Jan Flory Living in Wrong Century

Too bad it’s not 1971. Too bad for Jan Flory, that is.

See, her vision of a know-it-all government, whose “expertise” the citizenry is obliged to (shut up and) obey was much more prevalent then. But a decade of suffocating inflation, ever-escalating taxes and ballooning interest rates got people thinking about things.

By the time Mrs. Flory was first elected to the Fullerton City Council in 1994, the world had changed a lot, although she hardly knew it. And by the time she was fired by the voters, in 2002, she was as obsolete as the horse and buggy.

You need only observe her behavior during the past year to witness a mind soaked in a nasty vindictiveness as her “esteemed” idols, the Three Bald Tires, were driven from office themselves for incompetence and dereliction.

Where was Flory when an innocent man was murdered by the cops? Where was Flory when the City paid out $350,00 to two victims of Albert Rincon’s sexual batteries? Where was Flory when FPD employees were looting the evidence room and ripping off Explorers; or beating up, arresting and prosecuting innocent bystanders?

I’ll tell you where Flory was. She was snuggling up to the Three Hollow Logs in their secret sound-proof bunker.

If Mrs. Flory thinks posting her mindless musings on a Facebook page means that she is in any way more useful than a lost shoe, she has another think coming.

And we’re not going to give Fullerton back to the decrepit mind-set of Flory, Jones, Bankhead and McPension and their incompetent, arrogant ilk.

As Doc HeeHaw would say: Nuh uh!

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    1. Right. Nobody likes to be told what to do by an old harpy.

      She should have stayed in forced political retirement.

    2. Agree.

      And what a nice picture; especially the kid.

      But that was a long time ago and people change. Would be nice if people only changed for the better.

    3. I find the desperate, acrid, pervasive fear of Flory expressed on this site to be both energizing and amusing. I’ve rarely seen y’all so skeered. Keep telling youself she can’t win — and then after she wins you can tell yourself that she didn’t win, using standard FFFFact-checking protocols.

      1. Sure, and this site was scared of McKinley, Jones, Bankhead, Chi, Ackerman, Sidhu, Galloway etc.

        Say, where’d they all go?

      2. Actually why doesn’t a fake liberal hack like yourself tell all of us scaredy-cats why Flory SHOULD win? Is it her support of Jones, McKinley and Bankhead? The fact that she didn’t seem to even care about Kelly Thomas or other FPD brutality victims, but cared when people dared be rude to the 3 Bald Tires? Is it her support for grants for sobriety checkpoints (and probably checkpoints in general)? Is it her pleasant, big-tent-like disposition? Huh? Tell us, oh pretend-liberal.

        1. “Pretend liberal”?

          I haven’t been focusing on an affirmative case for Flory; that’s her job. (I don’t know her that well — although the only time we have spoken for an extended period of time she had some really interesting observations about Tony.) But I’ll take a shot at answering: as a fan of transparency, I think that she should win because she writes under her own name.

          1. You blindly support her without knowing about her stances on anything at all except that she writes vacuous Facebook posts under her own name.

            Yep, that says it all. You’re not even good at being a pretend liberal. You’re just a partisan hack.

            1. I like that she was willing to take on the FPOA in 2002.

              I like that she has a decent chance to win and that she does not want to see Fullerton go the way of Costa Mesa. In other words, she could keep the excesses of FFFF in check (while leaving Sebourn in place to keep the others honest) without being an atrocity like Bankhead or a deep partisan like Fitzgerald.

              That’s not “supporting blindly,” it’s wanting to see you guys not wreck the china shop. If you want to see hack work, just look at the stories here.

      3. I find the desperate, acrid, pervasive fear of FFFF expressed by Dumpster Diving Diamond both pathetic and amusing.

        I’ve rarely seen him so skeered (actually I’ve never seen him at all and I’ve lived Fullerton for 27 years). He keeps telling himself that FFFF can’t win – and when we do he tries to tell everyone that FFFF didn’t win, using standard Diamond logic contortion protocols.

