Quirk Is Afraid of Would be Anaheim Constituents; Blows Off Meeting

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Updated list on Quirk-Silva NO-SHOWS:
9-7: Fullerton Chamber Candidates Forum
9-12: Cypress College Candidate Debate
9-21: OC Real Estate Managers Assoc. Legislative Forum
10-7: West Island (Anaheim Uninc.) Homeowners Forum
10-17: Cypress Chamber of Commerce Debate
10-27: West Anaheim Neighbors

I just received some interesting news about our Mayor Sharon Quirk who is running for the State Assembly – and its both embarrassing and telling.

I have it on real good authority that Ms. Quirk was invited to a “meet the candidate night” by the good folks in the unincorporated West Anaheim Island – a large area of unincorporated Orange County.

Now theses are the very people Quirk’s political handlers said she would do well with – the working class people of Anaheim’s flatlands, so you would think Quirk would jump at the chance to mingle with her peeps.

Nuh uh.

No, Anaheim is the other way!

Apparently at first she just ignored the West Island Neighborhood group, and finally some campaign flunky responded saying that it might be a trap to embarrass Quirk with – questions! That sure has the ring of truth since a quick trip to Quirk’s website shows a cardboard cut out candidate who steadfastly refuses to take a position on any of the important propositions on the ballot this fall – including Governor Brown’s new tax and spend plans.

Nice work, Ms. Quirk.

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  1. She’s so focused on playing it safe she’s boring. I clicked on her website, and was struck by the massive amounts of red everywhere, as if she’s trying to fool people into thinking that she’s a Republican. What a chameleon, or, as Bugs Bunny would say, “What a maroon!!”

    1. “Apparently at first she just ignored the West Island Neighborhood group, and finally some campaign flunky responded saying that it might be a trap to embarrass Quirk with – questions! ”

      I don’t believe a damn thing that Tony’s saying here without release of the text of the e-mail (or whatever it was), which is notably absent from this “news report.” Publish it, Tony — or admit that it’s probably either a misrepresentation (by your or someone else) or the work of some low-level functionary who may have garbled a message.

      1. Greg, are you gonna remain a lawyer after you lose the election? What office are you seeking next? Sharon Quirk’s spokeshole? Or are you going to work for Stanley Fiala?

        1. Well Tuco, he filed an application with my MERLIN4X FX trading and I am still processing it to see if I can have any use for him. I thing that “F”FFF should gave him some job since they favor his crapola over mine.

          However, there is too many wimps running this forum so my reply may not get to you.

  2. I’ll be honest and forthright and say that there isn’t a bone in this woman’s body that I trust, however putting all that aside, I’ve got to say that I think that it’s a reverse form of discrimination to vote for or endorse a candidate purely on their gender.

    Isn’t that what this group in the link basically stands for?


    1. No, it isn’t. You won’t see them endorsing Debra Pauly, among others. Did you really think it was “we endorse all women”?

      1. Oh, what I would give for a debate on virtually any topic between Deborah Pauley and Sharon Quirk Silva. I would seriously drop significant coin for that.

  3. Most women in power jobs, suffer from penus envy. They always have to try harder. That sometimes labels them as harsh or bitches. Where a man can be the same, and be labeled as strong a person. There is no balance when it comes to “left brain” and “right brain”.
    BTW, I will not be voting for any of the women running for office. None of them support the same things that I do.

    1. “Penus envy.” You moron. That’s it — now I have to write about this.

      Hey, Chris Norby’s posting here today — maybe he’ll be smart enough to denounce your comment as not the sort of support he wants. Chris?

      1. My guess is that Greg Diamond will get less votes than SQS. No more than 200 votes either one. With his BS here, no one will ever vote for him again.

        1. No more than 200 votes for either of us?

          I won’t be so cruel as to offer to bet you — but you do know that I got more than 38,000 votes in the primary, right?

          (By the way, you’re confusing BS with disagreement with you.)

  4. This isn’t her first no-show. At a Fullerton Chamber Candidate Breakfast & OC-IREM (real estate management assoc. attended by 150 people) I was the only candidate for this office to show up. I’ve agreed to a debate before the Cypress Chamber, but they can’t get a commitment from the other side.

    It is an odd. In prior city council, supervisorial and legislative races in which I’ve run, there were many debates/joints appearances/ candidate forums. Cynthia Coad welcomed them, so did Linda Ackerman.

