Hiring The Challenged Makes Dick Feel Good

Here’s bipedal embarrassment Dick Jones, by golly, trying to defend his pal Pat McKinley for hiring a one-eyed cop, by likening it to a Burger King hiring someone with Down Syndrome who’s just “tickled” to pick up your trash.

Go figure how many folks Jones just insulted with that premature ejaculation.

Doc Hee Haw’s little speech begs the questions as to whether or not a one-eyed man is physically capable of being a street cop at all; as to what sort of physical and psychological exams were applied to Jay Cicinelli by his patron Chief Pat McKinley; and whether or not Fullerton’s Risk Manager had approved this risky hire.

And naturally neither Jones nor McKinley bothered to share the embarrassing fact that Cicinelli had been rejected by the LAPD as physically unfit for duty in Los Angeles, and that he was receiving a disability pension from that jurisdiction.

I wonder if anybody else caught the irony of a mentally and morally disabled jackass pontificating about ‘heppin’ out the disabled.


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  1. Well he insulted Down Syndrome folks, his own police department, the public…aw I give up counting.

    What a cretin.

  2. Interesting fact left out of that speech was that this fellow enjoyed a $70,000/yr LAPD pension in addition to his Fullerton PD salary. Do all the good deeds you want with your money Pat and Dick. With taxpayer dollars, make taxpayers first.

  3. A job involving the handling and discharge of firearms including automatic weapons in PUBLIC in the hands of the VISUALLY IMPAIRED AND THE MENTALLY IMPAIRED being compared to someone picking up trash? Did I hear this right? Doc needs a psyc evaluation himself.

  4. “I wonder if anybody else caught the irony of a mentally and morally disabled jackass pontificating about ‘heppin’ out the disabled.”

    Yeah I did. He disingenuously pretends to care about the disabled in order to defend the hiring of the one-eyed cop. Morally disabled is right.

  5. From the McYoda diatribe defense to the Colonel Sanders metaphory lecture-this was embarrassing.

    The mentally disabled guy at McDonalds isnt at the cash register taking orders or money.

    No matter what, the dude, Cicinelli, has ONE EYE. Give him a job but not on the streets patroling around with weapons.

    He’s physically (and most likely mentally)limited whether everyone likes it or not-there are thing’s he should not be doing, like , even if he feels he can, and McYoda wouldn’t have put him in that job if he wasn’t doing a favor for a buddy or wasnt incredibily stupid. One thing for sure, he makes poor decisions.

    I sure would like to hear a doctors take on whether or not its a sound idea to put one eyed cops back on patrol with a gun.

    1. It would be helpful to find out who the doctor was that McKinley more than likely set him up with to deem Cicinelli’s a fit cop.

      I’d bet he’s some quack who is no longer practicing medicine due to poor medical decision making.

      1. WG, “who the doctor was that McKinley more than likely set him up with to deem Cicinelli’s a fit cop.” Probably the same quack that said Sellers is disabled.

      2. From personal experience, that doctor is probably still practicing and doesn’t have a clue as to POST requirements. Would be more interesting to learn what the doctor was told about the requirements of the job for which he/she was examining Cicinelli. And, wasn’t he initially hired in as a “reserve”? Would the physical for that position be less thorough than for a full-time position? While I have some experience, I don’t know the answer to that, but it does make me wonder if anyone being considered for a promotion (which “reserve” to F/T would be) should have a physical prior to being confirmed for the promotion. And a “pre-promotion” psych eval might be helpful as well.

  6. “I sure would like to hear a doctors take on whether or not its a sound idea to put one eyed cops back on patrol with a gun.”

    I think you just did!

  7. The whole deal with Cicinelli is going to com out at a civil trial unless (which is really likely) the City settles it to avoid McKinley’s embarrassing actions from getting out.

    Of course by then McP won’t be on the council anymore so maybe it will get out anyway.

  8. Notice the vagueness of Councilman McKinley’s statement. McKinley stated that even the FBI hires one eyed people.

    Pat even if true, we need to know what job they hire them for. Is it as an administrative assistant, an analyst, or a janitor, etc. or is it as a field agent who is issued a firearm?

    Inquiring minds who like to know Pat!

    Anyway, it is not relevant to the point I made at Council! Namely, that one of the minimum requirements to become a Fullerton Police Officer was and still is to have keen eyesight!

