Jan Flory Update: Says She Likes DUI Checkpoints (!) And Spending Other People’s Money; Admits Water Fraud Was a Tax!

A few facts.

1. The State of California is broke. Why? Mostly because spendthrift incompetent politicians like Jan Flory keep spending more and more.

2. DUI checkpoints and their random stop of law-abiding citizens violates the spirit, if not the letter of the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution.

3. DUI Checkpoints provide lots of overtime for cops, most of whom just stand around doing nothing but socializing.

4. The removal of drunks from the road per man-hours in DUI stops is less than if the cops just pulled over real drunks driving drunk. In Downtown Fullerton that would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

Now let’s observe the vinegary observations of a local Fullerton spendthrift:

Jan Flory thinks somebody needs to consult with the cops to find out if they support overtime for the troops, paid for by somebody else? Hoo Boy, what a great idea. Here’s my idea: arrest people for driving drunk instead of arbitrarily harassing sober motorists.

Mrs. Flory’s education was complete. The designated driver was on the way.

51 bars? Yeah, right. You and your pals, the Three Bald Tires, turned downtown Fullerton into an open air liquor parlor, so thanks for that.

Oh, yeah. And another thing. Thanks, Jan for recognizing that the “in-lieu fee” was really a tax! Now just repeat: illegal tax, and you’ll have it 100% right. You should; you voted for the illegal tax each year for six years!

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    1. You know, if Kiger is writing any of these stories other than under his own name, he really should be disclosing it. He’s a City Councilman now.

        1. I double-checked the City of Fullerton website and verified it: he is indeed a City Councilman now. That’s why he gets to sit up at the front.

          Oh, you mean “who says he has to disclose it?” I don’t think that there’s a legal requirement, if that’s what you mean. But it would be bad form — and in my book it would be unethical.

          If we know that he writes here — and to my ear this post sounded like his analysis — but he doesn’t divulge when he’s writing under a pseudonym, that invites the inference that any particular post here can be attributed to him. Now I’m not writing any direct mail pieces based on that, but — well, just don’t be shocked if you see some.

          I’m surprised that you don’t think that, given the interest of transparency, you don’t think that an elected political figure (writing in relative safety in 2012, as opposed to in the dangers of 1776), has no moral responsibility to divulge to the public his or her authorship of writings aimed at influencing campaigns.

          Ha-ha, I’m just kidding! I’m not surprised at that one bit, “Fred.”

              1. But is warning people that people are doing records requests on them proper and ethical? Would this team accept that from Quirk or Seeborn? Thought so.

              2. Newsflash. Kiger, campaigner of transparency and open government, warns Thompson about records request, said request is denied on a case that isn’t being investigated or prosecuted. Hmmm…..

          1. Nobody cares what you think is “bad form.” And nobody cares about your ear or anything else about you.

            So you think Travis should make a declaration here which posts are his and which aren’t? Just to make you happy? Do you do that on your sorry blog? Thought not.

            Go ahead and write all the direct mail pieces you want. The USPS won’t deliver them for free.

            1. Tony, I have not been engaged to write any direct mail pieces for any other campaign but my own. But your admission that it doesn’t much matter what you have to say, but only how much money you have to put it in front of people’s faces, is refreshing. It undercuts most of your chest-pounding here, but that’s refreshing too.

              I write all of my posts at OJB under my own name. In the one or two sites where I still have a pseudonym, I identify myself in a sig line. And at this point I’m not even an elected official! You’re damn right that I think that Travis — or any elected official — should identify themselves when they write about politics affecting their race. (If it’s Hamilton and Paine writing during a revolution, that’s different.)

              So did you really do a poll and determine that “nobody cares,” or are you showing your typical contempt for the facts there? Never mind, I know the answer.

          2. I wrote that post about your girlfriend and I’ll be writing many more. And I’ll be sharing information on Quirk, too.

            I’m glad you know what year it is. My guess is that’s all.

            1. What are you talking about, Tony? I’m married; bucking the grand tradition of Orange County politicians, I don’t have other girlfriends. And I’ve met Flory I think three times and we’ve only once spoken for more than a few minutes — and that in a group. But facts don’t matter to you, just drawing blood does.