    I’d welcome an open, direct exchange of ideas in this race, not just hit pieces claiming I’ve cut education. Huh? I supported Brown’s abolition of redevelopment agencies to restore school funding. Paying off Fullerton RDA’s current $772 million debt (see the Controller’s Report, page 526) will cost our schools in diverted property tax revenues.

    This election should be more than about hit mail. I’d welcome a direct exchange of ideas any time, any place.

    1. – when Quirk was first elected to the Fullerton city council, the Redevelopment Agency’s dept was $73,279,804….and now it’s $772,000,000?

      In just 8 years Quirk put us Fullerton tax payers into $100,000,000 (yes, that’s one hundred million) of indebtedness.

      Geeze, no thanks Quirk!

      1. Curious, I don’t know who taught you how to add or subtract, but the number is closer to $600,000,000 (six hundred million) of additional indebtedness.

    2. Hello, Chris. Will you agree to allow you and your wife to open the file on the domestic violence call at your house in Sept. 2? As you may know, they won’t release them to me.

      All I want to know are the name of the witness who called the police (so that I might interview him) and to confirm whether or not there were photos taken of injuries to your wife.

      I don’t know whether any of the allegations made about what you did on that day are true, I just want to find out because I do not want this county to be represented by someone who engages in domestic violence. I presume that you would endorse the same opinion.

      The records are apparently available for your asking — but the request has to come from you and your wife. Will you agree to release them?

        1. Domestic violence is a significant social problem, Mr. “Most women in power jobs, suffer from penus envy.” (Chris, you really ought to denounce that comment of support.)

          Rumors abound about this event and what followed. He has the chance to clear his name by his and his wife waiving the confidentiality of a police report that he says entirely exculpates him. He should do so.

          For what it’s worth, I hope that it DOES exculpate him. I have no idea why he won’t seek its release unless he was lying about its contents and/or it did include incriminating photos of bruising.

          You don’t care if this is true? Well, I do — and as you’re obviously a sexist bottom feeder, no one should care what you think about it.

          1. A worse social problem is politicians running for office who have no chance of winning because they are associated with digging up the dirt.
            How come Greg D. didn’t go to the Cypress Chamber candidates forum either, like his buddy and fellow cop apologist Quirk-Silva.
            Oh well, I already mailed in my ballot and neither Quirk nor Diamond got my vote! Better luck next election!!

            1. You actually think that “politicians running for office who have no chance of winning because they are associated with digging up the dirt” is a worse social problem than domestic violence?

              I wonder who here besides me will dare to disagree with you publicly?

            1. I did presume that you were male, in that I expect women to know better that to write what you wrote. I apologize for what you say is my error (I’m just taking you at your word here), but that’s what comes of so many people here using pseudonyms.

              Your revelation makes me less angry about the comment — and more sad that “penis envy” is what you think drives women in powerful positions.

              1. So you think women are stupid, and don’t know, what is happening? Women are very strong. I am one who had to fight her way to the top. But you would not know what the meaning of TOP is, because you SIR, have never been there. YOU ARE A PIG…..So just shut your mouth before, before you stick your foot up your ass again. And how would you know who knows better. Did you grow a vigina all of sudden? Or just wish you had one. You NUMB NUT…..Have you heard that before, I am sure you have.

                1. Nothing I said can fairly be construed as saying that I think that women are stupid. In fact, when it comes to issues of what motivates them in their careers, I think that women know more than men do. But that doesn’t mean that every single woman will know more than every single man. Given your discussion of penis envy, I think that I know more than you do about this (having worked with many women at the top of their professions), but that Sharon Quirk-Silva has a better understanding of it than I do — and I cannot imagine her ever making your statement about penis envy.

                  I’m going to leave your insults alone.

      1. Hello Greg,

        Is your wife from the Phillipine Islands someone that you married to act as your “beard”, so that your parents, and maybe some of the electorate would assume you were straight and not a homosexual?

        Do you have any children together?

        I want to make sure that your not mis-representing yourself to the voting public, and trust that you’ll have no problem with one of the staff from the FFFF coming over to your home in order to interview your wife and verify that you’ve actually consummated your marriage.

        That’s o.k. with you right?

        1. Go ahead Numb nut, answer…..If I was Sharon, I would never have someone like you in the corner. . You speak, without knowledge. I would never admit, you spoke for me. I will ask Sharon if you speak for her. Is that ok?