    It is also very ironic and very sad we are paying Mr. Gennaco thousands of dollars to look into the procedures of the FPD when in the past, as in the Cicinelli case, his own department’s procedures/requirements to become a police officer were totally ignored.

    My point is simply this! You can have the most wonderful, complete and clear procedures in the world but they will not be worth a hill of beans if you have department heads who ignore their own procedures and rules!

    One other point I must make to McKinley, Jones and Bankhead. I researched the ADA law prior to reporting on Cicinelli hiring!

    The ADA law states that you make accommodations for the disabled when those accommodations allows them to perform the job. At the end of the day, that disabled applicant must meet the standards set for that job category. End of story!

    1. Mr. Levinson,

      I have watched you at several council meetings and I commend you for your eloquent speaking and professionalism in bringing many legitimate points before the Fullerton City Council. I would like to ask your opinion concerning uncritical media attention toward the Gennaco report. I read one critical article written in the OC Weekly. However, Chip (above) posted a link on several recent blogs to a John Phillips radio show host who criticizes the media for being too biased against the FPD. It seems to me that “the media” has been blatantly pro FPD from the start. Why do you think most media outlets are supporting Gennaco’s snappy headline? I read the 5.5 page report and I think it’s (more or less) an expensive piece of trash.

      1. I’ll answer your question, Texan. It is laziness coupled with “journalistic standard” with a twist of adversion agianst being sued. Most media outlets do very, very little investigative reporting and simply report in straight fashion what an “official source” has stated. Gennaco spoke, so it is a story.

        I have noticed that many news outlets exagerated Gennacos findings. Some stated that Gennaco statd that the Fullerton Police Department told the truth. Gennaco said no such thing. He stated that the FPD gave disinformation. He did not even say that the disinformation was proven not to be deliberate. He only stated that there was no evidence that it was deliberate.

        To fully cover the Kelly Thomas case would take a good professional reporter at least 500 hour, to date. What news agency can afford that amount of time?

        1. I really couldn’t agree with you more when you say that many news outlets exaggerated Gennaco’s findings. That is spot on.

        2. “To fully cover the Kelly Thomas case would take a good professional reporter at least 500 hour, to date. What news agency can afford that amount of time?”

          No excuse. FFFF has done it. It’s been 32 weeks. 16 hours a week? 3 Hours a day? what the hell does Lou Fonsi have to do all damn day long? He can spend the other 5 hours reading Goodrich and Mudrick press releases.

    2. Barry, you’ve definitely got McKinley on the run with this one. Don’t let up. He was like a rabid dog with this Tuesday night. First ignoring Sharon’s demand to stop and then bringing it up again later. Between this, Rincon and other things under his rule being brought out against him, he’s getting twicetdouble the humiliation.

  9. I have heard that the section of the brain behind the eye controls impulse and reasoning abilities. Can anyone confirm if this is correct? Since the bullet most likely did not stop at the eye, his loss of vision was not his only handicap that shouldn’t have allowed him in a position as a cop with a gun. Throw in any possible ptsd issues and the incident that happened was only a matter of time. For Jones to compare this with sleeping floors is another sign of him being out of touch with reality.

    1. Correct, and speaking as a medical professional, there is no way in hell anyone’s brain could be traumatized like that where you lose an eye and not have brain damage, even if its mild-but most likely its not.

  10. A really big danger not mentioned, is his ability to drive at high speeds. A policeman told us that if you drive those cars fast things WILL go bad on the cars. More policemen die from cars than anything else, other than suicide.

    A known viscious, sadistic, psycopath, does not belong in any job of authority, or Mc Donalds.

  11. Concerned Texan:

    Many people would agree that the main stream media is usually left of center, politically.
    As such one might expect them to be somewhat tough on law enforcement.

    However, one problem I see is that journalism is a time driven industry. Writers, TV and Radio performers have deadlines!
    I believe that some journalists either do not have or take the time to properly and completely analyze all the data in front of them. Also, some journalists like some individuals are more analytical than others!

    It is a good question you raise. The fact is we live in a very imperfect world. Mediocrity is all around all of us!

    Sad but true!

    1. “World Governance”
      Obama’s One-World Government
      by Chuck Norris

      Bush and Obama are Progressives, long ago those seeking control knew they had to control both sides of the aisle.