        1. think about what she picks for her ideas! She complains about Kiger dumping 50,000 bucks of Federal and state funding for alcoholic traffic stop checkpoints as if the whole Fullerton budget will fold overnight. Yet the budget is 2000 times that amount. It matters only as 0.00001 of the Fullerton budget. Can you believe that? She is just a bitter troll!

          1. It’s not even a budgeted item Tuco. It just provides a very very small amount of DUI prevention that could save a life. If some people hear that there is a checkpoint in Fullerton they just might decide not to drive that night, thus possibly saving a life. Fullerton is the only city in the OC to turn down the free money, but some other city will get the money so they thank Fullerton. It’s just free money distributed by California OTS that is collected from the gas taxes we all pay each day. Fullerton’s loss, some other cities gain. All good in the hood.

            1. The state of California is teetering on bankruptcy and they’re still giving away money for feel-good projects like DUI checkpoints that “just might” convince someone to take a taxi, “thus possibly saving” someone’s life. None of which can be empirically proven as fact.

              The bozos in this picture aren’t the ones not taking the money, they’re the ones giving it away. That’s why the state is in such desperate straights to begin with.

            2. Coud save life. Coud cost fiddy zousand. Cawtammit! ‘M’all confoosed.

              S’mobody stop tha’ rooooom ferm spinnin’.

            3. it is not free money, it is money earned by hard-working persons who must give it to the government, in the form of taxes. In turn the government uses this money to implement ineffectual activities that seek to economically damage the tax payer in the name of health , safety and welfare. Oddly, the tax payer personally does not se their health, safety or welfare improved by sobriety checkpoints.

        2. Only dumpster divers that I have heard about are Whitaker and Seborn………………what the hell were they looking for?

          1. The Specials, is there surveillance tape of this? Produce it. Here’s why I don’t believe you. Back when HIPPAA (spelling?) first became law, I wrote a privacy policy for the firm I was an office manager for. The policy included provisions for not throwing out papers in the trash, but would be discarded in secure bins. I would think ANYONE would know that the police are especially paranoid about following this protocol.
            Prove me wrong.

            1. I don’t care if you believe it or not. It did occur. Why don’t you ask Whitaker or Seborn? Let’s see how honest and transparent their answer would be. Maybe we should get a line of people to go up to the podium at public comments nxt council meeting and asked them that over and over agai n until they answer up. My guess even if they addressed this TRUTH and actually told the truth you would still believe they are the bestest in the world

              1. Bestest? I haven’t used that word since grade school….

                And wait a second, you’re now accusing Greg Sebourn of dumpster diving too?

                I’m not saying they’re great, I’m not saying they’re horrendous. I’m saying let’s see the proof.

                1. I have enough respect for Sebourn to doubt that he did so. Other FFFF figures? Well….

              2. Wait — are you saying that instead of just putting in a public records request, like I did, they ACTUALLY WENT INTO A DUMPSTER LOOKING FOR TRASH?

                And they have the nerve to call *me* a “dumpster-diver” for wanting to talk to a witness to find out whether my Assembly member actually did batter his wife? That’s amazing.

            2. There have been a few reported instances of medical (HIPAA) info improperly disposed of; I wish I could remember the specifics but I don’t. I do think those few reported instances involved medical facilities of some sort, not other employers – public or otherwise.

              Before I retired, one of my job assignments was ensuring HIPAA protocols were followed, but that was primarily determining who could access records and ensuring that that discussions with employees about HIPAA-related issues were conducted privately.

              If I remember, HIPAA information could be destroyed no sooner than 5 years after the employee was no longer with my employer and in that case, the information would be shredded – which I did.

              1. I think I’m using the wrong term since I worked for a financial company. The point I’m trying to make is that if the alleged dumpster diving occurred, they wouldn’t get much since I’m almost 1000 percent certain that FPD would either have secure bins or shred anything damning or confidential.

                I hope!

                1. They do use secure bins but it wasn’t documents or anything dealing with HIPAA that they were thrashing about in a normal trash dumspster for. I would suggest just asking Seborn since he seems to be more honest to me than Whitaker. It is true just ask them.