        2. Sharon will tell you, correctly, that I don’t speak for her.

          No, we met in 2007 and fell and have remained in love. We don’t have children together naturally; she was already 44 when we met. Her two youngest live with us and I consider them my own as well.

          You’re not invited over. If Tony wants to contact me about interviewing her to confirm my heterosexuality, as if that should matter to anyone, he can contact me directly.

          1. In all honesty Greg. I think it would be in your best interest to remove yourself from this blog. To be real and honest most of the time you sound like a nut. You might be a good person, but a blog in which you have no stake in, is just a very bad decision on your part. If you can’t tell, everybody on this blog thinks you are a joke. Maybe your words would be better spoken somewhere else.

            1. Thank you for what sounds like kindly intended advice, cg. I am well-aware that many people who read FFFF but don’t post here don’t share your views of me. In any event, I’ll reassess my participation here in about half a month. You can bear me until then.

              1. Greg are you sure you are not GREG MARMALADE from “Animal House?” I thought he became a Nixon White House Aide. Is that you??? I thought so!!!

  5. B-b-but Greg Diamond promised a big victory south of the 91 and west of the 5. And now it turns out that La Quirk is terrified of Anaheim?

    Say it ain’t so?

    1. I don’t blame her. Nobody’s ever heard of her outside of Fullerton and even that’s pretty shaky. Norby represented this area as a Supervisor for 7 years and an Assemblman for almost 3.

      Maybe she should send Diamond door to door. Oops that would lose her more votes. Even with hundreds of Ks in union dough, Norby is going to win by a comfortable 10-15 points.

      1. You’re saying that she has at least $200K in support from unions? No way. Back up that apparent lie if you can.

        1. Back up from the all you can eat buffet, if you can, and dont forget to lick those greasy, sausage like, fingers clean, before you start typing your next post.

          1. Yeah, I didn’t think anyone would have an answer to that.

            Nice fat joke, though! For some people, that’s a decent substitute for facts.

  6. Come on, Sharon… you and Norby may not be Lincoln & Douglas, but your the only 2 choices we have. I’d go watch it—even in Cypress!

  7. Curious :
    – when Quirk was first elected to the Fullerton city council, the Redevelopment Agency’s dept was $73,279,804….and now it’s $772,000,000?
    In just 8 years Quirk put us Fullerton tax payers into $100,000,000 (yes, that’s one hundred million) of indebtedness.
    Geeze, no thanks Quirk!

    Im guessing they were foolish descisions, boondogles, foam with stucco painted on, bars bars bras and giveaways.

  8. She appears to be inspired by Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. Look presentable in photos and in campaign flyers and then do absolutely nothing while office except for soliciting campaign contributions. I am former Democrat that has become an independent voter permanently because the zombie like warm bodies we are given as choices to vote for….

  9. I’ll match ’em up. Even Loretta debated Dornan when she was the challenger. Just get the handlers away from her–I can convince her. Name the time & place. I won’t even take a cut.

  10. Also, Chris, here’s a chance for you to denounce this comment above from one of your supporters here:

    cg :
    Most women in power jobs, suffer from penus envy. They always have to try harder. That sometimes labels them as harsh or bitches. Where a man can be the same, and be labeled as strong a person. There is no balance when it comes to “left brain” and “right brain”.
    BTW, I will not be voting for any of the women running for office. None of them support the same things that I do.

    (That presumes that you disagree with more than the spelling of “penis,” of course.)

    1. Looks like you are really fixated on this “penis” thing Greg, could it be that you are resentful because you have not seen yours a long time?

      1. No, even if that were true, I would be mentioning it because of the content of the comment itself and the very loud lack of response to it here.

  11. I can’t for the life of me understand why anybody would idolize Loretta Sanchez. There’s plenty of 8th grade girls out there with higher IQ’s that Sharon could look up to.

            1. Shouldt you be busy or in therapy, GD
              [UPDATED] Gregory A. Diamond, OC State Senate Candidate, Went Postal in the Wee Hours of the Morning
              By R. Scott Moxley Fri., Oct. 19 2012 at 6:31 PM


              “Like a rabid street dog that believes attention–even swift kicks to the noggin–equals love, Diamond thinks that he’s scoring points with voters in California’s 29th state senate district by writing comment after comment after comment that have nothing to do with the campaign.

              For example, the Orange County Register wrote a Monday story that had nothing to do with Diamond’s laughable campaign but he posted six comments on the article and tried to take credit for Occupy Irvine.

