Judge Refuses Injunction to Save Redevelopment


State court judge LLoyd Connolly said no to supplicants trying a last ditch effort to save their sacred cash cow known as Redevelopment.

Please note the attorney for the aggrieved cities – including Cerritos, the biggest pirate in the Redevelopment waters – Jeffrey Oderman. Oderman is the City of Fullerton’s Redevelopment lawyer, and, as we have documented on these pages, has legal apologist for all the Redevelopment boondoggles in Fullerton for 20 years.

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  1. “Rejected” by the Big Fella!!!

    Listen to that sweet sound of Jones, McKinley and Bandhead sobbing away….

  2. #103 by Lifesaving Service on January 30, 2012
    Conflict between good and evil
    It is also one of the most common conventional themes in literature, and is sometimes considered to be a universal part of the human condition.

    Contrary to popular belief, right and wrong, moral and immoral, ethical and unethical—are not always on opposite ends of the spectrum of good and evil. In addition, the people who fight for the cause on either side may not always look or act like the one you would expect.

    Who has the FBI all up in their asses, and there is a UN Childrens Bill of Rights.
    8. Right to respect and courtesy. Children should be treated with respect and courtesy by adults, as well as by other children.

  3. “Mr. Oderman practices in the areas of redevelopment and municipal law, land use, environmental law, eminent domain, and related public agency litigation. Mr. Oderman is a member of the firm’s Land Use and Natural Resources Practice Group, the Affordable Housing and Economic Development Practice Group, and the Condemnation/Property Valuation Practice Group. Mr. Oderman represents both public agency and private clients within his areas of expertise.”

    Yes indeedy, a sad turn of events for this poor guy whose career may take a hit.

  4. Note that even if the redevelopment is canned:

    a) most of the projects in the works will be grandfathered, including the St Anton project on Santa Fe
    b) St Anton told me that there is a bill supported by both Dem/Rep in the State that the Gov will sign that removes Housing from the equation (meaning the Housing Money will not be impacted by the Redevelopment Destruction) anyway.

    I am not sure if the above is accurate, but given that St Anton has already spent a bundle on their project, it’s unlikely they figured they’d lose that redevelopment money . Without it, the City would have to kick in money …. and we all know how our council votes on such things 🙂

    1. Republicans will never back a housing without the crony capitalism attached. The Dems might, but with no increment where’s the money come from?

      1. Can return to the days when Fullerton was full of Bushala-owned flop houses and decrepit slums full of building and zoning code violations? Because that was so much better than subsidized affordable housing projects!

        1. I wasn’t aware it was so rampant. Sheeeeet Howdy! Would be so kind as to list 10 or 12 of these flop houses (complete with addresses) and also, 10 or 12 of the code violations he was found guilty of (not just investigated for) and include ALL dates, please? Thank you in advance…

    1. According to a body language expert:

      Darting eyes is a sign that the subject is planning and plotting something. Darting eyes is a way of trying to deceive you into thinking he/she is cooperating while he/she is contemplating options while sizing up the scene and determining options. Darting eyes could be a sign of just checking out people in the room, or it could be looking for an escape route.

      1. I’ll go for the checking out people in the room option, as I’d hazard to guess that SQS is a “people pleaser”, and was measuring the audience’s reaction to what Shawn was saying.

        I noticed later that SQS voted with Shawn Nelson on the issue that he was speaking about.

        1. Sharon is terrified of…everything.

          She also knows she’s not that sharp and you have to giver her credit for some self-realization. That’s probably the only thing standing between her and recall.

            1. I’ve noticed city manager Felz’s eyes shifting a time or two when I was speaking at the city council meetings.

              One in particular when I spoke directly about their police’s ‘cover-up’.

  5. Yes. Sharon’s shifty eyes are the equivalent to a slithering snake’s tongue, which slithers back an forth in preparing to devour a little mouse.

  6. Just like, Nancy Pelosi (D) , or Maxine Waters (D) “the MOST corrupt Congressperson,” both from California.

      1. Can I have an AMEN! Sharon wants to be a dirty Sanchez in a bad way, Loretta is her idol and best buddy.

        Silva’s ship has sailed and she will never hold another public office now that she and Fullerton have been fully exposed.

  7. Redevelopment has always been the RINO phony “Republican” big government (and shrimpy politician) scam which bred a generation of horrid weakling “opposition” Party candidates throughout California (and certainly nationwide).

    Surprisingly, considering the depth of Socialist-Communist poison within the Democrat Party, this big government scam has been killed off by Democrats (following the leadership of a few mainly Libertarian, I guess, Republicans, most notably Chris Norby).