                2. Most HIPAA information (if not all) would be the responsibility of the Personnel/Human Resources staff, not an individual line department (e.g., PD). Fire Department could be an exception as they would have records of paramedic contacts.

                  NOW – here’s the kicker, but if the PD is doing its records retention job properly it isn’t an issue – for the officers who participate in meth lab take downs there is something called a HARP report (Hazard Assessment Report Program, I think?); retention of those reports is a mandated 30 years AFTER the officer leaves the department.

                  So, if W and S were indeed dumpster diving, it’s difficult to imagine what they were alleged to be looking for; “The Specials” seems to have some sort of bee in his/her/it/their bonnet(s).

              2. This is what I found on a quick search (of course it does not support “The Specials” allegation as it relates to Whitaker and/or Sebourn, but it does confirm that improper disposal occurs) –

                “Eleven covered entities reported breaches that occurred because of improper disposal of protected health information and affected a total of approximately 70,279 individuals. All eleven cases involved the improper disposal of protected health information in paper records. The majority of the cases reported mishandling of information on the part of a covered entity’s business associate. In one case, a covered entity’s business associate, a third party billing service, improperly disposed of two years worth of hospital records containing patients’ names, addresses, social security numbers, diagnoses, etc. This breach affected approximately 20,000 individuals. Another covered entity reported an incident in which its business associate, also a billing service, improperly disposed of protected health information in a public area and the records were recovered by a reporter. This incident affected more than 24,000 individuals.”

                This information was contained in the following

                Annual Report to Congress on
                Breaches of Unsecured Protected Health Information
                For Calendar Years 2009 and 2010
                As Required by the
                Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act,
                Public Law 111-5, Section 13402

        3. Oooh, “Fred,” you certainly do seem exercised! My “fear of FFFF”? Come on, “Fred,” I’m not skeered of this place — as you may have noticed, I *love* coming here! It’s like primal scream therapy for me, but I get to be funny too.

          I definitely believe that FFFF can win — if Tony dumps in enough money into the race, as I expect he will. Compared to the recall, though, it doesn’t look to me like FFFF will *necessarily* win this time. Hence the spoor of fear rather than triumph.

      4. Greg, you are substituting Jan Flory’s history of supporting and promoting the illegal water tax when she served on Fullerton’s city council, her recent support of Fullerton city council persons Jones, Bankhead and McKinley all recalled for exploiting the community of Fullerton with misuse of redevelopment funds, eminent domain ,blatant favoritism to developers and obfuscation of evidence in the Kelly thomas murder with the accusation FFFF is desperate, acrid, and in pervasive fear of flory.
        why the blind loyalty for Flory et al?

    1. What I love about Fullerton’s old liberals is that they are essentially philistines who treasure abstractions like ‘the Arts.”

      It’s really sort of charming.

  1. Grover Cleveland, I respectfully object to your comparison between Jan Flory and horse drawn buggies. Firstly, Horses and buggies can still be extremely useful. At the very least a buggy could be displayed in some sort of agricultural museum for educational purposes. From what I can gather, Jan Flory has no useful purpose.

    1. Good point, however Grover didn’t say useless, he said obsolete.

      Flory could also be displayed in a natural history display next to Homo McKinlius and the Piltdown Man.

      So she’s got that going for her.

  2. It’s going to be interesting to see if the FPOA backs her(if they haven’t already) considering they tried so hard to get her out in 2002 under first year FPOA president….

      1. They’re probably the kingmakers here. I’d like to think that they’re too smart to push Bankhead. So I expect them to choose three among Fitzgerald, Alvarez, Flory, and Jamarillo — once they get a sense of who seems to have the chops, and pick three or (possibly conceding Whitaker his seat) two — probably one of the former pair and one of the latter, at which point those left out will be asked to stand down. They’d want it to be 3-on-3 (or on 2.5, depending on where Levinson fits.)

    1. I noted that Jan Flory had filed this Form 410 with the City Clerk’s office a couple of weeks ago.

      The letter stated that her campaign had received a check in excess of $1,000.00, however she wouldn’t be able to identify who gave Jan Flory the Monies in excess of $1,000.00 until she received a campaign I.D. #.