              I’m also not part of Quirk’s campaign, although I hope she wins, so your’e not actually threatening me personally there. I do hope that you do as bad a job of it as usual, regardless of the rousing applause you’d receive here even if you wrote it in baby talk, because her campaign CAN afford postage.

              1. Shadow, I’m not sure about the girlfriend. He seems to have a rather unhealthy fixation on “Tony.”

  1. Instead of returning the funds, could they not have been used to fund a batter women’s shelter or other worthy cause????

    1. No, the fee was legally instituted by ordinance to support indirect costs of the Water Utility. That’s it. Of course the fee hasn’t done that for 30 years. And that’s why it was really an illegal tax.

    2. Travis pointed out during the City Council meeting that if you stole money from citizens, or took money from us under false pretenses, are we supposed to say that it’s o.k. for you to donate the money you stole from me to a worthy charity?

      Why wouldn’t we want our money back?

      If I want to tithe 10% of it to charity, that’s entirely my call.

  2. I’m sorry, but this is stupid. DUI checkpoints are not unconstitutional. Anyone stating the opposite is just dense. It detracts from the rest of the argument, which has some validity.

    This has been ruled on by SCOTUS. That’s the end of the story. No more discussion. Over. Fin. No mas.

    Let’s not perpetuate either ignorance or stupidity by prefacing a blog post stating DUI checkpoints violate the spirit or letter of the 4th amendment. This is factually incorrect, unless you believe that SCOTUS has no legitimacy and may be ignored . . . in which case we can all judge the validity of the rest of your constitutional misinterpretations.

    1. The Supreme Court can be wrong. In fact, it has overturned its own decision many times.

      Also, the Constitution is written in plain English. “Probable cause” means what it means.

      1. When you get on the SCOTUS along with 4 like-mined buddies — you can interpret the Constitution. Until then I guess you and Mr. Kiger have to vent your anger here. Oh, wait…Kiger gets to waste Council time venting and on top of that give back $50k of State $$ on principle.

          1. Unfortunately, I work in the private sector. No O/T.

            Worked in govt many years ago, didn’t get o/t then either.

        1. Look, let’s not do this.

          No, SCOTUS can’t be wrong. Rulings are objective and can only be overturned by SCOTUS itself. Lower courts can be “wrong” as they can be overturned by SCOTUS. The current court is always right. That’s just the way it is.

          The two items listed above, I believe, are still legally correct and haven’t been overturned by the court. You seem to be advocating that the ends justify the means, meaning a legal truth must necessarily be a moral truth to be valid, which just isn’t true.

          DUI checkpoints are not unconstitutional. The only way that government action can be determined to be unconstitutional is if SCOTUS or a court designated by SCOTUS says it is. Since SCOTUS has not done so and has actively confirmed that they are indeed legal, that’s the way it is. Stating “it’s in plain English” is a pretty juvenile and arrogant response.

          You may think checkpoints are stupid, but they don’t violate the 4th amendment. Continuing to debate the issue just continues to erode the legitimacy of the remaining argument.

          Furthermore, it’s hardly the responsibility of a city council member to provide a legal opinion that’s contrary to the Supreme Court of the United States. I’m not going to do it (because it, too, would be stupid), but one could conceivably make a stronger argument that such a statement by an elected official is treasonous than one could make that the opinion on unconstitutionality is true.

          1. You sound like the kind of person who is afraid to question your government.

            He said checkpoints violated the Constitution. And then he voted it down. What are you going to do about it?

            1. I just questioned the actions of my local representative you nitwit.

              To your point, I’m not going to do anything about it. My intent with the original comment was to highlight to the author that he/she isn’t doing him/herself any favors by making a claim that DUI checkpoints are unconstitutional. That’s just flat out wrong and distracts from the (potentially) greater overall point that DUI checkpoints are stupid and a waste of money.

              Ms. Flory and those who support her are actively attempting to blame this blog for lingering tears in the community. She’s going to gain some traction if she can paint a picture that the contributors to the blog are all anti-government blowhards who are hell bent on implementing their own personal manifestos and destroy what generations have built in Fullerton.

              I happen to think she’s wrong and I don’t want to see her get any traction, but if authors want to continue to act like Larry Bennett and give their opponents ammunition because of a lack of self control– fine. We’ll end up in the same position we were in on June 5th, which is a place I don’t want to be.

              But hey– If you’d rather be right and win this battle, fine. Good luck with the war, brother.