              Know that with the campaign in its final weeks, Diamond–who claims he works with the law firm Jones Day but I’ve yet to see any evidence of his self-serving assertion–hasn’t held even one, meaningful campaign event for himself in his alleged hope to defeat incumbent Republican Bob Huff.”

              1. I think that addressing this particular problem is important enough to take time away from my other efforts.

                There are several lies and/or negligent misrepresentations in Moxley’s story. I won’t get into them in detail here.

            2. You just laughed at this comment:

              “Your incessant posts are domestic violence. We’re all victims.”

              You don’t get to be all huffy at this point.

      1. Elections
        OC Weekly 2012 Election Guide: Fullerton!
        By Brandon Ferguson


        “It’s tempting to qualify the Fullerton political scene as a live- action soap opera. In this fine city, once-great allies have become enemies, blogospheric intrigue abounds, Ron Thomas has threatened to run for mayor, and public outrage over egregious police brutality recently forced former top cop Michael Sellars into hiding.

        It would have been interesting to see what Shakespeare would have done with Fullerton were he alive. Doubtless even the immortal bard would have struggled to tastefully thread the line between the absurd ineptitude of the city’s recently recalled politicians and the incident that crystalized their place in history–the despicable killing of an unarmed mentally ill homeless man. Here’s a break down of what voters can expect to see when they step into the booth next month:” -OCWeekly.com

  12. Lifesaving Service :
    Didnt Goodrich break that news under very very smelly circumstances??? and then died.

    Greg Diamond :
    I think that addressing this particular problem is important enough to take time away from my other efforts.
    There are several lies and/or negligent misrepresentations in Moxley’s story. I won’t get into them in detail here.

  13. Funny the double standards:

    Dan Chmielewinski, Chris Prevatt, and Greg Diamond berate Dana Rorbacher for skipping a debate in Laguna Beach. Yet, they down play voters here as being Mothers of Ethiopia and some other blather. Total Bullshit. It really gives insight to the mentality of OC DEMS. SQS would be well served to distance herself from these morons.

    The next double standard is gregs desperate attempt to pry into Norby’s marriage, but his complete reluctance to do so in Santa Ana, where the mayoral challenger is accused of baning his secratary and kicking his school teacher wife to the curb (which may be an upgrade for her). Absolute hypocrisy from these fools.

    They claim to take the high road, but they are really just licking the balls of Nick Brardino and his ilk.

    1. If Sharon had agreed to attend a debate, which was sufficiently well-publicized that 300 people showed up to watch it, and then she had backed out without advance notice on the absurd excuse that she had never agreed to it, then if I didn’t criticize her over it you might have a point about my having a double-standard.

      But that’s not what she did. It’s what Rohrabacher did. Get it?

      1. Yeah Right Diamond.

        Still shilling from the subsidized apartment while attending “BEAR” parties with Julio Perez?

        1. I have a subsidized apartment? Wow — how much and from whom?

          I admire your courageous attempt to change the topic.

          It’s true that Julio and I do have something in common — but it’s that we’re Wolverines fans, not Bears fans.

      2. Greg,

        Since you are so close to Sharron have you contacted her for her side of the story?

        Care to share it? Was she invited? Did she aggree?

        What EXACTLY did she say? Since you speak on her behalf repeatedly………

          1. more like a sssssssssnake. She’s been hiding under her desk since Kelly was killed.

            I wonder what she says in private about GD, I’d bet $200 she wishes he would shut up and quit supporting her platform, or lack there of.

            And to go one step further, maybe Loretta wishes she hadn’t supported her. Just a thought.

        1. In order: Nope. N/A. DK. DK, DK. No, I don’t.

          We’re not *that* close — but I do know that she spells her name with one “r”.

  14. The way she flip flopped between pushing for transparency and reform and supporting Dan Hughes at all costs to our public safety, jumping on board whatever she thought would keep money pumping into her campaign, shows why she would be a bad representative.

    It’s really easy to figure out who to vote for, just pay attention to how quickly the Quirk-Silva’s in the world will sell you out and vote accordingly.

    1. Yeah, he’s only been torture-tested for that position for a year or so now. The idea that she may actually think that he’s proved his capabilities must not strike you as worth considering.