      Could this check be Jan Flory’s “seed money” for her campaign for City Council by the Fullerton Police Officers Association?


      1. Flory’s 410 appears to violate the law: Committees ARE NOT allowed to receive donations prior to the 410 being filed. Her 410 is dated subsequent to her letter.

        Also, she’s a moron (especially considering she’s done this before). The bank does not need an FPPD ID number. They need an IRS EIN and the Form 501 (Candidate Intention Statement). If Flory can’t open a bank account she needs to go to another bank or educate herself properly so that she can then educate the bankers.

        She clearly can’t get the job done!

        1. I believe that you are incorrect. As I recall, a small amount of donations can trigger the need to file the 410.

          1. ANY donation requires a 410 (or a 470). Read the FPPC rules for clarity. She is clearly filing the 410 after receiving a donation. FPPC complaint, anyone?

              1. Anthony “admin”, when are you going to wish this loser Diamond out into the cornfields? It can’t be soon enough!

      1. And even more importantly, they (people like Jan Flory), crave attention so much, that it overrides doing the right thing.

        The right thing for her would be to leave the people of Fullerton alone.

        1. “Crave attention?” She’s running to keep FFFFsters from keeping control of the Council and doing anything too crazy.

          It’s like you guys didn’t figure out that after you won you’d be targets.

  3. Too bad Jan Flory’s party continued into the 90s. That’s when public salaries exploded in a virtual arms race and pensions costs started to rise accordingly. At the end of her tenure was when the worst deed was done – the retroactive pension spike to cops and paramedics.

    Ironically we are suffering the hangover from Jan Flory’s drinking binge.

  4. The FFFF is giving Flory much more attention than anyone else. Her City Council Facebook page has only 95 likes and if you Google Jan Flory Fullerton; 5 of the top 10 links link back to this blog.

    My bet is she wouldn’t even be heard w/o this blog.

    1. Hey Fatty, yesterday we only had 5,418 visitors to our humble blog. I believe the more people who know the truth about Flory the better.

      You see, few years ago Flory initiated a code enforcement complaint on me for allowing my kids to ride their BMX bikes on three acres of land that I own near the Brea Dam.

      She also insinuated that my 14 year old son and his friends were responsible for a burglary and car theft in her neighborhood after the initial complaint was filed. This insinuation has become part of the record in two public hearings and stands as a permanent reminder of just how sad, bitter and vindictive Jan Flory can be.. I’m really looking forward to this up coming election.

      1. Some people feel that rules and laws are made for others and not themselves.
        The public nuisance created at the Brea dam along with the slum violations made about how many code violations for the Bushala Tribe? 150?

        1. And kids riding their bikes on a vacant lot is illegal because?

          And just as importantly, what’s that got to do with Flory who lives half a mile away?

          Oh, right. Vindictive, mean, sanctimonious, self-righteous…

        2. Have you ever seen a bigger baby? Bushala thinks a few good deeds over the past couple years will erase a lifetime of scumbag behavior and a hyper-inflated sense of entitlement..

          1. I’d call him a pissed off father.

            I had a neighbor like Jan Flory years ago. I called him Castro because he LOVED being the head of our association. It took someone saying no more in order for him to back down. The fact is, it’s Tony’s property. They weren’t cooking meth on the property, so leave it the hell alone!

            1. How do you know what they were or weren’t doing on the property?

              And you really think that so long as you’re not cooking meth, whatever you do on your own property is OK and you should be left alone? Is this Chris Norby writing?

                1. Yes, if by “room” you mean three bedrooms and two baths, kitchen, living and dining room, and a nice porch, which would be quite idiosyncratic.

              1. You make a good point. I don’t know what was happening there that day. I’m saying that IF it was only kids riding their bikes on the property, leave them the heck alone.

                No, what I’m saying is that unless they were committing a crime on the property, leave them the heck alone. I’d be singing a different tune if it were a party at 3 AM, meth cooking, or rape, etc.

      2. I certainly can appreciate your point & understand the reasoning. I was only stating that not very many (certainly not 5400) would even read her facebook posts at all were they not copied here.

