King’s could be prevented with forced mental treatment.
    Laura’s Law was enacted in California in 2002. According to the Treatment Advocacy Center, the law allows judges to order involuntary assisted outpatient treatment if a person:
    •    Has a condition likely to substantially deteriorate;
    •    Is unlikely to survive safely in a community without supervision;
    •    Has a history of noncompliance, including two hospitalizations in the past 36 months;
    •    Acts, threatens or attempts violence to himself or others;
    •    Is likely to need treatment to prevent meeting inpatient standard and will likely benefit from assisted treatment.
    Lawmakers left it up to individual counties throughout California to implement. So far, only one, Nevada County, has adopted Laura’s Law.

    1. Apples and oranges dipshit, Kelly was on his own and a judge never interviened. He was beaten to death by Jay Sissynelli. A jury and a judge will determine if beating a guy begging for mercy in the face and crushing bones is a “good kill”… dipshit.

  18. Previously in Fullertons History, there was only a few people that were even aware of the Local Politics. Now that the Light is on the Cockroaches are scattering fast.

    The backroom deals in the dark in Fullerton will be over eventually.

    Even U.S. Presidents are Puppets of their Masters, But last Spring and Summer were a International Political Firestorm. Its very interesting how Google Inc. supported Freedom and Democracy.

  19. QS, just took a giant swipe at Norby….She is just as guilty on the water tax, as he is……No on QS for assemblyman…..

    1. I’ve said that all along. She’s a politician. Says the right things at the right time. She will probably win her next step up too.

  20. Back to the downtown restaurant/bar district: build it, and they will come.

    “Its no surprise to me I am my own worst enemy…”

  21. Too bad it(USA) has been sold to the banks, wall street, insurance companies, drug manufacturers, oil companies, China, etc.
    Oh, oops, there goes the middle class.

    I don’t know what I realize is true but I am pretty sure those bars in downtown fullerton have some way contributed to traffic accident fatalities due to DUIs. I remember that rookie pitcher for the Angels that died in one on Lemon. The other driver was drunk and on his thrid DUI or something like that. Probably, hundred of sons, daughters, mothers and fathers as well.

    So has anyone seen a DUI check point in Fullerton? I just went through one in Buena Park so I got me to think about Fullerton. Wouldn’t that help curb DUIs and create revenue for the city (getting caught DUI is what? $10,000 drink?) and possibly responsible driving. I wouldn’t know. When driving, I try to stay away from downtown fullerton at nights.

  22. Well, if last night’s little tea party at city hall wasn’t enough to make you want to recall-then, if you aren’t evil, you don’t want to see a better government representation in Fullerton and don’t care about the city either.
    Ron Thomas played the well known internet tape of his son being tased murdered and yelling out for his dad-saying this is what he hears everyday, Bankhead tried to interrupt Ron Thomas to comment that the tape recording he was playing was fake.

    Former mayor Dick was puzzled about what he called the “hubb-bubb” over the water franchise fee and asked if it was legal, this was that City attorney (who obviously just plays a lawyer on TV) chance to speak up, but he didnt so some dude at the podium said something about everything is legal, whereby that set off another idiotic long winded, prattling lecture by Jones about pipes and the high cost of everything,

    Squirt-Silva who was passing the buck like crazy to Norby and others in council for years who said nothing, all the preceded her wanting to motion to stay the in lieu water tax, whereby the city attorney, count chocula, suggested it be agendized-McKinley agreed with this. His reason? He suddenly had a burst of compassion for the water committee who have worked so hard, he wanted to hear their recommendations on the 11th first. Of course Bankhead and Jones followed suit and the motion was shot down to eliminate the franchise fee that night, even though a representative from the committee did recommend to eliminate this 10% tax that night.

    There was more and I suggest that the tapes be reviewed as this meeting was simply unbelievable.
    Someone actually called them “wise elders”.

    I thought being a “wise elder” in goverment meant you would know the law.
    Maybe Howard Jarvis will do a special refresher course on prop 218 to those city officials, especially that city attorney.

    1. Who was the last speaker at last night’s council meeting.

      Loved what he said confirming the authenticity of that youtube recording of Kelly Thomas screaming out for his dad, whilst the monsters continued their pounding. Only 2 counilmembers raised their hands apparently indicating they saw the publically available videos.

      Another interesting comment from Ron Thomas was his questioning of the watchcommander that night. “Who was he or she?” “That’s been another one of FPD’s big secrets.”
      Maybe RI could tell us. 🙂 <THAT should get his attention.