      1. Sorry Danny’s capabilities have not been torture tested. he was a part of the lies placed by FPD when Kelly was bludgeoned. He was part of the culture of corruption for 29 years since he never said an unkind word publicly about anything going on at FPD. He took over the office from two weak chiefs, Chief I am sick and retiring and Chief I am sick too so I will retire. Only thing good he did was not retire in the position of authority. Danny wants to be Chief somewhere, he already applied to Corona and was turned down. So by bypassing Capt Hughes, he will be leaving anyway, first place that offers him chief. He has already showed that inclination. As Captain, he also allowed Spokeshole Andy Goodbar to lie, lie, and lie and then promoted him to Lieutenant, a huge promotion!

        1. “Let’s promote a man who protects killer cops because he is worried that he himself will get questioned for his involvement in the coverup if they are let go and start getting sue happy! That way the police unions will always come out of the pocket for my campaign. Not like the people deserve protection” – general thoughts of SQS

  15. The only “torture” Hughes has been put through, is the scrutiny him and his rotten pd have been subjected to due to the Kelly Thomas Murder and the subsequent myriad of violations and abuses that his dept. has been found guilty of.

  16. So you consider Hughes being held accountable for the true actions of his PD to be torture? What do you suppose the victims of thier criminal actions had to endure? Go have a snack, that ought to keep your hands off the keyboard for a couple of hours unless your just hooked up to a tube, I mean a hose and perpetually feed all day long.

  17. Greg,

    You have dissapointed the entire Democratic establishment wit your performance.

    Sharron has tried to distance herself from you, Loretta is asking “Who the fuck is this Greg Diamond” guy. and you keep speaking for them.

    Go to Manila, Detroit, Arizona, we don’t care where, just quit trying to influence our elections.

    You seldom aknowledge, how I kicked your ass and that pussy Gebre in Santa Ana back in June.

    You fools ruined that poor fools carreer. The best he can hope for now is a couple of minutes in a Garden Grove Bookstore.

    So is your plan to Ruin Sharron too?

      1. Seriously, Greg, I am voting against each of your candidates just because you are behind them, not only because they are horrible. Thank you for genuinely making a difference in your own cute lil way.

        1. That name was supposed to be “Flory loves illegal water taxes”. Flory loves booze, and sucking up to corruption would work for me as well.

  18. Desperate nothing.

    I kicked your boy’s Julio’s ass (sent the fraudenlent reporter into REHAB), am now working on the filthy lying canidate for Mayor.

    The difference between you and I, is don’t own a shirt that says DEM or GOP. I go after lying fake canidates equally.

    If one of your guys sodomized a 19 yeryone equally, year-old underling and then threatened her, that’s OK in your book. As long as there’s a (D) by his name.

    For me, I hate and distrust everyone equally, until they prove their worth. You have proved that you are not serious about your canidacy.

    You are a tool. But thats ok. It’s 2012 we don’t use tools too much anymore.

    1. No, that would not be OK in my book. I just don’t consider you a credible source regarding it or anything else.

  19. Thanks to the FFFF, for letting me intrude here.

    Good luck with your good work defending and protecting your community. I am heading back a few miles south.

    What you do is laudable.

    I wish we had a citizentry as active as Fullerton.

    In Jim Rome speak:

    I’m OUT

    1. I enjoyed being there just to watch the bootlickers faces fall as their eyes fell on me.

      Always there to remind you how wrong the corruption you are defending is. Those who want to keep their heads in the sand will see their numbers dwindle, as slow as it may be. The truth always wins out in the end. The full truth.

      Hear that, Danny?

      Is it just me or does he look like he isn’t sleeping well? Wonder why that may be.

      1. Good catch J.D.

        Good to see that between the Hamilton and Huesman that they have enough sense of honor to take one for the team.

        Does someone have the picture of what they look like after the police cruiser hit them?

  20. 90 comments on this post and 31 of them are from Greg Diamond.

    Rather than spending all day blogging comments shouldn’t you be out campaigning Greg? Don’t you have an election coming up? What exactly is your campaign strategy?

    I bet that those unsuspecting folks that donated money to your campaign expected a little more from you Greg. How are all these blog comments helping you defeat Bob Huff?

    The DPOC should seriously consider stripping you of their endorsement.

  21. I voted for Bob Huff on my absentee ballot. I know nothing about him, but, I knew he was not Greg Diamond!
    Putting up 31 comments on one topic at FFFF must be some kinda record, NOT!

  22. I have a great idea. Can all you bloggers out there please totally ignore Mr. Diamond and not respond to any of his useless comments.