        She will likely let her beat herself with 95 “likes”.

      3. admin :
        Hey Fatty, yesterday we only had 5,418 visitors to our humble blog. I believe the more people who know the truth about Flory the better.
        You see, few years ago Flory initiated a code enforcement complaint on me for allowing my kids to ride their BMX bikes on three acres of land that I own near the Brea Dam.
        She also insinuated that my 14 year old son and his friends were responsible for a burglary and car theft in her neighborhood after the initial complaint was filed. This insinuation has become part of the record in two public hearings and stands as a permanent reminder of just how sad, bitter and vindictive Jan Flory can be.. I’m really looking forward to this up coming election.

        I can’t believe she stooped so low as to accuse 14-year-old kids of stealing a car! Code enforcement? REALLY???

      4. Is there a reason that you didn’t sue her for defamation over that assertion?

        File this question next to “why didn’t you sue as a taxpayer over the ‘giveaway of the sidewalk’ in Downtown Fullerton?”

  5. You know Fatty you are right! I think we should just forget about Jan Flory, she is no threat to any of the council that are running for re-election. Silence is golden. Let’s just leave her to squirm.

    1. I think the proper term would be “EVIL WITCH”

      Very very Immature. A serious danger to the Comunity, and Human Culture.

  6. Hey, Grover – fuck you!! Who died and made you the final arbiter on what’s in the best interests of Fullerton? Who died and made this blog and it’s angry malcontents the end-all-be-all of Fullerton’s destiny? You guys think way too highly of yourselves if you think you speak for the community and determine what the community’s interests will be. The arrogance you FFFF cultists is never ending. You’re legends in your own minds.

      1. Bitter, angry, resentful? That’s quite an indictment coming from a blogger who personifies the angry malcontent who screams at his computer screen all day long in his mother’s darkened basement.

        1. Right. How dare bloggers be upset about the police brutality they have systematically chronicled! I mean, murder, mayhem, torture, assault etc. under the cloth of the law are nothing compared to the effrontery of being slightly rude to somebody. Right?

          Hey everybody! If you’re angry about endemic police brutality and corruption you know what that makes you in Jan Flory’s eyes? A MALCONTENT.

          1. Chronicling police brutality (if done honestly) is good.

            Turning Fullerton into Righeimer’s Costa Mesa is bad, “Liberal.” Right?

            1. Being so blinded by partisan concerns that you can’t see reality is bad.

              Using any legal means necessary to achieve social justice is good.

              1. I agree with those statements. They don’t apply to me, though. Let’s start with the first one you mention and see to whom around here it might apply….

    1. Why don’t you answer any of Grover’s pointed and important questions?

      “Where was Flory when an innocent man was murdered by the cops? Where was Flory when the City paid out $350,00 to two victims of Albert Rincon’s sexual batteries? Where was Flory when FPD employees were looting the evidence room and ripping off Explorers; or beating up, arresting and prosecuting innocent bystanders?”

      We’re waiting…..

      1. She was in the evidence room trying to fire a tranquilizer dart at the looters, but she couldn’t get off a clear shot. That is to say, HUH?

        1. Let’s dumb it down for you then. She has never made any public statements of any kind condemning any police brutality in Fullerton. She supported Jones, Bankhead and McKinley and didn’t support the recall. She came to city council and argued against the recall. She didn’t say a word about the FPD.

          Lack of condemnation might not equal tacit support, but it comes pretty close. The bottom line is, Flory has given no indication that she cares about victims of Fullerton police brutality. None. Nada. Zilch. She is an FPD supporter and apologist.

          See that’s why it doesn’t matter if she is a drunk harridan, Gorgon, or petite bourgeoisie bitch from hell. Even if she isn’t any of those things (personally I’m going with Gorgon) she doesn’t deserve support and every self-respecting and even marginally informed liberal in Fullerton knows that.

          Your support for her erases any shred of credibility you might have ever had with liberals too. Not that you had much to begin with.

          You really picked a loser this time. Birds of a feather.