      World English Dictionary
      1. of or relating to progress
      2. proceeding or progressing by steps or degrees
      3. ( often capital ) favouring or promoting political or social reform through government action, or even revolution, to improve the lot of the majority: a progressive policy
      4. denoting or relating to an educational system that allows flexibility in learning procedures, based on activities determined by the needs and capacities of the individual child, the aim of which is to integrate academic with social development

  12. Earth to Jones: people sweeping up the lobby of a fast food joint don’t put people’s lives risk if they make a mistake. The fact is that McKinley issued a gun and taser to a man with one eye, putting the public at risk. No amount of equivocation by McKinley or babbling by Jones will change that fact. These guys need to be removed from office. I can hardly wait until June.

  13. Formercop covered this issue very well in August 2011: http://www.fullertonsfuture.org/2011/who-is-jay-cincinelli/#comment-35437 (FFFF should make a blog post about it and someone should read it at the next city counsel meeting)

    I am going to preface this statement by saying the following: I like everyone else, am not a perfect human being. I make mistakes- but I am quick to admit those mistakes, hopefully learn from them and continue life with some added humility and experience. Having said that, I live my life within a logical set of parameters such as: 2+2=4, if I jump out of a 15th floor window there is a law called gravity that will 99.999% of the time cause me to hit the ground at terminal velocity and die; also, the Sun will rise in the East and set in the West, I should avoid taking plugged in electrical appliances into the bathtub with me etc,etc etc. Rules to live by if you will. Absurd comments you might say but you will see where I am going with this shortly.

    Some other facts that are pertinent here.

    A normal person has a little less than 180 degrees field of vision if you factor in peripheral vision. You would therefore by subtraction deduce that a person with one eye has about 90 degree field of vision- but it is even less than this because two eyes working together also provide depth perception that you lose with one eye.

    There is a reason why fighter pilots have two eyes and it is as obvious as 2+2. There is a reason why race horses have 4 legs and not 3. its as obvious as gravity. There is a reason why cops absolutely need two eyes that is as obvious as any physical law and absolutely critical to the safety and welfare of others.

    I can already hear you saying-”It’s not eyesight that caused the death here” you are right. It is faulty decision making. If common sense, 2+2, logic and reason, pluses and minuses were followed, officer X would have remained medically retired and Kelly would probably still be alive. Allow me to further elaborate.

    When I worked, police agencies scrutinized you with a fine tooth comb prior to hiring you-physically, mentally, financially, relationships,emotionally etc etc etc. Relatively minor physical defects or injuries and you were not getting hired. I had a friend who was a former Navy Seal-we were trying like hell to get him hired- physically of course top of the line-all the attributes you want- I knew he would transition right in.

    The psychologist said no-that he was overtrained and would be too quick to pull the trigger and he was out-just like that. I knew the guy and I knew that was not the case- but my personal feelings were trumped by the process. And folks it is that way for a reason.

    When you take Police Department hiring policies and standards and turn them into a “Make A Wish Foundation” charity so that some cop at another agency whose career was unfortunately cut short so that he can continue to “live his dream” of being a cop and make your department a dumping ground for other agencies rejects you have set yourself on a collision course with tragedy.

    Ironically, Fullerton dodged the bullet for 15 or so years. I say ironically because I can think of countless ways this COULD have gone sideways-not only for Fullerton P.D. but for an unsuspecting neighboring agency when this handicapped cop was sent in on mutual aid. Football is a game of inches- Police work is a game of milliseconds that involves SEEING a threat, reacting properly to the threat and neutralizing the threat. If you miss step one and don’t see the threat, steps 2 and 3 don’t apply and people die. Of course if it’s just you-the handicapped one who is living out his dream of being a cop that dies- you died doing what you loved etc, etc.

    But it seems like it never plays out that way- it plays out something like this:

    A bar disturbance where our one eyed officer and officer Smith suddenly find themselves surrounded by a large crowd who all have various issues with the Police.

    The two officers circle the wagons in the classic back to back to provide a almost 360 degree field of vision-oops its really only a 270 degree because the cop who is living his dream is missing that critical 90 degrees. You guessed it- the 9 millimeter pops up in that missing 90 degrees, the shot is fired,officer Smith’s brains are blown out-he leaves behind a wife, three kids and a mother with Alzheimer’s disease. Officer Make A wish HEARS the shot ,returns fire,kills the suspect and just to complete the Disney Movie script that he is living out-He receives the medal of Valor. By the way, officer smith could have been me in a mutual aid scenario-I would have never known my follow up only had one eye.My wife would have become the proud owner of the City of Fullerton.