    My guess is that Mr. Diamond is so starved for attention that he will continue to blog at this site and others. But it will be very amusing when he is carrying out a running dialogue with himself only!

  23. It is a shame that our soon to be departed Mayor, apparently does not care about justice for Fullerton and its citizens.

    I also find it sad and so disingenious that those people who speak so loudly about Bushala’s influence, support those that have no problem taking thousands of dollars from the public unions and other special interest groups.

    Their stategy is to go on the attack hoping that the public will not see through their sham charges. They hope that they will not be discovered as the phony corrupt politicians that they truly are.

    Guess what Flory, Bankhead, Alvarez and Fitzgerald, you have been unmasked as the deceptive, dishonest politicians who will say or do anything for power and self-interest.

    Shame on all of you!

  24. I heard our two council members Cebourn, Kiger and Whitaker didn’t show up to the FPD open house even though the other two members of the council did. I believe they were next to obligated to go. So much for supporting public safety, right?
    I’m just sayin’ while we are on the topic of people turning their backs.

    1. First off. That is three council members. Second off. Why would they show up to that dog and pony show?

    2. “I heard our two council members Cebourn, Kiger and Whitaker”

      Uh, that’s three city council members. And you would really expect them to come after all the officers who come to city council meetings who are hostile to the three to just dismiss that behavior. If anything, they probably don’t want to bring that drama or instigate that kind of drama in a family friendly event.

    3. The other two, Quirk-SSSSSSilva and Chaffee, are nothing but FPOA stooges.

      I’m personally embarassed for our city of the images of both Quirk-SSSSSSSSilva and Doug Chaffee constantly fawning over a clique of sociopaths like a couple of love struck schoolgirls.

  25. Friendly Neighbor :
    It may have been a family event, but it sure wasn’t friendly.

    yeah, friendly is supposed to be a description for family to say “of all ages” in family and not the type of event. Like saying, the event is family friendly.

  26. I know for a fact that Quirk Silva was invited to the Cypress College AND Cypress Chamber of Commerce debates. She was a no show. Reason? The folks there tell me their mailboxes have been inundated with campaign full color mailers. You know the extremely expensive kind. I would estimate that the person above that said she is spending $200,000 on the campaign has it correct. That money was almost entirely raised by public employee unions so we know how she wants to vote in Sacramento AND if she loses, how she WILL vote in Fullerton! Good luck Fullertonians trying to reduce the influence of your public employee unions!

  27. The Quirk campaign is well aware of the low-watt bulb they have running. The plan is simple. Say nothing, do nothing and let the unions hit Norby.

    Meantime Norby is putting out crap mail, or no mail, as the cops ‘n fire slugs tattoo him. Norby should have fired Lewis and hired Bushala!

    Oh, well.

  28. I just heard on ABC news that a Fullerton Police Officer just accidentally shot himself at the FPD shooting range. Accidental discharge.

      1. And yeah they’re going to keep him on life support for the next 2-3 weeks until the story dies down then the Coroner will release a very vague report.

        If I were the family I would be very vocal at the first sign of a coverup like Pat Tillman’s family did.

  29. I have been waiting for the reports of a single gunshot from the homes of Cicinelli, Wolf and Ramos for a while.

    The weight of beating an innocent man to death (or more likely the cowardice of facing prison) will collapse these weaklings hopefully they go out in grand style, and not with pills.

  30. Oh yeah, Sharron’s not scared, she’s smart. She knows Norby will eat her alive in a conversation. She is poorly spoken unitelligible at times and frankly ill prepared for that level of office.

    There should be an open spot for her as PTA secretary.

    1. Yes. SQS has played perfect politics up to this point. Dodged the Tony recall bullet and dodged having to talk much at all during this campaign. Now to see if all her politics pays off with the ultimate prize.

    2. You’re right. She’s not scared — she’s smart — and she’s also winning — and she and Norby both know it.

      She wasn’t winning months ago — you know, when Norby didn’t try to debate her.

      Tony chose an interesting “closing argument” for this race. I wonder how it will stack up against “why doesn’t Norby simply ask for production of the police report that allegedly would corroborate the story of the witness who saw him attack his wife on Sept. 2, 2010, which he apparently maintains would clear him?”

      Yeah, I’ll take that paid of closing arguments.

            1. Like some? Like who?

              Your scribblings aren’t worth anything. Actually I heard that Quirky is sorry she ever let you inside her door. And that’s really saying something.