          1. What you don’t seem to get is that while the obnoxious former Council majority was A BIG issue, it was not the ONLY big issue. As with the FPD vs. OCSD question, you have to look at the alternatives. And the anonymous bomb throwers here, who would apparently be happier destroying the government than fixing it out of some strained Ayn Randian crackpipe dream, were the alternative.

            I know other Democrats of Flory’s generation who were not fans of the three old men of the majority and who (my guess is) would not really have minded Greg Sebourn being on the Council because criticism is good and appropriate. (I don’t know if Flory agrees with that, but it wouldn’t surprise me.)

            They thought that the Kelly Thomas beating was terrible, but also believe that Dan Hughes has been serious and effective about reforming the FPD. So they would tend to think that while it would look bad for Fullerton to retain the old majority, there were worse possible outcomes. One such was a FFFF majority on Council (though what resulted was not as bad as one containing Levinson.)

            If Alvarez had gone after Kiger instead of Sebourn, with Georgieff and Williams switching races, then I think you’d have seen these people reasonably satisfied with a Chaffee, Sebourn, Alvarez result — one from each main faction. The problem is with the radicalism — people here can take that description as a compliment, because it’s what FFFF is — of the prospective new majority. It brought together very different people — Rick Alvarez is not a natural ally of liberals — out of concern over a well-funded, apparently unhinged, common enemy.

            That enemy would be the people whom you, “Real Liberal,” have embraced.

    1. Nope, Flory is just another flack that will disappear into obscurity again, hardly worth naming anything after. They come, they go.

    1. Any true liberal would never support Flory. Explain to me how her pro-police brutality stance, and her belief that being respectful to corrupt, doddering fools on the city council is more important than justice is a reflection of liberal values.

      You can’t, can you. Because you don’t actually even understand what liberalism means or what liberal and progressive values are. All you know is that you hate “the Tea Party” which this blog supposedly represents, and your cluelessness about politics is so profound that you are unable to see beyond partisanship and understand that people from all manner of political philosophical backgrounds can still espouse key ideas of liberty, freedom, and civil and human rights.

      Flory and her supporters are not liberals. They are shallow, egotistical self-absorbed narcissists. They are apologists for police brutality. No self-respecting liberal would support Flory to be elected dogcatcher, let alone city councilperson.

      1. My former mistress caught me many times – on the back of the head with her broomstick.

        I’d have to vote no. If I were a human and If I were still alive,

      2. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I was just saying there were a few grammatical errors in the story…Mr. Grumpy Gills.

      3. I totally agree Real. Flory is an apologist who has no clear understanding of what Fullerton has been through this past year. I am all for debate and holding Kiger, Whitaker, and Sebourn accountable but going backwards is not what this city needs right now and based on her FB posts and public comments it’s all about how she knows what’s best. She doesn’t really understand that they’re those who may not agree with Tony but see the need for significant change in this city over the last year. We can’t go backward.

        As a liberal too, she doesn’t have my vote.

        1. CB, you are absolutely right. The last thing Fullerton needs now is a dank gasp from the past like Flory – telling everybody how she knows what’s best for everyone.

          Where was Flory when a harmless homeless man was beaten to death by the cops?

          She should just stick to cocktails with Jones and Bankhead and McKinley.

      4. OK, you have my attention. Please make your best case for Flory having a “pro-police brutality stance.” BEST CASE. Take all of the space you need. Go.

  7. Why does she constantly refer to Travis, Bruce and Greg as “The 3 Tea Party Council members”? Have any of these guys ever done anything to align themselves with the Tea Party?

    As long as we’re fabricating bogus labels to describe our political opponents, I will continue referring to Flory as “Suspected Nazi War Criminal and Fullerton City Council candidate Jan Flory”.

    The best part about mudslinging is that the accusations and labels don’t have to be accurate, they just have to be attention grabbing. Here are some other suggestions:

    -She has not produced her long-form birth certificate, therefore Jan Flory was born in Kenya.

    -Can she prove that she isn’t D.B. Cooper?

    -I heard from some guy that she pees standing up.

    1. LOL! I like your new name for her.

      I was thinking the same thing about her aligning them with the Tea Party. Wasn’t this new council called the first Libertarian city council by OC Weekly?