    Or how about this scenario- Officer Make a Wish is responding to an assistance call in a residential neighborhood. He’s driving a little faster than the posted 25 MPH. Little Billy Johnson suddenly comes into that missing 90 degree field of vision on his bicycle and the inevitable happens- his parents would basically now own the City of Fullerton for their negligent hiring and retention practices after they buried their son. The liability assumed in the hiring of this individual for his vision handicap alone was astronomical- but then again McKinley wasn’t gambling with his money- he was gambling with ours-the taxpayers money. His cronyism for his old LAPD pals and his ego was more important than the citizens of Fullerton.

    Whether or not the officer in question (name already revealed on KTTV news so don’t threaten me with lible) suffered other mental or emotional damage as a result of his incident is unknown but may prove to be a valuable defense strategy if it gets to that level.

    That will leave the City of Fullerton holding the bag for what will be a staggering wrongful death payout. Don’t you feel good about your “compassion” now ex-Chief McKinley. You chose to play the fairy godmother and grant this dude his wish-are you losing sleep about this like me and other citizens? It seems like nobody is more horrified about this than soldiers who have done combat duty in Iraq or Afghanistan. My son is a US Army Sergeant/Ranger- grew up here. Wounded in Afghanistan. Called me from his duty post and told me he is embarassed to answer questions from the other soldiers about this travesty. This is not in the Warriors vernacular- they THE TRUE HEROES- defend the defenseless like Kelly.
    “The bottom line here is if common sense, logic and sound hiring practices were used (90+90=180;;90+0=90) this individual never gets hired and tragedy may have been avoided.

    My heart goes out to the rank and file at FPD who are ethical honest and deplore this travesty. If you were involved in the hiring process of this individual I hope you noted your concerns because I am sure you were over-ridden by the Chiefs office.

    Then to sit in the City Council meeting and see McKinley sitting there like an uninvolved observer while Sellers gets crucified made me sick. The question is- how many other LA rejects were hired here as favors to old friends?
    I’d be surprised if a Grand Jury isn’t looking at this as we speak. This is international- my relatives in Germany called me about it. The tidal wave that is going to hit FPD is staggering. This is going to be an open wound for a long time- a scar forever.

    And save your replies about withholding judgment until all the facts are in-there are enough facts right now (a death at the hands of others, video, spontaneous statements on video by witnesses, an ominous silence by FPD) in front of the public to make a probable cause arrest- like Ron Thomas said a citizen’s ass would be in a dark cell right now. Had to dump it all here after a mostly sleepless night of playing this in my head, sorry if I went long with it and is my humble opinion offered as a father and retired cop who is revolted by this.

    1. Dear Formercop,
      If you live in Fullerton and are registered to vote, I would ask you to consider running for one of the replacement seats this next June, and also campaigning for the recall.
      We all agree that serving in active combat for one’s own country is about the highest form of civic sacrifice that there is. But I would submit that numerous other acts of citizenship take bravery, and would subject the citizen to losses that could be as great as a combat soldier’s, and often take a different kind of bravery.
      Very few people can run as genuine reform candidates for any public office. That is the end of it. And it is very rare that the public is clear about the need to elect a reform candidate.
      In this case, we need at least one reform candidate who is an expert about police practices and training, who can promote a sustained, learned public dialogue about what policies need to be corrected.
      In the past, I have suggested Chris Thompson, because of his legal training. But there is a world of “policing practice” that simply is not the stuff of the lawyer’s training or typical experience. Your expertise, played out directly as a councilmember, could cause real reform, and not mere cosmetic window-dressing.
      And the time to sign up as a candidate for the Recall Replacement Election is right now… it was just reported that Travis Kiger has taken out the necessary papers.
      Best wishes to you, WSH

  14. Former Cop:

    Wow! I was totally blown away with your excellent analysis the first time. It is even better if possible, reading it now!

    Thanks so much for your police service! I know for a fact there are good cops and even great cops serving throughout these United States.

    I know, for my dad and his brother were two of them, serving as Lieutenants in the NYC police department.

    Why is it that there is more intelligence and common sense shown on this blog than routinely demonstrated by our triumvirate of McKinley, Bankhead and Jones?

    Great job reissuing these comments!

  15. I am not a lawyer, but I am wondering. In the event the one eyed officer is returned to duty, can the City Council request a fitness for duty examination?
    Also, if there was a malfunctioning traffic signal and a deadly accident occurred as a result – liability on the city’s behalf.
    I do not see much difference with a one eyed officer also being a liability.