      1. So let me get this straight Greg Diamond.

        She skips out on SIX debates. More than half the time with NO notice.

        Is this how we should expect a leader to act?

        Is it reasonable that Sharron gave a big FUCK YOU to the voters and residents that showed up?

        Not everyone in that part of anaheim has the thousand bucks and a free Saturday to go to Sanchez brother’s house in Floral Park.

        This flies in the face of respect and professional behavior,m her spokes people, you especially should be ashamed. But you have no shame, you are an agitator.

        1. Your assertion is apparently based on that list in red up above.

          Except in the last two cases, which have been discussed, there is NO supporting evidence offered that they were debates at all, that they were focused on her race, that she had known of the invitation (we get a lot of them), or that she had agreed to attend (I remember I was invited to one event that was opposing one of the Presidential debates — at which I was co-hosting a party.)

          If all of that’s true, it’s really odd that it didn’t come up at the time. In fact, the complaining doesn’t start at all until Oct. 21 — where Norby gives one example of an event in Fullerton that wasn’t a debate. He seems to be talking about joint appearances.

          There’s no supporting evidence that she was expected to show up at them and didn’t — as Stephen Choi arguably did in Irvine recently and as Dana Rohrabacher CLEARLY did in Laguna Beach — let alone doing so without notice.

          There’s just your unsupported assertion that that list of events were all debates, to which she had committed (which is implicit in “no notice” being an issue) — but that somehow none of this evoked comment until after the fifth such event.

          If you’re someone with actual knowledge of all this, then I think that you’re lying or at least distorting the truth. If you’re not, then I think you’re just being confused by someone who is using you.

          “You have no shame, you are an agitator” — right back at ya, masked man. (Or woman.)

          1. I see you are learning GD.
            “right back at ya, masked man. (Or woman.)”
            To be honest with you I have no idea, why you support this women. She is liar as far as I am concerned. Don’t you see this? Or does that vigina have you under a spell. Be careful it bites….

            1. Those last two words were indeed a tribute to you, cg.

              “Vaginas” don’t bite, cg. You tell me that you’re female, so I would like to think that you know that.

  31. One reason there are so many past problems lurking in Fullerton and many other Orange County cities is that with full color flyers and lots of signs, the lightweight in brain power have a great chance at winning. Just avoid interaction with the public on most issues. Get elected to State offices like Assembly and voila! you then accept contributions from all those who need your vote. Some committees and sub committees are more important, and of course the contributions rise! Having a high quality chief fund raiser on your staff helps since elections are every two years. That in a nutshell is California politics!

  32. Hmmm….she wasn’t running a $400,000 campaign or anything that would make her a little busy. #SQS2012

  33. Nancy Francis, leader of the West Island group, said Quirk-Silva didn’t want to come to her event because she was worried that “it was going to be an ambush thing.”

    “It’s bizarre to me,” she said. “If you’re going to represent us, you should talk to us.”

    Even so, Quirk-Silva added: “I really regret there wasn’t more opportunities (for her and Norby) to be together.”


  34. The facts about Sharon Quirk Silva:
    I like to be called Quirk as my ex is a white professor and he can always be good for a few votes
    and Silva, as it can get me the hispanic vote, not that I have any respect for them, or anyone else for that matter.

    I am proud of being a teacher as I have access to all my students and their parents so
    I can implore (bully) them into putting up my signs around town and taking down signs of anyone I do not support.
    Being a bully is fun and can be effective, so what if you don’t like me you WILL respect me!

    I learned a long time ago that if you do not have to debate your opponent. You can say anything and look better and smarter, when no one is there to dispute you.

    The reason I am running for Assembly? I think I am going to be the next Loretta Sanchez and I will do anything and say anything to bring down my opponent.

    Liar is my middle name and remember, when I am elected I will bring Sunbie and her son and maybe even Greg Silva, to work by my side in Sacramento, or at least I promised them I would but remember, I like to lie.

    1. The one who hid from her constituents, apparently.

      The GOP will be gunning for this bobblehead in 2 years and won’t make the mistake they made not backing Norby.

      Quirk will be raising big bucks from the lobbyists in Sacramento. Will it be enough?

  35. You may now address the winner as ASSEMBLYWOMAN Sharon Quirk-Silva.

    Thank you, and in the future, refer to me as

    PROFESSOR Shawn Quirk

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