Sellers Sighting in Pasadena

He keeps popping up like a bad penny. It’s Iron Mike Sellers at the Rose Bowl.

That’s right, Fullerton’s former top cop who let Pat McPension’s Neanderthal goons run amok, and who, when the chips were down took 1) a vacation, 2) a tummy ache medical leave, and 3) a disability retirement and massive pension with thanks and well-wishes of the Albert Pujols of City mangers, Joe Felz.

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42 thoughts on “Sellers Sighting in Pasadena

      1. beautiful, truth is beauty because it shows us the difference between morality and moral relativism.
        Morals are fixed in love, respect, compassion; the elements that crown us as humanitarians,
        Moral relativism savages anyone who gets in the way of meeting a goal whether it is personal or civic. The saying the end justifies the means typifies many fascist governments at all levels. Fullerton and its police department resembled fascism at the municipal level.
        Told by Fullerton city council person Jones, and supported by his fellow city council members, to tame and clean up a downtown Fullerton corrupted by redevelopment formed from same city council’s myopic vision, the Fullerton PD first guided by Police chief McKinley then Sellers stomped on the civil rights of Fullerton’s community then blithely turned to its city council and told them they needed to use tax revenue to buy legal hush and settlements.
        Fullerton city council had no problem doing this as they were reaping big tax $ from the illegal water tax pushed through by same council.
        The goal: tame and make attractive to customers downtown Fullerton.
        The means: beat to death disabled, malnourished, homeless Kelly Thomas because his appearance detracted from Fullerton downtonwn’s ambience.
        ancillary goal: after Kelly Thomas becomes national news, Fullerton city council buys more legal hush with tax $ by buying Gennaco, and propaganda by promising to fund Rusty Kennedy’s Orange County Human Relations Commission if he deflects guilt from Fullerton PD by heading the Fullerton task force on homelessness.
        Fullerton Police Chief Sellers, whose role was to provide moral leadership by upholding the laws of our nation, ran away after the Kelly Thomas murder became public knowledge.
        Sellers moral relativism allows him to avoid culpability in the Kelly Thomas murder by his own police department while demanding triple digit retirement funded by our tax $.
        A moral man would admit his role in the Kelly Thomas death and his failure to lead and guide a police force .

            1. OOPS you forgot that Sellers did not merely run away from the Kelly Thomas killing, nope, HE WENT ON A TWO WEEK CRUISE courtesy of Fullerton Taxpayers!!

          1. specify the crap and blithering that convinces you I rely on others opinions and therefore ai am an idiot.
            Is the illegal water tax not a tax? rincon did not molest female detaineees and the city hushed it up with tax revenue handed out to rincon’s victims as legal settlements?
            Did Sellers not quickly leave due to high blood pressure from the public outrage over kelly thomas death?

          2. My opinion is that Van is spot on and that taxpayer teat and milk that you have been drinking for too long is drying up whether you like it or not. Basic economics is at work ensure water will seek its own level. You may need to purchase some lanolin for that nipple. It will get pretty irritated after a while.

    1. FYI….

      In Dante Alighieri’s Inferno, the ninth and lowest circle of Hell is reserved for traitors; Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus, suffers the worst torments of all: being constantly gnawed at by one of Lucifer’s own three mouths. His treachery is considered so notorious that his name has long been synonymous with traitor, a fate he shares with Benedict Arnold, Marcus Junius Brutus (who too is depicted in Dante’s Inferno, suffering the same fate as Judas along with Cassius Longinus), and Vidkun Quisling. Indeed, the etymology of the word traitor originates with Judas’ handing over of Jesus to the Roman authorities: the word is derived from the Latin traditor which means “one who delivers.”

      1. thanks, I confused the crime of treason with Dante’s Purgatorio instead of Inferno.
        Trason i the worst crime because it ndagers society , not just the individual.

  1. Vote Count Percentage
    BRUCE WHITAKER 15,344 13.9%
    JENNIFER FITZGERALD 15,039 13.6%
    JAN M. FLORY 12,748 11.6%
    TRAVIS KIGER 12,738 11.6%
    RICK ALVAREZ 11,251 10.2%
    JANE RANDS 8,805 8.0%
    KITTY JARAMILLO 7,493 6.8%
    BARRY LEVINSON 7,309 6.6%
    DON BANKHEAD 7,275 6.6%
    BRIAN BARTHOLOMEW 6,260 5.7%
    MATTHEW HAKIM 4,172 3.8%
    ROBERTA REID 1,788 1.6%

  2. BRUCE WHITAKER 15,384 13.9%
    JENNIFER FITZGERALD 15,081 13.6%
    JAN M. FLORY 12,784 11.6%
    TRAVIS KIGER 12,768 11.6%
    RICK ALVAREZ 11,286 10.2%
    JANE RANDS 8,832 8.0%

  3. Is Fullerton’s political infrastructure corrupt from top to bottom? Now the odor of deliberate vote tampering? The Feds really need to intervene and do a complete investigation and uncover all of Fullertons “dirty lil’ secrets”

      1. Fullerton may be ground zero for reform/restoration of representative government. Much lip service given to “Main Street” then quickly forgotten by our reps in Wash DC.
        Fullerton, like most small to middling towns/cities is Main Street and the good people of fullerton’s voice must be heard across our nation to remind the rest hope and freedom is struggling to survive in “Our Town”.

  4. Thank you Koch brothers, all you Koch suckers, and FFFF! Your hate-filled proclamations and protests drove undecided voters to the middle!

    As a result:

    –Obama wins in the Electoral College by a landslide victory, carrying Michigan (Romney’s state), Wisconsin (Ryan’s state) in addition to Ohio and Florida!

    –Prop 30 passes in California!

    –Chevron is defeated in by Save Coyote Hills in Fullerton.

    –Chaffee, Fitzgerald, and Flory take City Council seats as a result of Recall movement.

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