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  1. You just might be. The physiological similarities are rather striking. What is even more peculiar is the slant of their poses. One to the left and one to the right. Neither is on the straight and narrow. Just what you would expect from the bunker under the ministry of disinformation.

  2. As Samuel Johnson famously said: patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. Always watch out for the guy posing in for a photo op in front of a flag.

  3. Wave The Flag :As Samuel Johnson famously said: patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. Always watch out for the guy posing in for a photo op in front of a flag.

    Especially the American flag with the gold fringes around it.

      1. OK I will stop. Just mean, you are……FFFF has only few that matter…Outsiders are not allowed. Even though I am a resident.

  4. Obviously, current Fullerton police Chief Hughes is retired Fullerton police Chief Pat McKinley’s intellectual heir/hair

  5. The only difference is the Badge # and the collar devices.
    Beauty is only skin deep, ugly is clear to the bone.
    There is an exception in this case, you are starting with double ugly.

  6. They look like a couple of Tic Tacs with teeth

    I think Puffy “don’t need” Combs Hughs maybe following in the bald legacy of the FPD chief’s

    1. “They look like a couple of Tic Tacs with teeth”, now that’s pretty damn funny and creative merijoe. Thanks for the good laugh!

    1. “prolly” ??? Hmmm, where have I heard that “word” used before???? And, more importantly, WHO has used that “word” before a LOT on this blog?? Is chikanon another alter ego of the FFFF ephemeral ghost?

  7. I think the difference is Hughes smiles often and genuinely imo when he talks to you whereas McKinley’s smile appears rehearsed, often forced and as phony as a smile can be.

      1. Yeah … I seriously got creeped out at the she-bear thing when he was speaking. Going back and forth between soft spoken to loud, acting like he cared to showing a sadistic, control freak side. Choosing words carefully to blurting out the most shocking and self-damning things when put on the spot ie “those women” and “only touching, ain’t a dangerous thing”. We’ll see how this all plays out in the end.

        1. You went above and beyond the call of duty to attend this event and put your own skin on the line for all those women who had suffered at the hands of officers that McKinley was supposed to be responsible for.

          There will always a special place in my heart for the brave patriotic women like yourself, and the ladies who attended his “lecture”, who were not afraid to take on the tiger, and expose him as an individual whose attitude and acts towards women have needed addressing for quite some time now.

          1. Yes..A tip of my hat and a toot of your horns to all you women that attended that event in Brea!!! I went there myself but when I noticed there were only ladies present, I took my vid camera and got the ‘f’ out of their.
            What was captured on video gave us something to show McKinley’s true colors. Probably his most ‘slimeball’ moment as he was their to teach safety & self-defense to women. He was obviously caught off guard and as a result, made some of the most outlandish statements we’ve heard from any gov’t official.
            What made it even more profound was that he attempted to ‘back-peddle’ his “not like these people” remark by saying, “What I meant was those women lacked credibility according to the DA.”
            Regardless, that does NOT make it OK for your perverted cop to grope women in the back of his squad car.

          2. Thank you, Fullerton Lover and Wrong Guy. While I was the one he slipped up with, this was a team effort and as the saying goes, “strength in numbers”. All the women involved played an equal role.

            I was annoyed when McKinley sat at that council meeting and not only said he should have said “those women” weren’t credible but that he recognized each of us. Both were nonsense. The council meeting when we read from the OC Weekly when I asked him if he remembered me; he didn’t even know who I was then until I reminded him it was me he said those things to in Brea. I also reminded him then that he did mentioned their credibility and I immediately called him on it at the she bear gig.

            He sealed his fate that night. He probably hates us more than anything for that.

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