        1. I know. I’d think calling them all Libertarians (GASP!!!) would strike more fear in people than calling them Tea Party members. Just my 2 cents.

      1. “Tea Party,” unlike “Libertarian,” is very ill-defined.* I’d go with “Libertarian” instead, but if they don’t like being called “Tea Party” then by all means they should rebut it.

        *Ed Royce claims to be “Tea Party,” so “ill-defined” may be an understatement.

        1. If Flory isn’t really D.B. Cooper, then by all means she should rebut the accusation.

          See how silly that sounds?

          1. Do you want to figure out why your analogy doesn’t hold on your own, or do I need to explain it to you?

  8. Fred Alcazar :
    This is ridiculous. Justice delayed is justice denied.
    They killed Kelly almost 14 months ago.

    Legal fees, a mothers milk of police brutality, according to LEO who hates corruption. (ACU)

          1. I was a city council member
            Long ago
            I began with no internet
            I ended with no blogs
            And now
            I whine
            Because I have to face the social media machine
            I whine
            Do you listen?

  9. Speaking about out of date people, I got a visit from Quirk silva ground crew last night. I told her worker, the last thing I would do is give Silva my vote!

        1. no, you got your ged from a t.v. commerical!!!
          and you smell like a fishery!!! get some summers eve down there you putrid old lady.

            1. no your hairy bush reeks of fish and is infested with lice(pubic). you smell bacon because well you are crazy

    1. Past middle age, overweight, shaved head ’cause hair dont grow no more, keeps a captive audience at the slidebar ’cause he’s gettin’ the next round just so someone, anyone will listen to his stories of his prime…..What a pathetic load!

      1. Gee, I found the argument pretty compelling.

        Let’s be real. If the FFFFsters win, it’s going to be because Tony plows gobs and gobs of money into the FFFF campaign. End of story. It’s not validating your philosophy, it’s just superior firepower. You guys like someone strutting around with a Glock telling people how butch and powerful you are.

        1. I always find my own arguments compelling. Also I find it easy to persuade myself of things that I have written down. I think the reason I find them so compelling is because I wrote them. Yes, these two things are definetly related. Sometimes I get up in the morning and I look at myself in the mirror and I think, damn Greg! You’re so damn compelling! Compelling compelling compelling compelling compelling compelling!!

    1. This sort of reminds me of a “Little Rascals” episode where the the overweight kid named “Norman” takes a liking to the Teacher, Miss Crabtree, and starts doing some major ass-kissing.

    1. As some of you may know, I’ve been hanging around Bushala blog Friends for Fullerton’s Future (aka “FFFF” or “4F”) this year, serving as a not so much a fly in the ointment as a particularly irksome mosquito at a nudist camp. I actually started my trips there out of a sort of delusional respect for myself and my endless proclivity for blowhardism, and secure in the notion that everybody would soon love me as they do in the hallowed realms of my imagination. Indeed, I do agree with myself around one hundred and fifty percent of the time. Unfortunately, many other people do not and curiously many of them do not make it to the end of my sentences which have a propensity to run on and on ad nauseum leaving a host of sleeping readers drooling on their screens in my ample wake.

      What I found is a horror show — independent people who think clearly and are unimpressed by my errors of logic and pathological need to strive to intellectually one-up every person in the universe who is not me. Nasty, snotty stories about local politics which do not deign to mention me despite my continual insistence that I am more important and worth of discussion than whatever the stories were initially discussing before I interjected like a mutant screaming “One of Us!” in the movie Freaks. I like myself there. So long as one is impervious to logic and rationality, and in the context of my dimwitted befoggery that comes pretty easy, it’s like engaging in a gigantic Twister game with my oversized ego. All you have to do is have no sense of humor, nothing of merit to say, and keep endlessly typing. Watching the various purges is sort of sad, but other people who are not actually me are fundamentally not my concern.