              1. Yeah, the community cares about some blogs position on illegal search and seizure.

                I think they will care about an illegal water tax refund check.

              2. Somehow 4F has become a controlling government entity all its own, according to some of the nitwits posting in favor of more council dry rot. Hail Tony B. Caesar! Hail Tiberius! Hail Caligula!

                Where da white womens?

  3. I see Fullerton starting to bounce back from the very bottom, dont let the old spiteful confused malicious crowd that got us there continue to bring the City down, The hate self centered maliciousness.

  4. I saw this. Takes a lot of chutzpah to even mention the 51 bars. Where was she when they were all going in? It’s obvious she Travis in her sites but jaysus, this woman is beyond clueless. Her style of campaigning (not to be confused with her having style – she doesn’t) and her type of leadership are no longer the way to go. She comes across as desperate and pathetic. The only votes she’ll get are from her small circle of followers already in place. She’ll gain nothing new. I’d even venture to say she even lost a few with her tirade at the council meeting. Who wants a whiny gasbag in a leadership position?

    As for the checkpoints, I don’t have a problem with them but I think more responsibility needs to be placed on the likes of Florentine and Slidebar who draw the majority of the drinking crowd – without using our money to subsidize them ie FPD bouncers.

    1. “She comes across as desperate and pathetic.”

      Yes, she does. There’s a reason for this. She is desperate and pathetic.

      1. Her plumbing is probably oozing with menopausal pus, causing her to be excessively moonbatty. Avoid her puddles, it ruins fine shoe leather.

  5. “dont let the old spiteful confused malicious crowd that got us there continue to bring the City down”

    You have described Flory to a T.

  6. DUI checkpoints and TSA screening tactics at US airports are just a way to gradually desensitize the public to intrusive violations of your unalienable rights. Eventually Officer Friendly will eventually show up at your front door with his fellow goons for a warantless ‘safety check’ to search your home for hazardous materials or conditions that might put you and your family members in danger. Naturally, if any unlawful materials are discovered in the process you will go for a little ride. You’ve all heard the story about the frog in the cooking pot on the stove, right? I don’t want to bore you with it again. But it is very true. Slowly but surely your unalienable rights are being dismantled. I really feel sorry for any kid being born into this country today.

  7. Kind of too bad about returning the money because roving sobriety checkpoints might work in the area bounded by Euclid to the West, Lemon to the East, Valencia (or Orangethorpe?) to the South, and Brea/Valley View to the North – that could capture a lot of the traffic frequenting those 51 bars 🙂

    PS – when I say roving – I mean all in a night’s work and those driving drunk or buzzed wouldn’t know where the checkpoints would show up – wicked grin! OR – check points outside Florentine’s and/or Slidebar….?

      1. I think saying “there will be one or more checkpoints in the following area(s) during this time frame” would be legal, but I’ve never been a lawyer (thankfully)

    1. Or the cops could actually stop drunks as part of their regular jobs and quit milking a State government that’s broke.

      1. Thank you for verifying the waste. Next topic: wasted overtime for cops from stupid Homeland Security grants.

  8. Also, I’m thinking that (so far) Bankhead is behaving far more wisely than Ms. Flory; everytime she opens her mouth/posts something she does far more harm to her campaign than if she remained silent.

  9. Tide turned last week for the “United States of Chicago Politics” Where Public Unions, Felonies, and Politics are synonymous.

    Study has predicted Presidential Elections perfectly since 1980!!!

    State economic data points to Romney victory, study shows

    “As a gauge, the study checked the last eight presidential elections dating back to 1980 to see if that model works. Had the same conditions been studied in each of those election years, they would have showed a correct prediction every time, said Michael Berry, assistant professor of political science at UC’s Denver campus and one of the authors of the study.”

  10. peaches :
    Also, I’m thinking that (so far) Bankhead is behaving far more wisely than Ms. Flory; everytime she opens her mouth/posts something she does far more harm to her campaign than if she remained silent.

    She is living in another decade, but seems to have a computer in front of her.

  11. I’m with Travis on the checkpoints, however I would like to see that the FPD start investigating as to which bars downtown that the inebriated drivers that are arrested for driving under the influence are coming from.

    Maybe the FPD could start feeding that information back to the City Council who can then proactively start correlating those statistics into getting these same DTF bars conditional use permits pulled.