  23. And let’s be honest: all the drugs and booze downtown have attracted a lot of unsavory street people.

  24. As I told Chris in our conversation, if Chief Hughes reads this blog, he should SEEK out who RI really is and tell him to SHUT UP!!!

    RI has done more damage to FPD than assist them. The only ones who have supported RI is his fellow clowns in blue.

    Assuming of course RI hasn’t used to many other screen names to support himself??

    But again, I will say all Chief Hughes has to do is look across the street at City Hall to find the suspect.

    If true, then it will be difficult to tell Bankhead to shut up, since he and his 2 other Amigos are the ones REALLY running the city anyways.

    Carry on Don.

    1. LOL.

      Now that you realize nothing is changing and things are falling apart, you are panicking and blaming RI? LOL come on. RI speaks the truth and reality. It hurts I know but it is what it is.

      It’s clear FPD command staff is now in place. Look to the future. Or hang RI an blame him LOL

      1. Until you show the world your not a COWARD in REALITY, you may continue to sit in front of your computer eating CHEETOS thinking your the best.

        Nothing GOOD yet has happened to brag about RI.

        You have one phase of a Genacco report is ALL you have. That isn’t saying much.

        YOU really are foolish. Maybe you should have waited until after the June election before making that statement.

        1. Nothing? Hmmmmmm

          I see a bunch of good.

          What’s wrong with thinking I’m the best? You think you are the best right?

          Gennaco could say all was good top to bottom, the recall could fail, and the cops could be found not guilty and it won’t change how anyone feels here so the future really means nothing.

          FPD is happy. Goodie got his promotion. Captains are in place. Chief is in place.

          It’s time to look to the future. You can’t change the past.

          1. You really are a simple minded OLD MAN.

            Claim your victory when ALL is said and done.

            Like I said, continue to hind behind the keyboard their old man, allow those who read your dribble to think your still the king.

            Your safe within the confines of “fort apache” fullerton.

              1. Some know why???.

                LOL, I am still finding it a mystery why everyone has settled on the name O’Malley too?

                FFFF might have a mystery or two remained unsolved.

      2. I only blame you as to your ONE SIDED commentary about LE operations.

        That’s somewhat understandable since you haven’t seen the inside of a police car since 1988.

        I bet it was a decade before that even.

        If there were more cops on this blog who payed attention they would see YOU might have wore a WHITE sheet over your uniform back in the day.

        Only those of us who know can read between the lines.

        Your ideas from 1962 show from time to time in your comments.

          1. Not only is it funny, it’s true. I don’t see anyone other that the additional screen names YOU create, giving YOU a standing ovation for setting the record straight.

            Did I miss something??

            Going back to your September 4, 2011 comments about homeless in some cases needing to be taken care of permanently.

            I submit the same goes for OLD police administrators who talk the SHIT you have talked from time to time.

            Your nothing but a card carrying KLAN member from back in the 60’s is all. YOUR statements seem to show that.

            LIke I said before, let a private investigator get your IP addresses and let the fun begin.

      3. Falling apart? What weird planet are you on? Yes, the swine are digging in now because they can – for a while. After June 5th there will be a house cleaning.

  25. Mayor Sharon Quirks call audit of the water fees collected all these years and not just another survey seemed to make a few council members look a bit nervous especialy Mr. jones.

  26. Citizens… you do NOT have to open your door if cops show up. If they DO NOT have a warrant (which they must produce prior to entering your house) do not open the door. talk through the door or through a window. If they bust out a screen or kick in the door without a warrant every thing they do is ILLEGAL. As a citizen in California you are legally entitled to own a firearm unless you are a felon or a DV perp etc. If you can legally own a fire arm in California you can carry, brandish, own, posses a firearm in your home. If cops knock on your door you can legally ask them to disarm before entering your home and you do NOT have to disarm before they do. They cannot LEGALLY ask you to disarm inside your home. If a cop threatens you with bodily harm you have the legal right to shoot and kill that cop by California law. That is why the FPD is ALL IN AN UPROAR on Kelly Thomas. You have the legal right in california to protect yourself with deadly force if you justifiably believe you are in danger. An armed rouge cop threatening to kill an unarmed compliant citizen is a cause for thatcitizen to protect him self. Kelly tried, ran away and was murdered.

  27. RI= scumbag liar.. please show up at my door and request entry without a warrant…. and if you have one it better be specific…. RI=POS

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