  16. At the time that Officer Cicinelli was hired he took and passed all of the required physical exams. The eye exam was included and he passed.

    Since that time, maybe 14 to 15 years ago, the policy has reportedly been changed to require that an officer have site in both eyes.

    Surprisingly, there are many more one eyed officers than you would think that are working, not only in California but throughout the U.S.

    According to a news story on Cicinelli, it was proven that he had better shooting ability with one eye than he did with two eyes.

    Accidents can happen anytime while working for a city and I’d be willing to say that most of them are not from police department personnel.

    1. Seriously, is a “policy” needed -or just common sense? Cicinelli obviously was in denial and McKinley was brown-nosing and is not smart anyway.
      Pass-shmass, being on the streets with weapons, because one test was passed, doesn’t mean that you should be on the streets, in a position of protecting the public with weapons let alone driving, with one eye. At least test him every few months if you are going to allow him on the streets.
      While we are on the subject of some obscure news story about how Cicinelli could shoot a penny off a gnats ass with one arm tied behind his back-many people have said that Cicinelli had the reputation of being mean and hotheaded.

      1. if the eye injury affected the parietal lobe (since that lobe is behind the eyes, I think), that could explain the reported “reputation of being mean and hotheaded”, couldn’t it? Would also, possibly, affect spatial reasoning.

    2. it was proven that he had better shooting ability with one eye than he did with two eyes.

      Being a police officer isnt all about shooting. In fact a good police officer resorts to lethal force only as a last resort but I’m going a bit off topic.

      In this case, Cicinelli wasn’t injured while on duty for Fullerton PD then medically cleared with that department to work again.

      He was declared unfit for duty in any capacity by the LAPD which says a lot but not only that, he collected a disability pension from that department even while he was on duty with the Fullerton PD and still collects that pension to this day.

      In the real world this would be considered fraud. It would be like a roofer who actually fell off a roof, filed for disability and while collecting disability went to work for another roofing company doing the same type of work or a mom who collected welfare but failed to tell the department that the children she collected for were killed in a house fire 5 years ago or even former chief sellers working for another department.

      If he was ethical he could have chosen to write or call the LAPD, SSI, etc and told them that he was no longer qualified to receive a pension because he got a job with Fullerton PD but he didnt do that. He continued to collect disability.

      So by his own actions he admitted to being disabled and even he asked “How many departments are going to hire an officer with one eye?”.

      Whenever I see guys like you, McKinley, Cincinelli’s step dad, etc claiming that he passed the exams and pointing out that other departments have disabled officers I can’t help but notice all of you ignored these key factors:

      1) He collected disability while on duty with another department (this is fraud IMO).

      2) Most departments do not hire disabled officers (employ and hire are two very different issues). Most officers who become disabled while working for their departments like the FBI, LAPD, DEA, etc may be allowed to remain with the department depending on the injuries but most (if not all) are reassigned to administrative/desk duties for good reason.

      3) Michael Hillman & Pat McKinley clearly did everything they could to get Cincinelli hired. The now deleted OCSD article about Michael Hillman went into detail about what happened. The only question is, did Pat McKinley who was chief at the time get a doctor to medically clear Cincinelli. The answer is probably yes but he like told the doctor that he was only going give him menial tasks.

      These are all very unique factors furthermore Cincinelli was hired by a department that he had connections to at the very top. He was simply not a nameless, faceless John Doe applicant who walked in and filled out an application.

      Unlike so many others who may be injured on the job or lose benefits because a family member died, Cincinelli was not left out to dry. Even though he was a rookie cop with only a 2-3 weeks of onduty experience, he got a nice severance package which is collected.

      1. Anonymous makes an excellent point on the pension issue alone.

        If Mr. “bitchen” McKinley was the pillar of ethics he would like all of you to think he is, he would of had Cincenilli at LEAST stop his pension payment once he hired him.

        I am sure McKinley will say he forgot about ALL that.

        ONLY now after all this heat, has those in charge of LAPD’s pension THOUGHT about reviewing Cincinelli’s payments.

        To Mr. Levinson.

        YOUR being way to gracious with the local press and their reporting skills. DEADLINE has nothing to do with what we have seen from the press as of this late date. Maybe at first, but NOT now.

      2. 2) Most departments do not hire disabled officers (employ and hire are two very different issues). Most officers who become disabled while working for their departments like the FBI, LAPD, DEA, etc may be allowed to remain with the department depending on the injuries but most (if not all) are reassigned to administrative/desk duties for good reason.