  12. anyone know where the refund dollars are going to come from? There is barely enough money is the reserves to cover it.

  13. It was a noble gesture to give back funds that were being squandered. Just becacause our bankrupt state gives money doesn’t mean its free money. Our new reps are thinking about the solutions not just becoming part of the problem.

  14. EJ :
    this lady is a big government hack…..

    Big Government = The efficiency and compassion of the DMV, plus the Corrupting influence of blank checks, and those that are far too wise to be questioned and prosecuted.

    1. I thought that what was revealing about the above posted link by “Let the Train Wreck Begin”, is that Jan Flory’s rant on her Facebook page about the water rate refund, was that it was “liked” by both Andrew Goodrich, who is the former Fullerton Police Officer’s Association President, and FPD Public Information Officer, as well as, Jeff Stuart, who is the current FPD Public Information Officer.

      These two fellows are the former

      Jeff Stuart
      California State University, Fullerton

      Dru Sanchez
      East Los Angeles College

      Denise Graubart Fares
      Cal State University, Fullerton

      Keli Villegas
      Tustin, California

      Ryan Dudley
      Owner at The Cellar Restaurant

      Stewart Hamilton

      Paul Dudley

      Karen Smith
      Lake Havasu City, Arizona

      Andrew S Goodrich

  15. Posted to Jan Flory FB page:

    COMMENT: “What do mean by “begin” ??? You mean the last decade of mismanagement by your and your successors’ governance isn’t what caused Fullerton to be teetering on the edge of bankruptcy? Or are trying to say you’re the only thing standing between Fullerton and a total collapse of city government? Either way, you’re batty as hell, woman. You need to check yourself into rehab and focus on your personal demons.”

    Probably last 5 seconds.

    1. Most recent comment on her page is Monday (08/20); Mayor Silva-Quirky commented on the 19th about something

  16. The part about heads exploding really makes her look terribly condescending. Or rather she IS condescending but is too clueless to realize it.

  17. DUI checkpoints are an effective way to get drunks with poor judgement to think twice about getting behind the wheel of a car.

    If you don’t like the idea of a “checkpoint” or think it’s unconstitutional, then why not use the money for a “roving” checkpoint where individual probable cause is necessary for every stop? They’re far more effective, in my very experienced opinion, than fixed checkpoints where every bar in town tells their customers where the checkpoint is.

    “4. The removal of drunks from the road per man-hours in DUI stops is less than if the cops just pulled over real drunks driving drunk. In Downtown Fullerton that would be like shooting fish in a barrel.” Exactly. So why not use the money for a roving checkpoint rather than return it?

    Also…the people you see “standing around” at a checkpoint? Mostly unpaid volunteers and cadets. Working the line on a checkpoint is actually pretty hard work, as is all the followup. The department has the ability to bill those arrested and convicted for provable actual costs related to the arrest…..it’s not a situation where a profit is made.

    Why don’t you ask the families of Nick Adenhart, Courtney Stewart, and Henry Pearson how they feel about checkpoints? Or ask Jon Wilhite himself?

    No, it’s far better to stick our heads in the sand and get the gubmint out of our personal business of driving drunk.

    1. I forgot to add….

      Far better that people die rather than a cop get some overtime. Right?

      1. “Far better that people die rather than a cop get some overtime. Right?”

        Wrong. Far better that cops die and people get some overtime. RIGHT!

        1. Very telling that *nobody* on this blog bothered to criticize a post calling for cops to die.

          1. I think a telephone call to MADD may be in order and I would suspect that family members who have lost loved ones to people that drive drunk may have a differnet take on the checkpoints. I don’t understand that Kiger Whitaker and Seborn didn’t think about this more before making a decision to turn away 50K in State Money for this that will go to another city. Cold Chillin they (Kiger) doesn’t care what type of threats are posted on here especially if it advocates violence towards LEO.

          2. Cold Chillin’ Cop Balls 3 :
            Very telling that *nobody* on this blog bothered to criticize a post calling for cops to die.

            What’s telling is that you think anyone can actually die online. Or are you one of those reincarnated Nazis that seem to gravitate to uniforms again?

    2. All specious argument. If the cops just did their jobs they would arrest far more drunk drivers. The cops are drunk on OT.

      Jan Flory is just drunk.