    However this monster is-was killed off, its death didn’t come before immense damage done to our nation (private property rights).

  8. It appears you good people of Fullerton have a new Mayor and a new Acting Police Chief that are masters of schmooze, deception as well as smoke and mirror illusions.

    Keep the fire under their rectums until they shift seats once again.

    1. All politicians schmooze and let’s be realistic, fault will always be found regardless of who it is. We can either keep playing musical chairs, whining about party affiliation or we can continue to stand together, stand up and stand for what’s right and what’s best for Fullerton. I opt for the latter but this is just my opinion.

      1. That is a respectable opinion SherBear and it IS also ok to call attenion to their faults, whether or not it’s just an opinion or not, particulartly on THIS blog.

        1. whether or not it’s just an opinion or not,

          Just to let you know WG, that is a double negative but who notices?

        2. Thanks, Wrong Guy. That’s what I meant in my subsequent post which got separated. We need to keep a fire going under their rears always, no matter who it is. Whoever is up on that dais must never forget we’re watching and won’t hesitate to call them on their actions.

          1. In fact, I’m thinking of lighting a blow torch under their asses.

            Oops. Terrorist threat. I’d better be careful.

      2. So SherBear, it’s okay that people are deceptive? Not for me it isn’t, apparently I have a higher criteria for who decides “what’s best for Fullerton”.

        schmooze is the least of SSSSSSilva’s or Hughes’ worries.

        1. Really Anonymous? You somehow got that I said it was ok to be deceptive out of what I said? Perhaps a course in comprehension is in your future…one can hope.

    2. I do agree about keeping a fire under their asses. They must always know we’re there ready to stoke it. They’ll shift seats on their own eventually if they can’t take it.

  9. When the Recall is successful Bankhead will be the only California Politician to be recalled twice, ever, in history. That will rally Media interest.

    Dan Hughes says the FPD is “under a microscope” will also affect the council members. Media is very interested.

    Remember Carolyn Phillips (Im smiling), We need a ebook or something too.

    1. I WISH the media would be very interested.

      As in the local and national news networks, the local news radio. You know, the mainstream media where most people get their news from.

      NOW would be a great time for the KTLAs to start grilling Dan Hughes and Mayor Quirk-Silva with some direct ‘hard-line’ questioning, such as:

      Why was Officer Albert Rincon allowed to patrol the streets for so long after many ‘groping complaints’?

      Is there an illlegal tax on the water rates?

      Why were all 6 cops involved in the Kelly Thomas MURDER, not put on administrative leave, which is standard policy for any law enforcement agency when there’s a death involved?

      1. I hope to God, that the 4 of the 6 stay on leave.

        Other than people that want you to be and play stupid, people that Love to make enemies really irks me.

  10. “This police department brings me back to my roots. I enjoy serving, I enjoy being in uniform, I enjoy serving the country,” said DeMaio. “I am a baseball kind of guy; first base was municipal policing, second and third were county and federal law enforcement, and my home run is being able to work at the university level. I have always wanted to work in the university level. I am hitting a grand slam here.”

    CSUF welcomes new chief of police

    1. He has recent Antiterror Duty (John Wayne Airport), makes you think doesnt it. Has Federal Law Enforcement, experience. Sounds like a good hire.

      1. Last time I was at the John Wayne airport, I was waiting near the luggage carousel for a family member’s arrival, and noticed no less than 5 deputy sheriff’s chatting up the female at the tourist center desk for at least 35 minutes.

          1. The woman that they were chatting up, worked for the local tourist board, and not an airline. The deputies lack of candor in standing idle for so long, tells me that they weren’t exactly under the microscope of their Supervisor.

            1. fullerton lover :
              The woman that they were chatting up, worked for the local tourist board, and not an airline. The deputies lack of candor in standing idle for so long, tells me that they weren’t exactly under the microscope of their Supervisor.

              …meant to say discretion instead of candor.

            2. I dont think they usually have much to do, John Wayne is small with, well behaved, low occupancy, and low population.

    2. “airport operations division commander/chief of airport police services at John Wayne Airport.”

      Sounds to me like he worked for OCSD at the airport.

  11. Redevelopment fallout reverberates across region

    Published: Saturday, January 14, 2012 at 3:00 a.m.

    “Local government officials express horror, warning of “carnage” to budgets, delays for critical community projects and setbacks for economic recovery efforts.”

    School officials are encouraged, expecting to enjoy a larger slice of the property-tax pie.


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