      One sport I engage in there is a game I call “Induce Sleep Quickly.” A recent round of this began a few weeks ago when they started going after Gin Flurry, former Councilperson and my intellectual idol who has the temerity to possibly knock back an entire tumbler of martinis just before breakfast. While they make a great show of appearing to engage merely in joyous blood sport, clearly she has them muddled more than a Rye Old Fashioned. Half a dozen times, a dozen times, I’ve lost count by now, I’ve meandered on and on about basically nothing without getting so much as a response besides people informing me their insomnia has been miraculously cured.

      The implication: Jan Florry is a hottie. (Ok it is my implication but I tend to confuse the things I think, imagine, and type with other people’s logically sound arguments about why I am one of the most annoying little men they have ever seen).

      This bothered me, because “drunk” was not clearly evident from the photo of Jan Florry being drunk. I’ve learned not to trust reality if it differs from my pathetic rambling. I do enjoy wild dancing, I could be a good sport and pretend to be likeable. I put forth hypotheses about how I am not an annoying swamp creature but was assured that no, no, she really was drunk, by various people claiming to have been there who saw it with their own eyes.

      I don’t want to take too much time away from my own interminable self-promotion to collect the insults and attacks on Flory, but I’ll leave a space below for inserting updates from FFFF’s recent archives.
      So, yes, she was drunk in public — at an event presented by the Police and the Orange County Bar Association to teach the public about the evils of Jan Flory.

      It’s things like that — talking in circles until the very words themselves lose all meaning and disappear into the ether — that keep me coming back to FFFF. It’s sort of like talking to them about how whether all of Fullerton’s citizens hate me or whether it is illegal for them to do so and how I can represent myself in a lawsuit against monotony and long-windedness that make me blog so very repeatedly about the most unimportant of issues and now I’ve forgotten my train of thought but I will continue typing nonetheless for all of eternity. (I’m going to have to say that a lot more times before getting a reply. )

      I don’t object to FFFF having bloggers and commenters who consider me an unintelligent and annoying prevaricator but it becomes a problem when it starts intruding on my inner self-image. The notion that other people read the FFFF site and believe that I am not an almighty superman is disturbing. Part of the “power” of the group comes from almost all of its commenters and authors being more sensible, humble, and morally righteous than me. So when Flory asks whether “Jan Flory’s Dog” is available for cocktails, I think that’s the wrong question. My question, to myself is, do you think that boring the piss out of virtually everybody who reads a word you write is OK? That this sort of morally rudderless self-aggrandizement is appealing? That being a person who simultaneously brings loathing towards liberals and Occupy in one fell swoop is OK? Do you at least see any downside to me, like my potential tendency to encourage people to spontaneously enter into the very deepest of comas?

    2. I’m not in her campaign, Tony. I support it, but so do lots of people.

      Are you talking about the Norby thing? PLEASE be patient!

  10. “Know the truth and it will set you free” -Mayor Dick Jones, during anti recall fundraiser.

  11. Jan Flory (like any two-bit dirty cop terrorist with “police powers) wants money, money(undeserved gold-plated pension), money(health insurance), etc paid for by taxpayers for the remainder of her life. THAT’s why she is running.

    p.s. ARM yourselves taxpaying SUCKERS. 8-24-2012

    1. What would that accomplish RD? I saw you get a free t-shirt and burger the other night. Need more government assistance?

  12. No offense meant, but Jan’s photo reminds me of one of those go-go dancers on Shindig or Hulabaloo back in the 60’s. I could picture he strokin’ out to the Yardbirds! 😀

  13. Brandon, I remember ri, a blogger named ACU used to treat him like his bitch boy, until ri put his tail between his legs and ran away. Just another snide, past middle age, overweight, shaved head, ’cause hair don’t grow no more cop troll.

    1. RI has been around here everyday for 14 months. RI knew the truth about ACU. ACU is still here and so it JFA and so is Tony. They just all have screen names that change each day. No one has gone anywhere. It’s all part of the big master plan.

    2. LOL Larry. I’m always around somewhere. ACU and JFA are in ther basements naked pleasuring themselves. They just changed their names on here. Maybe you should offer some assistance?

      I heard a rumor that Tovar is Tonys marijuana and other drugs salesman. True? Thats how Tony found out. Pretty cool gig. Free drugs for some publicity.

      Carry on.


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