    3. Why don’t you ask the families of Nick Adenhart, Courtney Stewart, and Henry Pearson how they feel about checkpoints?
      What a BS statement. They were killed on Orangethorpe and Lemon, that’s not DTF. FPD waits for DUI’s on Commonwealth. As I see it, to lazy to patrol other parts of the City…dumbass

      1. You are pathetic cg. This is a way to get a few drunk drivers off the road and educate the people at NO cost to the city. This was plan and simple Kiger, Whitaker and Seborn thinking they’re hurting FPD but they are only hurting the citizens. Maybe they’re all smarter than the SCOTUS who does say this is a lawful plan of action. Kiger and Whitaker are not rational and Seborn has potential but I doubt he will ever vote against these two on anything of substance. This one was a no braining and they failed. MADD are you reading this?

  18. Is this Esq. Jan Flory in any way, other than by way of her legal training, related to Golem?

    It clearly appears that they both share similarly low IQ genetic marker.

  19. FYI folks,

    DUI Checkpoints have nothing to do with DUI.

    So called “DUI Checkpoints” are mandated by the Department of Homeless Security as a dry run for the local PD to cut of supply to city in the case of unrest.

    It is an exercise for COPs to assist the Federal Storm Troopers to starve the city population to death. Socialist like Stalin, Hitler and Mao were successfully using it to solidify their powers.

  20. as a long-time Fullerton taxpayer, I side with Travis Kiger’s desire to return our money to send the message to the state there is no need to tax us more for government intervention programs the tax payers know are superfluous.
    If $50,000 were to be spent, it should not be wasted on overtime for chit chat amongst the FPD. I would rather stimulate our local economy and substitute cop driven sobriety check points for taxis to taxi those falling down drunk or stumbling drunks emanating from fullerton’s bars and clubs to their homes.
    I bet Jan flory would find a proactive program that would reach more drunk persons in fullerton’s bars/clubs than sobriety checkpoints, stimulate the local taxi business a waste of tax payers money. Of course it would be better spent paying overtime to FPD and then gouging the unsuspecting drunk with ginormous fines, car impound fees,towing fees, attorneys and court cost fees. Look at all the financial damage jan flory’s idea would do to the public while the outcome of the sobriety checkpoint may net only a few drunks who could not duck down a side street when they saw the three or four sobriety checkpoints scattered across fullerton.
    I am not surprised by Flory’s nanny state, authoratative attitude towards the good people of fullerton. “salutary effect,educate,induce, ” these telling words defines flory’s attitude and political philosophy. flory believes It is the role of government, through punishment and economic hardship to the individual , to protect our health, shape our thoughts and through economic hardship fines, that would flow to local government, force us to be better persons as defined by flory et al..
    enough of these bureaucratic bloats who walk and talk like Jan flory

    1. van. It’s not that easy.

      The grants come from the Calif Offfice of Traffic Safety. The grants are from the gas taxes we all pay.

      It’s a grant only for DUI checkpoints. Nothing else. If you don’t do checkpoints you don’t get the money. No one minds because when Fullerton says no the money goes to the other cities. No harm no foul. Cities aren’t turning down free money these days for any type of extra enforcement or anything that might save even one life.

      So you might have ideas for this $50k or a $400k grant, but how you spend the money is spelled out and you don’t have choices on how to spend it. Other cities thank Fullerton for turning down that free money.


      1. reality is, its not a grant that comes from Calif Office of Traffic Safety, it is precious money taken from persons who worked hard to earn it taken away from them under the guise of health ,safety and welfare. Truth is many hard-working people are doubly gouged at the gas station by capricious gas prices and taxes. The gas tax is then used to not better their lot in life but wasted on sobriety checks that barely dents the problem of drunk driving.
        I see more average looking persons mining dumptsters and trashcans for aluminum and glass recyclables to earn extra money so they can pay the plethora of taxes that are wasted on superfluous programs sponsored or supported by silly politicians.

    1. While Dan watches the Torture Killing 400 times, a nearby city coordinates and monitors 400 Cameras. Airborne assets are not always available due to weather and other constraints, response times will not always be reliable.

      “Long Beach residents and visitors better start behaving, as Big Brother really is watching. The Long Beach Police Department has unveiled “Long Beach Common Operating Picture,” also known as “Long Beach COP,” a new system linking 400 cameras citywide”

      1. Saves the City about 9 Million Dollars a year in PD expences out of about a 200 Million yearly budget. Most people dont murder out in the open view of the public.