        I have seen that personally; the LEO I knew remains on a mixed field-desk assignment that does not involve patrol (vehicle) or traffic (motors) duties. His disability is not a visual disability, but the loss of a limb for which he uses an assistive device quite successfully.

      1. Well, both, really. They both go to the question of competency and McKinley’s failure of judgment.

        However, the “rage” thing might have another source: a deliberate and focused attempt to kill Kelly under cover of authority – an assassination.

  17. Marijoe if you are saying that there are things that mentally deficient people should not be doing, I agree with you.

    Are you a doctor? Do you have the right to judge? Oh, you do? Okay, then I guess I may judge as well and that means that you should get off this blog then because you sound mentally deficient also. Does that make you equal to the officer you “think” may be mentally deficient? There’s not a whole lot to be said for people like you who call names without facts.

    1. I’m a doctor and I’m telling you that a one-eyed man should not be driving a police car at all, let alone at night. He should not be in ANY job in which peripheral vision is important, especially when he is carrying a loaded weapon. Deploying this man as a street cop was an unacceptable risk to the citizens of Fullerton, California, and to himself.

      Did Cicinelli have some psychotic rage issue? I don’t know, but something explains his otherwise inexplicably violent assault on Kelly Thomas, a man who was being held down and beaten by Ramos, Wolfe and Hampton.

      Of course I suppose it could have been a deliberate assassination.

      1. Did Cicinelli have some psychotic rage issue?

        That is a very good question and just to expand on that. He was shot multiple times including once in the head which resulted in the lost an eye and afterwards he had over 10 surgeries.

        I have several questions like:

        1) Did he suffer any brain damage due to blood loss or lack of oxygen?

        2) Did the bullet exit his head (if yes, where?), did it remain inside, did it fragment or did it have to be surgically removed?

        3) Did he have any brain surgeries?

    2. I believe MERIJOE was stating an opinion based on personal experience. I also don’t think she alleged any mental deficiency, just the possibility that Cicinelli may have anger issues. After all, Charlie Sheen has anger issues but I doubt he has any mental deficiency…

  18. U.S. Attorney’s Office Announces Jury Verdict and $355,000 Forfeiture Against Lackawanna County Commissioners Robert C. Cordaro and Anthony J. Munchak
    U.S. Attorney’s Office
    June 22, 2011

    Middle District of Pennsylvania
    (717) 221-4482
    The United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania announced that late yesterday a federal jury in Scranton returned verdicts against Robert Cordaro and Anthony Munchak on charges of racketeering and related charges in connection with improper actions of the former Majority Commissioners in accepting and demanding payments and other benefits from individuals and entities doing business with Lackawanna County. -FBI website

    During the 10-day trial before United States District Court Judge A. Richard Caputo, the government presented approximately 30 witnesses and evidence related to the hundreds of thousands of dollars received in secret cash payments.
    http://www.fbi.gov/philadelphia/press-releases/2011/u.s.-attorney2019s-office-announces-jury-verdict-and-355-000-forfeiture-against-lackawanna-county-commissioners-robert-c.-cordaro-and-anthony-j.-munchak -FBI website

    Public Corruption Update
    A Busy Month Comes to a Close

    Maybe they can make this years update.

  19. Former cop surely hit the nail on the head.

    @#32 the answer would be YES, as to the fit for duty.

    In answer to your other question about traffic signals, the answer would be, maybe.

  20. As to the good doctors LOGIC and analogy about handicapped workers, OMG!!!!

    No wonder some of you are outraged.

    I’d really would have loved to seen the good doctor in a blue uniform about 30 years ago, using such analogies in the performance of his duty.

    His gift of gab in a crises is laughable.

    1. You have indirectly hit on the problem with HeeHaw. Since he left medical school in 1958 (on the taxpayer’s dime don’t forget) he has been on the giving end of orders, in environments where nobody dared criticize, correct or punish him for anything.

      Yessir. Yes, doctor. Yes councilman. Although he undoubtedly had people snickering at him behind his back for all the sorts of nonsenses like we see and hear today, nobody could say anything.

      God complex. And that’s why this load-mouth oaf thinks people have the least little bit of interest in his opinion on medical marijuana, syphilis, red light districts, Adolf Hitler, families with Italian roots, Salvador Dali, etc., etc.

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