        HEMS LONDON – Medic One 1/5 Youtube
        Heli EMS London 2008, BBC, Air Doctors fly to scenes for Emergency Medicine.

  21. This woman represents everything that is wrong with our current local government. Her entire 3 minutes on the mic were spent whining about herself then personally insulting Kiger. While the latter is just low brow for someone of her age running for office, the former is indicative of how things have gotten so wrong in Fullerton.

    They just don’t care about the issues affecting the people. This woman has held a spot in city council before. During a meeting with such important issues on the agenda that there was a overflow of citizens out of the doors of city hall, she chose to complain about how she is being harassed on facebook and by this blog. Grow the heck up, lady, if you want to run for office, and come back when you are done playing tattle tale and ready to discuss the issues and make a positive impact on the community.


    1. I suspect it’s drool. She’s a close talker who is also a sloppy speaker. Anyone expecting to engage her in conversation longer than 5 minutes is strongly encouraged to put windshield wipers on their glasses.

  22. DUI checkpoints are acclimating the public to being stopped and questioned. Future checkpoints will be conducted by none other than the TSA / DHS and are already being rolled out in some subway, train and bus stations around the country. Most reading this may not realize, but TSA is using roadside checkpoints to check US citizens randomly in States like Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Michigan and other States. Sometimes it’s the military performing these checkpoints. Is this the America we want? I think not. But remember, this all is a result of September 11th 2001 – an event that was STAGED to FORCE congressional legislation, e.g. Patriot Acts I & II, to create the DHS and TSA. Yes, its true. 911 was a false-flag operation engineered to take down America. 911 is not about catching ‘terrorists’ but everything about the destruction of LIBERTY in America. Bin Laden was a CIA asset and a manufactured boogeyman, as is this Al-qaeda outfit we keep hearing about on our television sets. Anyone reading this and gasping for breath, write down these websites: PatriotsQuestions911 DOT com; AE911Truth DOT Org, Physics911 DOT net, Infowars DOT com, 911.Wikileaks DOT org. Share them with your friends if you have the guts. It is TIME TO WAKE UP.

    1. I articulated the intent in Post #30, 440.

      Little by little the frog in the pot gets cooked.

      DUI checkpoints and TSA security checks are only a prelude of what’s to come. They are only meant to desenstize the masses.

      Why do you think little children in stollers and 80 year old women are getting groped as a condition to board an aircraft???

      Have you seen the actual profiles of the real terrorists who have committed federal crimes aboard US aircraft? Any 80 year old women in wheel chairs or 3 year old toddlers on that list?

      It’s called desensitization.

  23. Kiger’s motivation for returning the grant money had nothing to do with his teabagger philosophies and everything to do with poking FPD in the eye. He’s taking away their overtime as pay back, nothing more.

  24. Just learned something interesting, and a bit troubling – Jan Flory shows Lucinda Williams (the city clerk, not the performer) as an FB friend and Lucinda shows Sharon Kennedy as an FB friend.

    Shouldn’t the city clerk at least have an appearance of impartiality? Isn’t the city clerk in a position to learn information that could benefit Ms. Flory?

    I don’t know if any of the other current council members and/or candidates are on FB, but none of them were on the city clerk’s friends list…

    Just a random thought on a warmish day

    1. They are also all on here monitoring as well. This site gives them the info they need on who to support or be nice too. All the others could get the middle finger. That’s how FFFF operates too. To each his own.

    2. Random indeed. Facebook friendship is a way to get information that someone else publicly posts. It’s not a blood oath of friendship and partiality, let alone of willingness to conspire. Have you USED Facebook?

      What information would Lucinda Williams have access to that candidates Bruce and Travis wouldn’t already have access to as Councilmen? Will you condemn them too?

  25. Peaches, get the address of the California Fair Political Practices Commission. They investigate allegations like yours if you can prove what the city clerk is doing. They hand out fines rather quickly and it would be a huge embarrassment for a city clerk to be caught with electioneering particularly out of the city hall offices. So if you have info, send it in to FPPC.

    1. They will say what are you insinuating? That they are Facebook friends. What else? Well. Maybe they could be doing something illegally internally. Oh ok. Thanks.

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